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Despite having a higher Attack stat and no double weaknesses, Roggenrola is completely outclassed by Onix due to its significantly lower defenses and Speed. Roggenrola also lacks Ground STAB, meaning it can't touch Little Cup's ubiquitous Fighting-types.
name: Weak Armor
move 1: Stealth Rock
move 2: Rock Blast
move 3: Earthquake
move 4: Explosion / Gravity
item: Eviolite
ability: Weak Armor
nature: Jolly
evs: 156 Atk / 76 Def / 76 SpD / 156 Spe

This set operates in the same way as Onix: by switching into resisted physical attacks to gain a Speed boost from weak armor and proceeding to either attack or set up Stealth Rock. Roggenrola can also run a SturdyJuice set; however, this is even more outclassed than the Weak Armor set is.


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Make sure your formatting is right. You are missing some spacing.

  • As AvS mentioned, talk about how, while not being ground type eliminates some weaknesses, it also eliminates a useful immunity to electric types
  • Talk about how its low special defense and speed couple to make it outsped and KOd by virtually every special attacker
  • Not being faster than most scarfers after a Weak Armor boost sucks too
  • I'd make the comparison to Onix more direct somewhere in here - specify that both want to abuse weak armor, check birds, and set up rocks, and talk about why Onix is better at each (some of that is already in here, but maybe re-arrange to better compare)

  • Re-iterate some of the ways it is outclassed between these two sentences

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