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That nerf to the quartet seems sensible. The two offensive ones were clearly overtuned and they still hit like a truck.

Here's hoping for a Calyrex nerf. That thing is going to be an absolute menace in a meta without Yveltal.

Have we found out what the punching glove does yet?


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I saw someone on 4chan say that some of the stats changed in 1.0.1, and what do you know - they did.
The new legendary quartet all received a 10 BST point reduction, along with various changes to TM moves, Basculin-2's evolution was corrected, and so on.
Can you post more on this please ?
Can anybody legit confirm if the paradox abilities boost from the item boosting energy a 1.5x hidden multiplier or less or more. Also, does the boost remains active even if switched out from field?
They fixed Typhlosion's ability, r-right?
We can only hope :eeveehide: I feel like they gave Typhlosion-H a sub-par HA for balance reasons, at least in VGC format. At base 119 SPA, it's the strongest Eruption user and has a decent speed tier. It can do some crazy damage, especially when Terastalized. And unlike other Eruption users, it has a useful secondary type that gives it immunity to Fake Out and great neutral coverage. Frisk is an okay ability in VGC but pretty useless in singles.
By the way speaking of something less tragic, I wanted to mention that the new mouse-family pokemon is now the only owner of Friend Guard, formerly basically the only reason to use Clefairy in VGC over Clefable.

It has good support movepool too but the BSTs arent... really anything to speak of :\
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I'd love to see this used, but it's basically "we have Cinccino at home".
Does have follow me as well as high speed and some decent utility moves, however the bulk is so abysmal, I struggle to see it making a impact in VGC the same way Clefairy did :\


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I'm not going to put a link to part 2 in the paste this time, since that might have been a factor into why pastebin took it down.

Only TM moves, from the looks of it.
TM moves compatibility ? Or TM moves as a whole, like the fact that a certain move is a TM ?

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