All Gens Ruins of Alph Teambuilding Competition (FINISHED)


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Well, my build is not really good X (plus I can’t vote for myself, but no one should vote this)
No twave chansey lost half his utility imo X
Reflect + Counter is just a meme (y on lax too imo) X
I personnally don’t like mono ice beam chansey when it’s your main, if not only, answer to back mie so X
(To be honnest I think doing « a big4 mie don with vic over exeg » was just an
I personnally like the clamp team idea, but it’s harder to put in practice than said, and prolly will hardly ever work against player knowing their stuff so X
Finally zokuru’s team, the only one not leading starmie, and honnestly starmie back is really looking a good support to vic + don as it cover most of them weakness bar bolt beam mie, which is cover by zam lead so, definitly looking the best one.


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With 9 votes, Zokuru wins the first RBY Teambuilding Competition and gets a cookie! Just joking, he's inducted into our Hall of Fame.

Our next tier will be GSC OU, and our next core will be Piloswine + Skarmory!


While it's been around for a while, this combination has seen somewhat of a resurgence. Piloswine basically hard counters Zapdos and Raikou (two Pokemon that basically use Skarmory for free switch-ins) provided they're not running HP Water, and with RestTalk it also checks Nidoking. Skarmory can deal with Machamp, despite not having Spikes in this gen. The team will be more defensive with these two present. What kinds of teams will we see? Tune in to find out!
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First team of the year! I don't actually like defensive teams in GSC because even offense vs offense matches will usually be very long. However, the core is very limitating in what you can pair it with.

Skarmory has better sinergy with Raikou than with Zapdos, so I put a Reflect Roarkou to abuse Spikes. Skarmory himself has Thief in this team to annoy other bulky and not so bulky builds.

Piloswine is the Sleep Absorber. He checks Nidoking very well, and with predictión, can enter into Jynx, Egg and Lax. Piloswine will be just attacking and hoping for a Freeze.

If I put Forretress as a Spiker, I would have a huge Fire weakness. At the same time, if I put Cloyster, a well played Machamp would destroy this team, as Skarmory isn't an especially reliable check to it ( no one is, actually). So, I went with Qwilfish this time, who wins against other Spikers ( unless HP Electric Cloyster ), especially if Skarmory steals their items. Also, the fish is a really good check to non-EQ Machamp and can Haze away some boosts a Curse Mon has attained.

Egg patches out some weaknesses like Rhydon and spreads paralisis and Leech Seeds, which help Qwilfish to last longer. Not the standart set, but good for a bulky team.

Finally, Snorlax is the main source of offense in this team. It abusses paralisis and sets Belly Drum to sweep. Fire Blast kills Steels, which otherwise are not very covered.


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Okay guys, it's week 2 and I'm back with another build !

221.gif227.gif145.gif143.gif91.gif200.gif ( click the sprites to access the Pokepast )

The core was Skarmory + Piloswine, so I just threw both standard sets on my builder. I considered with RestTalk Skarmory which is one of my favourite set but with Piloswine you want Spike abusing, that's why I went with Standard.

Therefore I know I was gonna use Spike, so I wanted something that benefits highly from that, and Zapdos came immediately in mind. Considering I have Piloswine I don't need some huge electric switch-in like Raikou, and Zapdos provides a realy good offensive Spike abuser, a secondary Machamp answer and a Vaporeon hard check (nothing is a Vaporeon counter). Something really good too is that Zapdos is a fucking Magnet to Raikou, which lead to Piloswine shining by forcing Raikou out for a Skarmory / Suicune, which lead to Zapdos to come back, which leads to Raikou etc, so you abuse Spike again and again.

Every team needs a Snorlax right ? I decided to put EdgeFireToxic Lax here, it forces SO much switches, and Spike are pretty great with the Gen 2 poison mechs, when you switch out Toxic become standard poison, so everytime a poison'd Pokémon comes it takes ~25% from Spike and poison, great right ? It's also nice not letting Skarmory regain health too easily on Snorlax, then Ice beam on Piloswine are real damages made to it, even tho killing Skarmory isn't crucial here it's still cool to free up Pilo's EQ.

Now let's talk about the spike itself, I wanted to get my Spike up but I wanted to keep my own field freed from it, Piloswine and Snorlax are key members of the team and they are super annoyed by taking 12.5% everytime they come on the field. I choose Cloyster, HP Electric gives me the edge over other Cloyster, so I can spin, Surf is the STAB to hit Forry. This team is double switches / momentum based so Rest on this Cloyster is super useless, Leftovers will heal it up way more than needed.

