Tournament RUPL WEEK 7

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Forgot about aromatisse being a thing, gg.

Probably my weakest form ever and I apologize to the team for not being able to pull off Ws when it was most needed. Promise I will improve this record next time (I mean, it cant be any worse)

atomicllamas ict Tricking Teddeh The Leprechaun pancake and everyone, thanks for the experience and trusting my builds and advice, it really helps with keeping up the confidence despite the bad situations, and for the commitment to the team as well. Was fun building for tourney seasoned individuals.

See you all next season. Now I have to finish hosting this RU Open and continue contributing to forums, at least Im good at that.
See you all next season. Now I have to finish hosting this RU Open and continue contributing to forums, at least Im good at that.
I know it didn't go your way and everything in terms of record, but going against you was my personal highlight in term of fun, which really is the important thing in team tours, going against people you know. The game was fair, challenging, and partly reconciled me with the current gen and my confidence in how to approach it. Hope we'll be here next year, and I'd be thrilled to be on your side.


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well we just got cheesed out of playoffs by absolute bs, but im still extremely proud of my team and i wanna thank all of you guys personally.

Feliburn my day one. i know you would have liked a better record, but those numbers don't show your true value to the team. you basically took the role of manager when i wasn't around. because of that, i'm really excited to see what you can do in open when you're able to just focus on yourself (pls don't choke in top 16 again, igh thnx).

Natural Talent my other day one. you helped a ton in building for bw and you got wins wherever i put you in the lineup. ik you butted heads with a few people at times, but it's all from your competitiveness. if you're back for good ik you'll be great in whatever you decide to play. welcome back.

EviGaro garo the goat. despite your undefeated record being robbed, you played great in every tier and were a great chat presence. im so glad you were able to prove yourself in this tournament and remember, there's always next year.

Robert Alfons you got your positive record :] it was great to see you improve as a player and builder throughout the tour and ofc we all appreciated your top tier commentary on every situation. it was great having you on the team.

lighthouses despite what your record shows you are good at the game. if you were able to dedicate some more time to mons you'd be winning all your games. alas, you're an old man so i forgive you and your god awful oras teams.

Dundies you got some games robbed from you and that kinda threw you off for most of the tournament. we have very similar attitudes so i can't be the one tell you that you gotta just shake it off, but i'm still just gonna tell you to shake it off. hopefully you get a shot to play in snake tour cuz i know you'll do well.

Rider you are a wild man. you remind me of myself back in 2014 LOL. you're a very capable player and more time playing in tournaments will only make you better. you improved a lot in just these 7 weeks so just keep playing and you'll become very good very quickly.

p2 you weren't around much for the first half of the tournament, but you were awesome to have in the second half. you got us some needed wins in bw and were overall just a cool guy to have around.

We Three Kings it woulda be dope to have you around more, but ik you were busy with world cup. you're obv a great player, but i enjoyed you making fun of diogo's obsession with the awful mon uxie.

Accelgor you weren't around a lot so i can't say too much. i know you were busy with work so i can't blame blame you :]

Cynde kinda died after week one. wish you were around more :[

even though we didn't make playoffs all of you made this a really fun tournament. it was difficult for me to balance prepping for my own games while trying to help everyone else, but if i was asked to manage again i would definitely do so. for a team without many known tour players i think we did well, even though we all know we could have done a lot better. thank you guys for everything, much love.
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That was, disappointing lmao. Happens though, nothing against obii or the Queens in what was a drama-filled week it seems!

Biggest thanks to Ajna obviously, for bidding on me and sniping either Kinglax or Arcanines who are... going to the playoffs. FFS MAN.

Nah kidding, it was a pleasure being on that team, and you really helped find some game in SM RU, even if it was, and I'm paraphrasing you on this, because "wtf man SM is garbage Imma play ORAS lolol". Hopefully we'll have next year and if I get somewhere in NU Open it probably will be because I stole your teams bop dash.

Feliburn, lighthouses, Robert Alfons and Dundies, I knew you before and I was thrilled to be on your team, and that never changed even though we had frustrations this tourney. It happens, and even if Diogo can be a sarcastic bitch, I really respect all of you so.

Natural Talent I knew you a bit, and yeah your combativeness can be... something. But like you cared bop, so I can't hold that against you.

Rider JUST SHUT UP LOL. I like you and I think you can be a great person but just, omg LOL.

p2 and We Three Kings, I knew of you but not much else, and I'm glad that changed a bit. W3K is absolutely hilarious - and good, that helps I guess - and p2 really came through when we had to scramble for BW players, even with no experience in it.

Accelgor, I know you had issues, and man I hold nothing against you. You were great in Discord and I hope things get better, and if we get another shot, let's get it.

Cynde we had some fun early morning talks, I know you were wondering about being picked and I'm sure it wasn't ideal either way, but obviously you have more to offer and I do hope you stick around.

Aaaand I'm out dash.


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DittoCrow VM'd Evan and received no response.
He will receive an activity win.
The other games in Arcanine vs. Flygon are all dead games.
Due to the Queens defeating the Mudsdales by a score of 5-3, both teams are eliminated.
Congratulations to the Avaricious Arcanine and their god-like manager -Tsunami- for somehow getting the 4th playoff spot! His genius decision to give Aurora Veil to both elodin and obii proved to be the difference.
The playoffs will be up soon :)
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