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welcome one and welcome all to rumiart :) i dont draw much but ill put everything ive made recently in here! :o)

everything will go from oldest to newest, most of my art is referencing official sources


made this for ynmt, its a psychic type eldegoss! it looks a bit messy but i wanted to try this artstyle after peer review


audino!! based off of the new pc icons mons got, this one was really cute so i decided to draw it for cleffa bc it was one of their fav mons


in a similar vein, miltank!! shes a sweetheart :) dont mind all the empty space below her


aaand clefable, this is before cleffa got her name change but we both very much love this fat pink blob. what a sweetie!


a trans pichu :D i made her for pride and this is one of my few drawings with much thinner lines


continuing my lgbtmons, i made this lesbian skitty :) i used the darker shades of pink and orange for the shading


togaypi!! im proud of my hatching here


bi shinx!!! rosa helped me figure out which mon to use for this one and i must say it has certainly worked!! i made this one right before my mom got her citizenship


as a little bonus, another lesbian mon!! my partners sister asked me to make this one and i love how well it came out!!


going back to ynmt, grass type dusknoir!! i love the minty feel to this piece


made this one for cleffa on my computer with a mouse! its a cleffa! she is a star


I DREW THIS IN A CAR!!! i was in the car with cleffa irl and we just visited a river so i was in a summery mood!! i made this for them


i made this one when i was over there too!! its for ynmt, a fairy type skiploom!! hes sleepy


just a little guy. hes silly. i made him after i got sidetracked trying to make a youtube watermark. 150 x 150!!


definitely one of my best pieces yet!! clefairy in space eating a starfruit!! i tried to go for a more lineless look with this one and it definitely paid off!! im also very proud of the background here despite how simple it looks!! a lot better than a single color


definitely one of my more extensive pieces as well. for a very brief amount of time, the room "arts & culture" on pokemon showdown had a name change to "arts & crafts" and when u would look at the popup of a user in said room, it would be shortened to "artscrafts" and i immediately read "art scrafts" so it took me a bit but i managed to make this piece just from that silly little joke!! Scraftionite currently has this piece as their profile picture on discord


made this one for ynmt, ghost type meloetta!! it may have a few inspirations from hatsune miku hehe


made this one for cleffa!! its togetic its so cute and sweet, this lineless piece went a lot better in terms of shading and,, avoiding using lines


MIKU!!!! she is happy crying i was happy crying too before i made that piece

thank u for ur time and huge shoutouts to cleffa for being my biggest inspiration when it comes to art!!​
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