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Happy New Year everyone! Here, we post new trends in old-gen tiers as cores for players to build on, then perform a vote to see whose build is the best!

The goal of this thread is to:

-keep players up-to-date on modern developments and innovations in old-gen play
-encourage people to post more on the Ruins of Alph forums
-provide a creative environment for new players to learn teambuilding or for experienced players to share their teambuilding knowledge
-foster a creative but practical mindset to old-gen teambuilding

Each week, there will four (4) days where players can post their builds (along with replays) and three (3) days to complete player voting. The process will cycle sequentially through each of the old generations, starting of course with RBY.

Our pilot core will be for RBY OU: Victreebel, Rhydon, and Starmie


This aught to get the creative juices flowing. Victreebel has been seeing a lot of OU tournament use in RBY lately and is already considered a pseudo-OU Pokemon. Starmie and Rhydon form a great core with it, but building with this will force players to drop one of The Big Four of RBY OU... can it be done? (credit to Alpha Male Psyduck for core)

Winner: Zokuru
Our next tier will be GSC OU, and our next core will be Piloswine + Skarmory!


While it's been around for a while, this combination has seen somewhat of a resurgence. Piloswine basically hard counters Zapdos and Raikou (two Pokemon that basically use Skarmory for free switch-ins) provided they're not running HP Water, and with RestTalk it also checks Nidoking. Skarmory can deal with Machamp, despite not having Spikes in this gen. The team will be more defensive with these two present. What kinds of teams will we see? Tune in to find out! (credit to FriendOfMrGolem120 for core)

Winner: Century Express
Our next core is for ADV OU, and is a real teambuilding challenge.

Blissey tends to lure in Pokemon like Metagross and Tyranitar, whom she can put to sleep with Sing to make trapping easier for Dugtrio. Given that these two are support Pokemon which should fit a team and not have a team fit around them, will we be seeing more personalised teams or teams that are weakened by this constraint? Tune in to find out (credit to CZ. for this core).

Winner: johnnyg2
The next challenge is for DPP OU and features the core of Zapdos and Latias.


These two share common important counters like Clefable, Blissey, and Tyranitar, so Zapdos can weaken them so that Latias can do its thing. Most of the time, Tyranitar has no way to get its health back, so a lot of the damage you do with Zapdos on it will render it inefficient at some point (and if you carry Toxic it will actually be in a timer). Zapdos can also PP Stall Clefable's Seismic Tosses with Pressure and render it unable to defeat Latias Substitutes (however, you might want to consider HP Ice to deal with Clefable's common teammate Nidoqueen). Zapdos can also deal with some Steel-types for Latias (credits to Vay for core).

Winner: Eeveeto

Thank you for participating!
Last edited: < Shit team that I had since 2015 that happened to meet the reqs ( NOT submitting this). Just posting it for the lols. < Actual team that I am submitting.

So, after Jynx and maybe Alakazam ( both of which struggle a bit against Starmie) I consider Starmie the best lead, especially if we already can't use all the big 4. TW paralizes and the other moves do damage ( except Recover, which well... recovers). I like to always have something with Psychic for that 30% drop ( and for dealing huge damage to lead Gengar). Surf has more PPs than Blizzard and is stronger than IB, especially against lead Jynx. The only things ( apart from freezing) that are needed for and Ice Move are Zapdos ( which we counter with Rhydon) and Exeggutor ( which Starmie if not beats, at least annoys, unless it has the rare Mega Drain). TW should be ussed carefully in order not to paralyze a Chansey ( although Rhydon and Snorlax get better against a paralyzed one).

Rhydon has a standart set, abusses paralisis very well with Sub.

Reflect Lax is my favourite Lax. The closest thing to a Tauros switch-in this team has. ( although will get critted very often). Snorlax still can beat a paralized Chansey ( although I would prefer o fight against a not paralized one) with this set and is a very durable mon in general.

