Scavengers Ladder Cycles

Hosted the Survivor Odyssey at May 29th, 8:00 P.M. EDT (12 A.M. GMT).

Thanks to aQrator and Devoxys for QC'ing.

1st place: skybounds
2nd place: BubidaJeffery!
3rd place: tidal otter
4th place: UGO Smurf Account
5th place: Chris ☭ tmas
Consolation Prize: PikachuSean ^~^, The✦Aura˙͜˙, 111ace111, NewsDan, Andrew-Nick, Annaoceancat

These Pokémon are found in Survivor’s roomintro. (Alphabetical order) | azelf, electrode
This is the newest added (official) universal theme modification. | archery
This Survivor event has been expanded to all seven PS! game rooms for this year’s UGO. | auth hunt
This user interviewed Soccer in one of Survivor’s most gripping and revealing interviews to date. | swirlyder
This Survivor event involves a new adventure every day. | days of the week
In Super Survivor Bros Tour, this role has the shortest effect (number of characters). | penquin
This challenging event is the only Survivor event to have 3 co-creators recognized. | achievements
Your esteemed host (pokemonvortex) placed in the Top 10 during this cycle while not on an alt. | cycle 35; 35; april 2022; april 22
This user was the first to ever win a Daily Deathmatch monthly leaderboard. | victoriqueflake
These theme modifications must be used in tandem with another theme modification. (Alphabetical order) | berserk, sturdy, triple threat
This Survivor staff member is known for their anime club, the members of which can be found by sending their custom command to Sir Vivor in PMs. | Paradise
This contest allows users to create and submit theme ideas in hopes of making them official Survivor themes. | nbt; next big theme
These NBT winning themes do not have dedicated theme pages on the Survivor website. (Alphabetical order) | eclipse survivor, holiday survivor, horse
In an interview, Guishark named two now “removed” themes as some of his favorites. Recently, one of those themes became attackable in this theme. | risk
This is the largest point total a user has scored in a single Survivor leaderboard cycle. | 802
A ghost with sunglasses can be found on this page of the Survivor website. | dd statistics
On one of the Survivor website pages, this user has an image celebrating their graduation. | shadecession; shade
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Hosted my Twisted Point Rally at 10 PM EST 5/30
QCs by deftinwolf and PartMan
Results were
1 skybounds 235
2 yeet dab xd 212
3 111ace111 162
4 PikachuSean ^~^ 147
5 Teutonic✠Squire! 120
6 Menace02 117
7 AndrewThePenguin 104
8 p^_^okemonvortex. 70
8 WarriorGallade 70
10 NewsDan 60
10 aegii 60
12 Grassy_storm!!~~ 40
13 BubidaJeffery! 10

sorry about my computer dying halfway through, guess 200 tabs is too many

1st place: skybounds [03:51].
2nd place: 111ace111 [05:55].
3rd place: Menace02 [08:03].
Consolation Prize: yeet dab xd [09:07], NewsDan [11:12], PikachuSean ^~^ [13:19], AndrewThePenguin [16:20], p^_^okemonvortex. [16:40], aegii [17:29]

1) A paper on this pokemon's evolution was responsible for Japan being on the forefront of studying Pokemon. [Pikachu]
2) Persian had a TCG card printed that erroneously states that it evolves from this pokemon instead of Meowth. [Mankey]
3) The back cover of Pokemon Platinum shows the player on a Piplup ride. The rarest version of this room has this pokemon as the only ride. [Mew]

Theme was Glossy TCG cards

1st place: skybounds [04:14].
2nd place: PikachuSean ^~^ [04:43].
3rd place: AndrewThePenguin [05:36].
Consolation Prize: aegii [06:01], p^_^okemonvortex. [06:10], Menace02 [06:21], 111ace111 [07:55], NewsDan [09:12], Teutonic✠Squire! [12:14], yeet dab xd [13:17], WarriorGallade [14:59], BubidaJeffery! [17:34]

1) The most viewed video on the Japanese Pokemon Youtube channel had a physical release featuring this other song on it. [Gravity]
2) These song's music videos were released as part of Project Piplup (alphabetical order) [It'll be fine, Piplup Step]
3) To Promote Pokemon X and Y the English Pokemon Youtube channel uploaded this song, which included a link to a website with a grand prize drawing of a Nintendo 3DS Handheld Video Game System. OR This is the Pokemon Showdown username of the creator of the English logo for Pokemon Hisuian Snow [Catchatronic / Zracknel]

1st place: yeet dab xd [08:32].
2nd place: Teutonic✠Squire! [08:34].
3rd place: AndrewThePenguin [08:46].
Consolation Prize: skybounds [10:52], Grassy_storm!!~~ [11:08], PikachuSean ^~^ [11:11], 111ace111 [12:16]

1) In Pokemon Legends Arceus this move has a different animation depending on the form of the pokemon using it. Curiously, if the pokemon that uses it is shiny it can not work. [Shadow Force]
2) This item's only appearance in the main series anime in the dub it was referred to as the literal translation of its Japanese name. [Rare Candy]
3) The bulbapedia page for this TCG deck archetype was created by the creator of the archetype. [Mercury]
yeet dab xd, skybounds, and 111ace111 have completed the hunt without a single wrong answer!

1) This was the base cost of the 6 Krispy Kreme Pokemon donut 6 glazed donut pack in AUS [29.95]
2) This pokemon was the most caught pokemon during the campaign to raise funding for cancer research by streaming catching 1 Million pokemon. [Bidoof]
3) As revealed in the first chapter of the Pokemon Unite manga, these two pokemon are the ones that led Professor Phorus to discovering Aeos energy (alpha) [Beldum, Scorbunny]
4) This is the name of the bird that won 1st in the clever category of the Pokemon Super Pet Contest (You may choose to skip this question using /scavenge skip.) [Fish]
skybounds, 111ace111, PikachuSean ^~^, yeet dab xd, NewsDan, aegii, p^_^okemonvortex., Menace02, Teutonic✠Squire!, WarriorGallade, AndrewThePenguin, and Grassy_storm!!~~ have completed the hunt without skipping the last question!

1st place: yeet dab xd [06:11].
2nd place: skybounds [06:54].
3rd place: 111ace111 [07:04].
Consolation Prize: Teutonic✠Squire! [09:29], p^_^okemonvortex. [10:04], PikachuSean ^~^ [10:58], AndrewThePenguin [12:58]

1) This pokemon is the only one with access to the move breathtaking! [Rotom]
2) This will be the message after You encountered a wild (encountered pokemon)! If I sent out this rotom [Go! Rotom the living legend]
3) Similarly, this trainer has a sync move that contains the name of a title earned by obtaining a ribbon introduced in generation V (exclude the from the title) [May]

1st place: Menace02 [02:43].
2nd place: WarriorGallade [03:22].
3rd place: yeet dab xd [04:58].
Consolation Prize: Teutonic✠Squire! [05:23], PikachuSean ^~^ [05:40]

1) This region's name is based on a Greek word. [Kalos]
2) This eeveelution has been the one to debut the most different moves in the anime. [Sylveon]
3) Name a gym leader that does not have any pokemon with a held item when fought in the fighting dojo. [Blaine / Jasmine]
Hosted a Blind Incognito at May 31st, 8:00 P.M. EDT (12:00 A.M. GMT).

Thanks to aQrator and turtalkatthing for QC'ing.

1st place: skybounds
2nd place: aegii
3rd place: Devoxys
4th place: Chris ☭ tmas
5th place: yeet dab xd

This location in Learn with Pokémon: Typing Adventure involves matching Pokémon to their cry.|caps lock museum
In the Japanese release of Learn with Pokémon: Typing Adventure, these base form Pokémon can be accessed with keys whose names directly reference the "type" of location they appear in. (Alphabetical)|Rotom Victini
In Learn with Pokémon: Typing Adventure, these Pokémon have sprites in the data, but do not show up in normal gameplay (in any version). (Alphabetical)|stantler staravia surskit
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It's time for some fun in the sun! May's over, and UGO's in full swing!

Congrats to yeet dab xd for first with 199 points, Teutonic✠Squire! for second with 194 points, and skybounds for third with 193 points. A close race.

1yeet dab xd199
5PikachuSean ^~^176
6UGO Smurf Account156
7Chris ☭ tmas148
13hu tao sweat89
14tidal otter82
21gallant's pear40
25acluous ◐_◑31
30Soft Flex24
33toxic boosted18
37dot Comfey14
37t Km Of 11 209 )14
41mighty ✘ cannon13
41Purple Gummi13
51snail's house fan9
55Qui-Gon the Flygon8
55Food Friends8
63Alex Sly7
63Lazurite Monique7
69Dasocks (^~^)☂6
69Carnelian M6
69Tapler ❀6
76Magic ☭ Communist5
76catboy incineroar5
76Pichu Flying5
76Poor Melia5
76Princess Mila5
88Maria Nearl4
88Lucas Ranger (4
102master oden ☾3
102larseid 勇3
102tl the legend3
126Death of Mimikyu1
126chunko! ツ1
126Raheem Foden1
126Hood Astrologist1
126Dorron ☆1
126Draziel Euphore1
126Ethereal Sword ♪1
126ShinyTurtlez ツ1
126Praise Bid o3o f1
126Mafia's Satan1

Our twist is still Creator's Choice for the remainder of UGO.

Also, congrats to Teutonic✠Squire for Room Driver as well!
Hosted the Scavengers x Battle Dome Collab Odyssey with PartMan and esteemed BD RO Taistelu on Thursday, June 2 at 19:00 GMT +3. Thanks to the QC'ers PartMan and Tapler.

Official Hunt Results:

The official scavenger hunt by PartMan, OHKOff⁇, and Taistelu♪ was ended automatically.
1st place: Mana Hive [01:08:59].
2nd place: Purple Gummi [01:26:00].
3rd place: Mystiphox [01:26:06].
4th place: Teutonic✠Squire [02:09:06].
5th place: tobey62 [02:15:06].
Consolation Prize: Mafia's Satan [02:19:15], 111ace111 [02:20:39], excited raichu [03:15:39], SilverKnight34 [03:16:53], 4-mat [04:29:13]

1) (We suggest you type /viewhunt if you are stuck at any point during this odyssey.) This is the name of Battle Dome's room bot. [Ice Kyubs / Helpful Ice Kyubs commands: (%rf changelog, %rf home, %rf glossary, %htp)]
2) This gem has the lowest odds of appearing after a game. [Diamond]
3) This is the only item with a damaging roll and an accuracy roll. [Water Spear]
4) Name the latest weapon that was added to Battle Dome, then name the old weapon it replaced, and then name the older weapon replaced by the second weapon. [Shillelagh, Crozier, Stave]
5) In alphabetical order, name the tiles that may reduce damage taken when stood on. [Forest, Water]
6) This is the latest non-PvE map that has been reworked. [hiddenlake]
7) A certain move's name references a real-life European peninsula. Name the move first, then the class or weapon it belongs to. [Iberian Steel, Gladius]
8) This pre-4.0 monster is reappearing in a UGO raid. [Shadow Cultists / Shadow Cultist]
9) In alphabetical order, name the maps that are the latest two non-PvE maps added to Battle Dome. [datdoiboimap, mystishaven]
10) A certain weapon has a passive that allows it to use two standards per turn. Name the weapon first, then name the passive. [Claws, Animal Instinct]
11) Alphabetically list every weapon that only have 10 Standards - 1 for each level - and no other abilities. [Longbow, Tarot Cards]
12) Players may encounter a Knight, an Arcanist, an Archer, and a Dancer on this map. [Village Square]
13) List every deleted 4.3 item that shared its name with a Pokémon item or a Pokémon type, in alphabetical order. [Focus Band, Life Orb, Rock]
14) List the numbers that are the lowest and highest possible max HP stats a player can have at the start of a game (excluding Juggernaut/PvE), in ascending order. [75, 195]
15) In "How To Play Battle Dome" (not the Google Docs version), a certain weapon is described with a swear word. Alphabetically list every Twice/EoT move on this weapon's arsenal. [Squall Volley, Tranquil Technique, Turtle Shot]
16) A certain weapon got an ATK buff (without a MAG buff) in 4.3 despite being primarily a Magical weapon. Alphabetically list every Twice/EoT move this weapon has in its arsenal. [Action and Reaction, Angular Momentum, Mass Hysteria]
17) Let X be the current number of non-monster abilities in Battle Dome (including items) that share their names with main series (NatDex) Pokémon moves. Name X, and then list every item that costs X gems to craft - the second part in alphabetical order. [twenty-four, Self-Destruct Button / 24, Self-Destruct Button]
18) Complete the name of this 4.2 item: "Contract of the..." [Sword / Shield]
19) Two certain monster abilities in the "Queen of Puppets" PvE encounter, when used one after the other, cause the target to take damage every turn. List these moves in the order required to achieve said effect. [Blade of Woe, Corrupted Vision]
20) A certain move's spelling changed between versions 4.2 and 4.3. List both of those spellings of the move in alphabetical order. [Energise, Energize]
21) List the tiles that are exclusive to Battle Dome's yearly Holidome event, in alphabetical order. Recolors of regular tiles that have no functional differences don't count. [Glacier, Snow]
22) Alphabetically list every weapon that has at least one Passive at a higher level than 1. [Athame, Axe, Claws, Shortbow, Wand]
23) Name the date of the first changelog entries, then the move at the bottom of those entries. Answer with the date format of YYYY/MM/DD. [2016 11 12 Stacked Deck]

