Roleplay Gaming Thread - New Oneshot In August

Finished the first run of Insidinari a week ago (Me and Vonfiedler as hosts; Quagsires, Mastadi, Maxim and Auramaster as players). Some thoughts and feedback from the first run:

- IRC as a medium for playing worked. Especially changing nicks to the characters' encouraged RP. On the other hand, idling became an issue when everyone else had to wait when someone didn't focus on the IRC window all the time, eventually the 1-5 minute waits on every combat turn add up to a lot. Combat was smoother later on, though. (Commitment/having same timezones could help but timezones weren't that much a problem as we played on Saturday afternoon/nights)
- Not knowing the DnD/PF rules beforehand limited combat options somewhat and caused many untrained rolls since the characters were premades and not player-optimized. The RP/noncombat encounters went fine without knowing the rules throughly, though. (For next playthroughs, the players will get to make their own characters if thay want, but then rules-reading is required.)
- A suggestion came up that the slower parts (NPC dialogue and RP) be hosted over a Smogon social group during the week between sessions. This would streamline gameplay and depthen many details. (This is something big to experiment on. I think I couldn't do that involving reffing over the week due to no knowledge in forum RP, but with two hosts or someone with experience it might work well.)
- Double hosts proved rather vital, allowing the session to happen when the other couldn't attend.
- Combat was mapped using Google Draw. It worked, but a heavier system could have been used to keep track of buffs/HP.

The campaign took approximately 2 months, divided into 5 or 6 sessions of about 5 hours each.

On the whole, the gameplay went well enough for reruns to let everyone play some PF/DnD on Smogon. Naturally the adventure will improve over every rerun, for the next run especially combat flow and balance will be considered. RP and NPC encounters went rather smooth.

I won't be able to work on Insidinari for 2 weeks due to camps, but there will definitely be more runs of Insidinari (will post more on it in July). If you want to host Insidinari yourself, ask me and Vonfiedler for details.
Tabletop roleplaying over IRC? Now this is more my speed, and my experience with forum RP goes back to 2003 so I could definitely oversee the between-session interactions. I hear Maptools is quite good for this as well. (also, The System Reference Document is a lot to take in in one go, much like this site, but it lays out literally all the official source material available in v3.5)

Color me interested for if/when you decide to do this again.


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I was actually about to post when I saw Agape had. Anyway, in the interest of converting totally to Pathfinder we are probably ditching Insidinari totally in favor of another Pathfinder premade, this one fully Pathfinder. I'll also be giving players more freedom to create their characters.

So I'm gonna be trying for the next set of 4. Hopefully the people I choose haven't already lost interest!
Just posting to say that:

1) Still working on that campaign von mentioned in Post 17, and it has received an overhaul or two from my previous plot ideas.
2) Going to suspend work on it so that I can create a couple one-shots, first, so I get the hang of hosting.
3) Yes, I'm going to GM/DM a campaign eventually.
Availability: Varies. I can always find time though. During the school year I am almost always available on afternoons/evenings.
Timezone: CST (GMT -6)
Preferred Games (D&D, Pathfinder
Experience Level: Moderate
An One-Shot appears!

Approved by Lightwolf.

The Wind Thief

I have homebrewed an one-shot Pathfinder adventure, The Wind Thief to be ran IRL and over IRC (playtested it IRL today!) I made it so that it can be ran over IRC as well. I can host it once or twice before school starts in August. (13th to be exact!) To join, you should be somewhat familiar with Pathfinder combat. (Read a good guide written for PSW here, you can ignore the PSW-only sections regarding Champions.) is another great, if huge resource.

The oneshot will be held approximately from 9 or 10 PM to 2 AM Finland DST, which is GMT/UTC +3. The day will be decided later. Perhaps there won't be a set day but rather the game could be hosted when all the players are on #flamel at the starting time on a day nobody is busy.

The game will be hosted over IRC and combat will be done using Google Draw. It will be combat-heavy with a plot to follow (if you manage some checks :)

The game will feature 3-4 players, but if you lurk in #flamel when the game starts you might get to substitute an absent player if at least 3 signees are present. Perhaps even a 5th player could get a seat that way. We'll see.

The game will utilize premade characters. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the one you will play. Write in your signup post or PM in the characters in order of preference. You don't need to list every character, only those you would be willing to play. I will roll dice if many people want the same character. Ask me on IRC for character background, specifics and if you want to change something with the premade character you will be playing. I will send the players a small introduction PM containing the setting and premise after the players have been chosen.

The Character Sheets

To sign up, either post here, PM me or query me over IRC (IRC and PM preferred and give you an increased chance to get in). I will then pick people to play. If you haven't played a PF game on Smogon before, you will have a small priority bonus. If I see that you frequent #flamel, and/or are usually online around the timeframe this game will be ran, you will have a huge priority bonus. If you are known for playing LoL during PF games, you have to repent before signing up :)

I'll keep the sign-ups open for at least this week.

