Tournament RU Snake Draft: Week 1

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Banned deucer.

The Mighty Mudsdales (3) vs The Very Scary Braviarys (5)

SS: Feliburn vs Thiago Nunes
SS: windsong vs Snaga
SS: Ajna vs Expulso
SS: GoldCat vs Mac3
SM: lax vs ODR
SM: ima vs Bebo
ORAS: Meru vs banks
BW: Accelgor vs esche

vs The Solid Steelixes (2)

SS: GW vs gorex
SS: Eternal Spirit vs Yay
SS: Osh vs Garay oak
SS: Amaroq vs yeezyknows
SM: roman vs Averardo
SM: Xiri vs Ren-Chon
ORAS: atomicllamas vs TSR
BW: KW vs The Leprechaun

The Nav Fan Nidoqueens (4) vs The Dreamless Drampas (4)

SS RU: Pepeduce vs Gondra
SS RU: Luthier vs mncmt
SS RU: TonyFlygon vs Lopunny Kicks
SS RU: bugzinator vs robjr
SM RU: lighthouses vs Hurtadoo
SM RU: Mannat vs Finchinator
ORAS RU: Santu vs Alkione
BW RU: byronthewellwell vs Evigaro

The S-Rank Vileplumes (5) vs The Happy-Go-Lucky Heliolisks (3)
SS RU: jake vs mael
SS RU: Bouff vs Star
SS RU: Loom vs Lilburr
SS RU: Yggdrasil60 vs Oathkeepre
SM RU: rozes vs TheFranklin
SM RU: Ark vs termi
ORAS RU: Chaitanya vs Gefalicher Random
BW RU: tko vs Bobby Dagen

We are playing this week on pre-shifts meta. All SS RU games are to be played in SS OU. The deadline is Sunday, June 7, midnight CDT (GMT -5).
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(6)The Mighty Mudsdales vs The Very Scary Braviarys(1)

SS: (65)Feliburn vs Thiago Nunes(35): Feliburn is clearly the favourite here, he plays the meta more and hes the better player overall.
SS: (60)windsong vs Snaga(40): I really dont know anything about 2020 windsong, but hes been at the top in the past and he has Ajna/Feliburn support.
SS: (75)Ajna vs Expulso(25)
SS: (65)GoldCat vs Mac3(35): GoldCat is a better player from what ive seen from him + Ajna/Feliburn support.
SM: (60)lax vs ODR(40): HL of the week. lax is just the better player overall, but ODR is def capable of winning this one.
SM: ima vs Bebo: This one is a coinflip. Both are imo on the same level of playing ability and have good support from their teams.
ORAS: (60)Meru vs banks(40): Meru is fairly better and has better support.
BW: (40)Accelgor vs esche(60): esche has been playing this meta forever and its pretty good at it, while i dont know much about Accelgor in here. He is still gonna be a challenge for esche and i wouldnt be surprised to see it go both ways.

When will Ajna stop getting those op teams?

(2)The Nav Fan Nidoqueens vs The Dreamless Drampas(3)

SS RU: (55)Pepeduce vs Gondra(45): Pepe is gonna hit Gondra with some "french techs" and catch him offguard, but Gondra is the better player overall so he's capable to get this one.
SS RU: Luthier vs mncmt
SS RU: TonyFlygon vs Lopunny Kicks
SS RU: bugzitnaor vs robjr: those 3 ss are all pretty much a coinflip, theyre all on the same playing ability level and have good support from their teams.
SM RU: (45)lighthouses vs Hurtadoo(55): le epic "french techs" with EviGaro support, but Diogo is gonna be a fair challenge.
SM RU: (35)Mannat vs Finchinator(65): better player
ORAS RU: (65)Santu vs Alkione(35): more experience in the meta and better playing ability.
BW RU: (40)byronthewellwell vs Evigaro(60): Evi in BW this is not gonna go well. Evi is the better player overall here but byron has col feeding him teams, so he has his fair chance.