Q1: Enter the BD room.
Q2: %rf home -> go to "Items" page -> Gems are listed there. Alternatively, do "/rfaq" in the BD room.
Q3: acc roll = miss rate (roughly). Damage roll is obvious.
Q4: %rf changelog -> 4.3 Changelog has all the info you need.
Q5: %rf glossary -> 4.3 Glossary
Q6: 4.3 Changelog has an entry on hiddenlake.
Q7: -> Iber -> Iberian Steel (found on 4.3 Home Page) -> Gladius
Q8: Type "/events" in BD UGO room.
Q9: 4.3 Changelog has all the info you need.
Q10: 4.3 Home Page -> Fighter -> Answer
Q11: 4.3 Home Page has all the info you need.
Q12: 4.3 Home Page -> 4.3 Monsters -> notice that the maps are written as titles on every monster -> Adventurers Page -> Village Square
Q13: 4.3 Changelog has all the info you need.
Q14: Level 1/1 Rifter Shortbow with Ruby Amulet has 75 max HP. Level 10/10 Guardian Tonfa with Onyx-Studded Chainmail + Onyx Bangle + Quartz Bangle has 195 HP.
Q15: %htp -> How Do I Play? (Longbow mentions bullshit) -> 4.3 Home Page
Q16: 4.3 Changelog -> Pendulum gained +1 ATK +4 PD +1 MD when reworked -> 4.3 Home Page
Q17: 21 weapon abilities: Block, Close Combat, Cosmic Power, Counter, Feint, Fissure, Foresight, Fury Swipes, Future Sight, Lunge, Moonblast, Nature's Madness, Purify, Revenge, Sandstorm, Searing Shot, Sharpen, Spirit Break, Spirit Shackle, Torment, Whirlwind
2 class abilities: Encore, Mist
1 item ability: First Impression
X = 24 -> Self Destruct Button costs 12 Pearl and 12 Onyx.
Q18: 4.3 Home Page -> BETA -> 4.2 Home Page -> 4.2 Items has all the info you need
Q19: ask Taistelu, idk
Q20: 4.3 Home Page + 4.2 Home Page. Note that since this change was between versions, it wasn't recorded on either Changelog.
Q21: 4.3 Changelog -> %rf holidome -> Holidome sheet
Q22: 4.3 Home Page
Athame has Black Magic, Axe has Vindictive, Claws has Animal Instinct, Shortbow has Salvo, Wand has Mana Cycle.
Q23: 4.3 Changelog -> scroll all the way down -> 4.2 Changelog -> scroll all the way down -> realize there as no changelog before 4.2
UGO Puzzle Weekend Logo.png

Original art by awa!

Welcome to the Scavenger Room's upcoming UGO Event – the Puzzle Weekend! Taking place from June 4th to 6th, this event will feature several puzzles, similar to those found in the MIT Mystery Hunt or Smogon Puzzle Hunt! Participate in teams of 5 to be the first team to complete the final metapuzzle and win the competition! Huge UGO Points are on the line for the winning team!

Event Structure
The event comes in the form of a puzzle hunt, where teams compete to solve puzzles. The hunt consists of six puzzles, five of which are stand-alone and can be solved without input from any of the other puzzles. The last puzzle is a metapuzzle, meaning it will take input from the solutions of the other five puzzles, so be prepared! This event is targeted at beginner solvers and as such will feature fairly straightforward puzzles.

The puzzle hunt will kick off with the puzzles being released at 1600 UTC on Saturday, June 4th, 2022. It will run for 48 hours and conclude at 1600 UTC on Monday, June 6th, 2022. Alternatively, here is a countdown timer so you can track the event time more easily.

After 24 hours have elapsed, every team will receive 2 hints, these hints will be either a nudge towards the correct direction or correcting a mistake you've made!

Prizes for this event will be awarded in the form of points toward the currently ongoing Ultimate Gaming Olympics 2 (UGO2).

UGO points will be awarded (per member) as follows:
  • 20 points for each regular puzzle solved
  • 50 points for solving the metapuzzle
  • +150 point bonus for the winning team
  • +120 point bonus for the 2nd place team
  • +90 point bonus for the 3rd place team
  • +60 point bonus for the 4th place team
  • +30 point bonus for the 5th place team
This means that the maximum number of points is 300! What are you waiting for? Grab 4 of your friends and attend the event!

The Puzzle Weekend itself will take place in the discord server here.
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Hosted the Mafia Scavenger room collab along with Gary The Savage , June 4th 22:00 UTC

Thanks LittEleven and pokemonvortex for QC and NewsDan for some of the questions

Results from hosting the event

1st place: Alexander489 [25:00].
2nd place: UGO Smurf Account [01:25:37].
3rd place: Dasocks (^~^)☂ [01:27:00].
4th place: BubidaJeffery! [01:49:09].
5th place: Lunarmob [02:05:51].

1. In the Mafia room, Monks are confirmed not to be members of this faction | Werewolves ; werewolf

2. These roles on Mafiascum are the only ones that start with their letter | Quitter, X-Result, Zombie lord

3. According to /rfaq, this is what Vanilla builds | character

4. Of the themes that are purely 14 players (no more, no less in any game), this one is ranked with a "hard" hosting difficulty by mafia staff | switch

5. This role modifier is the opposite of the Weak modifier | Vain

6. These commonly used abbreviations found on Mafiascum are also aliases for certain moves in /dt (alphabetical order) | cc se sr Tr

7. In terms of natural action resolution, this is the 3rd action on the order list, if the Golden Rule breaks down | bus drive

8. Under Mafia FAQs, there are links to 3 pokemon. Of those, this is the pokemon with the most type resistances (PS! format) | keldeo-resolute

9. In the Making Reads Playstyle Guide, these 5 themes are mentioned individually and not as part of a role (alpha) | Classic, Greatest Idea, Lighthouse, Mod.exe Snaq's Idea ; Classic, Greatest Idea, Lighthouse, Modified execution, Snaq's Idea

10. Instead of this mafia term, TheASC calls this a "sudden and unexpected slight alterations to the theme" in a specific quote | hosterror

11. Mafia Mason, Werewolf Lover, and any scum-aligned version of this role are banned in GESTI (greatest idea) | Innocent child

12. In this large, semi-open theme, there is a draft and a bidding system that allow players to potentially choose a power role | pick your power ; pyp ; pyp redux

13. This theme is named after a game theory term and/or movie trope that involves a situation with three involved parties, where none has an effective path to victory | Mexican standoff

14. If a host can lie to players during this game, it's considered this type of theme | bastard

15. This term, named after a food, means town that doesn't do anything else to help town. There's also a guide for it. | potato

16. Speaking of which, in that guide, what is the population of potato town? | You

17. In a staff interview, both current ROs mentioned this role when asked about their favorite role | Role blocker

18. This role allows the host to tell you their thoughts on a players role in a numerical scale at night, when you prompt the host with a player | Power Cop

19. Similar to modified execution, this theme uses a different scum faction with similar mechanics and can be played at 7 & 11-20 players | Cultified Execution

20. Which Mafia role on PS! has the folllowing description: "Target’s action only works on non-Town players for the night" | Sage

21. In this vanilla theme the voted player decides who gets the nightkill | Last Will ; Last Will Mafia

22. This logical fallacy can be invoked to refute a role claim on the basis of nontypical behavior. | No true Scotsman

q5. wording was a little vague in hindsight but vain is just weak but targeting town kills the player which is the opposite effect of weak


q9. This was just a comprehension question guys :I

q17. rfaqs in the mafia room linked to the old website which does not have the interviews with the current ROs

Everything else was basically in rfaqs or on mafiascum in some form

Thanks for participating
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Hosted the Board Games Odyssey collab by Partshaymin and me on Thursday, June 9th, 2022 at 5:00 PM UTC+0

Thanks to aQrator and Tapler for the QCs.

1st Place: hu tao sweat [04:31:10]
2nd Place: acluous [04:50:19]
3rd Place: BubidaJeffery! [05:51:33]
4th Place: TheAura [06:01:21]

1) (Monopoly) Alphabetically list all Monopoly properties that are part of a set of two properties, not three. (Use the US variant) Baltic avenue, boardwalk, mediterranean avenue, park place
2) (Kalah / Mancala) How many seeds does a classic mancala game start with? (Write your answer in words) fOrty eight
3) (Splendor) In Splendor, the price to purchase a certain card worth 5 prestige points is three emerald and how many of what gemstone? (Format [Number in words] [Singular name of gemstone] e.g. "Three Emerald") seven sapphiRe
4) (Othello) The shortest possible Othello match (without forfeiting) would require this many moves (answer in words). ninE
5) (Scotland Yard) This station is missing from the Milton Bradley version of Scotland Yard (answer in words). one hunDred eight / one hundred and eight / hundred eight
6) (PokéScrabble) Of all the tiles that appears a unique number of times in the standard 100 tile bag of English scrabble, this tile appears the fewest times. G
7) (Chess) Alphabetically list the names of all moves that could be played on one chessboard but not another, despite the board layouts being identical. cAstle, en passant / castling, en passant
8) (Settlers of Catan) Playing this development card in Settlers of Catan can gain you up to 19 resources. Monopoly
9) (Chain Reaction) This is the highest possible number that can be in a cell during a game of Chain Reaction, in words (the Chain Reaction played in Board Games, not the word game). sEven
10) (Connect Four) In a game of Connect Four with absolute optimal play by both sides, the game ends with this many discs on the board. foRty one
11) Meta! Use /viewhunt to look at past answers. What does this odyssey make you feel like? BORED GAMER
12) Well, enough of being a BORED GAMER, time to be a real BOARD GAMER! (Chess) List the moves that will be played, assuming optimal play from both sides and Black to play first in this game. Use standard chess move notation. Rg1+ Rxg1 Nxf2#
13) (Connect Four) In playing order, list the columns of the subsequent moves in this game. Assume optimal play from both sides. 6,7,4 / 6,4,7
14) (Kalah / Mancala) In a game of American mancala, assuming your opponent plays perfectly, what moves should you play this turn (in order) to guarantee a win? Current board state 3, 6, 4, 6, 5
15) (Othello) List the remaining moves of this game, assuming optimal play from both sides. Move formatting g1 h1 g2 - d1 / g1 h1 g2 PASS d1
16) (Monopoly) Let's go through the 'shortest' game of Monopoly with a forced win. Alphabetically list the places where the loser ends up paying money. Boardwalk, Income Tax
17) (Chain Reaction) Oh no! SaltiestCactus43 is bullying you in a game of Chain Reaction, and you're playing as red! After you explode your corner cell, what are the players' sums? (Answer in the order of red, yellow, green, blue, purple.) Eg: currently, the sums are [1, 22, 12, 34, 21] [90, 0, 1, 0, 0] / [90, 1]
18) (PokéScrabble) What Pokéword should you play on this board to score the maximum amount of points? UTILITYUMBRELLA
19) (Scotland Yard) You're playing a game of Scotland Yard! You're currently on the fifteenth turn (the tickets played by Mr X can be found here, and their position reveals were at 34, 69, and 22. You move your detective to 48, and voíla! Mr X is caught. Given that the thief did not double back on any paths and assuming they started at the 'highest' possible station, find the starting position of Mr X, as well as the cheapest alternatives for each of the Black tickets. 112, Bus, Taxi, Taxi, Taxi
20) (Settlers of Catan) Guarantee a win this turn, assuming you have 0 development cards. Current board (Format "[Structure] [Location]" in order. For roads, format "Road [First location]-[Second location]" with the locations in alphabetical order. E.g. "Settlement A1, Road D4-E3, City D4") Road F2-F3, Settlement F2, Road F1-F2
21) (Splendor) This question uses the normal rules of 2-player splendor without Joker tokens. Assuming your opponent passes every turn and no new cards are revealed once you purchase a card, what is the minimum number of total tokens you have to spend to collect enough points to win on this board? Image link (Format "[#] Emerald, [#] Sapphire, [#] Ruby, [#] Diamond, [#] Onyx" where each "[#]" is the number of tokens of that gemstone spent.) 9 Emerald, 10 Sapphire, 8 Ruby, 4 Diamond, 11 Onyx
22) The real meta! This meta uses questions 12-21 (not the answers!), use /viewhunt to see them again. WELL PLAYED

Each image is a specific object/asset of one of the board games. If you view the image tied to that board game, you can see that the object clues a letter. In most cases, the object traces out a letter (such as green roads in Catan tracing out a W).

For Scrabble, it's simply the letter on the dark blue bonus tile.
For Scotland Yard, it's the path traced out by the Black tickets.
For Monopoly, it's the layout of the 2 sets on a standard monopoly board.
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Have a good day!
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After lasting 3 days in Treasure Town, Tori's Nuzlocke sTori part 1 has finally been concluded. It used the 'mystery odyssey' twist, but unfortunately no one guessed the correct length of 31 questions.

We did, however, have 5 finishers! Big props to all of you for completing this odyssey, and good luck tomorrow on part 2. Hope you kept your notes :)

In first place we have Yeet dab xd after 2 hours, 41 minutes and 25 seconds (.. + 3 hours and 7ish minutes)
In second place we have BubidaJeffery with 3 hours, 14 minutes and 27 seconds. (again, + 3 hours and 7ish minutes)
In third place is TheAura with a finish time of 8 hours, 32 minutes and 52 seconds.
In fourth place we have Menace02 with a total of 9 hours, 24 minutes and 21 seconds.
Finally, WarriorGallade finished after 1 day, 10 hours, 18 minutes and 7 seconds.

