name: Salamance
move 1: Hydro Pump
move 2: Drago Meteor
move 3: Dragon Pulse
move 4: Fire Blast
item: Choice Specs
nature: Modest
EvS: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd

Why this set deserves to be on-site:
Pis a great sweeper .. especially in the rain can kill many pokemon move thanks to hydropump also be abused in sunny opponent abusing fireblast! also thanks to the ability intimidiate may lower the attack of the enemy pokemon so it can easily fit on Scizor and kill it! this set becomes almost immortal if shellpassato shame about the lack of precision of hydrompump!

Teammates & Counters:
a counter Salamence is hippodown may well be killed with hydropump, Cresselia and Slowbro are a problem .. In fact, this set is recommended in a rain team preferably with the hentry hazard and a nice jolteon who abuses thunder!

:pimp: my first set ;D


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I was hoping to help this guy before the swarm of rejections

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Everything he said. Also, find someone who can help you, english-wise. Translators are fine but if you really want to write an in-depth analysis, you need an actual person to help you with english


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Can't comment much due to using mobile in class, and I can't comment much on the viability of this set. However, to make this check able, please remove fancy colors and make all text plain and black. Additionally, put all your points into bullet points, and add the Quality Control tag to your thread title. You may also want to consider checking your grammar to get ideas across clearly. Thank you.


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So why would I use this over Latios, Hydriegon, heck even Kyurem-B. Lati@s are faster, hit harder, potentially have a better typing and can get past special walls with Psyshock. Both Kyurem-B and Hydriegon are much slower but also hit a fuckton harder (Hydreigon in particular has the option of using a +SpA nature) and having alternate STAB moves in Dark Pulse and Ice Beam aiding in coverage.

Specs Mence was also rejected in thr last Salamence update, so you need to explain why it works now, at the expense of the above pokemon I just listed.



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The only thing I could guess Salamence has over the above listed pokemon is Intimidate and Hydro Pump. This set could also put outrage over Dragon Pulse for some physical coverage as well. There would also be surprise value behind it. While that may not be enough to warrant an analysis, it certainly would be different from other dragons.


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SpecsMence has its advantages over Latios - most notably Intimidate but also the lack of a Pursuit weakness and a key U-turn resistance but most of all he has much safer spamming moves. Fire Blast is fairly safe in most situations whereas Hidden Power Fire is going to result on you getting set up on by 90% of the tier. Surf isn't quite as much of a liability but Hydro Pump is a far safer move to lock yourself into. When I'm using Latios I'm just spamming DM and I'm generally reluctant to use my coverage moves whereas with Mence I can fish for the Steel switch-in while still doing considerable damage to anything else that might try and jump in on that 525 SpA 120BP move.

Specs Latios sucks and has done for most of the generation tbh, you either spam a Dragon attack or gamble with that 70BP attack which even then seldom provides a favourable risk reward scenario...sure you take that risk and it pays off and you nail that Jirachi switch in for 44%~ but then Jirachi just switches out to virtually anything - Salamence can play the same gamble (and it's nowhere near as much of a gamble by the way because much fewer things can switch in on that Fire Blast) and smack the pixie for 73%.

Choice users are all about safe spamming and risk management while preferably offering some team support and defensive utility and you'd be hard pushed to say Latios outclasses Mence at that.
SpecsMence isn't outclassed by Latios, but it's strictly worst for the most part. It's slower and has a SR weakness, which is a serious drawback on a choiced user that's main STAB forcing it out. That U-turn resistance is absolutely worthless since chances are your opponent is going to bring in something that can force Salamence out (not a good thing with a SR weakness) and Intimidate is limited on Specsmence, since you don't want to switch it into just anything (you're limited to just weak special attackers like ninetales and Breloom). The Pursuit neutrality is nothing to brag about; CB Tyranitar is guaranteed to kill you on the way out if SR is out, and Scizor is doing heavy damage.

The reason why we like Specs Latios but hate Specsmence is because Latios still gets rely on his incredible speed stat in addition to its overkill Special Attack to kick ass. Its incredible easy to use as well... like, much, much, much easier to use than Specs Salamence. It's very easy to do excessive damage to most teams by just spamming Specs Draco Meteor alone, and Latios hits more relevant targets because its faster. Specs Latios doesn't need to gamble when Surf is doing obscene damage to most of its checks (Surf is a guaranteed 2HKO on CBtar and Scizor switching in with SR) and that's without rain(Latios isn't even hard countered by Jirachi if Rain is up!!). Specsmence doesn't have any of Latios's luxuries. It doesn't have that amazing speed stat, and it always has to contend with that SR weakness, which guarantees it gets 4 switch ins at most. Salamence is even riskier to use than Latios, since it needs to hits checks with the right coverages or else it just invites a ton of Pokemon to switch in. Even if you do land a solid hit on something like Ferrothorn, there's always something thats going to come in and force you out, and *again* its SR weakness punishes you for that.

When you factor Draco Meteor tends to force SpecsMence out, and that most of the best Pokemon in the tier naturally outspeed it, you realize SpecsMence is getting force out a lot, so it doesn't get to stick around as long as Latios and it can't be used to check some of the best Pokemon in the game like Latios can (Terrakion, Landorus, etc). The worst part about Salamence is that Hydreigon basically outclasses it. There is nothing that Specs Salamence does that Hydreigon doesn't do as well/better. The extra speed it has over Hydreigon is inconsequential, and Specs Mence isn't going to be putting its ability to good use. It's only really advantage over Hydreigon is that it can't be revenge killed by Breloom, but I don't think we should give Specs Salamence a set on that reason alone.


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Yeah, SpecsMence has a couple of perks, but they really aren't enough to either differentiate itself from better Draco Meteor spamming Dragon-types (which is a pretty expansive list), or enough to overcome its faults.


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