Sapphire vs Ruby: NU Style


As a little kid, the second deciding factor (after the box legendary) to deciding what game I was going to buy was the version exclusives. Now, such things don't matter in competitive play. But what if they did? What if you had to choose which Pokemon you get and which ones you don't? Which Pokemon do you think you would be better off without?

Team Sapphire brings Ludicolo, Seviper and Lunatone to the table. Ludicolo is a great Pokemon and considered by some players to be one of the best in the tier. Seviper has great coverage and excellent offensive stats, but possesses middling Speed and defenses. Lunatone has a strong Special Attack and access to Calm Mind and Moonlight. Do the Kyogre Crusaders got what you want?

Or maybe you are going to side with Team Ruby? The Groudon Grapplers got Shiftry, who has great offensive stats, STAB Sucker Punch and access to both Swords Dance and Nasty Plot. Zangoose is a potent physical attacker with Toxic Boost and Swords Dance who can swiftly sweep teams with its high Attack and 90 base Speed. Solrock lacks offensive boosting moves, but makes up for it with Will-O-Wisp and Rock-STAB, which its counterpart lacks.

Dancing pineapple or fan-handed tengu? Snake or mongoose? Moon or sun? Which side would you choose?


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v interesting thread draco.

I would side with Sapphire's mons. Not only because I got Sapphire before Ruby but Ludicolo in general is just a great reason to use that side. It's definitely something to fear in NU and something you need to prepare for or you could very well die to it. Zangoose can do the same but honestly there are other strong normal types that are more applicable to the metagame now - such as Sawsbuck, and Braviary is always amazing. Plus I haven't really used Zangoose as much as the others which I find fit into my teams better, so that wouldn't matter. Everything else I wouldn't really consider. Seviper isn't really anything I'd see use for in my teams, and when it comes to Shiftry I'd prefer using Cacturne or Skuntank simply because I have more experience with them and it'd be no loss really. I've never used Solrock or Lunatone because they haven't interested me sooo they wouldn't affect my decision. The only real decision would be Ludi vs Goose, in which I prefer to use Ludi muuuch more.


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I would have to go with Ruby because of those two huge powerhouses: Zangoose and Shiftry. I remember when I first started playing competitive, I used Shiftry in UU, and it did incredibly well. Pretty much anything with a high physical attack, Swords Dance, and Sucker Punch can be viable, but Shiftry having access to Seed Bomb and Nature Power (EQ) certainly is not hurting anything.

Plus, Zangoose. Man. Ouch. You do not want to mess around with that thing!

The only thing that would make me want to pick Sapphire is Ludicolo. He's such a monster. But I'll take two monsters over just one!

Also, while it doesn't really matter to me, if I had to choose Lunatone or Solrock to be on a team, I would always pick Solrock due to decent attacking prowess and STAB Zen Headbutt and Stone Edge.
Sapphire is my favorite game due to team aqua!
But I prefer Solrock to lunatone, ludicolo to Shiftry and am neutral between seviper and Zangoose... so it is even.
However, due to how Seviper can be used well but is rare, whereas Zangoose is quite common, I will go with Sapphire.
Team Ruby would win because their only win condition is Ludicolo, who has to face two very powerful priority users in Shiftry who has Sucker Punch, and Zangoose who Quick Attack. Seviper can be to a certain extent, a threat, because it can beat Shiftry, but Zangoose is faster and Solrock is still there to save the day (hopefully).
V interesting, never thought of the games in that manner.

I have both versions and Emerald was bought later that year I think. I bought both for the legendaries, as I wanted them both, but I never thought of the game's exclusive pokémon. So this will be more of a "look back at" than a "I remember I bought this because..."

If I'd be playing in competitive games, I would've gone with Sapphire, just because I prefer the beastmon Ludicolo over Shiftry and Zangoose altogether. It can fulfill a lot of functions and roles on a team, with nice base power. It's an all-round poke in the way I use it, although some people might not see it that way. Both Lunatone and Solrock are cool pokémon, but as they both have the same typing. I'd prefer Lunatone as a Sp-defensive dual screener and Solrock as a physical defensive dual screener altogether, as I never use it in battle as an offensive mon. Because I see these two as equals, they don't pull me over to the side of either game.

Although I like Zangoose, I rather use Ludicolo in my team as a pokémon that is certain to fulfill it's role, as Zangoose can be taken care of easily if you're prepared for it. I know, Ludicolo can be countered easily too, so this is more a matter of preference.

I use Seviper almost never. It's not a mon I've been eager to test in a team, as is Shiftry. These two don't matter imo, but this may change if I have tested them in a team or two. But as the facts are right now, they will not change my decision towards these two games.

I will have to choose Sapphire, but as I said before, it's just my view on the pokémon, so feel free to decide differently.
Assuiming Lunatone can get rain up, Team Sapphire's Ludicolo can outspeed and OHKO Team Ruby using it's standard swift Swim set. Although - Double Priority from both Zangoose (After Toxic Boost) and Shiftry has a Chance of taking down Ludi. Seviper can't achieve anything

If Lunatone gets a second turn, it can also set up a Reflect to allow Ludicolo to survive the Priority and win.

Team Ruby was to rely too much on Priority to take down Ludicolo. Saphhire almost pretty much needs Rain Dance up to win (with a little bit of luck)

I'm going to side with Team Sapphire

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