The full hunt can be found in this spoiler tag. After part 2, I'll also be providing a Google Doc with the entire two part hunt:

1) Hello everyone and welcome to Tori's Nuzlocke sTori! In this odyssey, I'll be playing through Pokémon White 2 as Tori, asking questions along the way. I'll also be playing with Hardcore Nuzlocke rules! I can only catch 1 Pokémon per location, whenever a Pokémon faints, it cannot be used ever again, and every Pokémon must be nicknamed. The nuzlocke is won when the champion is defeated. In chronological order, this is the first location where Tori cannot get an encounter during this Nuzlocke. [Floccesy Town]
2) This isn't all though, there are a few more rules that makes this nuzlocke "hardcore". Notably, no items may be used during battle (except poke balls), set mode is used, and Pokémon may not level past the highest leveled Pokémon of the next gym leader or Champion. If they do, they cannot be used from the moment the battle ends until the level cap increases (with the exception of the Elite Four). Whenever I come across a Pokémon in the same evolutionary line as a Pokémon I have already obtained, I can reroll the encounter in that location. I also won't use legendaries, and losing my entire team means I lost the run. As a result of all these rules, this non-legendary Pokémon cannot be used during this Nuzlocke, regardless of encounters. [Hydreigon]
3) With the rules out of the way, let's begin our journey in Aspertia city, just a few days after the previous loss. Petals flow through the wind and descend upon a house, where a character with this former profession lives with her daughter. [Receptionist / Pokémon center receptionist / Pokemon center receptionist]
4) "Oh, hi Audrey! It's been far too long! What can I do for you?" Tori's mother had gotten a call, inviting Tori on a journey. Her starter would be waiting for her by a girl with a big, green hat. Upon hearing the news, Tori excitedly heads out. Outside, she meets her friend Scavs and his little sister. Scavs joins Tori to find the green hatted girl. Before she leaves, her mother reminds her she can customize her trainer card. Tori inspects it. 25488, time 00:00, nature.. hardy? Well that’s not right. She knows she had a different nature before. What was it? [Sassy]
5) Tori meets Bianca and receives her starter: an Oshawott that she names Offler. She and Scavs also receive a pokedex, before battling each other. Scavs sends out his Snivy. Despite the level disadvantage, Tori manages to defeat Scavs and start her journey, catching a Level 4 Purrloin named RossW on route 19, and a Level 3 Patrat named LMB on route 20, training them all up to outlevel Scavs’ Snivy as found on Floccesy farm by 1. Alphabetically list the moves the three Pokémon learned due to their training. [Assist, Bide, Bite, Sand Attack, Water Gun]
6) On Floccesy Ranch, a very important catch was waiting for Tori, as it would make a massive difference between an easy and a difficult fight against Cheren and, to a lesser extent, Roxie: Riolu. Tori could even double her chances of getting a Riolu. Unfortunately, a Lillipup was caught instead, which was named Soft Flex. What item did Tori need in order to improve these odds? List all three options alphabetically. [Max Repel, Repel, Super Repel]
7) Tori’s fight with Scavs went off without a hitch, she saved the Herdier from Team Plasma, trained Alder’s proteges, and got a medal box from some stranger. Once inside the Pokémon Center, he hands out five different medals: Light Walker, Battle Learner, Dowsing Beginner, Smart Shopper and Pokémon Center Fan. Which items can you guarantee have been in Tori’s Bag at some point in order to obtain these medals? List alphabetically. [Poke ball, Premier Ball]
8) It is time to battle the first Gym Leader: Cheren. Using the Oran Berries she got from Alder and training her pokemon on the gym trainers to match Cheren’s strongest Pokémon and just barely stay at that level, she starts the fight. After defeating the Patrat, Tori’s lead Pokémon levels up and learns a new move, switching it out for Tackle. In order, list the Pokémon and the move. Use a Pokémon’s nickname for any of Tori’s Pokémon from this point forward. [Soft Flex, Take Down]
9) After a Lillipup battle won by Soft Flex and Offler taking down a Pidove, Tori walks out with her first badge in hand. She gets her third TM from Bianca after walking outside. She also gets a C-gear but she is unable to turn it on for some reason. She then runs to Virbank City, not stopping until she gets there. Before doing so, however, she has to at least battle these species of Pokémon. List alphabetically. [Lillipup, Riolu, Sunkern]
10) Virbank Complex, just south of the city, is home to many new and some changing faces, including a one-eyed newcomer called TheAura. An item found in the complex also allows for a theoretically infinite amount of a few items thanks to these wild Pokémon in that location. List alphabetically. [Audino, Growlithe, Koffing, Magnemite]
11) TheAura made short work of Roxie, alongside newly evolved teammates Offler and Soft Flex, netting Tori the Toxic badge, increasing the level cap. After another scuffle with Team Plasma, it is time to head to the mainland. Upon arrival, Tori receives a bicycle from a Harlequin. She hops on and cycles around a bit, talking to various cityfolk, such as a salesman, a dancer and an artist. On top of that, the music changes, as it would almost everywhere else. However, When Tori visits a certain location with battleable trainers, this does not happen. What location is this? [Village Bridge]
12) Tori walks past the gym while inspecting the various, only to find the gym guide posted outside, because Burgh is wandering somewhere else. After a brief interaction with Iris, Tori goes to the sewers to find Scavs and to catch a Rattata called PartMan. As everyone else was at max level for the Roxie fight and has since leveled up, this allows using Repel tricks once again. Specifically, using it can guarantee obtaining this Pokémon before the next gym, without encountering a second Pokémon alongside it. [Eevee]
13) Tori then joins up with Scavs to roam the sewers, and enters another wild battle with PartMan in the front. Paralyzed and down 20 health, Tori makes sure to switch it out immediately.. only for the wild Rattata to Pursuit it, killing PartMan. Offler makes quick work of the Rattata, but the damage is done. Tori walks back to the Pokémon center, lays PartMan to rest, walks back home and takes a long break from battling. When she returns and heads back straight to Castelia, she hears some violins along the way, soothing her mind and readying her for battle. Back in the sewers, she quickly disposes of these two Pokémon before she can head into the Relic Passage. List alphabetically. [Sandile Scraggy]
14) After a brief interaction with a scientist named Colress, Tori starts preparing for her match with Burgh and catches three new Pokémon: ILRB the Drilbur, Clouds the Eevee and pants the Sandile. She also made a trip to all past locations, picking up leftover items. Tori can grab these items now that she couldn’t before her break. List alphabetically. [Poke ball, Potion]
15) Soft Flex’s Intimidate showed massive utility in this fight, neutralizing most threats on Burgh’s team. Combined with TheAura’s resistances and one other Pokémon, the fight is quick to end and Tori earns her third badge. Said Pokémon of Tori managed to heal after dealing damage, while not being hit super effectively in return. In order, list the Pokémon and the move that caused this. [Clouds, Covet]
16) At the southern end of route 4, Colress is waiting for Tori. He shows her a machine to move the Pokémon blocking the road and then asks her to battle him. ILRB makes quick work of his Pokémon thanks to Dig. Upon defeat, Colress questions what the best way is to bring out the power of Pokémon, thanks Tori for her time, and walks north. Time for some more encounters! With all the newly accessible locations, five new encounters can be found. Alphabetically list the Pokémon that can be a guaranteed encounter with clever usage of the Nuzlocke’s rules and tools. Exclude Hidden Grottos and phenomenons. [Dwebble, Solosis, Trubbish, Yamask]
17) Tori captures Macrarazy the Dwebble and a Yamask that she nicknames Illusio. She makes sure to once again pick up all the items, including all hidden ones at the locations where she has caught Pokémon, as well as talk to all NPCs. Then, before entering Nimbasa, Tori crosses Join Avenue. The current owner is heading out and is no longer interested in developing the mall. Thus, he leaves the place to her. The first NPC to enter the strip is excited to set up his own shop. Tori frees a location for him, and thus, Join Avenue is no longer barren. In order, list the name of the shop built and the catchphrase its owner will use once it increases in rank. [Barber Janus, Pit Pat]
18) Inside Nimbasa, Tori finds many different events to partake in. She takes a week to see the sights of the city. On the first day, she battles the subway bosses with another trainer, explores the surrounding areas and collects all the items. The second day, she rides the roller coaster, finds an old Xtransceiver, and catches a Solosis on route 16 named dot Comfey. On the third day she buys the TMs in the shop, collects the medals Middle Walker, Heavy Walker, Evolution Hopeful, Sweet Home, Moderate Customer, Great Customer and New Face Hero, and rides the Ferris Wheel with another person. She does this again the fifth day, but with a different person. On the sixth day, Tori goes to watch a basketball match. Finally, on the last day she takes a trip to Anville Town. There, she gets a PP up from a trainer and a revive from another, listens to the lullaby for the trains, and takes a look at the train engine on the platform. Now, which day did Tori visit Anville Town and what train engine can be seen on the platform? List in that order, use the format dd/mm. [03/04, Multi Train]
19) Tori goes to try and catch a Trubbish on route 5, but in the process accidentally enters some rustling grass. Thus, WanDAvatar the Emolga was caught. Knowing all Pokémon currently in Tori’s roster, alphabetically list those that can evolve to a new evolutionary stage prior to battling Elesa, but could not do so before battling Burgh. [dot Comfey, ILRB, Pants, Soft Flex, TheAura]
20) The newly evolved ILRB showed its incredible power and highly advantageous typing, sweeping Elesa entirely on its own, giving Tori her fourth badge and the TM for Volt Switch, which was then added to TheAura’s moveset. Outside, in front of the Big Stadium, Scavs could be seen trying to fight four Team Plasma members. Tori quickly stepped in and took out half of them. After a heart to heart, Tori heads to the nearby bridge, where she battles and defeats someone with this self-proclaimed title in a triple battle. [Heartbreaker]
21) In her enthusiasm, Tori forgot about Lostlorn Forest until now. She makes a detour and finds Spy the Roselia, as well as another Pokémon who gives her a TM. Tori can guarantee she owns that Pokémon as well, because of an encounter in this location. [Driftveil / Driftveil City]
22) Driftveil Drawbridge has another guaranteed encounter in Ducklett. TheAura’s Sonicboom and Thunder Wave combination make this an easy catch, and Tori names her new companion GSpear. Ignoring the nearby NPCs, Tori heads into Driftveil, where she also receives the aforementioned Zorua. As a result of all the activities Tori has done, she has obtained quite a few new medals. Based purely on the text found in these questions, which medals can you guarantee Tori has earned since the last time she obtained medals? (Ignore battle related medals for this question) List alphabetically. [Dowsing specialist, Naming champ, Pure Youth, Starter Cycling]
23) Spy and Offler swept through the gym trainers, the latter evolving in the process. Clay itself was a slightly different story. Not only was he hard to find, but his strategy was tough. Krokorok and Spy started this fight. Krokorok set up Sandstorm for its team to use before going down to a giga drain. Onix was next, but a combination of Leech Seed and Giga Drain made quick work of it too. Sandslash used its first turn to Hone Claws, but Spy outsped and used Giga Drain again.. which missed. No matter, as Spy tried again.. but this time it lost the speed tie and was killed by a critical hit Bulldoze. With Sandslash all set up, Tori is in trouble and wants to burn it before it can deal further harm. To do so, Tori is best to send out this Pokémon, who can inflict said status effect on it every time it hits, using its available level-up moves. [Illusio]
24) The now evolved Illusio used Will-o-Wisp while Sandslash set up more Hone Claws. With its massive defense and a boosted Hex, Sandslash went down while Illusio's health remained high. Though the Excadrill still posed a risk, Having ample opportunity to burn it simplified matters a lot and allowed Offler to come in safely and finish it off with a Razor Shell. Tori has earned her fifth badge. In doing so, she now gains access to this BP rewarding location. [PWT / Pokemon World Tournament]
25) After laying Spy to rest, Tori heads south with Clay, who excitedly tells her and Scavs about his massive project. He’s invited Cheren, and Colress rounds out the gauntlet for Tori to face. Tori sweeps them with ease due to the level difference, but noticed Cheren had little trouble with their first opponent, a male Pokémon Breeder. Similarly, Colress easily beat the Socialite that was his opponent in the semifinals. Alphabetically list the names of the trainers they may have fought. [Euro, Tristan, Wanda, Yosef]
26) After another run-in with Team Plasma at the docks south of the PWT, Tori explores the north side of the Relic Passage. After finding everything and talking to some worker there about the shards you can find in the Dust Clouds, Tori heads to Route 6 for her next capture: Adiass the Foongus, one of the fake Poké Balls on the route. Tori also obtains the HM for Surf, allowing her to further traverse various locations. This was accompanied by some offputting information: In Lacunosa town, there was a short moment of extremely cold temperatures, going as low as this amount in degrees Celsius. Round up to 1 decimal. [-50.0C / -50.0]
27) Tori takes her time to do some further exploration near route 6, catching an Aron named SparkyChld, before heading into Chargestone Cave. In order to maximize her odds of capturing one of two Pokémon, she uses Repels to descend all the way to the bottom floor. There, she finds a Ferroseed that she names kevinrocks. Even before entering Mistralton City, Tori can catch another Pokémon. She can even guarantee it’s this species of Pokémon. [Frillish]
28) After naming the Frillish Ruby (and erroneously catching a Basculin called ProfSapling in Aspertia) Tori starts exploring Chargestone cave in an effort to strengthen her team. Especially TheAura, who could evolve into its final stage, was taken into battle quite a few times. On the way to Mistralton, after passing the Nugget brothers, TheAura fought a Pokémon using Mirror Shot and Gyro Ball, followed by a Pokémon using Thunder Wave and Rock Blast. Then, a certain character mentioned the pretty gems found in the cave and how she would love to have them to decorate her room. This conversation unlocked a Funfest mission. 5 other funfest missions have been unlocked by interacting with something or someone over the course of this hunt. List those five alphabetically. [Exhilarating trading!, Find Treasures!, Mushrooms' Hide-and-Seek!, Train with Martial Artists!, Treasure Hunting!]
29) Tori picked up another hidden item on the same floor, being stopped by a trainer whose Pokémon used Thunder Punch on TheAura twice, who used Volt Switch so ILRB could finish it off quickly. After descending once, another Pokémon was seen using Rock Slide on TheAura. Then, in another trainer battle, Tori ordered TheAura to use Volt Switch... before it was killed by a Wake-up Slap. This one hurt, and Tori quickly continued her trek through the cave to lay the soul to rest. Alphabetically list the Pokémon that TheAura has fought in Chargestone Cave prior to its demise. Assume levelup movesets for the trainers, ignore dust clouds for the sake of this question. [Ampharos, Ferroseed, Minccino, Nosepass]
30) After battling through the rest of Chargestone Cave, Tori reaches Mistralton, where she encounters Professor Juniper, who gives her a Master Ball. Tori accepted but honestly didn't know what to say because of the built up sadness. She needs to properly give her pokemon a rest. To do that, she wants to go to Celestial Tower. What Pokémon is she guaranteed to get there? [Litwick]
31) After a balancing act across route 7, skipping the encounter and a ringing Xtransceiver, Tori enters Celestial Tower. She captures a Litwick there that she names Psywaves. As she ascends the spiraling stairs, past all the trainers, she manages to get to the top of the tower. The air is stirring from the strong winds. Tori runs up to the bell, and rings it. As it moves with the wind, the bells sound hollow, giving a feeling of restlessness. This journey is not over. Thank you all for joining me on part 1 of the Tori's sTori Nuzlocke. Be sure to come back Friday for part 2 of this journey! For now, I just have one more question: Including events found only in the postgame, these locations that could have been explored so far cannot provide a (temporary) Pokémon during this Nuzlocke. List alphabetically. [Anville Town, Join Avenue, Liberty Garden, Mistralton City, Pledge Grove / Anville, Join Avenue, Liberty Garden, Mistralton, Pledge Grove]

I'll be adding an overview tomorrow for everyone to utilise in lieu of the notes kept by other solvers. Beyond the information provided here, no other information should be necessary.

