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RoA Tournament Statistics Index
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RoA Ladder Tournament I & II &
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Past Gen Championship Points 2018 & 2019 &
2020 (competitor data)

MU = No. of Match-ups, MC = No. of Matches Closed, MO = No. of Matches Open (not closed)

MS = No. of Match Successes (wins including activity wins), MF = No. of Match Failures (losses including activity losses), MD = No. of Matches Dead (i.e. not played)

RDS = Relative Delay Score, the sum of the player's completion orders (from 0-n) divided by the maximum completion order. e.g. if they completed last in a round consisting of 5 matches, they'd have a completion order of 4/4 (since 0 is the first), so an RDS of 1, and likewise an RDS of 3/4 if they played second to last.

DP = No. of Deadline Passes and AL = No. of Adjudged Losses (wins given against)

PIP = Positive Impact Percentage, which is made up of a third RDS, a third DP and a third AL. 100% PIP = an RDS of 0, no deadline passes and no adjudged losses.
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W(O)AFUND Tournament Results System (WON and WOFUND used earlier)

W = Win by default (W-0 = Walk Over, i.e. opponent forfeiting or being disqualified)
O = Loss by coin flip/decision/default with 0 battles played (deprecated, replaced by 0)
A = Win by decision (A-0 = Adjudge Over)
F = Win by coin flip (F-0 = Flip Over)
U = Unknown losing score
N (0,1,2,3...) = Battles won
D = Dead game (i.e. blank tie)

Matches/sets not completed are known as blanks.
Default, decided or flipped wins/losses are known as blank wins/losses. Blank ties are dead games.
W-0 assumes a walkover with 0-0 played. If needed, W1-0 or W1-1 etc. can be used.
Likewise this is the case with other types of blank results, e.g. A1-0, F1-0.

Basic conventions & ‹Single Guillemets> or {Curly Brackets}

In threads, Bold signifies the winning side, while strikethrough symbolizes the losing side. Italicizing both sides indicates a tie. The score goes in the middle, like ‹A-0› or {2-1} (surrounded by curly brackets or single guillemets for easy searching). In the case of the blank wins, or ties; like A-0, W-0, F-0 or D-D; they can have a * in front, e.g. ‹*A-0›, so again you can more easily search for them. If ties are present, Player 1 Wins-Ties-Player 2 Wins is the preferred format, even though it might be tempting to think in terms of Wins-Losses-Ties for the left player.

For single battle matches, 1-0 need not be displayed. Instead, a score signifying the remaining Pokémon left on each side can be used instead. If you wish to display both statistics: e.g. ‹3-1: 6-0, 0-3, 2-0, 1-0› can be recorded (bolding the battles won and listing the remaining Pokémon scores).

For showing subsets in thread titles, : (colon) should be used primarily and | (vertical bar) secondarily.

Deadline Extensions: (Round Brackets) & «Double Guillemets» or {{Double Curly Brackets}}

Parentheses can be put around a match from a preceding round to symbolize the winner (or loser, which should be specified) of said match is set to play someone (or winner/loser of another match) in the current round. Note that this should be temporary, and edited out of the OP and the result edited into the preceding round's OP. If you wish to preserve the fact there was an extension, please put "won/lost vs player_name" in smaller text besides the relevant player, where player_name is the player they won or lost against. Round brackets are also used to enclose the match played percentage (search for % in the OP). Additionally in thread titles, they are used for double elimination tournaments in the case of a loser bracket only round (Loser Round) and the completion rating, e.g. [x-man Won by y] (100%).

If necessary, you can add {{ }} or « » (double curly brackets or guillemets) around a score to symbolize the match exceeded the deadline and use bold {{ }} or « » to further symbolize it needed extra time post-decisions.

Soft Disqualification: ((Double Round Brackets))

Substitutions are ideally represented by ((Sub-out-player)) Sub-in-player, with the sub-in being the innermost player, while the sub-out the outermost. ((A:Sub-out-player)) or W, F, D in place of A, can represent adjudged, walk-over, flipped, double sub-outs. In the absence of a sub-in, it symbolizes soft disqualification. The primary purpose of this is to differentiate coin flips where both sides are determed to have needed to be replaced, as opposed to (at least somewhat) active players who had the potential to play. It can also be a useful tool in remembering any type of inactivity or forfeit. Note that this denotation may well change over time, so it's important to review the status of these players at the various deadlines (contact deadline, final deadline and any other discretionary deadlines).

Replays, codes and indices: [Square Brackets]

If you wish to link replays in the tournament OP, it's advised alignment is taken into account and use square brackets – e.g. labelling [RBY, GSC, ADV] before the matchup, and then linking RBY and ADV if they were the only 2 tiers played, but leaving the GSC in place to align with the next (row's) matchup, that begins with [RBY, GSC, ADV]. Square brackets can also be used to enclose prefixes, such as in country code like [ITA]. Alternatively, they can enclose both a prefix (left side) and suffix (right side) for seeds, such as [1] Player1 vs Player2 [8]. They are also the bracket of choice in the titles of threads to surround the winner, the size of the tournament (including increases with ⇧ or ⇩), % championship points or a prize.

Regarding Byes

Byes (Bye 1, Bye 2 etc.) denote the absence of players in matchups when the pairings are made. Simply bolding the opposing player is enough to show that the player with the bye went through (since it's always a walkover: W-0). Byes generally receive sub-in priority as those with them have not yet received an opponent, in contrast to players whose opponents withdraw or have been disqualified.

Results Security

A recorded result within a tournament round is usually final and the constituent battles will rarely be replayed. Note: Pokémon Showdown! may determine a battle result incorrectly; there may be a dispute over a result; cheating may have occured; the wrong battle format may have been played; the players incorrectly matched-up; the host may accidentally labelled the wrong player as having won, or inputted the wrong score; but otherwise once a series is played out and result recorded, there won't be replacement battles or series.
Example 1) a winning result from a subsequent banned player within the round stands; i.e. the banned player is disqualified at the start of the next series or round, but the losing opponents remain eliminated in an elimination tournament. Example 2) a battle can't be replayed because of 'crits', or the vast majority of PS! bugs (the exceptions are generally widely stated). This ensures a minimum level of security in terms of expectation for a player once they have concluded their match.
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