Round XIX: Coconut vs Banana, Exeggutor vs Tropius!

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Well, after talking about how feraligatr is more bad ass than typhlosion in the favorite starters thread, I figured I could start a thread. You can talk about bad ass pokemon generally, but every week or so I will put two bad ass pokemon that are related in some way and you guys can debate on who is the most bad ass, placing votes for each of the pokemon. At the end of each week (although the weeks will be extended if the discussion is still in full-swing) I will take in the votes and the results will be put in the OP. You may change your vote at any time, but this is a discussion thread. Please put reasoning for your votes. I will vote after discussion has already been made each week, although most I will probably have an idea for who I am voting for.

Round I (because roman numerals are bad ass)

And the winner is.....

Round II


And the winner is.....

Round III

And the winner is.....

Round IV

And the winner is...

Round V

And the winner...

Round VI

And the winner is...

Round VII

And the winner is....

Round VIII

And the winner is...

Round IX

And the winner is...

Round X

Enjoy this guys!


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both are terrible because almost every "badass" design from gen 3 is "lets add razors and giant claws to things that dont need it"

i choose zangoose though, because seviper is literally one of the worst pokemon ever
jsyk it's either "badass" or "bad-ass" because "bad ass" means that your behind is imitating michael jackson.

that said, i used seviper in platinum and it was awesome. go sevvy.

fiiine i'll elaborate. mostly because i really love snakes, honestly. zangoose is pretty cool, don't get me wrong, but seviper is just a lot cooler looking/is a snake.
You can see that Zangoose was specifically designed to be a "bad-ass" pokemon. However, to me he looks more angst teen than anything, and that tail is really off-putting.

Seviper, on the other hand, comes off as cool without trying. Sure I wouldn't call it badass as such, but the colour scheme is good and the blade tail is great and doesn't make the design boring (All Zangoose is is a white sorta-anime creature with red patterns). So giving the vote to Seviper

I'll be tuning in every so often to place my votes and stuff, although with the way OI discussion is, 1 week seems a bit too long a wait.

Also shhh Rodan GEN 3 is the best generation :<
Don't forget, this is a discussion thread! Eagle4 did a good job explaining his vote, but no one else. :(

Anyway, from the start I was gonna vote for Seviper since it is bad-ass without trying. Like completely.

We need some discussion though, and I will leave it open probably 3 days unless discussion totally dies.
I vote for Zangoose. Even if I also like Seviper, I prefer cats to snakes, white to black and Zangoose looks more like an honourable fighter while Seviper is more likely to hit from behind.
Zangoose is one of my favorite normal types. Give it slash and it wrecks house. I never liked Seviper either, so Zangoose definitely gets my vote here.
... Seviper isn't that competitively bad. It's got dual base 100 offensive stats. Sure, it's a little slow and not all that bulky, but that's why it's NU. Use it in that tier, it's perfect.
That aside, I'm giving the win to, obviously, Seviper, because snakes are awesome.

Seviper is basically an arbok wannabe.
It's better.
I used Seviper in the battle factory once. It failed me horribly. Meanwhile Zangoose has been doing all kinds of crazy damage over in tiershift. Soooo.... I'll go with the mongoose.


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Seviper for me :) It is way more badass for various reasons stated above. Plus, it attacked Jessie's HAIR and we all know what happened at that point!

Also, the Battle Pike woman has one :3 None of the other Battle Frontier have a Zangoose...
Ok, I'm gonna leave this open probably 4 hours from this post! (this is mainly because this rounf has generated no discussion...) Be sure to get your votes in; right now they are:


If you think rounds should be longer, then just post or bring it up on #orangeislands. Next round I am thinking of having a discussion day or two and then a voting day or two.

In rounds I will also be accepting suggestions for the next round. I have ideas for the next 2 or 3 rounds, and the round starting about 4 hours from this post is already set in stone, but you can suggest things anyhow!

Edit: No rounds end in ties, so it could well be next vote wins.


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ugh fuck seviper.

anyways zapdos vs raikou is heaps more interesting - because i like both designs. personally zapdos edges out raikou though because raikous design is way more cluttered and zapdos has a very crisp design (like most of gen 1)
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