This serie will heavily depends on the SS. Both have strong teams so im looking forward to watch them.

(6)The S-Rank Vileplumes vs The Happy-Go-Lucky Heliolisks(2)
SS RU: (∞)jake vs mael(0): jake went undefeated with my terrible teams in RUPL, so he must be god.
SS RU: (40)Bouff vs Star(60):Star is the better player here, but Bouff has good metagame knowledge and should be able to pull this off.
SS RU: (60)Loom vs Lilburr(40): Loom has been playing this meta a lot, while i dont know much about Lilburr in RU. Shes also new to Smogon, so i also dont know much about her playing ability.
SS RU: (65)Yggdrasil60 vs Oathkeepre(35): idk much about Oath, but Yggdrais has his fair knowledge of the meta and is most likely the better player here.
SM RU: (65)rozes vs TheFranklin(35): better player by a long mile. rozes has good metagame experience too, so he wont be easy to catch offguard.
SM RU: (35)Ark vs termi(65): termi is getting pretty good lately while Ark hasnt been playing Pokemon a lot.
ORAS RU: (60)Chaitanya vs Gefalicher Random(40): Chaitanya has been very good in RUPL, while Felix has been very good in NUPL this year in oras, and MrAldo should be able to give him good support. Giving Chait the edge tho since i believe hes the better player overall here. edit: (has been informed that Felix played sm mostly in NUPL, but i still believe in what i said about him).
BW RU: (60)tko bs Bobby Dagen(40): Damn Rodri is back. tko is prob more interested and has been pretty decent in RUPL, so giving him the edge here.

Go Steelixes!
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SS: GW (45) vs (55) gorex - I put these two in similar ballparks as far as skill goes. gorex mains RU a bit more while GW to my knowledge seems to dabble in a range of lower tiers. They both have some blips on the RU radar whether in the form of ladder/rupl/ssnl, but nothing crazy standout.
SS: Eternal Spirit (60) vs (40) Yay - prolly surprising to pick against a guy who won the SSRU cup but I think gamas better in general. He was competitive in smru and pretty much anything he plays, I can't imagine that doesn't translate here.
SS: Osh (49) vs (51) Garay oak - both pretty comparable to me as far as players go. osh might be a tad more established but neither has any real ru presence. seems like garay is interested slightly more in ru? big coinflip.
SS: Amaroq (45) vs (55) yeezyknows - idk dude this is pretty much the above except instead of nu mains+secondary tier it's uu mains. i can't say i've seen a lot of amaroq but yeezy seems to be active and caring in general.
SM: roman (40) vs (60) Averardo - finally some ru mains to talk abt. i think avedo is super underrated and the better RUer here. If he drops that not-caring act he should be fine. roman somehow worms his way to wins in the goofy subforum tours but idt this is 1 of them.
SM: Xiri (65) vs (35) Ren-Chon - xiri always does well in ru. he was like 4-1 in the previous rupl before it was canned, p sure he did well in open too? No disrespect to ren-chon since I know they're a competent nuer but I'm gonna trust ru results vs no ru results.
ORAS: atomicllamas (45) vs (55) TSR - upset alert(?) but i think TSR nabs this one. this is his like 14th time playing oras ru in our subforum tours and llamas hasn't looked incredible since his return. maybe we'll see a return to form here but atm i haven't seen enough good.
BW: KW (60) vs (40) The Leprechaun - lep is an overall solid player but that's going to help him zero vs KW's crackhead builds. Lep can stir up some spice of his own but I honestly think this match is going to be won one way or another at preview.

end thoughts: When going into this I thought llamas team was going to be favored but here we are. I think this series is gonna come down to building and who can supply the non-mainers with better stuff. As mentioned above, I feel a lot of players here are comparable and having a better MU in more games prolly decides this series. It's pre-drops week so might as well give up your best builds lol...