I don't have a Jynx or an Exeggutor, so Victreebel will have Sleep Powder in this team. Stun Spore makes it a reliable paralizer too ( and Rhydon enjoys it), so there is no room for SD, in which case he has to use Wrap. Razor Leaf breaks Slowbro and is a nice STAB in general.

The Chansey set is THE F***ING BEST CHANSEY SET that exists for bad players like me. I really hate those paralized Chansey wars, they benefit the better player, which I am not. So, I use it without TW and hope to get some Freezes and a surprise Counter. Tbolt crits Slowbro in case Victreebel dies. Works most of the times.

Do I have to explain Tauros?


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Gonna start this(Eeveeto posted before while writing it :( ), I tried to go as solid as I could with this team while still making it viable.

Building and thought process

Starmie was the lead of choice since with this kinda forced build it's what does this job the best. For now, just gonna put Thunder Wave and Recover since these two are essential and think about the set later.

Victreebel, one of my favorite Pokemon to use in RBY, specially since its sets can be quite diverse. Going to use Sleep Powder, because with this build, you can't afford a slot for a sleeper and the lead was already taken. Razor Leaf is the mandatory move with Vic, Stun Spore looks quite good on this team since it helps spread para to help Rhydon, Tauros and itself. Wrap to get momentum works insanely good since it lets you switch out without penalties neither having to take a hit.

Rhydon, just standard rock god set. It doesn't have free slots to even change its set a bit. EQ, Rock Slide and Body Slam are just way to good to miss out on. Last slot is a bit more free but Sub is usually the best option anyway. And with the para spread, it helps a lot.

With these three out of the way, we need a secondary Special/Psychic check, and you all know her. Chansey. I went for the standard bolt beam coverage, since I don't want to make myself too weak to Rocks and let them a free switch, plus helps with Bulky Water types, which could be annoying for Rhydon and Victrebeel.

Then, since I'm using bolt beam Chansey, I thought that I needed a Physical check outside of Rhydon and Starmie and went for Reflect Snorlax. The filler move, it's more about preference, Counter to help/win against other Snorlax or Tauros trying to break through, or Ice beam for overall goodness.

And last but not least, Tauros, just your standar.. wait, no. I actually thought that Cloyster was a bit annoying to this team so I went for Thunder(bolt) instead of EQ which could help on a late game if Cloyster is one of the last Tauros Checks. Helps a bit against Slowbro if it crits, but usually you're better of spamming normal moves.

Last details:

Finishing Starmie's set, went for boltbeam, to help against other water which could be a bit annoying and Exeggutor. Psychic could be used for overall goodness and help against Gengar(Which funnily enough, it's a threat to this team).

Hyper beam could be added on Victreebel and/or Rhydon but you won't have as much para spread and maybe you will make it harder for yourself.

Hope you like it guys, feel free to suggest changes (in private) ;o!


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Yo that's my submit. And yes it drops 2 of the big 4.

I won't explain the idea of the Rhydon-Vic core, that's not needed.
The first thing you gonna notice when looking at the build is that I didn't lead with Starmie, but with Alakazam, why ? As you see, with a Rhydon + Victreebel build, if I use Starmie lead my counterplay to Rhydon are .... either Boltbeam Chansey if I want to use it ( if it gets paralyzed it's dead and can't come again anymore ) and Tauros. That's why I wanted Starmie back. Then we have double Psychic + Snorlax ( even with its low Special in RBY ) to take care of everything hitting on the special side, bar Slowbro ( which is handled by Vic + Rhydon pretty easily ) and the elecs ( handled by Rhydon ). On the other side, Snorlax deals with opposing Lax's and Tauros, you have Fire blast Tauros without blizard because you handle Rocks super well with this team anyway and you're more than fine to trade blizzard for more tauros coverage, and you want to touch gengar with Earthquake if you're running a victreebel. Pretty straightforward team tbh.


