Tournament RUPL VIII - Week 7

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Greedy Glastriers(4) vs (4)The Bebo's back! Barbaracles

SS - PinkDragonTamer vs GoldCat
SS - Maki vs tlenit
SS - Kink vs kythr
SS - Expulso vs Ark
SM - Adaam vs Jaajgko
ORAS - MrAldo vs Garay oak
BW - Meru vs Ninjadog
Bo3 - lighthouses vs TonyFlygon

Mighty Mudsdales(4) vs (4)Xmas Xurkitrees

SS - TheFranklin vs GW
SS - Ramolost vs odr
SS - ProDigeZz vs ojr
SS - Ajna vs EviGaro
SM - Feliburn vs Natan
ORAS - fran17 vs Xiri
BW - Windsong vs DnB
Bo3 - Nat vs mncmt

Dabbing Dadas(4) vs (4)Sleepy Snorlaxes

SS - Lunala vs gorex
SS - SoulWind vs Decem
SS - termi vs Thiago Nunes
SS - umbry vs Askov
SM - Luthier vs Yay
ORAS - Chaitanya vs Star
BW - Aeroblacktyl vs Finchinator
Bo3 - TDK vs Vileman

The Deranged Hustlers(3) vs (5)Noble Noiverns

SS - Skysolo vs Mac3
SS - watashi vs Yaily
SS - McSim vs atomicllamas
SS - rylon vs Serene Grace
SM - Pohjis vs Sensei Axew
ORAS - Kushalos vs Killintime
BW - Raahel vs Lilburr
Bo3 - robjr vs Punny
its so close but u got this OMG
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even tho season is not over for everyone, it is, unfortunately for the xurkitrees. I wanna thank EviGaro for drafting me :D and thanks to odr for looking over my teams when he had the time. also ty to Sensei Axew Expulso Mac3 gorex for testing with me and being one of my best RU buds. Also, shoutouts solonor24 who got me initially on the Godlurk train and listening to my rambling. I honestly didn't expect to even get a single win LOL so this whole season has been a big W for me as a whole :D. one last week xurks lets win a week this season.
Won vs Ark, gg.

Sucks that our season didnt go as we hoped but it happens, thanks to all my teammates for working hard this tour. I've also enjoyed seeing some new ppl do well this tour, good for you guys :) and gl to all the playoff teams!
Finally, PinkDragonTamer is amazing and should 100% be drafted in SCL if he signs up. I'll be genuinely mad if he isnt. My 6-1 king :blobuwu: :blobwizard:


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won vs Ajna, gg

lmao sorry team, idk what to say, we legit loss like three weeks only which isn't bad but man LOL sorry this happened, we were like three wins or so away from playoffs which is just wild. Ty all for playing though, I always get the same team because I trust the people I pick and I know I will like being around you. Special mention to DnB for being an actual bw goat for some reason and ojr (odr jr) for truly trying every week and taking a lot more positive feelings of this than I would have, can't wait to team with you again in the future you'll just be better and better
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