Save the Kingdom of Romos - a Dai no Daibouken Giveaway (finished. Mods, please lock)

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Hello everybody, this is my first Giveaway. The winners will receive one of these two RNG'd Sandile:

#551 - Sandile - Ground/Dark - Nick: Beast King
OT: Peter - ID: 11284 - Version: White - Date: 06/06/2011
Nature: Adamant - Ability: Moxie - Availability: UT Lv. 19
IVs: 31/31/31/14/31/31 - Gender: Male - Location: Relic Castle
Standard RNG Abuse - Ball: Repeat - Semi-Redis

#551 - Sandile - Ground/Dark - Nick: Crocodine
OT: Peter - ID: 11284 - Version: White - Date: 06/06/2011
Nature: Jolly - Ability: Intimidate - Availability: UT Lv. 19
IVs: 31/31/31/14/31/31 - Gender: Male - Location: Relic Castle
Standard RNG Abuse - Ball: Repeat - Semi-Redis

Crocodine, who holds the title of Beast King, was one of the first antagonists of Dai no Daibouken - known as Fly, o Pequeno Guerreiro (Fly, the Little Warrior) in Brazil -, a Dragon Quest based manga who depicts the adventures of the little hero Dai and his friends. After being defeated, Crocodine joins the good guys of the history - in fact, he is my first and oldest reference of The Atoner cliché/trope, even before Vegeta in Dragon Ball.
To receive one of the Sandile, you only need to answer only one of the five correct solutions of one the two questions below. The first who post here your answer to one of them, and his/her answer is correct and different of the ones previously posted will receive the Sandile corresponding to the question replied. This rule means there will be ten winners, five receiving Beast King and the other five receiving Crocodine.

Additionally, you must have a Trade Thread on Smogon to participate this giveaway, with a link posted here or in your signature. Please note both Sandile are semi-redistributable in Smogon only, which means you can have one of them in your own Trade Thread as a non-redistributable Pokémon, however please link this giveaway thread when presenting it.

Obviously, you can only win one of the Sandile, so choose wisely which question you'll answer.

Question 1: Crocodine was one of the six generals of the Demon Army of Lord Vearn, under the command of the former Demon King Hadlar. Who are the other five generals? The legendary hero Avan, who defeated the former Demon King Hadlar, has five disciples. What are their names?

The first five different correct answers will receive Beast King.

Question 2: near the end of the manga, Hadlar received five pieces of chess from Vearn himself, and made five magical powerful warriors with orihalcon (no, it's not orichalcon) bodies from that set: the Shinei Kidan. What are the names of these bodyguards?

The first five different correct answers will receive Crocodine.

I will update this first post as soon as possible when the correct answers become to appear. Good luck and please remember the 48 hours limit to participate.

PS: you can only answer one of the right solutions, from one of the questions. This is written before, but I'm making this rule clear. you know all the answers of Question 1 due a trolling guy. I'll make another question replacing the old Question 1.

EDIT: obviously, the post right above and the two posts right below don't count. Please read the rules, you must have a trade thread on Smogon to participate.

EDIT2: there is a new Question 1, for those who want Beast King. :)
Answering question 1

edit: dammit I got up from my computer to answer the phone while I was on the reply page, and someone beat me to it
Nice giveaway o/
Not entering this one, just here to cheer up a fellow Brazilian :)
Gostei do tema :D
Well, the Giveaway is close to finish (due to the 48-hours rule). For those who participated, thank you. And there still are one Crocodine and two Beast King to distribute, so if you want to receive one of them, don't be afraid of read the rules and post your reply.

I decided to request a trade thread in order to participate in this giveaway, to help me in keep track of the prized Pokémon. I'm sorry for who couldn't join due to this, please don't take it personally.

Again, thanks for everyone who stopped here, even for a little. :)

EDIT: Well, now the time is over. Winners, please VM me to arrange the trades. I will give the Sandile as soon as possible.

Mods, please lock, and thanks for the space.
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