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Normal-type spam balance! [RBY OU]

Exeggutor: Exeggutor is the lead of the team, I find it very interesting the combination of Sleep Powder and Stun Spore that Exeggutor can provide us, we can choose if we want to paralyze a Pokémon or put it to sleep. Psychic is the Psychic-type STAB move used in the moveset, the Base Power and the secondary effect are very interesting and you can get good results against common Pokémon such as Gengar, Snorlax, and Tauros. Explosion is very important here if I need to break past Pokémon such as Chansey, Slowbro and Snorlax taking great damage and helping me beat it with the next Pokémon I send out.

Chansey: Chansey gives me good support with Thunder Wave against a bunch of Pokémon, including setup sweepers (Slowbro & Snorlax), fast offensive Pokémon (Jolteon, Tauros & Zapdos), Wrap/Clamp users (Cloyster, Dragonite and Victreebel), and lead Pokémon (Alakazam, Exeggutor & Gengar). Soft-Boiled is necessary recovery and also leave Chansey with good healthy to use Counter against important Pokémon such as Tauros, Rhydon, and Snorlax. Ice Beam is an option to deal a little damange and try to freeze threats such as Slowbro and Amnesia Snorlax. Very effective to Rhydon, Zapdos, Exeggutor, and Golem.

Slowbro: In my opinion, Slowbro is one of the most viable setup sweepers in RBY OU, even if there is a very high chance of critical hit and the permanent use of Thunder Wave. Amnesia is very important to increase Slowbro's special and make it a sweeper. Surf is the Water-type STAB move used in the moveset and I enjoy this move a lot, even though most people prefer to use Psychic over Surf. Thunder Wave allows Slowbro to disrupt the Pokémon that try to block him from his setup and also cover his teammates, since the opponent can make many switch-ins to try to defeat Slowbro as quickly as possible. Rest is very important to keep Slowbro healthy, mainly against Explosion, critical hits, and cure him of paralasys so he can continue the sweep and setup.

Rhydon: Rhydon does not have the best defensive type, having a quadruple weakness to Water- and Grass-type, and having Ice-type weakness, being lousy in a metagame where Ice Beam and Blizzard are heavily used. On the other hand, I see a lot of potential in Rhydon, its Attack and Defense stats are great, has good STAB moves, like Earthquake and Rock Slide, and also Body Slam. I put Rhydon on the team to increase my offensive potential and in addition he is very helpful as it helps me predict on Explosion to preserve Slowbro and Chansey. Substitute is used here to predict switch-ins and attack again in the next turn.

Tauros: I believe Tauros is one of the best Pokémon in the tier, having good Attack and Speed stats. I use the standard moveset, where Body Slam is one of your STAB moves, yet with a chance of causing paralysis in the opponent, which is very good. Hyper Beam gives us great momentum, even more when compared to Pokémon with less than 50% in HP and helping us with a good matchup, Tauros is a great Hyper Beam user. Earthquake is used here to hit Pokémon such as Rhydon, Golem, and Jolteon. It is also good to damage Counter Chansey and then Hyper Beam to finish it off. Blizzard is also a very good move here, a little similar to Earthquake, used to hit Pokémon such as Exeggutor, Rhydon, Golem, Victreebel and Zapdos for big damage.

Snorlax: Snorlax: Completing our team, nothing more than Snorlax! Snorlax is a very present Pokémon in RBY OU, with various forms of use, which makes it to shine even more in this tier. I use a 4 attack Snorlax where Body Slam helps us deal good damage while having a chance to paralyze the opponent. Hyper Beam is used here in the same way as Tauros, where we can get momentum and a good matchup, mainly in the late-game, because of STAB. Self-Destruct is just perfect here, because I can finish Pokémon such as Chansey or Exeggutor quickly, also it gives to us a help to weaken setup sweepers like Slowbro and Amnesia Snorlax, also Reflect users, such as Reflect Alakazam and Chansey.

Final considerations: First of all, I would like to thank this wonderful community of Ruins of Alph, I'm a beginner from RBY OU and I'm always looking for tips in the room and at Discord, where I feel super comfortable, because you guys are incredible. I hope you have enjoyed my team, it was my first team created for RBY OU and I did it with all my heart, thank you! I also would like to thank my friend Luigi because of the help with my English, I am not fluent, thank you for everything guys!
I'm sorry but this team does not meet the criterion of using the required core, and will be excluded from the vote.