SS RU: Pepeduce (53) vs (47) Gondra - gondra had a monster spl and definitely is capable of piloting evi teams to a win but pepeduce has an unironic like 7 ru alts in the top 50 on ladder. he has some midtier tour results too and has some decent seasonal runs. will warily trust ppd here.
SS RU: Luthier (49) vs (51) mncmt - idk dude lmao luthier has more lower tier results, mncmt ost finals, yadda yadda. i'm not sure how to compare them as players & neither manager has seemed entirely eager about the current gen (im sure that will change w/ this tour but yeah) so idk how good of teams they'll be rocking. side note neither of these teams have like any builder., ig evi's has like 2. hope 49 doesn't get too stressed down the stretch this tour.
SS RU: TonyFlygon (60) vs (40) Lopunny Kicks - both are obviously talented overall but tony always seems eager as hell for new tiers and I think he'll pick it up nicely.
SS RU: bugzinator (51) vs (49) robjr - i'm pretty high on bugzi as a player, though robjr is always solid. i don't think either has a ton of ru results but bugz piloting whack 49 teams sounds very potent.
SM RU: lighthouses (55) vs (45) Hurtadoo - not sipping the hurtadoo kool-aid like many others are. don't feel like he has a ton of results, tho it's clear that a lot of people have high hopes for him. i have zero idea where diogo's motivation is ever at so that could play a part, too. maybe feeling fresh b/c week 1 is plausible, though.
SM RU: Mannat (40) vs (60) Finchinator - big subforum tryhard finchinator who somehow fell to pick like 15. he definitely should have went before even some of the R1'ers but i guess water under the bridge now. I'm pretty sure mannat has sparingly played this tier but I'm still favoring the ultimate smoghorse.
ORAS RU: Santu (65) vs (35) Alkione - idk a lot about alkione besides decent french RUer #263 but santu is a threat and a half. he had really dominant rupl before it got trashbinned and is an all around good player. he no longer has my support but 49s support is better anyway.
BW RU: byronthewellwell (43) vs (57) EviGaro - i don't want the eyebrows from not bolding evi here so i'm gonna do it. byron is a super jack-of-all-trades player who can win vs a lot of people in any given tier, but evi is seen as quite good at RU tho idk jack about her BWRU.

end thoughts: decent number of tour player matchups. hopefully neither manager gets tired of building 3-4 ss teams every week. Overall i think this is easily the best series of week one, with two teams i'd call playoff-caliber.

SS RU: jake (70) vs (30) mael - big jake is talented and i trust him more though ik ajna thinks mael has potential. mael robbed me in snake like 80 years ago when i sucked so i'm biased and unhappy.
SS RU: Bouff (45) vs (55) Star - my heart wants bouff to win but star's a danger. bouff has been bringing some results this gen, and maybe this will be another one. can't favor him, though.
SS RU: Loom (51) vs (49) Lilburr - idk either very well. Loom didn't seem great from our tests but i have at least seen him play RU. ik lilburr had a good uupl or something so maybe that translates here too.
SS RU: Yggdrasil60 (65) vs (35) Oathkeepre - p much same as above though ygg had a decent rupl. minor results vs no results. oath is in winners for seasonal but idt played anyone crazy, and idk anything about them beyond hosting a lot of subforum projects.
SM RU: rozes (40) vs (60) TheFranklin - rozes is a friend but i'm not particularly high on him in RU. he has no issue building and being creative tho, so maybe can whip up something cool & etch one out. thefranklin is the newest member of the seasonal protectors club so i have to show some respect for a fellow member.
SM RU: Ark (25) vs (75) termi - first time seeing ark in awhile. think he's cool but zero idea about what he can do in SMRU. termi has some results and i don't feel she's ever really done too bad. big edge.
ORAS RU: Chaitanya (45) vs (55) Gefalicher Random - neither really plays RU but I feel like this guy is always putting out decent performances whenever I see him. Chait's more /established/ but not at all in an ru sense.
BW RU: tko (49) vs (51) Bobby Dagen - prolly the weirdest r1 matchup for me since i barely know how to rate either of them. obviously rodri is better but tko seems to do fine in subforum PLs. no clue about where rodri is at as far as commitment goes.