Reserved sign-ups: General Spoon
Players: General Spoon
This bump is to mention the existence of a new group dedicated to arena (generally 1v1 pvp) battles using the Pathfinder system, minmaxing not only allowed but encouraged for arena.

[17:10:18] <+Aura_Guardian> this is part two of the thing: I'd like to bump the roleplay gaming thread,
[17:10:22] <+Aura_Guardian> with the group when I create it
[17:11:03] <+LightWolf> that thing already exists
[17:11:12] <+LightWolf> so you may naturally use it
I'm willing to start a campaign if people are interested. It would be a shame to let all of the ideas I have go to waste.

Anyway, here are the details of what I have in mind:

What game is it? 4th edition D&D (see below for additional details)
How many players do you want? Five.
Is it a module or homebrew? A homebrew campaign.
What kind of schedule do you want to keep? (Once a week, etc.) It depends on what the players' availability is. Once a week would be awesome; however, if that is not possible, I can do it less often.
Availability Weekends would be the best time.
Timezone Eastern.
How do you want to play it? (IRC, social group, etc.) Skype was recommended to me, so I'm thinking Skype.
How much experience is required? (Is it beginner friendly?) I'm a beginner DM myself! I'm not going to require any experience.

NOTE: Even though the game would be 4th edition D&D, there are six classes that would not be playable for plot reasons. No player characters in this game could be of the warlock, wizard, swordmage, bard, artificer, or sorcerer classes.

If you are interested or want more info, just send me a VM!

Bumping this old thread to say:

I'm trying to organize a non-PFS one-shot with level 13 Premades. The theme is Undead, and I hope to get enough people to host it at 4:00 pm on Monday, May 20 at GMT-4 (meaning 3 days, 1 hour, and 22 minutes from now). IRC to play unless everyone wants Skype instead. If it goes well, I intend to rehost it as long as there is demand. Here are the player characters for it.

RSVPs (4 players needed):
Lightwolf - Voren Temerthson (the Paladin)
Agape - [requested Magos (the Sorcerer) on IRC for a previous attempt at hosting]
StarmanXL - no character claimed yet
MAYBE HD - might have a scheduling conflict (mentioned on IRC)
GeneralSpoon - if a 4th is needed last-minute (mentioned on IRC)
Interested nerd noobie reporting.

Availability: After 9pm weekdays, all afternoon till 3am weekends/Fridays.
Timezone: GMT +8
Preferred Games: ??? D&D always appealed to me
Experience level: Zilch.
Availability: Every afternoon and evening, unless something comes up in which case I'll let you know.
Timezone: gmt
Preferred games: I've only heard of dungeons and dragons... so surprise me! :P
Experience level: I own the box set for dungeons and dragons! That counts for something, right?

Note: Box set, not like the game, but videos. Like 8 videos.
So like, is this thread defunct? I would really love to see some more non-PFS RPG on here. Maybe some different systems...FantasyCraft, Shadowrun, Champions, Call of Cthulu, hell, Pokemon Tabletop Adventures, even! I mean this is a pokemon site, right?

Just, oh lord I don't want to host it. I'm already gming enough campaigns right now as it is.
Call of Cthulhu is easy, the newest printing of the rules has a few neat premade oneshots ready for running included. A CoC campaign would take some serious prepping, though.

Some older d10 systems are easy to improvise oneshots with but the lack of free, online source material is kinda difficult.

GURPS has the basic rules available online for free and there are some free utilities that make character creation easy not that difficult. I have one GURPS oneshot written already and am in progress of writing another oneshot (single-player). If there is enough interest I could write something for GURPS.
I am going to try to host some one shots of various systems, to see if I can get people interested in them. I'll be providing the necessary rules and such, as well as making pregenerated characters for the sake of the players. I'm just trying to see what system people would be interested in seeing.

So far I've got:

-Pokemon Tabletop Adventures (will either be a PMD oriented game where players or pokemon, or a more traditional thing where players play as trainers).

-DnD 4e (expect a fairly standard dungeon crawl)

-Fantasycraft (see DnD 4e)

-Ironclaw (dunno what I'd do with this one).

Lemme know which one people would like to see, so I can start prep.

I have couple of oneshots ready as well.

In my opinion premades should be provided in all but PTA, in PTA I think character creation would be a delight.
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I have couple of oneshots ready as well.

In my opinion premades should be provided in all but PTA, in PTA I think character creation would be a delight.
Uh well to be honest PTA character creation--specifically for PMD--can be a bit confusing, so I wanted to have premades so as to not detract from the experience with a lot of confusing character building.
Uh well to be honest PTA character creation--specifically for PMD--can be a bit confusing, so I wanted to have premades so as to not detract from the experience with a lot of confusing character building.
Dibs on Cubone Explorer!

EDIT: Or failing that, Chatot Merchant.

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