All Gens RoAPL V: Week 2

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RE: jonfilch vs Garay oak

Garay Oak missed the scheduled time today, whereas Jonfilch can't play during the weekend. However, Jonfilch was also 1hr too early at the scheduled time due to the ambiguous nature of EST. Because the game can't happen due to Garay Oak missing the scheduled time and Jonfilch's inactivity for the next 54hrs, we will force a double sub.

crayon pop Finchinator Mysterious M roudolf13, pls pm one of the host (HSOWA, Smoochyena, tjdaas) which player you want to sub in, within the next 12hrs.


mad @ redacted in redacted
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Konikoni City subs in Nat over jonfilch and Aspertia Arcanines subs in StepC over Garay oak.

Konikoni City Lineup: -Jonfilch, +Nat
Aspertia Arcanines Lineup: -Garay Oak, +StepC

Please be careful with Daylight Times Saving timezones over standard in the future. As hosts, we must go with the stated timezone, regardless of DST.
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