Gen 7 RoA Spotlight Tournament: SM UU - [Won by pokemonisfun]


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:sm/latias: RoA Spotlight Tournament: SM UU :xy/scizor:

This month's RoA Rotational Ladder is SM UU and to encourage participation, the RoA Staff has decided to host a Swiss tournament alongside the monthly ladder.

Important information and rules:

- Matches will be best-of-three against each opponent in the [Gen 7] UU format (defined as the first player to win two games, i.e. ties are not counted).
- Replays of all tournament games must be posted.
- All players will play at least four matches, even if they lose.

- If there are players tied for first after four matches, we will proceed to a playoffs elimination round.
- Each round will last at most one week.
- Standard SM UU rules apply
-SM UU resources

Post "in" to sign up and let me know if anyone has any questions. Signups will be open until Sunday, 4th June.

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