Gen 5 RoA Spotlight Tournament: BW UU [Won by GoldCat]


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Round 1

The Dark Ocean VS Takatk
Kimoto456 VS Uberdoom
mentalsoft VS MultiPokemon
GoldCat VS Grabby
Wayward VS The Kyle
For 4LOM VS Zcarlett
Waldinji VS Mr.Bossaru
zben VS artificialdeath
SOMALIA VS khmerougegaming
SpaceSpeakers VS Miyoko
BrunnoGreen VS Corperate n
Real FV13 VS lele3
Banbadoro VS HydreigonTheChild
giove97 VS Slip
Pkonob31 VS TL The Legend
kenny VS Runoisch

Deadline for this round is Sunday, April 16th at 11:59 PM GMT +1.
Reminder that replays are required and all matches are Bo3.
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