RU RU Spring Seasonal - Round 2

Senpai DM is not sheduling and any sign of life from a week ago. Sorry about that /: I hope we'll find an ooponent who can do a match :p *(Don't be affraid I'm not strong)*


Banned deucer.
feelaburn couldn't make it to his computer tonight so the sky queen is stepping in to make extension announcements

coinflipped Splash vs Drud and OminousDraco vs SaDiSTiCNarwhal since neither played

Grannest has called activity on Senpai D.M. as he didn't reply to Grannest's wall messages

OminousDraco vs Decem
Grannest vs Ampha
Meru vs FeaNiiX
Drud vs byronthewellwell

SaDiSTiCNarwhal vs Yay
Splash vs King Roma
Senpai D.M vs Amaroq
Kerrigann vs Forsendi

y'all have until the aforementioned date of May 24, 2020 to get games done- get playing!

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