Nuzlocke rules:
- Play as Tori, the female character.
- I can only catch 1 Pokémon per location,
- Whenever a Pokémon faints, it cannot be used ever again.
- Every Pokémon must be nicknamed.
- No items may be used during battle (except poke balls)
- Set mode
- Challenge mode
- Pokémon may not level past the highest leveled Pokémon of the next gym leader or Champion.
- Whenever I come across a Pokémon in the same evolutionary line as a Pokémon I have already obtained, I can reroll the encounter in that location.
- I also won't use legendaries,
- Losing my entire team means I lost the run.
- The nuzlocke is won when the champion is defeated.

Pokémon up to question X (species listed as the Pokémon they were caught as)
obtained - died name (species) -- (location obtained)
5 - ?? Offler (Oshawott) -- (Aspertia City)
5 - ?? RossW (Purrloin) -- (Route 19)
5 - ?? LMB (Patrat) -- (route 20)
6 - ?? Soft Flex (Lillipup) -- (Floccesy Ranch)
10 - 29 TheAura (Magnemite) -- (Virbank Complex) - Killed by Minccino's Wake-up Slap
12 - 13 PartMan (Rattata) -- (Castelia Sewers) - killed by Rattata's Pursuit
14 - ?? ILRB (Drilbur) -- (Relic Passage)
14 - ?? Clouds (Eevee) -- (Castelia City)
14 - ?? pants (Sandile) -- (Route 4)
17 - ?? Macrarazy (Dwebble) -- (Desert Resort)
17 - ?? Illusio (Yamask) -- (Relic Castle)
18 - ?? dot Comfey (Solosis) -- (Route 16)
19 - ?? WanDAvatar (Emolga) -- (Route 5)
21 - 23 Spy (Roselia) -- (Lostlorn Forest) - killed by Sandslash's Bulldoze.
22 - ?? GSpear (Ducklett) -- (Driftveil Drawbridge)
22 - ?? Zorua -- (Driftveil City)
26 - ?? Adiass (Foongus) -- (Route 6)
27 - ?? SparkyChld (Aron) -- (Mistralton Cave)
27 - ?? Kevinrocks (Ferroseed) -- (Chargestone Cave)
28 - ?? Ruby (Frillish) -- (Virbank City)
28 - xx ProfSapling (Basculin). -- (Aspertia City) This Pokémon was illegal, but may be considered for future questions.
31 - ?? Psywaves (Litwick) -- (Celestial Tower)

Medals obtained by Tori (in no particular order):
Light Walker, Middle Walker, Heavy Walker, Battle Learner, Dowsing Beginner, Smart Shopper, Pokémon Center Fan, Rising Star, Evolution Hopeful, Evolution Tech, Sweet Home, Moderate Customer, Great Customer, New Face Hero, Dowsing specialist, Naming champ, Pure Youth, Starter Cycling, Superb Locator
Evolution tech, Driftveil Mightiest

It is currently winter. Tori has picked up all items she can pick up.

ERRATA: In question 28, Tori Catches a Basculin she names ProfSapling

Big big massive thank you to TurtalKatThing and Tapler for QCing both parts of this hunt.
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Hosted the Team Scavengers event on June 11th, 20:00 EDT!

1st place: Computerwizard8800 smells [23:13]. (BubidaJeffery!, skybounds, Devoxys, Chris ☭ tmas)
2nd place: anything [38:07]. (TheAura, Menace02, WarriorGallade, blazeofvictory)
3rd place: #footgang [48:31].
(tidal otter, 111ace111, dot Comfey, destroyer1447)
Consolation Prize: [49:01]
(UGO Smurf Account, Teutonic✠Squire!, yeet dab xd, Tapler ❀)

Q1-1: Upon finding a four-leaf clover in a specific Pokemon game, it will be placed in a pot shaped like this Pokemon. Sunkern
Q1-2: Under specific circumstances, there is an 11% chance that this Pokemon will hatch from an egg in the main-series games. Tyrogue
Q1-3: This Pokemon that can be summoned from a Poke Ball in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate incorrectly appeared in the official strategy guide for an earlier game (in the SSB series) in which it can't be summoned. Ditto
Q1-4: This LC Pokemon is described as "suspicious" in un-used game text of a game that said Pokemon can't be caught in. Snorunt

Q1 Answer: Sunkern, Tyrogue, Ditto, Snorunt, Spinda, Castform (equal base stats in ascending BST order)

Q2-1: Out of all moves that were first used in the Pokemon anime by a Pokemon with three weather-related abilities, this one has the highest base power. Icicle Crash
Q2-2: This move known by a Support Pokemon in Pokken Tournament DX will only be triggered when an opponent is in mid-air. Thunder Shock
Q2-3: A shiny and a non-shiny Pokemon of the same species appeared in the Pokemon anime battling over a Snubbull. This is said species' signature move in SwSh. Flying Press
Q2-4: In the Pokemon anime, Rain Dance was used by one of Ash's Pokemon to completely negate the effects of this Status move used prior to it, even though that would not occur in the main-series games. Electric Terrain

Q2 Answer: Icicle Crash, Thunder Shock, Flying Press, Electric Terrain, Draining Kiss, Meteor Mash (Cosplay Pikachu form moves in alphabetical order by form)

Q3-1: This fully-evolved Pokemon can carry a status-healing Berry when caught in a Gen III game, even though it doesn't learn any moves by level-up that inflict said status on a Pokemon. Mightyena
Q3-2: An event distribution for this Pokemon has 4 moves, only one of which is a STAB move. The other three moves are variations of each other with their only differences being their type and the status each can inflict. Mightyena
Q3-3: In a Pokemon side game, a certain trainer is said to have been challenged by a trainer without any Pokemon, and rejects the battle. In a series of social media updates, they use this Shadow Pokemon in a battle against the same trainer. Houndoom
Q3-4: One of Ash's companions in the Pokemon anime was reportedly late to a tournament battle after getting distracted touching the muscles of this Pokemon. Mienshao

Q3 Answer: Mightyena, Mightyena, Houndoom, Mienshao, Cofagrigus, Dugtrio (Team Rainbow Rocket leaders' lead Pokemon in the order you fight them in)

MASSIVE thank you to aQrator and deftinwolf for QCing this on very short notice! (bulbapedia bad)

Thank you for hunting, and hope to see you next time!


Have a good day!
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After 2 days of Treasure Town 'fun', Tori's sTori part 2 has come to a close as well. Like part 1, it used the mystery odyssey twist, but everyone failed to guess the 43 question size of the hunt.

That did not impede people from finishing the hunt, however!
In what may very well be a record: First place is Menace02 with a finish time of 17 hours, 44 minutes and ~22 seconds. Yes you read that right.
In second place, TeutonicSquire with a finish time of 19 hours, 32 minutes ~36 seconds
In third place, we have TheAura once again with a time of 20 hours, 58 minutes and ~33 seconds.
Fourth is BubidaJeffery with 21 hours, 18 minutes and ~10 seconds.
Fifth place is Yeet dab xd with 1 day, 50 minutes and ~6 seconds.
Sixth place is notbuddha with 1 day, 4 hours 7 minutes and 8 seconds.
And in the nick of time, WarriorGallade finishes with a time of 2 days and 5 hours

The entire 2 part hunt can be found here. just this part can be found here:

