Tournament RU World Cup 4 - Signups


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Hosted by me. Paint tier banner by me also.​

Welcome to the 4th, YES THE 4TH, iteration of the famous (or infamous) RU World Cup! This time aiming to go ahead and clean his presentation a ton more. 3rd edition went much better so lets we can continue the good run!

The format will go mostly unchanged, but we are going to try out some fun options for a couple of the slots: we are gonna with 4 SS, 2 SM, 1 ORAS, and BW with the particular distinction that one of the SS slots will allow Scolipede to be used and 1 SM Slot will allow Talonflame and Mega Absol to be used. Keep this mind when supporting said slot and let it be known. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! We will be looking for 10 to 12 teams

Why is this? We are gonna be doing 2 divisions of either 5 or 6 teams each. Top 2 of each group advances and we are gonna be doing weeks. 10 teams means we get 5-1 weeks, 12 teams means we get 6-1 weeks plus 2 weeks playoffs, making the tournaments 7 weeks at most.
For the sake of simplicity we are gonna follow this format. I will make the divisions as fair as possible.

Sign-ups should include:

Player Name:
Country / Region of Residence:
Other/Secondary Eligibility:
Foreseeable Inactivity?:
Interested in Captaincy:

I know it is more of a loose and less strict version of an actual WCOP so enforcing isnt something Im looking forward to, or dont really want to do, but let secondary eligibilities make sense... we are gonna try to make the best map possible!

Signups will last until July 24th at 11:59 PM GMT -5, if not enough people then are we are gonna extend it until the 31st at the same time.

SS with Scolipede suspect:
SM Talonflame and Mega Absol suspect:

From there, lets hope to have a fun one! Cheers!
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Player Name: btboy
Country / Region of Residence: US Central
Other/Secondary Eligibility: US East (lived on the east coast for four years until last month, not really sure how this works)
Foreseeable Inactivity?: Managing ZUPL currently so I may not tryhard to the extent I normally do, but I’ll still be active.
Interested in Captaincy: No

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