just who is the coon?
Since Mekkah has posted his RTM Guide, as an avid player / host of RTMs I had hoped that RTM interest would increase dramatically, so unannounced, on the spot RTMs would be able to net a decent amount of players. However, hosting an RTM spontaneously often means that one will not get 15-18 players, usually only 12 or less, which means that bigger (and more fun, in my opinion) RTMs are never seen. This also leads to other problems, such as a lack of subs or lack of interest from people with "unimportant" roles. In this thread you can advertise for any RTMs that you wish to host by stating the time which you want to host it, what theme it will be etc.

I am hosting a Pokemon themed RTM probably tonight, probably tonight at ~9:00 EST (requested) (GMT -5), however I could change the time if it is inconvenient for a large portion of the players.

So yeah, advertise any RTMs here. :)

edit: its been requested by a few people so im moving the time up to 6:00 GMT -5

edit2: im going to try again at 9:00 GMT -5

edit3: We finally played it, and congrats to strong p3 for winning as wolf!!!

spreadsheet here: http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AsepWxnIMWFUdERUSVdMZXZUXzFCYWRkNjNVRUFkaUE&hl=en

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Triple kill on TIK? hahaha that's hilarious.

anyway I have an RTM idea planned; I'll try to host it on Saturday, but my brother's coming home for the week, so it might get pushed back. I'll edit this post with more details when I acquire them.
I am willing to host a Transformice RTM.

If those interested could show up Tomorrow (Wednesday) at 22:00 GMT+2 (That's 20:00 GMT, 15:00 EST) in #hawk.

I am looking for 21 players, though more never hurt, in case I need subs, which will definitely be case (real life sucks, doesn't it?). If you possibly can, show up a bit earlier. This will increase your chances in getting in.

If you have qualms with the time or day, pop me a PM and I will see what I can do. If enough people want it another time/day, I will change it.
Alright, so a thunderstorm decided to come over my area now. And we are talking about a pretty nasty one which could easily cut the electricity. Depending on if it leaves before we start, I might have to postpone this game until tomorrow. It looks like it is over now, but in case it goes angry again, you know what is going on.

TL;DR: Thunderstorm is here, might have to postpone till tomorrow. If I come on IRC before the decided time, the game will be there. I'll try to come about 30 mins before the start (i.e. 21:30 GMT+2)
(from phone)

official, game postponed. I don't dare to turn on computer, the thundering is vicious, and it returns with small intervals. I'll see tomorrow.

(From Computer)

Alright, I have decided a new time, according to wishes I have gotten. I'll try to start the game on Friday, 22:00 GMT+2.Everything else stays the same. See you there.
There are still spots open, if people want to join. If you want to join, hurry, we are starting the moment we got enough people!

EDIT: We didn't get enough for the Transformice game, but we still had a few RTMs. SInce i want to give this one more shot, I will try to host it tomorrow, at 23:00 GMT +2. If we don't get enough people, I won't try anymore. Spread the word if you can!
Fuck my weather. Remember the thunderstorm 2 days ago? It's back, bigger and meaner. Lost power once, and the sky is a fucking christmas tree. Hell if I am keeping anything except lights on, especially when it is closing in this fast. Sorry guys.
I have a few pretty basic ideas for RTMs, and I talked with a few people about it, so:

Spread the word; the minimum i need is 12 people.

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