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Art by LegendarySerperior

Welcome to the first RU Seasonal for 2021! This seasonal will be the first Type A tournament of the 2021 RU Tournament Circuit. This seasonal will earn you points for the overall RU circuit leaderboard, which contributes to achieving the yearly RU Ribbon!​

Specific Rules:
  • This is a standard SS RU tournament.
  • Matches are to be played on PS!, preferably on the smogtours server.
  • The format for this tournament is best of three, double elimination.
  • Any tier changes that occur during a round will not be in effect until the following round.
  • Replays are not required until the last couple rounds, but you should save them in the case of a disagreement; it is the only way to settle disputes!
  • Changing teams between matches is allowed.
Standard Rules and Clauses:
  • Species Clause: A player cannot have two Pokemon with the same PokeDex number on his team.
  • Sleep Clause: You cannot inflict sleep upon more than one member of the opposing team.
  • Evasion Clause: The moves Double Team and Minimize are banned.
  • OHKO Clause: The moves Horn Drill, Guillotine, Sheer Cold, and Fissure are banned.
  • Endless Battle Clause: Anything capable of intentionally creating an endless battle is banned.
General Tournament Rules:
  • Identity: I expect many battles to be completed under alts. This can be bad for tournament security, and thus I will make this clear: If I hear any whispers of identity theft (battling as someone you are not) or proxy battling (helping someone else battle through pm) I will not be pleased and I will take severe actions.
  • Scouting: Next, I do not want to hear anything about counterteaming, at all. Do not complain about it. I also don't want to hear about any blatant scouting. There is a difference between "[user] is known for using stall" and "let me follow [user] around all day to watch all his battles since I am his opponent". I expect a lot of the former and none of the latter. I give permission to all battlers to ask any person spectating their battle to leave if they do not want them watching. Everyone will have access to your replays from earlier rounds though.
  • Timer Clause: As for taking long between moves, if your opponent asks you to hurry up, please oblige. If you are doing a damage calc for a key turn that is one thing, but prolonging every move is suspicious and annoying. Don't do it. Furthermore, Battle Timeout is a rule for a reason. If you run out of time, you lose, simple as that. It does not matter what your opponent says. Do not battle if you think you will have to leave mid battle, and instead reschedule for a better time.
  • Disconnections: Finally, in the case of a disconnect, the decision is in the hands of the player who did not disconnect. The options are: redo the battle move for move, redo the battle with the same teams but different moves, or redo the battle with completely different teams. If the battle was without a doubt over, they may also take the win. Any suspicion that a disconnect was committed on purpose to redo a match may be appealed to me, and if I feel this happened there will be severe consequences, don't do it.
Round 1

