Gen 4 RoA Spotlight Tournament: DPP UU [Won by Brammi]


stars will stop where they are
I have yet to receive any reply from my opponent, will there be any extensions for this?
Yes, however if you haven’t received a reply you can also call act on your opponent for an activity win
Opp told me yesterday they would be available sunday from 6pm GMT+1 and hasn't been online since. (Proof on my wall, my initial contact from tuesday on their wall.) Since I'm +1, this is it for my time now.


stars will stop where they are
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Round 4 AAAA
(winner of Banbadoro  vs  Cubic Skunk) vs (winner of Churielix  vs  Heysup)
Brammi  vs  Mendeez

Corperate n  vs  Shing
HydreigonTheChild  vs  Gemsy
(Loser of Churielix vs Heysup)  vs  SpoiledBerries
Flou  vs  Le Don
Deathbringer7  vs  (Loser of Banbadoro vs Cubic Skunk)

Sirwings  vs  naere
Concept Everything  vs  Akeras
Ara  vs  fidgety
kenny  vs  TyCarter
brinxian  vs  For 4LOM
Lialiabeast  vs  Bye 1

games due Midnight Sunday April 2nd, Glhf!
i posted my win and replays yesterday

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