Gen 1 RoA Spotlight Tournament: RBY Ubers [Won by Peasounay]


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Round 1

Rage vs TopLel TopKek
2-0 James295 vs des121
A-0 AFuckNotBeingGiven vs Caetano93
W-0 Cheese5555 vs Jerry the great
2-0 Mr.378 vs tRED
2-1 Louna vs Astrologistic style
A-0 Roxiee vs shinxthe17!
A-0 64 Squares vs megaslowbro1
2-1 Typhlito vs CrapAtRBY
A-0 CentaurMM6 vs Luirromen
2-0 FriendOfMrGolem120 vs Sevi 7
A-0 TheUltraFinder vs Alpha Male Psyduck
2-1 coffee_white vs Khaetis
F-0 Dinosaur_Ryusaki vs Justamente
2-1 AltCauseImInsecure vs Ranshiin
2-0 Peasounay vs Oiseau Bleu

Reminder to post replays in this thread!
Deadline will be Sunday June 14th!
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