Rock, Paper, Scissors, INFINITY! - Finals

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The Finals are here (finally heh)!

This tournament is forum-based. Weapons should be pmed to me with the title "RPSI Final" After both weapons are submitted they will be posted and they will be awaiting judging. Only me, Brain and Kumar will be judging the finals as cookie and Doomsday are very lazy.


Hipmonlee vs CaptKirby


The deadline is whenever you two submit weapons!
Good luck!


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i have championed him ever since my defeat at his mighty hands, and i shall continue to do so.

Winmonlee to take all
And both submissions are in....

The Power of Grayskull


An ornate wooden bookcase, decorated with carvings of cherubs, that will rotate to reveal a secret passage when you press a button concealed among the carvings.

Judging begin!


Have a rice day
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I have to admit, that ck has shown a great deal of improvement as the tournament has progressed.

This should be an awesome final!

Have a nice day.
The Power of Grayskull


An ornate wooden bookcase, decorated with carvings of cherubs, that will rotate to reveal a secret passage when you press a button concealed among the carvings.

CaptKirby, and his twin sister Fishy both loved cartoons, especially ones with powerful heroes. And there were no heroes more powerful than He-Man and She-Ra, the most powerful man and woman in the universe. They also loved to read. Their parents, who were devout Christians, had gifted them a rather ornate bookcase decorated with carvings of cherubs on their 18th birthday. Being the nerds that they were, they had made an imitation Castle Grayskull behind the bookcase (without their parents’ knowledge (how rebellious of him)) where he played with his imitation Sword of Power. They usually hung out there with his friends Aamto and Hazerider.

CK liked pretending to be He-man. Outside his role, he was a rather carefree and spoilt brat who played videogames or hung out at the comic book shop all day. But inside his room, he was a hero; the hero that would save the universe from the tyranny of Skeletor.
Fishy loved all that nerdy stuff too, but she wanted to be popular. She decided that she has to get rid of CK, or at least his nerdy toys. She decided to tell on him. CK was blissfully unaware of Fishy’s evil scheme. He was playing with his Sword of Power when suddenly his bookcase door rotated. His parents were there. They did not approve of this as Jesus was the most powerful man in the universe, not some He-Man riff raff. CaptKirby was VERY VERY angry. He picked up his Sword of Power and yelled “BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL, I AM HE-MAAAAAAAAN”. As he stepped forward to strike down Fishy, his mother intervened and slapped CK, knocking him out (what a weakling). His parents later confiscated all his toys and sealed off his chamber. They then had the bookcase removed from his room and transferred to his father’s study where it still stands.

Fishy couldn’t achieve popularity irl much, but went on to became quite popular on the internet. She apologised to CK and they lived happily ever after. CK now started becoming a devout follower of Jesus and as a reward, his bookcase was now returned, full of religious texts instead of comic books and manga.

Winner: Bookcase
The Power of Grayskull


An ornate wooden bookcase, decorated with carvings of cherubs, that will rotate to reveal a secret passage when you press a button concealed among the carvings.

A quiet but lonely evening, Prince Adam was bored. In order to get some quality entertainment, he decided to indulge himself with fine pornography. He typically hid his pole polishing material in a secret room, accessed through a secret passage behind his ornate wooden bookcase, which only contained works of fine poetry and illustrious literature - all much more disposable than what lies beneath. As he pressed the left cherub's slinky winky, a mechanism rotated the bookcase. Adam's animate carbon rod sprung in anticipation of opening the box of new chefs d'oeuvre imported straight from Japan, Earth, but he tapped it gently in order to calm it.

But... what is this? Prince Adam backed two steps, shocked to see the evil Skeletor in his secret room, rubbing his Everest to May 1987's Playboy's centerfold - a classic that should never be touched by profane hands. Listening to his noblest instincts, Adam let the anger subjugate him and in a swift motion, he took out his sword and yelled: BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL... I HAVE THE POWER! As Skeletor suddenly realized what had happened and hastily covered his candy cane, Adam transformed into He-Man in an explosion of lightning.

YOU PROFANATOR!, He-Man yelled. He was going to make him pay for this crime de lèse majesté. But he quickly realized that something was wrong. Skeletor was staring at something behind him, sporting a terrified look on his face. Flames started to run down the stairs of the passage and towards the precious merchandise! He-Man looked behind him and saw that the lightning had put the bookcase on fire. The poor cherubs were already consumed by fierce fire, but that was the least of his concerns. Rushing towards the commercial nude art, he yelled at Skeletor to get the fire extinguisher under the bench. Together they managed to prevent the fire from destroying these inarguably invaluable goods, and then worked their way up to the bookcase. Although they managed to put out the fire, the bookcase was irremediably damaged. Feeling generous, Skeletor proposed to give He-Man one of his numerous ornate bookcases and gave him the number of an excellent repairman to put the secret mechanism back in working order.

Skeletor left with an apology and the Playboy he was studying earlier, which He-Man gave to thank him. After all, he was certainly a connaisseur. Transforming back, Prince Adam then proceeded to devote a geyser to a particularly inspiring tentacle rape panel from a fine work of Hentai.

Winner: The Power of Grayskull
The Power of Grayskull


An ornate wooden bookcase, decorated with carvings of cherubs, that will rotate to reveal a secret passage when you press a button concealed among the carvings.

It was just an average day in an average mansion of an average nobleman. All in all everything was pretty average. The nobleman was sitting in an average armchair in front of an average heat fireplace. The wine in his glass, however, was above average priced. But that is unimportant.

Anyway, this nobleman had a secret. This secret was definitely not average. Fifteen years ago this man committed a very un-average act. He murdered a man, beating him to death with a walking cane. And for some reason the nobleman insisting on keeping the dead man's skull in in his secret room in his mansion. Very strange.

The nobleman since regretted this act, the man he murdered in a drunken rage was an innocent. Every night the nobleman visited his secret room and viewed the skull to remind him of what he had done. It was now night. The nobleman got out his armchair lazily and walked towards his bookcase. Putting down his glass he tapped the third cherub from the left on the bookcase. This caused the bookcase to rotate slowly and noisily, revealing a hidden passageway.

The nobleman walked down this passageway and eventually reached a small circular room with a below average sized table. On this table was a single grey skull. It may or may not contain special power, but it certainly had a power over the nobleman, the mere sight of it was enough to make him fele unimaginable guilt.

The nobleman ran his fingers along the nose of the skull and something very strange happened. It crumbled into a small pile of grey dust. Well, it had been there for fifteen years. It had to happen some time.

With the destruction of the skull you would think the nobleman would feel even more guilt... but he didn't. He felt released... set free. The nobleman decided it was time to catch up on 15 years of minor crime, such as evading his taxes and spitting on peasants. As he ran towards the exit of the passageway something terrible happened... his ornate bookcase collapsed and fell on him, crushing every bone in his body. As the nobleman breathed his last breath he regretted ever winning that auction, held by the murdered man's widow.

The grey skull (with or without power) was destroyed and the ornate bookcase had successfully prevented the rise of a minor criminal.

Winner: An ornate wooden bookcase, decorated with carvings of cherubs, that will rotate to reveal a secret passage when you press a button concealed among the carvings.

Winner of RPSI Tournament: HIPMONLEE

It is not cheap and is only nostalgic if you foolishly relegate the might of ever manly He-Man to the past. The power of grayskull evokes might, nobility, justice, and even dare I say love.
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