RU Minitour 12 // Stabmons! [Won by Soulgazer!]

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formerly kenny
Round One! (winners will be highlighted in bold)
Honko vs Magical Magmortar
atomicllamas vs Wepwnemon
Diatom vs Molk
Double01 vs speed ghilliesniper
Breh vs
Dcae vs Temptation
Celever vs
Level 51
Qwilphish vs Nozzle
Solar Vapor vs Santuga
Goutland vs Icecream
Branflakes325 vs
Silvershadow234 (Treecko subbed in here)
Ice96 vs Lunatic Lies
ScraftyIsTheBest vs Swamp-Rocket
Hot N Cold vs Mylo Xyloto
Friar vs
scorpdestroyer vs Dr Ciel

have fun! deadline: august 12th

edit: if you can please contact me on irc with a link of your match, im very curious to see how this plays out!

edit2: sorry, had to do some coin flips because of johns (except when one person had more contact than the other!) sorry for that but it had to be done and i set a deadline
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