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After some discussion, Antemortem decided that I should write something up in order to get that final seal of approval to revive these Room Spotlight series. Here we go!

Author's Notes

Welcome to the first volume of Room Spotlight!

In these series I'll be taking a look at the chosen room and genuinely spending time and getting involved with its community. I'll be writing about the room from the perspective of an outsider, starting from the point of getting familiarized with it's rules and purposes and sharing my first impressions, to the point where I'd talk about events and important happenings in the room.

A certainly interesting topic for the very first volume of the series, the room that'll be shining under our spotlight is Battle Dome. Formerly known as Text-Quest, Battle Dome recently made its comeback as a public room, and I hope these lights which are thrown at it now will encourage more people to check the room out.


  • Talk about RPG's in general
  • Steadily lean towards the point where I mention how with the overall popularity of RPG's, it only makes sense to have a room dedicated to it on PS!
  • End this section with a smooth welcoming sentence to the Battle Dome room
Room History

  • Basically, as I do some research and look back at the history of Battle Dome and it's previous version, this section has a goal to let the reader get to know more about what the room is all about and familiarize him with the past of the room
(I'd probably merge the Introduction and Room History sections for convenience)

First Impressions

  • Pretty much what the title says

The Community

  • Bring closer and explain the community and the atmosphere it gives to the room to the reader.
  • Share some of my own opinions of the community from the time I spent in the room. Share the ways of how the community of the room treats newer users and help the manage around the room, etc.
The Game
  • Explain the basics of the game itself, some steps I've gone through to learn it. Help the reader get a solid picture of how a battle/quest in the room looks, which will be the main purpose of this section.
  • Mention how the whole system can be overwhelming at first

"Register your account"

  • Mention how in order to begin battling and joining quests, you'll need to PM a staff member with the class you've chosen so he can add you to the usersheet
  • Explain the whole spreadsheet system. That includes the usersheet with all the info on each and every registered player, the weapons, synthesizing sheet, etc. and where can all these be found.

Join the Adventure!

  • Mention how if you've liked what you are reading so far, you should certainly consider getting involved with Battle Dome
  • Talk about how the roomintro and the whole system of spreadsheets is quite amazing, and the first thing you'd want to do is to check out everything that both the roomintro and the spreadsheets lead you to.
  • Mention how if you want to get started and settled with the room, things like being active and overall a good presence in chat are something you should certainly do, as well as steadily starting to learn to host yourself as you learn about the game.
  • As this gets written, on the 13th, the room will host its first Raid, and so I'll share my opinions of the raid one it's over, and write up my opinions of how i'd expect future raids to look like as well.

  • Explain how the room is currently welcoming suggestions for new classes that will be added after the raid mentioned earlier, and how it's great for anyone that wants to get involved with the room to make some suggestions themselves.
  • Mention how the room is overall very welcoming of these suggestions and criticism about everything and anything (new classes, buffing a monster/ability/class, nerfing a monster/ability class) which you can send with the anonymous feedback form.

  • End the first volume of the series with a good old, classic and smooth conclusion where I finish off the whole article with my overall opinions about the room.

And this should pretty much be the skeleton of the article that could have some sections somewhat changed if it's needed. Things might be added as I work with this as well, if I missed something I wanted to add. I've written up a rough plan for each section, so you guys could get the impression of what the article will be about. The whole article will flow from the room history, first impressions and opinions, to getting more in-depth and mentioning events in the room and how someone should get started from an outsider's point of view.

With all this, as I want to keep the article as narrative as it can be, the one thing i want to do are the Quote/Interview Boxes on the side, much like the ones from Quarkz's Social Media room spotlight.

Antemortem , Spydreigon , shaymin it's up to you guys now on whether or not these series should get revived.
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If I were you, don't go too much into the Room's History. I was the RO of TextQuest up until we were shutdown and had to rebuild, and honestly the story isn't meant for most readers. You can mention how we used to be TextQuest and it was a similar rpg, and how we shut down to change around the game, but not much more should really be said. Even details about how old TextQuest played should probably be left out.

Other than that, looks great. I'm cool with it.
I'm fine with this, provided this article doesn't utilize the typical cookie-cutter interviews that Staff Interviews and ATA uses. Quote boxes from various staff about how they feel about the room is perfectly fine and adds a great amount of substance this article.
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