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Tiebreaker - Deadline: Sunday June 4th 04:00AM EDT / 10AM CEST

Koniko Klan vs Dewford Dogs

GSC OU 3: BKC vs Jimmy Turtwig
DPP OU 3: Jirachee vs ToF
ORAS OU 3: Get this Money vs Posho

1) GSC - 100000
2) DPP - 1000
3) ORAS - 10

1) ORAS - 10000
2) BW - 100
3) GSC - 1

1) GSC - 100001
2) ORAS - 10010
3) DPP - 1000
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RoAPL 3 Team Interview of the Semifinals: Dewford Dogs
Interview took place after the conclusion of RoAPL 3.

Lutra: Finchinator, manager of Runners-up Dewford Dogs, is our final penultimate interviewee. Finchinator, were you pleased with what your team achieved, despite not being winners?

Finchinator: I suppose so. We made it to the finals after cruising through most of the regular season, which was good, but we had consistent activity problems and motivation issues, so it was not easy throughout the second half and playoffs, which sort of made it a bit less enjoyable, to be quite honest. With that said, it is always a pleasure participating in these tournaments and we did well.

Lutra: Are you determined to win RoAPL at some point?

Finchinator: Perhaps. It depends mostly on what the future holds, my personal activity come the next RoAPL, and where my motivation lies in terms of competitive pokemon playing come then.

Lutra: Jimmy Turtwig and Googly got impressive records. Are there any other players you felt made an important impact in getting you to the final?

Finchinator: I feel like it was a group effort from top to bottom and the entire team deserves credit for our end result.

Lutra: What role did d0nut play in the team?

Finchinator: d0nut was a generally chill presence who suggested and helped Jimmy Turtwig, who you just mentioned did quite well. I am always glad to have him on my team!

Lutra: After the auction, did you think you'd done a successful draft? What players did you miss?

Finchinator: For the most part, I think my draft was fine relative to the other teams and had my team stayed active and motivated, which is hard when WCoP comes by and it is a twelve man tournament that spans over a few months, so I understand why it happened, we probably had the best roster in terms of names and experience. With that said, there are a lot of other factors that determine success and we should not shy away from any of those being relevant, which is why we came up short.

Lutra: What were the best moments for you this RoAPL?

Finchinator: Perhaps ToF playing like a true champion during the semifinals to save our team from elimination.

Lutra: Would you make changes to the format of RoAPL, and if so, why?

Finchinator: Yea, it should not have 12 slots. The tournament is just too large for the truly interested playerbase and it showed in multiple teams and it did not have a large enough following to be such a large scale tournament, especially given that it is not an official and most other subforum PLs, which draw similar interest, have 8-10 slots -- this having 10 slots would be ideal, in my opinion. Issue is, how does one format that -- to that, I am unsure.

Lutra: You've personally been involved in a lot of team tournaments by now. Can you make a list of all the ones you've been in and what ones you've won, been runner-up etc?

Finchinator: I'm not going to make a list of all of the team tournaments I have participated in because there are dozens, but I have won Pokemon Perfect League, Underused Premier League, Rarelyused Premier League, Neverused Premier League, Ubers Premier League, Pokemon Online Championships League, and probably a few other random PO team tournaments over the years.

Lutra: How important do you think tutoring is for developing newer players in your favourite old gens?

Finchinator: It is quite important, but the base of players and tutors is questionable at best when you think about it and, therefore, serious developments in older generation playerbases is always inconsistent, sporadic, and generally minimal in terms of the tournament scene.

Lutra: Do you feel RoA is making any progress in trying to boost old gens enough to keep some older players active more throughout the year?

Finchinator: I think older players mainly stay active to participate in the big tournaments, to be quite honest. I do not know how large the RoA's forum holds a correlation to any individual user's activity. However, I do not know everyone's posting and lurking tendencies, so perhaps I am wrong here.

Lutra: Are there any old gen tournaments you would you like to be made and possibly hosted on a regular basis?

Finchinator: I would like to see a best of three tour with BW UU / BW RU / BW NU because BW lower tiers are great and all, but I do not know how much interest this would have and I would probably propose this for the normal tournament circuit as opposed to anything else.

Lutra: There are several problems with old gen tiering (and tiering in general): destroying the legacy of older players; not being able to reach a Mewtwo-is-uber-level of consensus; changes in philosophy motivated by retiring players and newcomers; and not enough players/matches to test out the tier. How would you approach old gen tiers as far as making changes?

Finchinator: I would make changes depending on the current generation playerbase consensus and general sentiment about the metagame at the given time, but generally lean towards a conservative approach in order to avoid making mistakes or changing something unnecessarily based off of shifts in old metagames that make something seem bad for a certain period, but eventually be passable.

Lutra: What old generation would you most like to improve your skill in?

Finchinator: GSC

Lutra: Thank you very much for this interview. Would you like to add anything?

Finchinator: Nah, thanks for the questions. I hope everyone enjoyed reading and I hope you all have a good day!
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