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Song to compliment it

Team explanation:
I wanted to build this around SD Hyper Beam Victreebel with Razor Leaf and Sleep Powder. I could have gone with dual powder Wrap, but that didn't seem fun lol. Interesting calcs:
+2 Victreebel Hyper Beam vs. Snorlax: 291-342 (55.6 - 65.3%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
+2 Victreebel Hyper Beam vs. Chansey: 612-720 (87 - 102.4%) -- 17.9% chance to OHKO
+2 Victreebel Hyper Beam vs. Tauros: 230-271 (65.1 - 76.7%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
Victreebel Razor Leaf vs. Tauros on a critical hit: 146-172 (41.3 - 48.7%) -- guaranteed 3HKO
Rhydon Earthquake vs. Victreebel: 169-199 (46.5 - 54.8%) -- 64.6% chance to 2HKO
Victreebel Razor Leaf vs. Cloyster on a critical hit: 256-302 (84.4 - 99.6%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
+2 Victreebel Hyper Beam vs. Zapdos: 247-291 (64.4 - 75.9%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
Victreebel Razor Leaf vs. Slowbro on a critical hit: 270-318 (68.7 - 80.9%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
+2 Victreebel Hyper Beam vs. Slowbro: 210-247 (53.4 - 62.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

I went with the standard Rhydon set because I didn't really see any reason not to.

With the Starmie set, you could very easily get away with the Smogdex standard BoltBeam Recover and TWave set. However, I like the idea of Psychic being able to fish for drops on Alakazam (when para'd it means you outspeed) or it can just help out vs other things in general. Both work fine. TBolt obviously would help against water types, but, all things given, I prefer Psychic on this one.

I decided to go with a standard Tauros. I contemplated Thunder for the Water Types and Fire Blast to fish for burns, but I figured Victreebel doesn't care much about them, and Starmie walls Cloyster.

I went with a Counter Chansey. Counter is nice for things like Snorlax and Tauros, which also pressure this team quite a lot depending on the set (former) or more than usual (latter). I gave it Ice Beam because it did more to Eggy while being able to fish for a freeze on something (which is actually a lot more important than it sounds). A 10% probability to completely remove something from the game is nothing to be scoffed at. Thunderbolt is an option over TWave to be able to handle the Water types better (crit Slowbro!) but TWave is just such a useful move. Spreading paralysis is great for Tauros and Victreebel to run through things it wouldn't be able to and getting (let's face it, why not?) lucky.

I went with Reflect on Snorlax in order to have a better matchup against Tauros, which heavily pressured this team (more than the average RBY team, that is). Rest for longevity (and I think that Reflect without Rest is unviable). Body Slam because it's difficult to switch into, and EQ for Gengar - which is rising in popularity and a nuisance for this team - specifically, but it could be used to pick off a weakened, paralysed rock type.

Don't hesitate to throw feedback at me.

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This is a cool concept, let me see if I can come up with a good team with this core!


Sorry for the PO style teambuilder lol i'm old school
Starmie @ (No Item)

- Psychic

- Blizzard

- Thunder Wave

- Recover

Chansey (F) @ (No Item)

- Thunder Wave

- Seismic Toss

- Reflect

- Soft-Boiled

Rhydon (M) @ (No Item)

- Earthquake

- Body Slam

- Rock Slide

- Hyper Beam

Victreebel (M) @ (No Item)

- Sleep Powder

- Wrap

- Hyper Beam

- Razor Leaf

Cloyster (M) @ (No Item)

- Blizzard

- Clamp

- Hyper Beam

- Explosion

Tauros (M) @ (No Item)