1) Hello everyone and welcome back to the second part of Tori's Nuzlocke sTori! In this odyssey, I'll be playing through Pokémon White 2 as Tori, asking questions along the way. I'll also be playing with Hardcore Nuzlocke rules! Be sure to look up the last odyssey for the rules and an overview of the information you might need. You can do so right here <>. For the sake of this hunt, once a location has been mentioned, you may assume Tori battles all trainers and obtains all items available of said location. If items are not yet available and become available later due to HMs or parts getting unlocked, you may assume Tori travels back to obtain all items. After heading down from Celestial Tower and heading back to Mistralton, Tori started looking for the best Pokémon to replace TheAura. Considering she already has two steel types she intends to use often in kevinrocks and ILRB, she decides to get another Electric type. Alphabetically list the Pokémon currently at her disposal that she could use to fill this slot. Use a Pokémon’s nickname for any of Tori’s Pokémon from this point forward. [Clouds, WanDAvatar]
2) Tori evolved Clouds into a Jolteon, and decides that WanDAvatar might not be of much use. Instead, she trades it for the Gigalith on Route 7, thus forfeiting any encounter on said route. She then decides to train with the trainers and Pokémon on the route, picking up all items along the way. While walking through the route, she gets called twice on her Xtransceiver. Alphabetically list the names of the two callers as they appear on screen. [Curtis, Mom]
3) Tori has readied her team for the Mistralton Gym and approaches Skyla on her turbine filled turf. The newly traded Gigalith sets up Stealth rock before switching to SparkyChld (who takes a big chunk from Energy Ball) and subsequently, Psywaves. Skyla’s Swoobat is dealing heavy hits all around, leaving them all with low health. dot Comfey then comes in and takes out the Swoobat after getting hit by an Acrobatics. Clouds manages to come in safely on the Skarmory and takes care of the remainder of Skyla’s team, giving Tori the Jet Badge. Alphabetically list the Pokémon in Tori’s roster that can learn their final levelup move as a result of the level cap increase. Assume all Pokémon are evolved as far as possible. [Clouds, LMB]
4) A quick trip to Lentimas Town and Tori is due some new encounters. At Reversal Mountain, Tori manages to catch a Trapinch by repel tricking with LMB. She names the newest team member Cleo. After defeating the two cyclists on the outside, Tori heads east to another location, where she captures a Banette called Ambii and grabs the various items inside. She also finds this key item there. [Lunar Wing]
5) After a trek through the volcano, which was filled with items for Tori to grab, she enters Undella Town. She searches the beach for some items, and subsequently tries to capture a few Pokémon. At Undella bay, she unfortunately fails to capture a Spheal, and in Undella Town itself, after finding many frillish, Tori manages to capture a Staryu named Weebl. Upon trying to repel trick with LMB on route 14, Tori encounters a Golduck. LMB missed its Hypnosis 3 times in a row, and as a result, an Aqua Tail managed to kill LMB, giving Tori her fourth death. Despite her anger, She put Offler in to try and capture it, but due to a critical hit, the Golduck goes down as well. Defeated, Tori slumps back to the Pokémon Center and lays LMB to rest. On her way there, Tori grabbed a Heart Scale that caused her to get another medal. This is the name of said medal. [Dowsing collector]
6) After getting three more medals in Battle Teacher, Battle Veteran and Castelia Boss and a quick battle with Tori’s rival, Scavs, Tori enters route 13 where she captures Moo the Audino. Tori then sets out to battle all the trainers on routes 14 and 13, as well as on Undella Bay. She also makes sure to grab all the items she comes across. After an encounter with Cobalion, Tori enters Lacunosa town. The town’s streets are desolate but inside every house, the lights are on. Tori enters one alongside Professor Juniper and Bianca and hears about a Pokémon who froze everything around it and supposedly ate people and Pokémon alike. Professor Juniper compares its power to the legendary Dragon Pokémon. She had told Tori a little bit about it before. In order, list the Pokémon she mentioned and the location where she did so. [Reshiram, Lentimas Town / Reshiram, Lentimas]
7) Near the Pokémon Center, Scavs is frantically looking around, before spotting Tori. “Have you seen Team Plasma anywhere? I heard a rumor they were around here.” Almost as if written for the plot of a game, one of the seven sages approaches alongside a member of Team Plasma. A 2-on-2 battle ensues, with Psywaves showing off its powerful flame bursts against Zinzolin and its grunt. What Pokémon does Scavs use? List alphabetically [Serperior, Simisear, Unfezant]
8) Zinzolin is quickly defeated and runs off towards Opelucid, Tori heads to the next batch of encounters. On route 12, she captures ZipZapAdam the Unfezant. Underneath the Village Bridge, Tori comes across a Thick Fat Marill that she names Abra. Route 11 gives Tori a second chance at a certain Pokémon, which she successfully captures this time, giving it the name Stylus. She also makes sure to grab every item she can, as well as fight every battle she can fight. During one of said fights, this Pokémon could be seen using a held item. [Heatmor]
9) A quick detour to route 9 gives Tori access to the shopping mall, where she can get another set of TMs. She also captures a Garbodor that she nicknames Beej, giving her her final encounter before the Opelucid Gym. Assuming Tori has bought all TMs she could buy up to this point, how many Pokédollars did she need? [670.000]
10) Back in Opelucid City, Tori decides to explore for a bit. Inside a certain room, an NPC asks Tori if she has a certain Pokémon so his five Pokémon of the same species can harmonise with it to hear their 6 voices as a choir. What Pokémon is this? [Tympole]
11) Inside the top left building, two stone dragon sculptures are interacting as Tori moves the head to the feet, hands and finally the head of the dragon. Tori challenges Drayden as the heads clash. Alongside her starter Offler, Tori brought double intimidate, a strong STAB Gyro Ball, a Disable user and a strong STAB Earthquake and Metal Claw. Alphabetically list these five Pokémon on Tori's Team. [Illusio, ILRB, kevinrocks, pants, Soft Flex]
12) Drayden poses a very tough challenge. Druddigon manages to dodge Offler's new move Blizzard twice, and retaliates with two Crunches. Tori pivots in Pants on the third for an Intimidate and commands it to use Crunch back, dropping Druddigon's defense and forcing it to take a Sitrus Berry. Drayden commanding a different, not very effective move doesn't do much to it either. The second Crunch then KOs Druddigon, and Haxorus is sent out. In an effort to minimize damage (and to better take the X scissor), Tori switches in Soft Flex. Illusio is switched in after as Drayden requests a Dragon Dance. Illusio takes a Shadow Claw and misses its Will-o-Wisp, which spells disaster for her team. Tori pivots Soft Flex back in on the next Shadow Claw and uses Return as Haxorus uses Dragon Dance again. She then switches Kevinrocks in on another two Dragon Dances, who uses Iron Head once. After which, Haxorus uses X-scissor and Kevinrocks retaliates with another Iron Head. Haxorus hangs on with a sliver of health as it did not take any damage from using X-scissor on Kevinrocks, thanks to the double activation of this ability. [Mummy]
13) Predicting Drayden to heal, Tori switches Soft Flex back in for another Intimidate, and lets it use Return twice, the second of which outspeeds and KOs Haxorus. Altaria is sent out, and Soft Flex uses another Return. Altaria retaliates with Dragon Pulse, and Tori brings in ILRB on a missed Sing, who KOs using Rock Slide. Finally, Flygon is sent out. Fearing an Earthquake, Tori brings in Pants to soften the damage, only to be brought to low health using Earth Power. With every member on her team on low health or hit super effectively by Earth Power, Tori decides to make a sacrifice and lets Illusio go down to an Earth Power and a Crunch. She then sends out Offler, hoping to KO with Blizzard. Unfortunately, Flygon outspeeds and KOs Offler with Earth Power. Tori takes a step back, before sending out Soft Flex. It barely hangs on after taking an Earth Power and deals a hefty blow with Return. Having no options, Soft Flex also goes down to Flygon’s Crunch. Looking at her options, Tori decides to send out Pants… who outspeeds and KOs the Flygon with its own Crunch. The battle is over, and Tori earns the Legend Badge. Alphabetically list the moves that have not been successfully used by any of Drayden's Pokémon over the course of this battle, which could have been used by at least one of his Pokémon. [Cotton Guard, Dragon Tail, Fire Blast, Revenge, Sing]
14) Tori accepts her gym badge and lays her fallen partners to rest at the Pokémon Center and tries to have a few moments of silence. Before she can, however, a loud explosion can be heard. Outside, the Plasma Frigate is blasting the city with ice. From the ship, Zinzolin and a few henchmen descend. The gym badge Tori obtained also increased the level cap slightly and gives her access to some new locations. However, at this location that Tori has not had an encounter yet, she could have already gotten one prior to getting the gym badge. [Seaside Cave]
15) Team Plasma is after the DNA Splicers, and it is up to Drayden and Tori to defend the city from the invading force. Team Plasma are of course no match for the double, with Haxorus and ILRB's massive power making quick work of their Pokémon. However, the Shadow Triad's sneaky tactics managed to get the DNA Splicers out of Drayden's hands, who had hidden it in this location. [Opelucid Gym]
16) Sadly, the Shadow Triad managed to escape with its bounty, and Tori continues to Humilau City to pursue Zinzolin. Before that though, she makes a quick pit stop at Seaside Cave and captures I'm soapy the Woobat. She also captures a Corsola she calls WizdsOfDra and an Alomomola named Snaquaza in Humilau and on route 21, respectively. Tori decides to train in Seaside Cave. Inside, however, Clouds manages to paralyze a Pokémon with Discharge. In return, said Pokémon retaliates with a Megahorn that kills Clouds. Assuming levelup movesets, this was the Pokémon that killed Clouds. [Heracross]
17) dot Comfey quickly rids the Heracross, and Tori heads back to Humilau to permanently remove Clouds from her roster, adding it in her graveyard box, next to all past deaths. As she wanders the docks, she comes across Marlon, who invites her inside the gym for their battle. Kevinrocks' Power Whip and its natural type synergy with Ruby make this gym fight a noticeable step easier than Drayden's, and Tori walks out with all 8 gym badges in hand. Afterwards, Tori captures a Mienfoo named Darnell on route 22, before obtaining this key item when approaching a legendary pokémon. [Colress MCHN]
18) Tori heads to Seaside Cave and uses the item to move the Crustle blocking her path. Behind it, Tori finds the Plasma Frigate. Scavs and her storm the ship in order to take them down. In the process, Tori comes across various members hinting at a code Tori needs to access the upper quarters. In order for her to hear all numbers, she has to defeat said grunts. One of them mentions their favorite number. In order, list that number and the Pokémon they use. [0, Drapion / Zero, Drapion]
19) Entering the code, Tori and Scavs enter the upper quarters, where they spot Zinzolin and Kyurem. Zinzolin and its associate are easily dispatched, but before they can close in to save the legendary Pokémon, the Shadow Triad teleport the double of the ship. The final showdown with team Plasma awaits them in the Giant Chasm. There, near the landing area of the Plasma Frigate, this named character can also be seen fighting team Plasma. [Rood]
20) Tori once again has to battle through the Frigate and its labyrinth. After battling Colress and Zinzolin, Ghetsis awaits. The driving force behind the destruction of Unova. To complete his plans, Ghetsis commands the Shadow Triad to battle and stall Tori. GSpear easily takes down the first member's Pawniard, but his Absol barely lives a Surf, and countered with a Critical hit Night Slash to kill the Swanna. Tori has no time to mourn though, as the remaining members ambush the brown-haired girl. ILRB manages to make quick work of them and an enraged Tori pursues Ghetsis into the depths of Giant Chasm. He was prepared though, and he stares her down with this move ready to kill Tori. [Glaciate]
21) In the nick of time, N swoops in on Reshiram, using Fusion Flare to neutralize Kyurem's move. "It's hard to call you this, but.. Father, please stop this." It all fell on deaf ears. Instead, Ghetsis used the opportunity to use the DNA splicers to fuse Reshiram and Kyurem, forming White Kyurem. Tori steps up to defend N, and take out Ghetsis. Tori had a plan, though, as she brought various Pokémon to help combat this combined conundrum. Alphabetically list Tori's Pokémon that resist three of the four moves White Kyurem could use, while being neutral to the fourth. [Psywaves, Ruby, SparkyChld, WizdsOfDra]
22) Psywaves' Fire Blast and Flame Burst managed to overpower the titan before it, and Kyurem fled the scene after unfusing with Reshiram. Furious, Ghetsis unleashed his Pokémon on Tori. Pants took down the Cofagrigus in a single Crunch, and Kevinrocks swapped in on Seismitoad, who lowered its accuracy and hit it with Drain Punch. A quick double switch to Psywaves later, and the water type goes down. Psywaves Fire Blast defeats Eelektross, and ILRB's Earthquake takes out both Drapion and Toxicroak. The Hydreigon remains, and Pants' intimidate neuters it enough to where a Rock Slide and a Metal Claw by ILRB take it out. Team Plasma is no more. Alphabetically list the locations where Tori has encountered, but not battled, a (current) member of Team Plasma. [Castelia City, Driftveil City, Floccesy Ranch, Unova Route 22 / Castelia City, Driftveil City, Floccesy Ranch, Route 22 / Castelia, Driftveil, Floccesy Ranch, Unova Route 22 / Castelia, Driftveil, Floccesy Ranch, Route 22]
23) This entire time, Tori made sure to use Repels to avoid getting encounters so she could try her luck on the Hidden Grotto, hoping to find either a Ditto or a Gligar. Sadly, no Pokémon was inside and so, Tori opted for the regular grass. After an encounter with an Audino, Tori went back to lay GSpear to rest next to her other lost allies. She then filled up her team to enable another Repel Trick, hoping to get a Metang. After a while, she finds one and uses her Master Ball on it. The genderless Pokémon is named Alter. From this point forward, Tori has access to two more encounters. Not including Hidden Grottos or phenomenons, Tori could ensure these Pokémon to be her encounters through clever use of the Nuzlocke rules. List alphabetically, exclude Onix. [Altaria, Bouffalant, Buizel, Golurk, Petilil]
24) Tori traverses route 23 without any setback aside from a few scares and close calls, and captures a Bouffalant that she names Ninjadog. She takes a pit stop at the Victory Road Pokémon Center, and finds the medal guy there. The medal guy gives Tori three medals, one of which is Honored footprints. Alphabetically list the other two medals Tori obtains, based purely on the information found in these hunts. You may assume no medals were collected between this moment and the last time medals were obtained. [30 boxed, Hustle Muscle]
25) The arduous task of climbing Victory Road, but Tori climbs to the top without any losses. At the end, though, Scavs was waiting for one final battle. After a U-turn by Darnell and a Rock Slide KO on Unfezant, Cleo was pitted against Scavs' powerful Bouffalant. Tori commands it to use Rock Slide again, and Bouffalant retaliates with a Head Charge, leaving Cleo hanging on by a thread. Due to the massive recoil and the chance of Scavs using a Max Potion, Tori decides to let Cleo stay and make it use Dragon Claw to try and KO the Bouffalant. Unfortunately, it lives with 1HP, and kills Cleo with a Megahorn. Cleo being a potential member of Tori's final team, this stung even harder than usual. Across the many deaths of Tori’s team, various moves were used. Alphabetically list the fully evolved Pokémon that could learn 4 moves of those used to kill Tori’s Pokémon, with each move being a different type. [Mew, Rhyperior, Scolipede, Smeargle]
26) Tori treks to the depths of Victory Road and has a few close calls with some trainers along the way. She finally reaches the floor she wanted, and captures Milkshook the Druddigon, her final capture. She challenges the nearby Elder with a team she wants to train up. To have all options available. In the process, Tori unceremoniously loses Ninjadog, Ambii and I'm soapy. This leaves Tori with her final 22 options to build her team. Tori first studies her opponents carefully and it seems their line of play is out and about. “When they see a way to KO a Pokémon, the elite four and champion will select the move that can guarantee it the fastest, such as a priority move. Otherwise, they go for a super effective move if they see one, or, if there is none, a stat lowering effect on the opponent, provided none has been applied yet. Beyond that, the elite four tries to maximize damage. If multiple moves have the same outcome, the elite four will pick one at random.“ She also found the exact team composition of her opponent, and knew where to start. “Every Pokémon of all members of the Elite 4, including the champion, have the same EVs and IVs.” The first slot is filled by one of two Pokémon whose STAB combinations give them super effective coverage against the entire team of two Elite 4 members, while being at least neutral against the other two’s entire teams. Alphabetically list those two Pokémon. [Pants, Psywaves]
27) Tori also wants to add her only monotype Pokémon that does not share its typing with any of Tori’s other Pokémon, as well as a named Pokémon with a signature ability. List in that order. [Darnell, Kevinrocks]
28) Next is a Pokémon shared with one of the Elite Four Members. However, if this wasn’t challenge mode, this would not apply. The fifth Pokémon Tori uses is one that has been in the OU tier for 6 generations straight before dropping. List in that order. [Alter, Weebl]
29) The final Pokémon was the toughest to decide. Macrarazy, dot Comfey, ILRB, Milkshook, Ruby and Snaquaza all passed Tori’s mind. However, ultimately, Tori decided her final Pokémon would have utility through its ability to temporarily change the turn order for the rest of the team and the ability to pivot out safely and bait certain moves. Which Pokémon is this? [ZipZapAdam]
30) It is time to train. With four physical Pokémon, Tori decides to head to a certain location with the best odds to train the right EVs for these team members. Subsequently, she borrows some Pokémon to give her permanent access to some extra moves for her main roster without breeding, as well as a copy of various items. Finally, she has to go to a certain location to get the preferred speed control. List these locations in order. Use the full names of the locations. [Unova Route 4, Pokemon World Tournament, Humilau City / Route 4, Pokemon World Tournament, Humilau City / Victory Road, Pokemon World Tournament, Humilau City]
31) After a few days of preparation, Tori has built her team <> to the best of her ability. She has 1 of each held item she can obtain. Tori takes a deep breath, calms her nerves, and steps inside. Five more battles, and then this is over. Her plan was to get the easiest out of the way first: Marshal. Tori removes Darnell’s item, and begins her first challenge. ZipZapAdam deliberately dodges for a turn before heavily damaging Throh, and then U-turns out upon taking 50HP worth of damage from Rock Tomb. Alter, equipped with a Muscle Band, finishes it and the Conkeldurr that is sent out next off with Zen Headbutt. Tori then brings in Darnell, who luckily avoided the critical hit on Aura Sphere aimed at Alter and is left with 54 HP. It then takes out both Lucario and Mienshao in 1 turn with super effective damage and U-turns on Sawk, returning to full health. Weebl finishes off Sawk with a Psychic after taking a Brick Break. One down. For two of Tori’s Pokémon, three of the four moves on their moveset can be known, regardless of the EVs and IVs of Marshal’s Pokémon. Alphabetically list these five moves. [Acrobatics, Drain Punch, Fly, Tailwind, U-Turn]
32) Tori gives Darnell its Life Orb back for the next fight, and moves on to Caitlin. Darnell deals heavy damage to Musharna who misses a Hypnosis on ZipZapAdam, who Caitlin promptly heals. ZipZapAdam then deals another 50%, before Darnell takes it out. Sigilyph is sent out, and ZipZapAdam pivots out to Weebl, who takes it out with an Ice Beam. Caitlin sends out Gothitelle and, in return, Tori sends out kevinrocks, who takes 22 damage from a Thunderbolt and 28 from two subsequent Psychics. After taking a fourth hit, Kevinrocks takes out Gothitelle with super effective damage, not having changed moves and sitting at a comfortable 165 HP. Reuniclus is sent out and Kevinrocks uses Protect, forgoing using the STAB attacks it has kept since the 7th gym, and then switches in Weebl once more. Tori then switches to ZipZapAdam, who U-turns to Pants, who takes it out with Crunch. Caitlin sends out Metagross, which Tori mimics. Hammer Arm, Zen Headbutt and Meteor Mash widdle down both steel types, before Tori decides to switch to Kevinrocks, protect once, and then switch to ZipZapAdam, all taking heavy damage. Metagross has very little HP left, so with its final move it kills ZipZapAdam alongside itself before the latter manages to heal, hoping it wouldn't use Hammer Arm. Other than those already listed here, list the moves Caitlin’s Pokémon used in order of appearance. [Ice Beam, Focus Blast, Energy Ball, Psychic, Bullet Punch]
33) Tori opts to go to Shauntal next. Leading with pants, she quickly rids the Cofagrigus with a single attack. In comes the Chandelure. Knowing Chandelure outspeeds, Tori tries her luck and switches to Kevinrocks, which proved to be a fatal mistake for the Ferrothorn. Tori’s best bet is Weebl, who manages to outspeed and KO it with its powerful Hydro Pump. Tori decides to keep Weebl active against Drifblim, but fails to KO it with Ice Beam. In return, Drifblim's Shadow Ball kills Weebl. Pants comes in and KOs Shauntal’s remaining team, leveling up in the process. Assuming every Pokémon has been overtrained by exactly 0 XP (as if a rare candy was used), This Pokémon now has the highest EXP total. Also list said total before starting the Elite Four. [Alter, 297,910]
34) With 3 Pokémon remaining for 2 fights, Tori wants to maximize her damage output against Grimsley, while leaving the risk at a minimum. As such, she swaps pants’ and Alter’ items so they can avoid battle, leaving Darnell, who got Pants’ item, to deal with everyone on Grimsley’s team. She activates the first one on Alter with Liepard’s Fake Out, and then Darnell KOs with a Drain Punch. The same happens with Absol and Bisharp (which causes a levelup for Darnell). Krookodile comes in and Tori switches to Pants, who dodges a Rock Tomb. It nearly KOs back with its STAB attack and dodges another Rock Tomb. After the usage of a full restore, pants KOs its lookalike and Grimsley is left with 1 Pokémon. Ignoring the chance of a critical hit, Tori hits Scrafty with another round of its STAB attack before safely switching Pants out to Darnell. Darnell then KOs with Acrobatics. A clean fourth battle and only the champion remains. These moves on Grimsley’s team could have KOd a Pokémon of Tori from full health without any stat boosts. List alphabetically. [Aerial Ace, Brick Break, Earthquake, Psycho Cut, X-Scissor]
35) Finally, it is time for the Champion. Tori makes a few last changes in an effort to sway the odds in her favor: she removes Darnell’s Acrobatics for Swords Dance, re-equips pants’ original item, gives Darnell its Life Orb back, and gives Alter a surprise tool that will hopefully help her later. Then, she moves down with the statue, and heads to Iris. Tori starts with a quick KO with Darnell, taking a risk that was not necessary to easily KO it two times over. She then U-turns to Alter and uses it to KO Druddigon with super effective damage. Aggron is released next, and Tori sends out pants on the Autotomize. pants takes the KO with its super-effective STAB. Lapras is, however, not KOd and KOs back with Blizzard. Darnell comes in to finish the job and levels up once more. In comes Haxorus and Tori decides not to risk the chance of it using Earthquake, thus choosing to Drain Punch for damage and then sacrificing Darnell to its Outrage. Only Alter remains, but it has good odds. It uses another super effective attack. Archeops is the final 1vq, and Alter finishes the job before Archeops can get a hit in, losing its surprise tool in the process. Tori has won. This was the surprise tool held by Alter. [Steel Gem]
36) “Ahh… I did my best, but we lost.” Iris exclaimed, “But I’m happy! By having a serious battle, we all got to know each other better than before!” Tori exhales, exhausted, and thanks Iris for the battle. She follows her to the Hall of Fame, where her and her Pokémon’s names get recorded... Thank you all so so much for playing part 2 of Tori's sTori. I hope you enjoyed this arduous journey throughout Unova. Only one obstacle remains. Throughout this Elite four, Tori’s Pokémon’s movesets have been obscured quite a lot. The next 6 questions will ask you to fill in the gaps of each of her 6 Pokémon’s movesets, respectively, as they were at the start of the Elite Four. Fill in the gaps in order, and list moves alphabetically. Note that the filled in gaps don’t have to be in alphabetical order. You may also assume no critical hits were landed unless specified, and that no items were changed unless specified. First up, our intimidating king: pants @ ??: ??, ??, Rock Slide, Outrage. [Choice Band, Crunch, Earthquake]
37) Up next, our underlevelled legend: Weebl @ Expert Belt: Recover, ??, ??, ?? [Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Psychic]
38) Third, the MVP against Grimsley: Darnell @ ??: ??, ??, ??, ?? [Life Orb, Acrobatics, Drain Punch, High Jump Kick, U-turn]
39) Fourth, the first to fall: ZipZapAdam @ Scope Lens: ??, ??, ??, ?? [Fly, Roost, Tailwind, U-turn]
40) Fifth, the toasted wall: Kevinrocks @ ??: ??, ??, ??, ?? [Leftovers, Iron Head, Power Whip, Protect, Shadow Claw]
41) And finally, the lone survivor: Alter @ ??: ??, ??, ??, ??, [Muscle Band, Bullet Punch, Ice Punch, Meteor Mash, Zen Headbutt]
42) Tori returned home, trophy in hand. Even if it was won, the victory is bittersweet. With only 1 Pokémon to accompany her and some of her most valued partners gone, Tori was broken in her victory. To add insult to injury, her mother gave her 2 Max Revives as a gift upon hearing the news of her new title. Tori left her house to find a better place to mourn. She knew exactly where to go, hoping to give some peace to her fallen Pokémon here. [Celestial Tower]
43) After capturing a wild Pidove to fly to Mistralton City, Tori walks up Celestial Tower. As she ascends the spiraling stairs, past all the trainers, she manages to get to the top of the tower. The air is still, almost as if in the eye of a hurricane. Tori calmly walks up to the bell, and rings it. Unlike last time, it sounds peaceful and somber. She looks up into the clear night sky, and remembers all her fallen friends. PartMan, Spy, TheAura, LMB, Illusio, Offler, Soft Flex, Clouds, GSpear, Cleo, Ninjadog, Ambii, I'm Soapy, ZipZapAdam, Kevinrocks, Weebl, pants and Darnell. They will all hold a special place in her heart. The bell chimes echo as Tori walks back down. Her journey is over. /scavenge the end to finish [the end]

