Metagame RU Stage 11 | Triple Threat Suspect Test (April Fool's Day)

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this thread is a literal joke from both sides what the hell has gone on here. why is a triple sustest happening and why can we only vote for one (alternative suggestion: you can vote on all three, highest gets booted, any above 60% get watched and quickvoted on after a week), and why is 85% of the thread lower quality than smogoff. its not april yet, youre not funny. why is smru relevant? why is X irrelevant mon being brought up? please use your brain for anything other than for shitting on someone.

anyway, ill edit in my thoughts in more detail when ive got reqs, but basically thundt is stupid af enam idk yet but probably yes leaves is like kinda yes kinda no its super weird


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We'd do a run-off with the top 2 mons that tied in the voting phase. And yes, taking a look at the RUBLs once the tier settles down is something we have plan for the future, similarly to how we handled the RUBLs unbans back in USM RU.
What if they all three tie

Uhh, RU scrub player here. Idk about the process, but I'm all up for trying new things. A bit of forewarning probably could have stopped the outrage on this and let people be salty earlier on, that's my only complaint with it.
Anyways, this one is a bit difficult to decide between, honestly, all three should be banned, but I'm still going to go through them all.
:pmd/iron leaves:
IMO, the most broken. I have faced so many sets that use sd+tera blast fire its not even funny. Late game, its ggs to this mon. I really don't like how top mons are unable to deal with it reliably besides maybe slowbro (which gets destroyed by trailblaze variants). Maybe I'm justing making teams that don't do well against it, but it feels really broken to me.
:pmd/thundurus therian:
This mon is weird. On paper, it should be able to destroy everything in the tier, but everytime I face one, it feels kinda alright. It's speed tier is definetely fast, but not fast enough to outspeed everything. It's power is amazing, but dragon types do well against it, so there is that. I think that some experimentation with it could show, such as tera blast ice on it or using it with sticky web teams. I wouldn't be upset if this goes.
:pmd/enamorus therian:
I'll be real, I have not seen this at all on ladder, so I can't say too much on it. It is SUPER slow, so offensive pressure is best at defeating it. Moonblasts hit hard, but there are enough resists in the tier that it isn't doing as much damage as it could be. Focus blast is interesting to annihilate empoleon, but earth power is most likely better. I don't know much about this mon, but I can see why people would want it banned.
Iron leaves: BAN
Thundurus-T: DNB, but alright if banned.
Enamorus-T: IDK, but probs ban
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Dear RU Community,

As we gather to deliberate on the future trajectory of the RU metagame, it is incumbent upon us to engage in a rigorous and comprehensive evaluation of the proposed suspect test parameters. The recent discourse surrounding the inclusion of Iron Leaves, Thundurus-Therian, and Enamorus-Therian has underscored the multifaceted nature of the challenges facing our tier, necessitating a judicious approach that balances competing interests and perspectives.

First and foremost, it is essential to address the procedural concerns raised regarding the voting format for the suspect test. While the desire to introduce novel methodologies for soliciting community input is laudable, the decision to restrict voters to a single choice among three contentious options may inadvertently undermine the democratic principles upon which our tiering process is founded. As articulated by several astute observers within our community, the adoption of an Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) system offers a more equitable and representative mechanism for capturing the nuanced preferences of players while mitigating the risk of minority rule.

Moreover, the substantive issues at the heart of this suspect test demand careful deliberation and analysis. Iron Leaves, with its capacity for rapid setup and devastating offensive potential, has emerged as a focal point of concern within the RU metagame. The prevalence of sets leveraging Booster Energy in tandem with Swords Dance has reshaped team dynamics, placing undue pressure on defensive cores and constraining strategic flexibility. While proponents of Iron Leaves may highlight its susceptibility to certain counterplay options, it is evident that its impact on team building and match outcomes warrants closer scrutiny.

Similarly, the inclusion of Thundurus-Therian in this suspect test reflects the growing recognition of its disruptive influence on the RU metagame. Possessing a formidable Special Attack stat and a versatile move pool, Thundurus-Therian is capable of dismantling opposing teams with relative impunity. While its Speed tier and offensive prowess render it a formidable threat in its own right, concerns have been raised regarding its potential to warp team composition and limit the viability of defensive strategies. As such, a thorough examination of its role within the metagame is essential to ensuring a balanced and diverse competitive environment.

Finally, the nomination of Enamorus-Therian underscores the broader imperative to address threats that undermine strategic diversity and competitive balance. Blessed with exceptional bulk and offensive capabilities, Enamorus-Therian poses a significant challenge to conventional defensive structures, necessitating innovative approaches to check and counter its sweeping offensive presence. While its usage may be less prevalent than that of Iron Leaves or Thundurus-Therian, its potential to dictate the pace of matches and restrict team building options cannot be overlooked.

In light of these considerations, it is incumbent upon us as a community to approach the suspect test with diligence, open-mindedness, and a commitment to democratic governance. By fostering an environment conducive to constructive dialogue and consensus-building, we can navigate the complexities of the RU metagame with integrity and transparency. Together, let us strive to uphold the principles of fairness, inclusivity, and mutual respect as we chart a path forward for the tier.


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I'm not sure why I'm on the receiving end of the USM RU Talonflame situation when this is the vote that happened years ago:

If you want to blame anyone, blame the tyrannic savant you used to call your tier leader back then for voting to ban Talonflame, as well as for picking feen as his co tier leader (who also voted to ban Talonflame btw). Seeing how I'm always on the right side of the situations, there's no longer doubt in my mind that this is the right step to take for the current SV RU metagame, and I hope every post following this can be like llamas', and help nurture this new way of tiering we've come up with.


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So I have a quick question. Why cant we vote for the three mons together? That would help speed the process even more and the majority will be happy.
As of now if a person thinks all three are broken they can only vote for one which leaves Majority unhappy.


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.....and scene. April Fool's Day.

For those who believed it, you've been got. For those who didn't (or still did but followed the bit), thanks for playing along. For those who complained here, stop taking yourself so seriously noobs & start connecting dots for once, do you really think tiering staff would let us put something like this before a PR thread, or even let us go through with it at all? LMAOOOO just look at the dates next time or something

We aren't crazy, or at least not crazy enough to do such a bizarre test like this in RU. To make the prank sound more believable, we chose to announce the test a few days before April 1st, because let's be honest, pranks done on the 1st are way too obvious and dumb. Nobody ever bites, tho probably a couple of guys who posted in this thread might have.

Expect a post with the drops within the next couple of hours, depending on when they release the tier shifts, or if they even will as another April Fools' joke :blobthinking: you really can't be sure today huh.


Or maybe the joke is this post. The real April Fools' joke was to make people believe that this Suspect Test was a joke. Come check again later when this thread is unlocked.

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