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The time has come. RUWC is back! Time to determine how is the best nation (or group of nations) at RU! Will Europe be able to defend its title? or perhaps a new reigning champion will rise up. We will see! Lets recap what teams were on the past ruwc:

-Europe, US West, Canada + US Central, Asia + The World, LA, France, Germany, US East, UK, and Brazil.

If the tendencies follow the same pattern as previous signups, the same teams shall appear once, but any team willing to take the place of another and what not is always welcomed.

NEW Teams are welcome to join! Think you can get a 11th or even 12th to join? Feel free. 11th team shall challenge france to a direct elimination round in order to gain a spot on the divisions... speaking of which, lets explain the NEW Format:
This tour project was probably the most successful idea that just ended up working here but certainly we needed to go ahead and do some improvements cause while the

SPL format is fair, it drags out by quite a lot of time and for an unofficial that can be very tiresome. So here are some changes of the format.

-Instead of a 9 week regular season, we will be making the tour have 2 divisions (Sun & Moon Division, or Sword and Shield division... next gen hype!) where we are gonna locate all the teams and from these 2 divisions the top 2 teams will advance from each divisions. The duration of this round can be for 4 to 5 weeks to get all the games done.

-Here the top 4 will duke it out on a single elimination to reach the finals for the tournament. The seeds for the 2nd round goes as follows:

*1st of Sun/Sword division vs 2nd of Moon/Shield division
*1st of Moon/Shield division vs 2nd of Sun/Sword division

-This format will allow for more teams if there are any interested challengers in creating another team. If an 11th team shows up we can make a preliminary round where the challenger will have to duke it out against France for a place on one of the divisions. 12 teams means we can make the divisions of 6 instead of 5 teams.

^ Important to point this out, the idea of the tour is to be more inclusive so, fitting 12 teams can be tough but certainly not impossible to provide the fairest experience (WCOP formats arent designed to be fair but cmon now, assembling a team for a not so famous tier and then just losing after a week sucks tbh).

-Point system:

-Wins will count as 2 points, loses 0 points. A more ideal table or statistical tool will be used to keep tracks of the rankings per division.

-The 2 teams per division that have the most points will advance to the semi-finals direct elimination round.

-Tour format:

-SM, SM, SM, SM, ORAS, ORAS, BW, BW. At the very least 11 guys per team to have 3 subs.

Signup format:

How to Join

All you have to do to join is fill in the below format and post in this thread. When signups are close to closing, captains of the various regions will be selected by the hosts. Afterwards, they will be able to select which players they want on their team.

Signups format:

Tiers Played:
Primary Eligibility:
Secondary Eligibility:
Interested in Captaincy?:
Significant Time Missed:

A word on Captaincy

Players are free to indicate that they would be interested in captaining their respective regions. Captains ARE allowed to draft themselves and play. However, we already have a decent idea who might captain each region, so don’t expect to have a high chance of being picked.

And I guess thats it, lets have a fun one and hope this isnt the last iteration of this. This is the first draft of the tournament so expect many mistakes but boy this is gonna be really fun and something different from what a RU player is used to play.

Also, this is STILL a community project. Any opinion that you think could improve the experience is more than welcome.

Have fun!


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Name: bakaren
Tiers Played: every tier at an overwhelmingly high level
Primary Eligibility: central (+canada)
Secondary Eligibility: n/a
Interested in Captaincy?: absolutely not
Significant Time Missed: deleting signup post if central + canada is axed
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