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Some of my art here is done with a mouse, but last year I bought a tablet so I hope to keep improving. :)
My goal is to get into a graphic design school, and in the meantime practice using photoshop and different drawing techniques.
I appreciate critique and tips on drawing because people have a different eye for detail and sometimes I don't see the problem.

Anyways, I take requests, and I can make avatars and banners!


I absolutely adore the Eevee and Venipede. That style really reminds me of Kinneas' art, which is very good as well.

If you could draw a Ledian in that style, I would be very pleased :)
Here's a Ledian for -Charmander-

EDIT: And just finished Altaria actually, instead of sleeping. :P

I hope those are in the styles you guys wanted, I guess I don't really have a particular style yet, so everything is kind of random. ^^;
Thankyou Saeglopur!S/he is simplistically cute and adorable! Keep up the good work. You're better than me (stupid lack of scanner XD I wish I was like Nastyjungle).
Hehe, no way, I think Adobe Illustrator does a lot of the work for me :P
And yeah, I wish I was like Nastyjungle too O.o, his/her style is crazy good! XD

EDIT: Made a picture of me as a trainer with one of my favorite Pokemon. :)

thus far, it seems like your style is determined by the type of pokemon you're drawing. not LITERAL type, like normal/psychic etc, but eevee and meowth are cutemons and arcanine looks more serious and regal. i'm excited to keep up with this thread and see how your style develops! over all, great stuff. :)
This one took me a lot longer than usual, guess I'm trying things out with more layers and stuff, but I don't think I made any progress...except for an excessive amount of pointless layers! XD

EDIT: Added another :)
Hehe, thanks Lamprey ^^ As long as some people like it, it's worth sharing. :)

Here is a Torchic I just finished. Tried out some different brushes and tools and things.

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