- Body Slam

- Blizzard

- Hyper Beam

- Earthquake

My idea for this kind of team is a wrap/clamp style team -- basically spread para and then abuse partial trapping moves to get rhydon/tauros in and wreak havoc. I split up the team into three parts -- first part is para spread w/ starm and chansey. Starm is classic anti-lead w bliz and psychic -- speaks for itself. While I thought about using sing chans as back up sleeper, vic loves using its speed tier and surprise to get a powder off late game. Plus, people love to use wrap turns to burn sleep on fast mons, so I went with a reflect/stoss chans w/ t-wave. I feel this kind of chans is perfect for spreading para on a team like this

The next part is the wrap core w/ vic and cloy. Simply put, the best two-mon wrap core in RBY. Some say dnite, but dnite doesn't offer the utility that vic (sleep, best bro counter in the game, destroying para starmie/lapras, etc) and cloy (the closest RBY has a phys wall). I think cloy is the perfect partner for vic, as you give up quite a big amount of bulk/utility on the physical side w/o eggy. I'll expound upon this more in the next paragraph, but one of the main advantages of wrap is not sweeping (although that's certainly possible) but the free switches you get from using it once and hard switching to rhydon/tauros. Considering a lot of people switch around wrap in predictable ways, this is the best way to abuse it

Finally, we get to breakers w/ rhydon and the classic tauros. No need to get complicated here for both (although there are cool rhydon sets w/ tail whip/leer/blizzard shout out to rby2k10) we just go std tauros and rhydon w/ hyper beam over sub. This allows you to get past eggy a lot easier (I don't have the detailed calcs on hand, but the 3hko w/ slide slide beam is really likely iirc).

There's some cool synergy you get here (ie if someone wants to freeze your chansey after you paralyze theirs, switch to cloy, clamp, double to rhydon and go for the two shot). Another is abusing the fact that rhydon has predictably answers that are hard countered by cloyster -- almost like zapdos-lapras/kingler combos.

Tl;dr basically the SOP of this team is not a lot different than standard RBY; spread para, use wrap mid-game to get in rhydon and tauros and then wreck shit.

Thanks for reading -- let me know if you have any critiques!
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At least, I tried :

Starmie in the lead position came out naturally as this little star is quite solide in the lead slot, and having already 3 non-Big 4 mon imposed, I didn't wanted to impose myself one more at the begining of the build, and I didn't even considered exeg as grass redundancy didn't seemed appealing at all. Psychic, Blizzard mie being, in my opinion, the most consistent one as a lead, I choosed to go with it.

Victreebel was a hard question for me, in the first place I was considering SD variant, but in the late part of my build, the wrap/Stun Spore was looking more interesting, as paralysis would help to play around the quite common mon that are really threatening to this build, and wrap forcing switch would allow me to abuse even more the paralysis. In here, sleep powder is more like an emergy button more aiming to prevent very precise target to go wild than getting you usual sleep to try to play in 6-5.

On Rhydon, I did choose Hyper Beam over substitute I felt, in some match up, i would have to go ham with it to try to trade great threats, plus I think mons in here carrying twave and not all forcing the exact same answers, makes rhydon more likely to abuse these paralysis, thus not needing substitute as much as it can often time.

For Tauros, I chose to go stomp on the last slot, because I could afford not running eq (gengar not being that much common and not being that much of a threat either), so I could choose more uncommon fillers, and what decided was the choice of slowbro on the last slot which made me feel confortable enought around opposing tauros (plus stomp flinches could save my ass combined to paralysis against mon that could try to paralyse/sleep my tauros then wreck havoc on the rest of the team).

Snorlax wasn't that much of an issue, I love playing Reflex Lax and Ice beam seemed better because of reflex lax mirrors. Plus having no exeg I felt my Lax had no choice but to be a rest variant.

Last was Slowbro, because rocks looked annoying, thought I did go for the psychic variant because I'd rather give room to victreebel to come and do its wrap shit. Even tho bro's twave targets similar targets, the fact that with amnesia and drop it can force chansey out, and force to rely on physical makes it still interesting.

I know this team have issue with some common non-Big 4 mon, yet I believe you might be able to play around it with the way you abuse paralysis. Though, this being my first rby build, there ought to be misconception so feel free to lend me comment's either on the team or on my building process.
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