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This topic is to be used for the growing interest in Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons, and Roleplay Gaming in general on Smogon. Since most campaigns don't require a thread to function, this is a thread for both potential players and hosts to organize.

Tabletop Players

If you're an experienced player or a noobie who would be interested in playing a game on Smogon, please post here. Unlike Mafia, Roleplay Gaming is something that people usually get together once a week for, so listing your availability is very important. This allows hosts to pick the best players for their games.

Feel free to post a bit about yourself, but please list;

Availability (Weekends, Nights, etc.)
Preferred Games (D&D, Pathfinder, Gurps, Exalted, etc., feel free to say if you are open to anything)
Experience Level (Subjective, just how much roleplaying you've done)

Game Masters

For right now I think it would be best to get each individual game approved as per the Circus Maximus rules. Post a synopsis of your game, obviously you are trying to get people to play it so feel free to go into as much detail as you want.

Make sure to include;

What game is it?
How many players do you want?
Is it a module or homebrew?
What kind of schedule do you want to keep? (Once a week, etc.)
How do you want to play it? (IRC, social group, etc.)
How much experience is required? (Is it beginner friendly?)

From experience I recommend IRC for playing games, but making a social group is a good idea to organize when to play. Feel free to PM me with any new social groups and I'll list them below.

There aren't any hard rules as of now for Roleplay Gaming in Circ, aside from those that apply in general. However, if you are playing in one game it would be polite not to play in another if it would prevent another person from doing so. Just my two cents.

Games List:
(In Progress) Rise of the Runelords Pathfinder - icecoolblue
vonFiedler, Aura Guardian, ginganinja, forks, Walrein

(Completed) Insidinari D&D 3.5 - Agape & vonFiedler
Mastadi, Quagsires, auramaster, Maxim

(Completed) Council of Thieves Pathfinder - Agape & vonFiedler
Jumpluff, General Spoon, Nightmare Jigglypuff, Mastadi

Channel: #flamel
Approved by Lightwolf

Hey guys, I was hoping to start up a Pathfinder game and was looking for potential players. We would be running through the Rise of the Runelords adventure path, starting with the Burnt Offerings module.

Moderate experience with rpgs would be nice, but I'm willing to accommodate for newbies. I'm shooting for a once a week session, and my availability is pretty open right now, so it mostly depends on what time most players would be able to make it (I'm in the pacific time zone btw). I'm roughly guessing that each session should last about 3 hours (Rough estimate)

We'll be playing through the IRC, since I believe it's the easiest way to do this.

A few things to note to those interested:

The focus here is on having fun and roleplaying your character. No sharked out min/max characters please. Also, since we'll be emphasizing role playing, keep the meta gaming to a minimum (although special tolerance will be given to new players).


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hi i like role playing

Availability: pretty much all the time
Timezone: GMT +12
Preferred Games: open to anything
Experience Level: noob
If you're an experienced player or a noobie who would be interested in playing a game on Smogon, please post here.

Availability: Almost any time Friday and Saturday, and some weeknights. Schedule should clear up when classes end in a month.

Timezone: GMT - 5

Preferred Games: Would like to try D&D sometime but any RPG is fine.

Experience Level: None


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I wanna learn.

Availability: All day on weekends, varies on weekdays.

Timezone: GMT-6 (CST)

Preferred Games: *shrug*

Experience: how do i shot web


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Availability: After 4:30 PM usually
Timezone: GMT - 8
Preferred Games: Open to anything, but want to try D&D at least once
Experience Level: nope
I could play something. ICB's game seems intriguing, but I think my timezones effectively prevent that? I doubt I could pull off 100% commitment but my Friday and Saturday nights can get close.

Availability: Friday 11PM-2AM and Saturday 10PM-2AM
Timezone:GMT+2 with daylight savings.
Preferred games: one-shots, cohosting, ICB's game only if the timezones would match perfectly, otherwise I'd become a nuisance.
Experience level: Nice


I can help design games/cohost. If people are interested in one-shots I can design/host them. I've been really busy lately but it's starting to loosen up a bit. Especially when the summer holiday comes (beginning of June here in Finland). If a game is needed collectively, I can do one-shots to introduce people in tabletop RPGs but I'd prefer cohosting due to the timezone issue.

I've been gamemastering GURPS for ~15 months and PF for ~6 months. Though my actual playing experience is limited to ~3 months of irl games and 2 PSWs.

Bottom line: I can do and anything if asked and helped (though I'm not familiar with Exalted), timezones permit.