end thoughts: probably the weakest w1 series w/ the most question marks to me. maybe i'll be wrong by the end of the season in some regard but other teams look a lot scarier pre-season.
The Mighty Mudsdales :mudsdale: (2) vs The Very Scary Braviarys :braviary: (3)

SS: Feliburn vs Thiago Nunes - Quite the easy bold here, I'm not a big fan of Thiago Nunes' playing capability but then again I haven't really seen much to judge off of.
SS: windsong vs Snaga - This one's gonna be a close match imo. windsong just came back after an eon long hiatus but as far as I know, he was quite the superstar before he left. Snaga on the other hand has been an established player for a decent amount of time now. However, the only reason I'm bolding windsong is because he has tremendous support which is honestly something that Snaga is going to lack.
SS: Ajna vs Expulso - Alright hear me out on this one. It's a known fact that Ajna's probably the better player but Expulso for sure has up-incoming talent as well as high motivation to do well in this tour. They played each other before in RUPL and Ajna took a heavy loss (yes, I know he had a terrible MU) so I can honestly see this swinging either way.
SS: GoldCat vs Mac3 - Both of these players are in the noob mainer club so this one will definitely be exciting to watch. I do have to bold Mac over GoldCat though because I simply have more faith in Mac's playing capability.
SM: lax vs ODR - Another tight match-up, but ODR should pull through in the end.
SM: ima vs Bebo - Man I don't really know about this one either. Typically, the bold would be Bebo here but I don't know how motivated he's been with mons lately. Even besides that, ima is still a very capable player so I'm gonna make this match-up a 50/50.
ORAS: Meru vs banks - ANOTHER amazing match-up. I'm really excited to see this one, even if it is just ORAS. Easily can swing either side.
BW: Accelgor vs esche - Decent edge to esche because he has made waves in BW RU and while Accelgor is definitely a good UU player, I don't know how much of BW RU he has played.

The SDWNUYGBH's :sandaconda: (5) vs The Solid Steelixes :steelix: (3)

SS: GW vs gorex - MINUSCULE edge to GW because he's my husband so I have to otherwise he'll murder me. Honestly, out of ALL of the games, this is one you don't want to miss. Both of these players are up-incoming RU stars and they, in my opinion, have the playing capability of the big tour players in this snake. I'm really excited for this game and can definitely see this one swing either way.
SS: Eternal Spirit vs Yay - Slight edge to Gustavo because I have simply not seen Gama touch RU at all since SS started.
SS: Osh vs Garay oak - I can see this match going either way as well, but I think Garay Oak is slightly favored here.
SS: Amaroq vs yeezyknows - I'm quite confident in Amaroq's playing capability and while I know yeezy is a UU superstar, I don't really know how much that will translate to RU.
SM: roman vs Averardo - Another really tight match-up. Both of these players are RU mains, but I have a little more faith in roman's ability then I do in the pizza's. Don't get me wrong, the pizza is a fantastic player but I think roman has a slight edge in this one.
SM: Xiri vs Ren-Chon - Ren-Chon is the first name so far that I don't know too much about. All I really know about him is that he's an NU player that's well established in his tier. I've never really seen him play SM RU, even when it was the CG tier. Due to that, decent edge to Xiri.
ORAS: atomicllamas vs TSR - I think it would be woat to not bold llamas here. I was not impressed with TSR's performance last rupl, and while I really am hoping he can prove me wrong this time around, I just don't see him winning this one.
BW: KW vs The Leprechaun - Lep is probably the better player here, he just has to be prepared for whatever wackjob team KW is going to bring.