RaJ.Shoot  vs  banks
the pharoah  vs  robjr
KJLX  vs  sawamura
Yay  vs  iNoLife
Jisoo  vs  vani
Lord Thorx  vs  giove97
jornsy  vs  Ryuuji Kuroiwa
Finchinator  vs  Sahki
Miraage  vs  Sevelon
daunt vs  vs  rinnegan418
jcbc  vs  Ningildo
Decem  vs  LethalHobo723
Edstur98  vs  Internal
7u9i2  vs  HaxxSel
Dlanyer  vs
Dancingcoffee  vs  LpZ
Senpai D.M  vs  MatLaTomate
KJ Corp  vs  Ronman5
ojr  vs  Hockey1
Youngster_Bill  vs  le LLiolae
Ryenix  vs  FestiveSkSkSk
Kenix  vs  McSim
realSurfyTeen  vs  beatiful
Staxi  vs  Lilburr
Alkione  vs  Astrø
Oathkeepre  vs  Beraldinhoo
Zenadark  vs  Perish Song
SunMYSER  vs  little maths
Elfuseon  vs  AM
Feliburn  vs  atomicllamas
Monsareeasy  vs  Alpha Rabbit
Leru  vs  Hys
ashbala99  vs  Natan
ehehehehxcx  vs  Mindnight
Roxiee  vs  FeaNiiX
Ainzcrad  vs  bb skarm
Blanko  vs  SOMALIA
Yami  vs  Bixten
ProDigeZz  vs  Aquarius Ghost ❤
E-create  vs  Sificon
DYA  vs  Rotten
The Number Man  vs  Maki
zerodragon  vs  Zesty43
tko  vs  85percent
TripleCx3  vs  qdhwefdw
Meri Berry  vs  xoPure
Some Bob  vs  Crow Music
LuckyPiper  vs  quimbs
Juno  vs  Chagl'haxx
Gentle Berserker  vs  zben
LaPatateDouce  vs  Zephyr2007
Sputnik  vs  Heni-san
King Billu  vs  Dragonpiley007
Namranan  vs  WMAR
pattek  vs  kingdoge298
avarice  vs  SpenderOfTime
barton  vs  Miss Novelist
Maxomega  vs  Juseth sepulveda
EviGaro  vs  Grian
Stillau  vs  Ganso
Enzo Gorlami  vs  Confide
Sparrow's Tail  vs  zugubu royale
OnArceus  vs  Aliss
MrAldo  vs  starry blanket
ara  vs  ThirdStrongestMole
Yomii  vs  EternalSnowman
your____bro  vs  TioDragonite
GW  vs  Coton
Eternal Spirit  vs  TeamCharm69
SubZeroMartin  vs  rylon
Angels & Airwaves  vs  tlenit
Adaam  vs  Mr.Bossaru
Nat  vs  Expulso
Cat food and  vs  yedla
keppy  vs  zeefable
zedhatool  vs  Gatorboy
Flareblitzkreig  vs  Vieux Singe
Xiri  vs  miklopop
pj  vs  Thiago Nunes
Flamita  vs  termi
TheGreenRoman  vs  Notily
Cam  vs  Naelriun
Kev  vs  UBERLandon21
DKM  vs  Heika
RampageWebber  vs  Koalacance
GoldCat  vs  I'm hate hats
Velcroc  vs  toinha
Luna's Banned now  vs  Yggdrasil60
DerpyBoi  vs  Blui
Grannest  vs  SanJl
LightScreener  vs  SpacialRendevous
basaninho  vs  Yves Stone
Akaru Kokuyo  vs  Kaguya Lys
Bushtush  vs  Cabarlo
Dankoc  vs  zizalith
Rubyblood  vs  Pepeduce
GelatinOSO  vs  KiwiCarnivore
qwily  vs  CoolCordova
HonchTheConch  vs  Drud
NHelioX7  vs  PrinceOfAllTacos
Shaad Skyel  vs  HailFall
Acselsior13  vs  PinkDragonTamer
zeriloa  vs  gum
TheTacoMan  vs  Acey 2B
Romus  vs  Ampha
Raahel  vs  blinkboy
Chloe  vs  Fakee
Amaroq  vs  kythr
TheFranklin  vs  Ajna
Horodro  vs  Mac3
LegendarySerperior  vs  lighthouses
Cheese5555  vs  Sensei Axew
Dflo  vs  SCHEFF
egalvanc  vs  adjustments
Akaramba  vs  gorex
TMM  vs  Yaily
Mok3s  vs  Tumorstar
AltCauseImInsecure  vs  false
xXcrossbowXx  vs  iKiQ
Drivetacos  vs  Maple
Ghostricker0197  vs  Meru
weird mon  vs  Averardo
yugon.exe  vs  Bye 3
I Eat Snoms  vs  Bebo
OmBrArch  vs  TJ
Hyssou  vs  Bye 6
Amelia Diane  vs  Bye 7
Draphirion vs Descending

Contact Deadline is Thursday, January 15th 11:59 PM GMT-5! (If you don't contact your opponent then, you will be subbed out)
Deadline is Sunday, January 17th 11:59 PM GMT-5!

Friday Edit: Sub signups are closed!


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