Tournament RU Team Tour - FINALS [Won by Gli Zii Ermini]

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Welcome to the ORAS RU Team Tour! In this tournament, you will be able to play with your friends in a fun tour with no auctions. You're not really integrated on Smogon forums? No worries, you can still join the tournament as a free agent. Good luck!

General tournament rules can be found here.
Tour rules:
  • All matches will be best of one.
  • Single Elimination tournament
  • You must sign-up as a team of 3 players
  • We will have a total of 32 or 48 teams
  • Standard ORAS RU rules and banlist
  • You can join as a free agent but I won't find you teammates, that's your responsability
  • EVERY player on the team must confirm, or I just won't validate the team
  • You need to find a cool name for your team
  • Save replays
  • Have fun!
  1. [8:32:40 AM] KratosMana: I'm gay - Andromeda. Kushalos 49
  2. - p2 AM MrAldo
  3. priority bros - thecrystalonix Kableye Meteordash
  4. aNUther one bites the dust - TTFTW ~Eternally quziel
  5. la verga de tu madre - Feliburn xastify Ryoma Nagare
  6. #freelugia - Dominatio darrell1297 Arii Stella
  7. RUPL Champions - Omfuga -Tsunami- blunder
  8. Team Harambe - Take Azelfie Gatorboy Thatwackycruton
  9. hooked on phonics - Kiyo DTC Advantage
  10. The Keklords - MrKridem TheZoologist oujiaboard
  11. cute users - Cheek Pouch Imanalt Berks
  12. The Great Wall - Starmei Snowy. Kreme
  13. i love cheap thrills. - fran17 Tricking -Snow
  14. team hairy ambipom - rozes Hairy Toenail Pearl
  15. TEAM FAT - FLCL KratosMana TonyFlygon
  16. fizakally defenzive rotom spin - PD @3D omastar
  17. THE BEST RBY NU PLAYERS ON DIGIMON - Solgaleo Hitmontop129 tjdaas
  18. la triade - NeoZyX BlazingDark Holiano
  19. 2 Gallegos y 1 Negro - Guilas D .CarloO~ Real FV13
  20. hardcore (The)KFC fans - DragunDancing Drud Weegah
  21. Team flash into Brand W - Double01 SilentVerse HSA
  22. Meteordash: 24 hours - gorex zbr Vinc2612
  23. Bailed (Again) By Hax - Sae Sae Anttya Animus Majulous
  24. Is Ajna Indian? - Ajna trash lighthouses
  25. TEAM BLOO - Rattled Threw iChatot
  26. cham's colorful milk store - Silverwhiteblue Lord Booty Milk MegCham
  27. Jotil Batashe Lungi Akashe - Nazib Asim12 RaiyanGotNo3DS
  28. Doubles randoms LOL - Matame Stax Mishimono
  29. Gli Zii Ermini - Empo Oibaf cune AAamen
  30. Le Noir, Le Rebeu et Le Bouc - Pepeduce Arcobaleno Bouki
  31. Moe Police - HypnoEmpire Based Honker teddie182
  32. Josh, fleur & lj - Laurens Joshz fleurdyleurse

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tfw you are on a team tour without even being asked about it...

anyways, confirming
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