The S-Rank Vileplumes :vileplume: (5) vs The Happy-Go-Lucky Heliolisks :heliolisk: (2)

SS RU: jake vs mael - I did not know this before, but apparently mael has won an individual trophy. This completely boosts my opinion of him, but I still believe that jake will take this one.
SS RU: Bouff vs Star - I can easily see this one swinging either way.
SS RU: Loom vs Lilburr - I really do believe that Lily is a strong player but the fact that she's only really played RU during CPL slam best of 5's, makes me believe that Loom has the edge here. Loom has been grinding SS RU practically the entire time it's existed and he's definitely a competent player. However, in the end, I can see either one winning this one, I just have a little more faith in Loom.
SS RU: Yggdrasil60 vs Oathkeepre - I really do not know much about Oath's playing capability. I've seen him play like a total of 2-3 games and I wasn't too impressed, but he definitely has potential. Decent edge to Ygg because he's the more accomplished player.
SM RU: rozes vs TheFranklin - Tough one to bold, but I think Arce will be more motivated in this tour then rozes will.
SM RU: Ark vs termi - Last RUPL, I was on both of these player's teams. termi was the manager and Ark was a player who never actually got a chance to play. I didn't really see much of his builds nor did I play him in tests, so I actually don't really know how capable of a player he is. On the flip side, I have seen termi play before and she's definitely talented. Decent edge to her, simply because I don't know how good Ark is.
ORAS RU: Chaitanya vs Gefalicher Random - I've seen Felix play in NUPL and he's quite good. However, Chait had a phenomenal run last RUPL and I have consumed the Chait kool-aid.
BW RU: tko vs Bobby Dagen - To be frank, Bobby Dagen is the only player in this tour that I've never heard of before until today. I'm not saying that I think he's bad or irrelevant, I've just simply been too focused with RU and we've just never crossed paths. Due to this, I will be giving tko the edge but I'm excited to see Bobby Dagen play.

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(6) vs

SS: Feliburn (55) vs (45) Thiago Nunes - Thiago is pretty good man u guys r sleeping
SS: windsong (70) vs (30) Snaga
SS: Ajna (60) vs Expulso (40) - ajna will always be at least above average in my opinion but i dont think hes quite as potent as last year and expulso is not as weak as people perceive him as either, still a reasonable edge
SS: GoldCat (55) vs (45) Mac3 - my friends say goldcat is good and he also washed feli in the ladder many a time
SM: lax (60) vs (40) ODR - ODRs plays a more feel based game which either works or really doesnt(and probably will work vs most other people in this tournament) but i like lax's more solid overall approach
SM: ima (45) vs (55) Bebo - bebos kinda the same as ODR in terms of playstyle in my eyes but ima most certainly isnt the same as Lax. still a close game though
ORAS: Meru vs banks - hey i think this will actually be quite good
BW: Accelgor (55) vs (45) esche - i would normally give accelgor a bigger edge but hes normally juggling like 6 jobs and 8 college degrees at once so like idk but go accel love u man


SS: GW (60) vs (40) gorex - i've played quite a few good games against GW in various tournaments and i know how high his ceiling is, tho admittedly he's very mistake prone at times, but i think he should do fine if he takes his time
SS: Eternal Spirit (55) vs (45) Yay - yay knows i don't underestimate him by any means but Gama is more more experienced and less susceptible to nerves and the like + he has llamas suport and i have never once team llamas using a bad team
SS: Osh (40) vs (60) Garay oak - have never been too impressed by Osh, garay should be fine if hes given a good team
SS: Amaroq (45) vs (55) yeezyknows - i have no idea honestly
SM: roman (40) vs (60) Averardo - romans not caring challenges day 1 and clicks every move in 6 seconds playstyle preys on people who are too safe/scared to make a move and i don't think this is the case here
SM: Xiri (40) vs (60) Ren-Chon - i got mili for 3k in the rupl i managed and he put up an amazing record(back then SM was the CG) + i know how good he can be after years of playing against/teaming with him in various tournaments. Espero que tenha algum drama pra tu botar uma pilha lek porque eu adoro
ORAS: atomicllamas (70) vs (30) TSR - ye
BW: KW (60) vs (40) The Leprechaun - im actually one of the bigger lep supporters ever but kw just sorta wins, man. idk how the fuck he does it. his teams make no sense. but he wins, all the time