And as a little extra treat: You can watch the actual full Elite 4 run the final 15ish questions were based on right here.
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After a hectic 3 weeks, We are now winding down and find our newest ladder cycle complete! In first place we have BubidaJeffery , our room winner of UGO, with 196 points! They were followed up by TheAura in second with 138 points, narrowly defeating TeutonicSquire with 137 points.

3Teu Tonic's Quire137
5yeet dab xd125
6tidal otter121
7PikachuSean ^~^104
8Purple Gummi80
11hu tao sweat67
17Chris ☭ tmas??40
21Mana Hive30
23dot Comfey29
31Dasocks (^~^)☂20
34tl the legend19
37Lucas Ranger~17
39Soft Flex15
41Tapler ❀12
51Qui-Gon the Flygon9
55lechonk fanclub8
55toxic boosted8
71Mafia's Satan5
71dratios ˙͜˙5
83Princess Mila4
83Maria Nearl4
91tommy ege3
91excited raichu3
91Thunder!!! Emerald3
91Unchained Specter3
101mighty ✘ cannon2
101Magic ☭ Communist2
101Temp Elo Gwen2
101arch of life2
123ShinyTurtlez ツ1
123cleric hildegard1
123Praise Bid o3o f1
123The Benz Mafia1
123Faut etre Content1
123Nagomi Yui1
123Sweet Nagisa-Chan1
123snail's house fan1
123Forest fyte1
123Zipzap ∞ Adam1
123Dorron ☆1
123Rory Mercury1

Our UGO twist, Creator's Choice, will remain intact for the remainder of June.: Any past twist may be used for officials or mini officials! When an official is hosted, the creator will explain the twist applied to the hunt.

Don't be fooled, a new cycle is a new opportunity to get first! Show off your hunt making and solving skills and come out on top!
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Reserving an official for tomorrow, June 25th, at 2 pm EDT.

Thanks to aQrator and turtalkatthing for QCing!

1st place: EpicCreeper9002 [02:07:12].
2nd place: blazeofvictory [02:37:40].

1) Welcome to Devoxys' hardest TCG hunt yet! Question 3 of this hunt will be a somewhat puzzle-like question that will require you to know the rules of the Pokémon TCG. If you don't know the rules or want some clarifications, you can look them up or ask me. The first 2 problems will help familiarize yourself with key rules of the Pokémon TCG or hint at the approach to solving the final question. Before we begin, I highly recommend you find a place that lets you search for cards using filters and text matches. The first problem can be solved easily with one: Certain Galarian Gym Leaders had full art Supporter cards printed of them in the latest Pokémon TCG set, Astral Radiance. Of those Gym Leaders/Supporter cards, which one had their card printed the earliest, and in what set? Name the Gym Leader and the set name in full in that order. For reference, the first Sword and Shield era set is Sword & Shield. [Milo Rebel Clash]
2) This question seeks to clarify/introduce the concept of private information in the Pokémon TCG. Your hand in the Pokémon TCG is considered private information. Abilities in the Pokémon TCG that specifiy "once per turn" apply to the card itself and not all copies of that card in play, unless otherwise specified in the Ability text. Because of "private information", if a card enters the hand it is not possible to tell what copy of the card it is, thus if a card that has used an Ability somehow enters the hand and is put into play/discard later, it may use the Ability again. This includes when it should be mathematically impossible that there are copies of a card that hasn't been used yet (i.e. using an ability 5+ times, more than the copy limit of 4). Perhaps most infamously, a card from Plasma Freeze/Plasma Blast is often used in decks like Weavile Eggs that need to discard a lot of cards from its hand due to its Ability to put itself back into the hand from the discard pile. What is the name of the Ability? [Propagation]
3) Assuming ideal conditions (previous turn setups, favourable RNG, your opponent is helping you, etc.) with the exception that all coins flip tails, if you were to attempt to draw precisely 3 cards at a time as many times as you can within a single turn in the Pokémon TCG's current Standard Format (Sword & Shield - Astral Radiance), only a few cards must be used and cannot be substituted for another. Name the cards in alphabetical order (do not include expansion and number). [Nugget Rose Tower Rotom Bike Scoop Up Net]
4) How many cards did you draw when drawing 3 at a time? (You may choose to skip this question using /scavenge skip.) [42]

1) Here is the step-by-step solution to Q3/Q4 of the official hunt (, in hunt form! As a reminder, we are aiming to draw cards 3 at a time as many times during a single turn as is possible in the SSH-ASR Standard format. We can assume we have ideal conditions, including perfect draws, previous turn setup, your opponent's aid, etc., except for the fact that all coins will flip tails. We start the turn by drawing a card from the top of our deck. If we draw this card, we can draw 3 cards, so this card is obviously the one we draw (do not including expansion and number for all answers in the hunt). As well, include the number of cards we have drawn at the end of each question in this hunt. [Nugget 3]
2) We can also take advantage of effects that draw cards until we have a certain number of cards in our hand. It is easy to reduce the number of cards in hand without changing anything fundamental, such as by using items like Drone Rotom or Rotom Phone, attaching Tools, whiffing effects of cards like Fog Crystal or Old PC, etc. If we have 0 cards in hand, we can draw 3 using this Stadium card. [Rose Tower 6]
3) We can have up to 6 Pokemon in play. We'll dedicate 5 of these to Pokemon that can draw cards using their Ability. For example, we have Manectric, Crobat, Hisuian Samurott, Bibarel, etc., but it is perhaps the easiest to make 4 of the 5 of them this Pokemon VMAX. [Rayquaza VMAX 21]
4) Q2 talks about the concept of "private information", which is what this step will take advantage of. First of all, note that we have 2-3 options for discarding any 1 or 2 cards from our hand: Quick Ball, Ultra Ball and Cram-o-matic. This is useful for discarding Empoleon BRS to use its Ability. Alternatively, you can use Beedrill VIV to play from the hand instead of discarding. But how do we use these Abilities 5 times instead of once? With this item card that helps use take advantage of 'private information'. [Scoop Up Net 36]
5) Can't forget our Supporter! Writing this question began while writing the UGO Jump Start where this card in the answer of the first question of that hunt gave me some inspiration. [Hop 39]
6) Finally, we end our turn by having 4 cards in hand and then playing this Item. [Rotom Bike 42]

Congrats to EpicCreeper9002 and blazeofvictory! Thanks again to aQrator and turtalkatthing for QCing the hunt.
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Sometimes all I think about is Scavv.

