Multi-gen RoA Tour Playoffs [Won by HSA]

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Introduction | RBY [1-2-3-4-5-6] GSC [1-2-3-4-5-6] ADV [1-2-3-4-5-6] DPP [1-2-3-4-5-6] | Playoffs

Congratulations to The Idiot Ninja, Lavos, Pohjis, HSA, Oibaf cune, Melle2402 for already qualifying for the RoA Tour playoffs.

7th, 8th, 9th Tiebreak

Eo Ut Mortus (3-0) Bomber.
[Replays: RBY, GSC, ADV]
Bomber. (2-2) BKC [Replays: RBY, GSC, ADV, DPP]
BKC (3-1) Eo Ut Mortus [Replays: RBY, GSC, ADV, DPP]
Play each other in a round robin - 1x RBY OU, GSC OU, ADV OU, DPP OU versus each opponent.

1 BP for winning a battle, ½ BP for a battle tie, 0BP for a battle loss.
2½-4BP against the same opponent = 1MP
2BP against the same opponent = ½ MP
1½-0BP against the same opponent = 0MP

If a player exclusively has ½MP or 0MP after all 3 matches in the round robin are played, does not qualify for the playoffs, and is the first substitute instead. If 1st place of the round robin is determined, but not 3rd, 1st will be 7th seed, while joint 2nd play for 8th seed in a first-to-2-wins (bo3 wins) match (highest win ratio from live tours determines who picks first tier and all ties are replayed).

If a round robin is all tied at 1MP, players will then play a second round robin (with a new deadline) where BP is now a secondary tiebreaker. This round robin will repeat until a 9th seed is determined.

Ties for 7th seed by two players in both cases (both 1st in the round robin) will be broken by BP, and then by win ratio from the live tournaments.

Deadline will be August 3rd 04:00PM EDT to play both matches.


[1] The Idiot Ninja (2-0) [8] Eo Ut Mortus [Replays: RBY, DPP]
[4] HSA (2-0) [5] Oibaf cune [Replays: RBY, DPP]
[3] Pohjis (2-0) [6] Melle2402 [Replays: GSC, ADV]
[2] Lavos (1-2) [7] BKC [Replays: GSC, ADV, DPP]
5th place tiebreak is broken by win ratio (Oibaf cune's is higher than Melle2402's).


[1] The Idiot Ninja (1-2) [4] HSA [Replays: RBY, GSC, DPP]
[3] Pohjis (0-2) [7] BKC [Replays: GSC, DPP]


[4] HSA (2-0) [7] BKC
[Replays: RBY, DPP]

Play a first to-two-win (best of 3 wins) match. Higher seeds (lower numerals) pick 1st tier, lower seed picks 2nd tier, higher seed picks 3rd tier. A tier will be replayed if the battle ends in a tie.

QF Deadline August 12th 01:00PM EDT
SF Deadline August 19th 01:00PM EDT
Finals Deadline August 26th 01:00PM EDT
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