Multi-gen RoA Standard Tournament II: Semifinals

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Goetia was right
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The Ruins of Alph Standard Tournament (RoAST) is an annual tournament open to all players that seeks to find the best player in all old generation OverUsed tiers. Winners will earn the right to display the RoAST mini-trophy
in their signatures.
Once again, the tiers will be Gen 1-6 OU. All players that signup will be entered into two single elimination brackets, each consisting of 3 unique tiers, with each bracket complementing the other for each round. Every round, a unique combination of tiers (not previously featuring in any bracket) will be randomly determined for both brackets. Players must play and win in 2 tiers (best of 3 wins) against their opponent to move onto the next round, a loss resulting in elimination from the relevant bracket.

Example Scenario:

Bracket 1 is generations 1,3,5 and Bracket 2 is generations 2,4,6 for round 1. Bracket 1 is 1,2,6 for round 2.
If a player wins in bracket 1 but loses in bracket 2 for round 1, they will restricted to playing their opponent in generations 1,2,6 for round 2. If they win for round 2, they may have to then play generations 4,5,6 in round 3.

If one player is the only player left in both brackets, they win the tournament, otherwise winners of both brackets battle each other once in all tiers (don't repeat in the case of a tie). If the match ends 3-3, players take it in turns, starting with the winner of the last battle to strike out tiers. Once 3 tiers have been removed, the tiers remaining will be the ones played in a first-to-2 wins tie-break set (tiers repeated in case of a tie).

Consistency across every generation will probably be the key to victory in this tournament.

Bracket 1 (GSC OU / DPP OU / BW OU) - 2/2

Bracket 2 (RBY OU / ADV OU/ ORAS OU) - 2/2

BKC (2-0) dom
eden's embrace (0-2) Gilbert arenas

You must report the record and tiers you won when you post win!

PM me on discord if you have any questions. Good luck everyone!

Extension deadline is 11:59 PM GMT +0, 18th September

ROUND DEADLINE: 11:59 PM EST 23rd September
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Goetia was right
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Pkel SweeTforU gets activity win over SOMALIA.

Gilbert arenas wasn't supposed to play Pkel SweeTforU until the extension deadline had passed as his opponent was Somalia, however, hey played anyways. Gilbert Arenas won 2-0 which was nullified due to violation of rules but his opponent decided to give him the win anyways. As a result Gilbert will get the win over Pkel SweeTforU.
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