RU RU Swiss Tournament - Round 2

RU Swiss tour!

Tournament Rules:
General tournaments rules and regulation can be found here
- Standard SM RU
- Best of 1 for the swiss phase, best of 3 for the playoffs
- Every round will last 1 week, there will be 6 rounds. Top 8 will qualify for playoffs.
- Post replays, everyone likes them and they can be a good way to showcase the new meta trends, although I'm not going to give you a loss if you don't post them

Smogon Championship Type B

Pairings made by Pearl™

MiyoKa vs. Level 56
HANTSUKI vs. Casparov
Sir Isaac Mewton vs. HNBL
Kingofcrimea vs. Lopunny Kicks
naruto(sage) vs. Senpai D.M
Jason Genova vs. Xiri
Matame vs. Marshall.Law
Pohjis vs. We Three Kings
byronthewellwell vs. dcae
InfernoMonferno vs. Arifeen
Santu vs. Acsel
Chill Shadow vs. Corckscrew
Sam I Yam vs. Slurmz
KoldKappuccino vs. Star
Eternal Spirit vs. lighthouses
Romanticist vs. TraceofLife

Twix vs. SANJAY
zugubu royale vs. Mega meganium
Oppa a.f vs. pancake
Mindnight vs. IRazvann
Huston vs. didi
Real FV13 vs. CKW
neomn vs. Finding True Love
Dundies vs. Randomnick
Cheryl. vs. r0ady
Sugarcult vs. Miyami~~
Weegah vs. Lord Esche
KevinELF vs. Feliburn (0-0)
Simiatic vs. Kushalos
Drud vs. Luispeikou
Guilas D vs. Rakan
Paleo vs. ItsYaBoi1337

Ok so regarding drop outs and subs, i can see that PD and Guilas D dropped out and they were included in the pairings but only because i dont know what subs are still willing to play, and if they are, they will be subbed in for people starting with a 0-1 record. I will discuss with a TD if there is a better way to go about this, but for now that is going to be the case.

There will be a strict deadline Sunday October 8th midnight EST
because of this tournament being late. Only extensions of 12 to 24 hours will be granted depending on a case by case basis and only if there's really a need for it.
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ok so after some talks with a couple of TDs, we came to the conclusion that subs may join with a 0-0 instead of people that drop out. However i will only allow subs for 24 more hours from this post to avoid having extensions as much as possible.
Feliburn will sub in PD
Feliburn 0-0 vs KevinELF 0-1

also my thursday is free so if i dont see any contact by then im gonna pm you and stalk you on PS and smogtours (this is for everyone not just those 2)


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opp missed scheduled time and hasn't replied since. attempting to reschedule but in case i don't hear anything until sunday, activity.

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