SS RU: jake (55) vs (45) mael - idk why were giving mael so little credit here, hes proven himself as at least competent in various tiers in the past and i dont believe that gen 8 is rocket science or anything, this game should be close
SS RU: Bouff (40) vs (60) Star - i can never really know for sure how bouff will perform, he can completely wash this or just get destroyed. winning this would be great for his confidence however so go bouff omg
SS RU: Loom (51) vs (49) Lilburr - uhh loom is like an ru regular who ive never seen play i don't think? and lilburr is a good uu player so like idk
SS RU: Yggdrasil60 (?) vs (?) Oathkeepre - i say this in the least shakeitup way possible but i actually have no idea
SM RU: rozes (60) vs (40) TheFranklin - apparently TheFranklin is the new BKC of ru so i'm looking foward to watching this one
SM RU: Ark (30) vs (70) termi
ORAS RU: Chaitanya (60) vs (40) Gefalicher Random - chait being placed 1 in oras power rankings is more than a little ridiculous but i don't really know who the other guy is(he has the vastly superior nickname though)
BW RU: tko (70) vs (30) Bobby Dagen - i have no reason to put any faith in rodricancersineverytournament blue tar

end thoughts: i like the user natalie

hf friends
very loose predictions, i'm not motivated to put in sprites or make it fancy with numbers especially since a lot of these are more or less close..ish....maybe....

SS: Feliburn vs Thiago Nunes - based off experience i can't really go against feli here, even if he's not the biggest fan of the meta. thiago is strong though
SS: windsong vs Snaga - windsong is historically one of the best ruers and he does this thing where he shows up for one tournament a year and wins but i also think snaga is good and his take on the game is different than other people building wise so i'm not sure where to really go here. feel like this will be closer than most ppl think
SS: Ajna vs Expulso - like feli, ajna doesn't seem to like the tier that much, but i trust him way more playing and building wise
SS: GoldCat vs Mac3 - this guy is very hyped, have not seen a game from either of them in the tier but mac3 used to always tilt me when i would play him years ago
SM: lax vs ODR - i think both of these guys are around the same skill level in this tier but odr has more results here i guess
SM: ima vs Bebo - upset but i think ima will probably tilt the shit out of bebo or something. bebo is very good tho but my gut is saying ima fsr
ORAS: Meru vs banks - surprised to see meru here and not in ss but w/e, banks is good at oras but meru is solid as fuck when he doesn't play like a dummy. i also think he'll put in more effort if he has the time
BW: Accelgor vs esche - big fans of both of them, especially in this tier, but man esche is fuckin powerful. his timer always goes down super low which is very scary when hes on your team but he's been on his game. accel is great too but he hasn't played bw ru in a while from what i remember

SS: GW vs gorex - gorex plays the tier more but i've been more impressed with gw as a player and i think he's good enough to take this
SS: Eternal Spirit vs Yay - yay won kickoff or w/e it is recently, but i think playing wise gama is way better. will come down to teams here. still bothered that the gustavo is gone from the name
SS: Osh vs Garay oak - kinda surprised to see garay here because i think he's really good at oras (and more importantly, one of the only people who won't reuse teams in it, which goes a long way). anyway i like his play more, but osh is good too and usually does good enough in these tours
SS: Amaroq vs yeezyknows - this really comes down to whoever puts in more effort and i feel like yeezy will here
SM: roman vs Averardo - roman plays like a madman, normally i'd favor him but averardo has improved a lot in the last months so this'll be close
SM: Xiri vs Ren-Chon - don't have too strong of a read here, i guess xiri has a ribbon
ORAS: atomicllamas vs TSR - if tsr doesn't tilt and follows the bkc teachings of Using The Timer then i think he'll win, but llamas is not really a slouch
BW: KW vs The Leprechaun - i fucking hate watching kw play and his game vs esche in rupl made me really, really, really fucking mad. fuck shit like that. because of games like that i will favor him but watching this game is not something i'm keen on doing for my own sanity

