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Old Gen Tournaments Calendar
RoA Tournament Statistics Index
Old Gen Tournament Achievements
Ruins of Alph Tournament Spreadsheets (27)

Cumulative (4)

Past Gen Championship Points Reference
RoA Room Tour Nights (competitor data with replay links)
RoA Room Championship
(competitor data)
Victory RoAd and Indigo Plateau (competitor data)

One-off (23)

RoA Ladder Tournament I & II (competitor data)
Retro Cup of Pokémon (competitor data with replay links)
World's Longest OU Tournament | Cycle 0 | Cycle 1 | Cycle 2 | Tools (competitive data & tool)
RoA Tour I & II & III (competitor data)
RoAPL 1 & 2 (competitor data - 1 supersedes RoA Player List & RoA PL Spreadsheets)
RoA Premier League 2 Battle & Usage (battle and usage data)

RoAPL 3 & 4 (competitor data with replay links)
Major League RoA , OU, 3 (competitor data with replay links)
RoA Olympics 1 & 2 &
3 (competitor data)
Past Gen Championship Points 2018

MU = No. of Match-ups, MC = No. of Matches Closed, MO = No. of Matches Open (not closed)

MS = No. of Match Successes (wins including activity wins), MF = No. of Match Failures (losses including activity losses), MD = No. of Matches Dead (i.e. not played)

RDS = Relative Delay Score, the sum of the player's completion orders (from 0-n) divided by the maximum completion order. e.g. if they completed last in a round consisting of 5 matches, they'd have a completion order of 4/4 (since 0 is the first), so an RDS of 1, and likewise an RDS of 3/4 if they played second to last.

DP = No. of Deadline Passes and AL = No. of Adjudged Losses (wins given against)

PIP = Positive Impact Percentage, which is made up of a third RDS, a third DP and a third AL. 100% PIP = an RDS of 0, no deadline passes and no adjudged losses.

W(O)FUN Result System (WON only used for some spreadsheets)

W = Win by Decision/Default (W-0 = Walk Over)
O = Loss by Coin Flip/Decision/Default with 0 battles played (deprecated)
F = Win by Coin Flip (F-0 = Flip Over)
U = Unknown Losing Score
N (0,1,2,3...) = Battles Won
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