Our latest ladder cycle has concluded and our newest top 3 includes a new face at the top! Blazeofvictory has reached first place with 159 points, followed by TeutonicSquire with 125 points and after a close race, #Computerwizard8800 in third with 108 points

4PikachuSean ^~^106
14yeet dab xd56
15Soft Flex55
19Chris ☭ tmas??49
22Purple Gummi45
24dot Comfey38
30Qui-Gon the Flygon29
32tl the legend22
40Tapler ❀15
46Pepsi Man 212
53tidal otter7
56articoo ☾6
66Dorron ☆5
66Gwynt ^-^5
75toxic boosted4
75pollution no 1 fan4
82punka sona3
89no tcol lint an2
89HGC ezlaturbo2
89Thunder!!! Emerald2
89Big Spaghetti Man2
104Magic ☭ Communist1
104Meteor Beam1
104Lucas Ranger1
104Explorers of Time1
104chunko! ツ1
104Time Tripper1
104hard straighten1
104p0ip0le ∆1
104ShinyTurtlez ツ1
104Level 511
104Saya Amanogawa1
104Rory Mercury1
104wa gang1

Our next twist is Scavengers Any% Speedrun: 5 extra points are earnable for finishing a full official, minus one point for every two minutes it takes you to solve the hunt, capped at 10 minutes.

And yes, you saw that right. Our newest Room Owner is Computerwizard8800 ! A big congratz to them!

Summer scavving will be blast if you work on making those hunts and placing high on the leaderboard!
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Mini roundup!

The mini scavenger hunt by deftinwolf was ended by deftinwolf.
1st place: BubidaJeffery! [01:14].
2nd place: Teutonic✠Squire! [01:33].
3rd place: WarriorGallade [02:21].
Consolation Prize: EpicCreeper9002 [03:09], Gwynt ^-^ [04:35], Computerwizard8800 [04:42], TokenSnack [05:25], destroyer1447 [05:27], blazeofvictory [05:34], yeet dab xd [05:46], FakeFan0 [06:42], manhope5 [12:23], arcavee [34:12]

QC: LittEleven
The mini scavenger hunt by aQrator was ended automatically.
1st place: Chris ☭ tmas?? [11:27].
2nd place: Teutonic✠Squire [41:30].
3rd place: smii [01:08:12].
Consolation Prize: PikachuSean ^~^ [02:16:56]

QC: Aegii
The mini scavenger hunt by aQrator was ended automatically.
1st place: smii [04:47].
2nd place: Sabby60>!!> [05:57].
3rd place: Qui-Gon the Flygon [06:05].
Consolation Prize: Purple Gummi [09:05], Grassy_storm!!~~ [16:08], Tapler ❀ [22:19], Teutonic♡Squire [31:39], blazeofvictory [32:27], Yveltalray [50:15], theaura [50:45], jojja [01:15:49], ii88 [01:17:51]

QC: Computerwizard8800

Last mini roundup can be found here.
Hosted a fish on July 12th at 8 PM EST
QCs by turtalkatthing and deftinwolf, thanks a bunch

1st place: WarriorGallade [02:44].
2nd place: theaura ˙͜˙ [10:31].
3rd place: Teutonic✠Squire [10:46].
4th place: blazeofvictory [13:56].
5th place: yeet dab xd [16:38].
Consolation Prize: Merlee [18:14], Yveltalray [19:32], killerASCII [23:38], BubidaJeffery! [24:22], Chris ☭ tmas?? [25:00], dr._.atios ˙͜>˙ [30:39], NewsDan [39:12], AndrewThePenguin [54:45], Gwynt ^-^ [54:58], LolLemonz [01:37:52], Purple Gummi [01:49:15], ProfSapling [02:17:30]

1) Using this item, you can beat Sword and Shield without an opponent dynamaxing. [Red Card]
2) These two locations in different regions where you can encounter multiple wild pokemon have nearly the exact same layout in their original designs. (alphabetical order) [Santalune Forest,Viridian Forest]
3) The Pokemon Showdown sprite for this item that is present in a main series game is shared with an item that is not found on PS! [Berserk Gene]

WarriorGallade got 4 points from speedrunning
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July's first cycle has ended. In first place is blazeofvictory with 204 points, runner up with 146 points is Teutonic✠Squire and in third is some loser named Computerwizard8800 with 109 points. The rest of the ladder can be found below.

7theaura ˙͜˙74
10PikachuSean ^~^67
12yeet dab xd60
14Chris ☭ tmas??54
15Soft Flex50
17Purple Gummi48
26dr at iOS?!27
29arcavee '◡'25
37p0ip0le ◌͜◌17
39Qui-Gon the Flygon14
42Found then Lost13
48Tapler ❀9
53dot Comfey8
57tl the legend ˙͜˙7
64Pepsi Man 26
64NayutalieN Fan6
68articoo ☾5
68hu tao sweat5
73Gumbearball ?4
73Gwynt ^-^4
82toxic boosted️3
82Rory Mercury3
82Zip It3
91Dasocks (^~^)☂2
91Tis I Me2
104Meteor Beam1
104Magic ☭ Communist1
104Thunder!!! Emerald1
104Wan the Avatar1
104Lucas Ranger~1
104Waahhh Audino1

The Twist remains Scavengers Any% Speedrun, so solve fast for some bonus points on your fish.

Lastly we have some promotions. Congratulations to WarriorGallade on driver, PikachuSean on voice and BubidaJeffery on returning as voice.

See ya next cycle
Hosted a Fish on July 19th 10:30 PM IST/ 01:00 PM EDT/10:00 AM PST
QCs done by CWiz and aegii! Thanks to both!

The official scavenger hunt by TheAura was ended automatically.
1st place: Menace02 [26:08].
2nd place: Chris ☭ tmas?? [31:09].
3rd place: Teutonic✠Squire [32:53].
4th place: blazeofvictory [34:51].
5th place: BubidaJeffery! [37:04].
Consolation Prize: yeet dab xd [57:50], WarriorGallade [01:02:42]

1) The German version of this Pokemon game has an anime character's duplicate image. [Pokemon Puzzle League]
2) These trainers that don't appear in Pokemon Crystal, appeared in Pokemon Gold & Silver. (alpha order, format as [Trainer Class] [Name] for all) [Firebreather Dick Firebreather Ned]
3) These characters with known names in BDSP, went unnamed in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl. (alpha order) [Felicity Roseanne]
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Scheduling an official for 6pm EST on Thursday, July 21st.

Shoutouts to computerwizard8800 and deftinwolf for QCs, and for cwiz for hosting it.

1st place: Merlee [03:20] (+4).
2nd place: Chris ☭ tmas?? [03:59] (+4).
3rd place: Pepsi Man 2 [04:00] (+3).
4th place: bro._.torterra [04:40] (+3).
5th place: TheAura [05:04] (+3).
Consolation Prize: killerASCII [05:25] (+3), Menace02 [07:07] (+2), Illusio [07:42] (+2), dot Comfey [07:56] (+2), yeet dab xd [08:14] (+1), blazeofvictory [09:42] (+1), gregoris4 [01:02:53], AndrewThePenguin [01:07:43]

1) This is the only Gym Leader from Gen 1-4 that does not appear in Black 2 and White 2. [koga]
2) This Pokemon's moves in SSBU include Triple Kick, as well as this normal type move that it cannot learn in Gen 8 (answer with the Pokemon, and then the move). [greninja slam]
3) In Ruby and Sapphire, a certain trainer class exclusively used bug type Pokemon with the exception of a poison type Pokemon and its evolution. In Diamond and Pearl, the same trainer class exclusively used poison type Pokemon with the exception of a ground type Pokemon. Name the aforementioned ground type and poison type Pokemon in alphabetical order, followed by the highest base power move that both of them learned via level up in gen 4. [geodude koffing explosion]
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Hosting a fish for tomorrow Sunday, July 24th for 5pm PST/8pm EST B)
Thanks to Celesteeal and deftinwolf for QC'ing!

1st place: yeet dab xd [03:22].
2nd place: dot Comfey [10:06].
3rd place: 111ace111 [12:11].
4th place: BubidaJeffery! [22:32].
5th place: Computerwizard8800 [25:30].
Consolation Prize: jojja [30:10], Teutonic✠Squire [48:45], NewsDan [01:39:11]

1. This item's data can be shown using /nms. [Metronome]
2. In a certain game, a Pokemon is only able to get 12 different moves from Metronome. Name the Pokemon, followed by the move it can use via Metronome with the highest BP. [Clefairy, Hydro Pump]
3. An anime opening features Metronome within the full version of its lyrics. Name the English name of the opening, and then the move that follows Metronome in the lyrics. [The Rivals, Razor Leaf]
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Oh hey, I had an official for Thursday July 28 at 11am GMT, QCs by Tapler and Turtal :)

It happened, and here's the winners!

1st place: Yveltalray [30:55].
2nd place: Teutonic✠Squire [31:20].
3rd place: jojja [32:30].
4th place: Marsheaux [35:21].
5th place: Sabby60>!!> [37:18].
Consolation Prize: blazeofvictory [01:06:35], Computerwizard8800 [01:07:55]

Here's the questions!
1) Professor Oak believes that these 2 Pokemon are "hard to catch". (alphabetical order)
2) In the page where this image was taken from , which Pokemon have been summoned from Pokeballs? (alphabetical order)
3) According to a "Pokédex", an NBA player is estimated to be this height. (answer in cm)

Q1 answer: fearow tentacruel | source: Pokemon Yellow manual
Q2 answer: golem machoke snorlax | source: Let’s Find Pokemon Special Complete Edition book, image source Q3 answer: 225 | source: The book called "Pokédex" from 1996, else Pokemon by Weight page on Bulbapedia
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July's second cycle has concluded. In first place we once again find blazeofvictory with 187 points, second is Teutonic✠Squire again with 178 points and yeet dab xd has taken third with 175 points. Full ladder ↓
3yeet dab xd175
6dot Comfey102
7Chris ☭ tmas??91
16Soft Flex50
27Pepsi Man 227
30Purple Gummi26
34Tapler ❀23
37PikachuSean ^~^18
39hu tao sweat17
43Gwynt ^-^14
48tl the legend??10
52The Benz Mafia7
52Hielito fresco~♪7
52Qui-Gon the Flygon7
52Rory Mercury7
61BlueFins ˙͜˙5
61100 gecs fan5
67articoo ☾4
67linnea gaming4
73Ing Pichu3
80Painter Espeon2
91Dasocks (^~^)☂1
91Forest fyte1
91Martin Freeman1
91Im a literal noob1
91An >_> Dy1
91tis i me1
91ShinyTurtlez ツ1
91Lucas Ranger~1

The twist for August will be Time Trial: Placements for all official hunts will be sorted by the time it takes to finish the hunt, not from the start of the hunt. During these officials no extra hints will be given.

Lastly a big welcome back to Pants who has returned as mod.

I have no idea how to end this.
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Mini roundup!

The mini scavenger hunt by deftinwolf was ended automatically.
1st place: smii [03:04].
2nd place: theaura˙͜˙ [03:07].
3rd place: blazeofvictory [03:24].
Consolation Prize: Found then Lost [04:17], Sabby60>!!> [06:30], Rory Mercury [06:50], Marsheaux [07:20], Grassy_storm!!~~ [11:23], Computerwizard8800 [12:28], Duckgame4life [28:07], Teutonic✠Squire [31:17], acluous [38:52], yeet dab xd [42:52], scoobydoobydrew [59:41], TpOi2006 [01:22:38]

QC: dot Comfey
The mini scavenger hunt by Teutonic✠Squire was ended automatically.
1st place: NewsDan [07:49].
2nd place: Menace02 [19:07].
3rd place: blazeofvictory [21:53].
Consolation Prize: Dontl0se2536 [35:53], WarriorGallade [01:08:09], LolLemonz [01:09:21], yeet dab xd [01:25:59], Scorbunny345✿ [01:27:02]

QC: PartMan
1st place: yeet dab xd [02:33].
2nd place: pants [02:50].
3rd place: jojja [03:18].
Consolation Prize: Computerwizard8800 [03:23], LJB14 [05:55], imnewhelppls [06:34], blazeofvictory [10:07], Andrew˙͜Nick˙͜ [15:42], Menace02 [32:45], Chris ☭ tmas?? [38:18], notbuddha [41:53], Purple Gummi [51:18], ip04 [01:50:53]

QC: dot Comfey
The mini scavenger hunt by aQrator was ended automatically.
1st place: BubidaJeffery! [27:45].
2nd place: Computerwizard8800 [33:29].
3rd place: Yveltalray [38:37].
Consolation Prize: Teutonic✠Squire [50:50], arcavee [52:21]

QC: LittEleven
The mini scavenger hunt by deftinwolf was ended automatically.
1st place: BubidaJeffery! [02:34].
2nd place: LJB14 [11:07].
3rd place: jojja [15:18].
Consolation Prize: Sabby60>!!> [15:28], aQrator [19:13], arcavee [30:15], Asxier [31:06], Yveltalray [31:38], Logic102 [31:51], LolLemonz [43:00], eyelike [53:42], Teutonic✠Squire [54:40], yeet dab xd [55:00], Scotimus [01:06:31], Purple Gummi [01:15:18], dot Comfey [01:19:53], Menace02 [01:41:42], blazeofvictory [02:03:56], notbuddha [02:06:22], Steve456664 [02:12:22]

QC: Computerwizard8800

Last mini roundup can be found here.
Am hosting one odyssey in a series of many, Pokeradar Pearl on Thursday, August 4, 10:00 CST | 16:00 GMT | 19:30 IST. Much thanks for the lovely QCs from TurtalKatThing and aQrator

if you're looking for what'll become the longest odyssey series in scav history, keep watching this post :3

