Gen 7 RoA Spotlight Tournament: SM Monotype [Round 2]


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Not sure if i get actwin or its coinflip for the ext, we both forgot to play at scheduled time and I contacted him yday evening to play


Banned deucer.
(hello, took over)
Seeing how there are almost no matches played and people seemingly failed to be tagged, I'm extending the round until Sunday, May 28th at 11:59 PM (GMT-4).

Matches to still be played:

Mishlef vs CrossHeart
Velcroc vs ASKid679
Turtlek vs I just plays here
cpt.kraken vs LuckyPiper
Mateeus vs Hookah Doncic
Hungarian_Bear vs Uber45
Raahel vs Mr.Bossaru
Ashbala vs SpaceSpeakers
ToasterBoi420 vs kn1ght#6969
pas_touchao vs memedose46
Fraolain vs Sly Solo
NoName6293 vs Dorron
Zenadark vs Tico

(let me know if the tags worked this time)
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