Roles you made for others to use

Please don't make them game specific so others can adapt them more easily.

Shelterseeker (Neutral)
  • Chooses one player to visit during the day phase to see during night.
  • Target can choose to have company of the Shelterseeker or kick them out forever.
  • May communicate with the target during night, anonymously if not company.
  • Knows if target chooses to have company, kicks them out or changes decision.
  • On company, both players are life linked, if one dies, the other comits suicide during the same night.
  • Night after choosing to have company, Shelterseeker can hook all players who target companion and themselves during night a maximum of 2 times.
  • Can participate in companion's private conversations.
  • If kicked out by all living players, comits suicide.
  • Shares investigative results with companion.
  • Wins if Companion wins.
  • This role may only appear once per game.
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This thread should be a thing again.

(Haven't made this yet, but I've been thinking about it)
Grave Robber
(Any Faction)
  • Passively gains a one shot of all dead roles.
  • One-shots can only be used the next night phase after a death.
  • Appears to visit anyone who dies.
  • Gains the correct one-shot regardless of Forger/Janitor/etc.
  • Obtains the one-shot regardless of Roleblocking, redirecting, etc.


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Gains the correct one-shot regardless of Forger/Janitor/etc.
unclesam is #triggered even though he won the game with 0 losses to his team

I've done that role before as village, it doesn't show on watcher/tracker in my game it was just a passive ability to gain the dead roles and also served as a counter to janitor etc

good idea imo

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