Last Pokemon is Restalk Misdreavus which makes a good duo with Skarm for handling Snorlax, it is good to beat Starmie and Tentacruel, as they beat Cloyster, it can also Toxic stuff, like AoA Tyranitar, which gives the team troubles otherwise, a really potent glue. And it pressures Raikou too so that's super nice.

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This is my attempt of a defensive team featuring LK DrumLax as my potential wincon. With Piloswine, I knew that I could count with two perks in particular: 1) a consistent Zapdos / Raikou check, and 2) a good answer against Mixed Attackers, because Pilo's typing kinda gives you a pseudo BoltBeam resist, which allows him to act as an awesome Nidoking / Gengar / Dragonite answer. Still, I was aware of his main weakness. With Umbreon and Snorlax, Pilo stacks a huge weakness against Machamp, and as a STer, it underperforms a fuckton against Exeggutor, which are basically the main reasons to use Zapdos > Raikou, and ST Zapdos > any other Zapdos variant on this team. Although Skarmory is used because of its phazing / Physical-attacker answer / Lax-checking duties, it also complements Zapdos' weakness, giving Marowak and Machamp less set-up opportunities.

One of the main aspects of this team, is the presence of "hazard control" (which I personally consider extremely important not only in DrumLax or Marowak builds, but on almost Stall team overall). Thanks to HP Fire, I can keep the obvious advantage against opposing Forry, but on the flipside, this Forretress has a uncomfortable matchup against a lot against Cloyster and Spinblockers. And that's the main reason why I run Umbreon over any other 'mon on this team. I knew I would need a Snorlax complement, a check against Tyranitar, and I knew that a Spikes vs. Spin war advantage would be important, especially in Stall vs. Stall matchups. Pursuit Umbreon can break through Starmie and Spin Cloyster on the long run, and it gives me a secondary approach against Snorlax and Gengar (although I need to admit that Misdreavus is super dangerous, though). Also, Umbreon's support is one of the key-elements for a successful LK DrumLax sweep, since Ghost-types are basically the best answers against this Snorlax variant, while LK Snorlax gives me an emmergency button against Jolteon and Charizard (both are extremely dangerous in a Raikou-less build), and it keeps my Spikes vs. Spin game more proactive, because trading a greedy layer of Spikes for a sleepy Cloyster can keep my Forretress in a huge advantage.

Anyway, the purpose on this team is trying to make the best use of the "hazard control", status support (mainly Toxic, and kinda Sleep) to help in a possible DrumLax sweep (mainly vs. opposing defensive teams), or to defend youself against offensive teams, which is done by keeping the opponent's Cloyster Poison'd or KO'd asap. Momentum it's a huge part of this team, and I can't emphasize how much Spikes and Toxic are important for this team. For example, a Piloswine forcing a Skarmory to Rest, or a Poisoned Electric or Snorlax being forced to Rest provides the ideal win condition, which is basically the safe DrumLax set-up.
  • EQ Lax + Miltank, or ToxLax + ML Umbreon can be used for the DrumLax-support purposes, while keeping a good Lax / Ttar check, but without Pursuit, almost every matchup featuring Spinblockers become a living hell, because Spinning becomes nigh impossible.
  • Although Thunderbolt is ass, it's important to fix my weakness against Vaporeon, DruidCruel, and Charizard. Thunder can be used if you want to use one of the best Spikes abusers of the metagame, though.
  • I know, Double-Edge + BD looks hella kamikaze, the purpose of the move is aiming for the OHKO against Cloyster, and the possible 3HKO against a Sleeping Lax or Vaporeon (before a BD, of course).
  • Initially, I thought HP Ghost Forry + Missy would be an awesome idea, because it fixes my issues against Starmie AND Spinblockers, but without Umbreon, this team pretty much forfeits against any well-played Tyranitar.
  • Roar Piloswine is a good idea to fix the weakness against miscellaneous threats such as Thundermissy, Smeargle and Jolteon, but ST is too good to ignore against Nidoking and Hypnosis Gengar. But using it with ST Umbreon isn't a bad idea, though (be careful with Missy).
  • ST Vaporeon is a huge threat against this team, and to be honest, I don't think I can fix this problem without changing the whole team structure. Explosion can be used over HP Fire, since it lives a +1 Hydro Pump (without Spikes).
  • Tyranitar can be used over Umbreon if you really want a strong Pursuit against Missy (Crunch also helps against Poisoned Starmie!), but I don't want to lose against lasmon FireLax, and I don't want to be weak against opposing Tyranitar either.
  • I lead with Zapdos because it's the best way of preventing T1 Spikes, but using Lax can be a good way of preventing too much scouting against opposing Lead Laxen.
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