Sadness :(

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I miss using Smogon servers :'(

I run Mac Leopard so I can't run Pokémon Online. I've been spending the last few months messing around on other servers that are still up (TeamUber/Pokemonexperte). I play mainly UU but there is no one on the UU ladders on those servers, so I typically just run my UU team in OU to have some fun and see how it fares (pretty well usually).

Well tonight was the lulz. I was playing on Pokemonexperte and I went up against some dude named Martin (who I learned later to be the server administrator >.>) who was a total asshole. When my UU team beat his, he said I was the worst player he'd ever seen and that it was a horrible, boring game (mostly my Chansey walling his whole team XD). I shrugged it off, but then ran into him again.

He spent the whole battle cursing me out and I was literally lol'ing to myself at how seriously this dude was taking Pokemon. I told him so and he threatened to ban me. When my Chansey fell this time (to Struggle, no less - and he said he would enjoy watching it struggle), I found that I in fact had been banned for 30 days XD

Now I can't play Shoddy at all. Smogon, please finish up Pokémon Lab or badger Pokémon Online to put out a damn Mac Leopard update >.>
you can still run the windows version of pokemon online if you use the program WINE

google "Mac leopard wine" and you'll probably find something


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