sakenjane pitiful artwork

Hey guys,

After years reading the smogon forums and never posting anything (since I suck at pokemon and pretty much never have anything useful to add to the conversation, even tho I practice daily) I decided to share some of my artwork. I mostly do acrylic painting, but recently I started adventuring into digital art. Here I'll add some of the pokemon related digital drawings that I make, and I'll update it as often as I draw new ones.

Please feel free to criticize.

Also, if anyone like my art style and would like to use it for any official smogon posts or guides, feel free to request it. I draw every day, and I would gladly do some works for the community.

All the work is done exclusively by me.

Hey guys, I've haven't being drawing that much pokemon lately, but recently I started doing some anime style drawings. Although is not pokemon I'll be sharing these ones from frieren that I made.

The backgrounds ofc are pictures that I photoshoped.
Hope you like it!

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