Invisible edit: Yes, I could do a MLP one-shot.
Availability: Weekends, most afternoons and evenings (not Wednesday evenings for a while, though), most nights
Timezone: Because of Daylight Savings time, usually GMT-4, though GMT-5 in the winter
Preferred Games: Pathfinder, though I could probably easily learn D&D, or other games with a little help at first
Experience Level: 2 PSWs and an ongoing playtest PSW, so still Noob.
confession of forks: it has been my secret dream since 6th grade to be part of an ongoing d&d campaign :x :x :x

availability: a little loosey-goosey right now with exams coming up, but should be mon/tues/thurs/fri before 5pm and all day sunday
timezone: gmt -8
preferred games: i am mostly interested in d&d but i'm open to learning other stuff too!
experience: pretty low, i have read the core rulebooks for a few different editions and played a few short-lived (and also bad) campaigns on msn

i don't know much about pathfinder, but i am under the impression that it is very much like d&d and so i would be open to joining icecoolblue's campaign (schedule-permitting)

edit: yeah i am totally down for pathfinder


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Availability (Weekends, Nights, etc.): Eh... I have limitless free time, but my sleep schedule is so irregular that I cannot commit to being available during a single time period at a regular interval, so any campaign that involves meeting regularly is out.
Timezone: +10 GMT
Preferred Games (D&D, Pathfinder, Gurps, Exalted, etc., feel free to say if you are open to anything): I'm open to anything, I just have to learn it. I know a decent amount for a newbie about Pathfinder because I played in Philosopher's Stone War II here in Circus.
Experience Level (Subjective, just how much roleplaying you've done): Pretty new, though I did and am willing to do the research. I played in PSWII!
Availability (Weekends, Nights, etc.): most weekends, on a lot in the afternoon
Timezone: GMT -5 (EST)
Preferred Games (D&D, Pathfinder, Gurps, Exalted, etc., feel free to say if you are open to anything): open to anything, just need to learn
Experience Level (Subjective, just how much roleplaying you've done): noob (played in PSW1 though)
Availability: pretty much all day on weekends, nights on weekdays (Usually after ~7PM)
Timezone: GMT 0
Preferred Games: I don't even know I just sort of want to get into it I guess
Experience Level: None whatsoever


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~~ ~ ~ ~~~

Availability (Weekends, Nights, etc.): weeks, weekends and nights technically, but i have a pretty erratic schedule. the next section will be of no use to anyone on account of my weird sleeping hours too bUT
Timezone: GMT
Preferred Games (D&D, Pathfinder, Gurps, Exalted, etc., feel free to say if you are open to anything): of all of these i'm only familiar (and very vaguely) with d&d but i would be willing to try other things i mean how else are you gonna know huh?????///
Experience Level (Subjective, just how much roleplaying you've done): im noobe, basically
Availability: pretty much all day on weekdays or weekends, with many exceptions from time to time
Timezone: GMT -5
Preferred Games: Almost anything, not sure what the almost means
Experience Level: Minimal
This looks interesting.

Availability: Uh...mostly on weekends. Best availability is on mondays, wednesdays, fridays, and saturdays.
Timezone: GMT -5 (U.S. Central)
Preferred Games: Willing to try anything, but most familiar with D&D
Experience Level: Minimal. Played several video games but never any true tabletop ones.


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Currently we have more potential players than potential DMs. Aura Guardian is working on a campaign, but in the meantime...
INSIDINARI or, SKY MEN AND THE CULT OF DEAD WOOD (or neither Agape nor I can name games well)

Agape and I have made a small beginners game that would only last a few sessions, but introduce players in groups of 4. It's based on D&D 3.5 for simplicities sake, but heavily influenced by a Pathfinder module. The game will have 4 premade characters whose backstory, gender, etc you can make up. There will be intrigue, combat, adventure, and dungeon crawling. Since Agape helped to make the game we are at least gonna try to tailor the first one to his schedule so he can help host. If I don't get to you the first time around don't worry, we'll repeat this game until everyone gets to try it. Gonna be IRC, for beginners obv.
Availability: After 4 PM weekdays; weekends
Timezone: GMT -6
Preferred games: Anything really
Experience Level: Minimal (Video games, but no tabletop)

EDIT: Would like to play Sky Men and the Cult of Dead Wood
Just noting than this thread/movement (including PSWs!) could be advertised on the Smog. It would bring a few more interested people who don't frequent circus. Perhaps now, perhaps after the first successful games, but it should be done IMHO!
Availability: Weekdays mostly. On some saturdays i'll have a concrete spot where i can go on irc and stuff.
Timezone: EST
Preferred Games: I've only ever played d&d, but i can get into other games.
Experience Level: Not very good so far. Getting better though.

Willing to play sky men and the cult of dead wood. Weird name by the way.
Posting this here, because I don't know where else to put it.

I have a "Freestyle" RP group that is, well, dying. I am looking for people that will be active and participate in creative construction of future RP's and help on deciding where to go in RP's that are already started. If you are interested, the group is called "Free RPG".

Thanks ahead of time. :D

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