SS RU: Pepeduce vs Gondra - think r1 gondra was a bit much, i view him highly as a player especially in ru but i think he would've lasted till r2..though i guess it's evi managing so not that surprising for this. anyway pepeduce has been gaining traction if i remember right but i don't really remember watching any of his games so i'll pick gondra here
SS RU: Luthier vs mncmt - can't pick against smoothier
SS RU: TonyFlygon vs Lopunny Kicks - absolutely not picking a favorite here, i like both users way too much to do so lol
SS RU: bugzitnaor vs robjr - robjr is great and idk who bugzitnaor is
SM RU: lighthouses vs Hurtadoo - oh man the hurtadoo techs, oh man. gotta go for him here, diogo has very high highs but i also feel like he's very tilt prone
SM RU: Mannat vs Finchinator - lmao this game is gonna be batshit, mannat has more experience i guess
ORAS RU: Santu vs Alkione - like watching both players, i used to think alkione was the luckiest man alive but he seemed pretty strong in like cpl for bw uu or something. maybe it was uupl i dont remember, anyway santu is probably better in this mu
BW RU: byronthewellwell vs Evigaro - bias pick here probably, bw is for sure evi's weakest ru tier (i havent actually seen her ss extensively for the record but i'm gonna assume she's probably better at it than bw). byron will be better than people expect though

let's fucking get it twerk
ORAS: Meru vs banks: i think both are pretty even in terms of performance in this tier, however im favoring Meru due to much more extensive support from teammates, although this will inevitably become a bold to Meru's opponent as the tournament progresses, once the other teams catch up on Meru using the same archetypes over and over again. small edge
BW: Accelgor vs esche: this is also a fairly balanced matchup, i think Accelgor is more consistent whereas esche has a higher ceiling and a lower floor, but i will give esche the edge due to having played more of this tier. tiny edge

ORAS RU: Santu vs Alkione: i think both players are alike in terms of aggressive playing and being prone to occasional clicking, and both have had impressive games particularly in other tiers theyre not particularly known for, especially for Alkione who has had a recent solid showing in old gen lower tiers, i just think Santu has been at it for longer and has had the time to polish his playing so im bolding him. small edge
BW RU: byronthewellwell vs Evigaro: im a big believer of byron and his playing, and he has good support in teams, i think evi consistently plays better though and evi knows more about bw, however i think the teams byron uses are more consistent than evis, and the support he will get is pretty good too, so im giving him the tiniest edge.

ORAS RU: Chaitanya vs Gefalicher Random: if chaitanya brings some boring standard abusable regimola shit, he will lose.
BW RU: tko bs Bobby Dagen: i would hesitate to bold rodri at his peak here honestly, since i dont recall him ever playing this tier, and knowing potential sets and speed tiers can go a long way, but 2020 rodri is definitely not going bolded until i see how he plays to form an opinion, and tko has been consistently playing this tier for some time now. decent edge

ORAS: atomicllamas vs TSR: tsr is like tko in a sense that he has been playing this particular tier a lot for some time now, it's just that llamas has been playing other ru tiers or managing or neither, but i do think llamas is more solid in ORAS than TSR, decent edge
BW: KW vs The Leprechaun: im not a big fan of the teams brought by either players, however leprechaun sticks to certain archetypes more than his opponent, and kw does get decent enough results with his trash team choices and lep cant really expect what kw will bring, so im gonna suppose he will default back to his standard stuff. Lep will win if kw doesnt have a clue what lep usually uses and brings the wrong dogshit
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