RU Smogcast

atomicllamas, Kiyo, rozes and I want to host a RU smogcast this Sunday (July 24) at 8 PM Eastern US time.


introduce cast members, me, atomicllamas, Kiyo, and rozes

mega steelix and tyrantrum banned happened around a month ago, lots of metagame shifts because of it

metagame became a bit more offensive, talk about how it changed, what got better and what got worse etc

talk about some top mons, for example uhh

- alomomola is annoying and talk about how annoying it is

- dugtrio got way better

- some people hate venusaur, it's a very big threat in todays meta, how do you guys like to handle it?

- lots of fighting-types are rly good, like medicham, sawk, etc

- flygon shifted from defog to cb etc

- Uxie is being utilized a lot more, good utility mon

- virizion was insanely good last meta but ppl feel it's gotten a bit worse

- sneasel revenges most of the top threats, is able to use ice shard more often now w/o mega lix

- glalie spikes is more prevalent

- drapion has been getting more attention, specifically shuca

- discussion about stall

- general underrated mons, probably gonna talk about some mons like vivillon, xatu, and other mons people feel are underrated

- most OVERRATED pkmn

- who's gonna win ru open?? (definitely not kiyo)

i hope this is enough information. if you need me to make a more detailed script or need me to provide more information let me know.


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This looks plenty detailed enough to me. Kiyo has the stream key and knows how to format this stuff, so looks like it's all covered.
What does Kiyo know about RU?
Kiyo, despite being a NU main, actually does play quite a bit of RU. Although we're gonna have some fights on cast because he thinks Dugtrio and Flame Orb CM Sigilyph are overrated smfh

Also, cast might end up being longer than I initially said because atomicllamas and I have decided to end the cast with a Battle of the week. I don't think this will be a problem but just stating this in case it is

doomsday doink

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Flame Orb CM Sigilyph sounds absolutely terrible


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