SPOILERS! Scarlet & Violet: The Teal Mask

This offends me. Empoleon is an excellent pokemon already and this is a MASSIVE buff. It turns an interesting tank into just another overtuned stall wall. There are other starters like Meganium that deserve these kind of buffs a lot more.

Also, penguins don't roost. They have rookeries and lay eggs, but they aren't roosting. Because they don't fly, lol.
"overtuned stall wall" :blobshrug:
gallade got something replaced with sharpness this gen but i forget what it was
Actually, it's always had only Steadfast as a non-hidden ability before SV. Some Steadfast Gallade moved in from previous games will acquire Sharpness in SV if they internally are Gallade with the second ability slot (which stays as Steadfast in those other games).
Chimchar's moveset:
Fury Swipes
Flame Wheel
Nasty Plot
Fire Spin
Slack Off

Aka same as in BDSP, minus Power Up Punch.
Monferno gets Mach Punch on evolution, Close Combat & Flare Blitz. Also like BDSP
Infernape learns Close Combat on evolution. Checking its move reminder moves it has Raging Fury & Calm Mind as well

Incidentally Nasty Plot remains exclusive to Chimchar, evel up wise. Doesnt get kept in the memory if you replace it. Not htat hts new

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