Part 1 was successfully hosted at the aforementioned time.
The official scavenger hunt by WarriorGallade was ended automatically.
1st place: blazeofvictory [52:36].
2nd place: Litt♥Eleven [01:00:37].
3rd place: Computerwizard8800 [01:03:28].
4th place: Teutonic✠Squire [01:04:23].
5th place: Menace02 [01:19:14].
Consolation Prize: Scotimus [01:24:02], BubidaJeffery! [01:38:14], TheAura [01:39:16], fuzzyfoam [02:09:07], yeet._.dab._.xd [02:23:13], Qui-Gon the Flygon [02:39:13], 111ace111 [02:54:25]

1) 1. This odyssey and all its questions involve a playthrough of Pokemon Pearl, with some artistic liberty. More details will be included along the way! If any question has multiple answers, use alphabetical order, and use PS formatting for Pokemon names. For now, the only rules in place are set mode and no items in battle. It seems like it's been ages since I went on an adventure of my own, without my brother, but I finally awaken to a lilac background and see an elderly man welcoming me to the world of Pokemon. I paid attention and listened to him introduce himself as Prof. Rowan. What Pokemon did he send out during this introduction? [Munchlax]
2) 2. Seeing Munchlax brightens my day; after all I did remember Ash's Snorlax being the peak of power and the goal of this adventure was to train one of my own eventually. As I'm asked for my name, I type in Zeiol, and choose to play as a boy. As I see the figure of a blonde-haired boy, Prof. Rowan asks me for his name. Caught off guard, I go to enter a new name only to enter nothing at all. What does Prof. Rowan think I named my Rival? [Diamond]
3) 3. With more time to think, Zeiol enters his rival's name, Tinston, a memory from a time long past. With that, Zeiol leaps into the world of Pokemon. The first thing he sees is a TV broadcast, and it seems like they're talking about something familiar. The broadcast seems to be mentioning a Pokemon and an exploration team's efforts to find it, but they ended in failure. What location is this specific Pokemon guaranteed to be found at? [Lake of Rage]
4) 4. With the broadcast over, Zeiol takes a look at his trainer card; a trainer ID of 65036, pretty close to the theoretical maximum of 65535. Of course, Zeiol doesn't care much about his score yet, as it's a clean 0. However, Zeiol notices something strange in the Key Items pocket of his bag; a flat device with a white-colored grip, gray buttons, blue screen and a red bezel. He has no clue what to make of this, and decides to experiment but upon trying to use it, he hears a voice that there's a time and place for everything, but not now. This confuses him even more, but he brushes the thought aside, after all he's got to meet with his friend Tinston! What item did Zeiol find? [PokeRadar]
5) 5. Zeiol visits Tinston, who promptly dashes out of Twinleaf town, not before mentioning that he'll be fined for $ 11 million. They meet at the entrance to Route 201, with him declaring his plans to capture a mirage Pokemon from the local lake, similar to the Red Gyarados from the broadcast earlier. With that said, the two of them tag along, and Tinston's eager personality to head to the lake made it impossible to investigate the odd item from earlier. As Zeiol arrives near the entrance to this lake, he sees a signpost. Having never actually explored the lake he decides to give it a read so he knows what to expect. What does the sign describe the lake as? [The Lake of Emotions]
6) 6. The duo is filled with determination as they enter the lake, but Zeiol doesn't see anyone in blue hair..? Perhaps it's deja vu, but it doesn't seem like he'll meet that person for now. In any case, he sees an old man and young girl discussing something, and leave passing them by. They seem to leave a suitcase behind in the grass, which Tinston jumps at the chance to investigate. However Zeiol is cautious, and stays at the edge of the grass and watches. As Tinston reaches the case, a pair of Starly surround both Zeiol and him! Frantic and unarmed, he opens the suitcase, and sees a trio of Pokeballs. He tosses two towards Zeiol, and sends out a Chimchar from the third, ready to do battle. As Zeiol catches the Pokeballs, he realizes both of them were empty; no Pokemon at all! Taking a gamble, he throws one at the Starly, who promptly breaks out, angrier than ever and in no mood to back down. With only one Pokeball to spare, Zeiol scrambles for the device from earlier in hope that it'll save him, presses its buttons at random and hears an odd ringing, followed by the silhouette of a Pokemon almost as tall as himself appearing nearby. What Pokemon is this? [Wobbuffet]
7) 7. Desperate for assistance, and with no idea what that emerging Pokemon was, Zeiol pleads with the wild Pokemon to be his ally. "Wobb-ba!" the Pokemon exclaims, raising its arm in the form of a handshake. Relieved, he throws the Pokeball at it, and it's a successful capture. By now, the Starly is charging towards Zeiol, as he recoils in fear, sending out his fresh capture to defend him. Without any scientific devices to tell him what the Pokemon is or what moves it knows, Zeiol trusts the blue blob's judgment. As Wobbuffet takes the Tackle, it seems to fall on its back, but is able to swing its body back around to retaliate! However something seems strange; neither Wobbffet or the Starly seem to be very damaged as a result of this! Still, Zeiol was sure that the altercation did something and continues to watch. After what seemed like forever, the Starly is defeated and the Wobbffet turns back to Zeiol, the same smile plastered on its face, and it's greeted by a hug from the wailing Zeiol, who of course had never been in a Pokemon battle nor captured a Pokemon before. As Tinston was finishing up his battle as well, he looked over and was quite confused; the movements he saw from the blue blob were strange indeed. What move did Wobbuffet use to land the finishing blow? [Counter]
8) 8. As they revel in the post-battle glory, the girl from earlier returns, and mentions that the suitcase belonged to Prof. Rowan. Without leaving room for explanation, she grabs the suitcase and bolts back, scolding Zeiol and Tinston for rashly using the Pokemon within. However, both of them are still unnerved, and decide to head back to Twinleaf. Prof. Rowan and the girl from earlier meet the duo at the mouth of the route. He's quite surprised to see Zeiol's Pokemon in particular, and tells them to visit his lab in Sandgem. As Zeiol narrates the recent events to his mother, she gives him a gift to help with the visit to Sandgem town. What is it? [Running Shoes]
9) 9. Zeiol narrates the events yet again to Prof. Rowan, and he's blown aback, recognizing Wobbuffet as a Pokemon not native to Sinnoh, and was more shocked to hear that it could be found at the lake he was just at. After more discussion, Zeiol is given the National Pokedex to better catalogue Pokeradar mysteries, and chooses to give Wobbuffet the nickname Paleo, to which it gladly accepts. Prof. Rowan also says that he'll mention the details to Prof. Oak, one of his colleagues about this anomaly. If any Pokemon is given a nickname during this playthrough, use that nickname if it's ever an answer. If it has no nickname, use its species name. Soon after this discourse, he heads to the Pokemart, buys 10 Pokeballs, 2 Potions, 1 Antidote and 1 Paralyz Heal. How much money did he spend? [2900]
10) 10. Well stocked, Zeiol heads back home to discuss with his mother about going on an adventure. On the way, he uses the Pokedex to look at Paleo's summary, and makes a note that it's got a Jolly nature with a characteristic for good perseverance. Another wild Starly is encountered, and Zeiol aims to throw a Pokeball at it. However, the Pokeradar from earlier seems to be jamming the signal! As it turns out, only Pokemon not normally native to the route, and encountered through use of the Pokeradar can be caught throughout this playthrough! With the radar somehow stuck to Zeiol's bag, removing it seems impossible, and so he accepts it, letting the Starly go. Dawn initially attempts to demonstrate catching, but sees there's no need to with Paleo's presence. Zeiol senses another team member might lurk nearby on this route, and activates the radar. What Pokemon is his encounter? [Sentret]
11) 11. Sentret is successfully captured. Since it's not a Sinnoh native, Zeiol checks the Pokedex, however a quick look at it makes it evident that the strange Pokeradar has affected the Pokedex too; now it indicates what Pokemon can be encountered with it in the nearby areas. Upon reaching Jubilife city, Zeiol makes up his mind to find the rarest possible Pokemon by encounter rate, without battling any more trainers. What Pokemon is this? [Kirlia]
12) 12. A few hours later, Zeiol encounters an all too unfamiliar cry. Thankfully, thanks to Paleo's presence as well another factor, the wild Kirlia was unable to flee, which was a relief. With the successful capture, Zeiol heads back to the closest Pokemon Center for a well deserved rest. He checks its summary to notice that the Kirlia is quiet-natured, and re-reads his journal to relive the last hour. The last entry "Kirlia was caught (Evening)" seemed normal enough, but the second-last entry was notable, reading "Warped to Jubilife City." He found it strange that such a thing would be logged, but puts the journal back into his bag. What move was used at some point to trigger this entry? [Teleport]
13) 13. All rested up, Zeiol heads to the Trainer's school, defeats two school kids to earn the Hidden Power TM and returns the Parcel to Tinston. It contained two Town Maps, one of which Zeiol took. Before leaving, he makes sure to study a bit so that he's extra prepared. Upon leaving the building, he speaks to three clowns and receives tickets, which are redeemed for a Poketch. The Pokeradar sparks with electricity - similar to how it did when jamming Pokeballs, and unlocks the app most relevant to itself on the Poketch. What app is it? [Chain counter / Trainer Counter]
14) 14. With some time on his hands, Zeiol heads to the Jubilife Condos to spend some time looking even more carefully at the Pokeradar; surely normal ones don't go around unlocking hidden features of other devices. He notices strange writing in fine print on the back of the Pokeradar, reading "Conquer the Magma Stone to deactivate." Of course, Zeiol has no clue what to make of this, after all how does one conquer a stone? In any case, it doesn't seem like there's any way to discard or turn off the Pokeradar with what he has, so Zeiol ignores it and moves on. As per the writing, after defeating this Pokemon and thereby acquiring the Magma Stone, the Pokeradar will return to normal. [Heatran]
15) 15. Zeiol heads east to Route 203, and easily defeats Tinston. Route 203 also has Ralts and Kirlia as the Pokeradar encounters, so he passes it by. Next destination being Oreburgh, he passes through the Oreburgh Gate. The cave seems to hold more secrets than it seems, but Zeiol can't quite explore it fully at this point in time. These HM moves need to be usable to fully explore it. [RockSmash Strength Surf]
16) 16. Zeiol thinks it worthwhile to see if any nearby routes react to the Pokeradar, as he's heard the Gym Leader to be quite strong. It's here that Zeiol notices a property of the Pokeradar, after a Pokemon encountered using it is caught or defeated, the grass nearby rustles again. He feels this might be something intriguing. Walking into one of the newly rustling patches initiates an encounter with another Pokemon. Since the last battle was close, he runs from it, and there's no more rustling. He concludes thinking that it's strange, but there's no need to investigate it presently. This Pokemon is newly added to the team. [Stantler]
17) 17. Here, Zeiol takes more time to analyze how the Pokeradar works, over another hour. He makes note that any Pokeradar exclusive Pokemon could not be found with lightly rustling grass. The battle with Stantler was long-drawn, expending 12 Pokeballs before it was caught, possibly due to its careful nature. He heads to the Oreburgh Condos to talk with some locals, and sees a fun TV program. If Zeiol wants his friends to appear on TV, then according to the program he needs to do this thing in a Union Room. [mix records / record mixing / mixing records]
18) 18. A young boy in Oreburgh talks about certain Pokemon being differently colored than normal, giving orange-colored Pikachu as an example. This also sounds neat, but it didn't seem presently relevant so Zeiol ignores this and heads to Oreburgh Mine. Multiple of this Pokemon are seen working in the mine. [Machop]
19) 19. A quick meeting with Roark in the mine later, Zeiol heads to the gym. Of course, because this is his first challenge he felt it was a good idea to train in the nearby areas. "Rock types are resistant to hits, so if I make sure they can't attack while I keep hitting them, I can take them down!", he thought. With this in mind, Stantler reached Level 10 with Kirlia and Paleo trailing behind at Level 9, and Sentret at level 3. This was the most recently learnt move by any of Zeiol's Pokemon. [Hypnosis]
20) 20. Nervous but determined, Zeiol begins his gym battle. Stantler's Intimidate combined with Hypnosis allow it to get out of the exchange with Roark's Geodude relatively painlessly. Roark's Onix was up next, and Zeiol took another gamble, outspeeding it to land another Hypnosis. Onix seemed menacing, so playing it safe, the next action was switching out to Kirlia, then to Sentret, and back into Stantler for another Intimidate as Onix kept using Screech. Winning the speed tie via a Rock Throw miss, Stantler crucially landed another Hypnosis allowing for a pivot back into Kirlia. Out of all the moves guaranteed to be known by Zeiol's Pokemon at this point, two of them would always fail if used in this battle. What are they? [Mirror Coat Teleport]
21) 21. Onix wakes up and goes into red health from the Confusion, but Roark uses a Potion, allowing it to survive and retaliate. Zeiol pivots back into Sentret, and this is where he realizes the deviousness of Stealth Rock. Each time he does this, his Pokemon get damaged and closer to being KOed! He's shocked he didn't realize this earlier, and makes a split-second decision. Deciding to let Sentret faint, he brings back Stantler in to take the KO with Astonish. As Roark's ace takes to the field, Zeiol notices that it's likely to be really strong. "If Paleo's power didn't do much against a weak Starly, could it possibly deal more damage against a strong Cranidos?", he wonders. Landing a Hypnosis against the Leer, he switches to Paleo and chooses to keep using Counter, hoping the Cranidos doesn't know any status or special moves. The strategy pays off marvellously, Cranidos wakes up and attacks with a vicious Pursuit, but is cleanly knocked out from the retaliatory counter. Zeiol's now got his first gym badge, the Coal Badge, and is over-the-moon excited. He got this much money from defeating Roark. [1680]
22) 22. Upon obtaining the badge, Zeiol passes back through Oreburgh gate and the Hiker who gave him the Rock Smash HM congratulates him on the victory. That does remind him, can any of his Pokemon actually use it? He boots up the HM to see none of them can, and decides to find a Pokemon that can. Since the Pokeradar's jamming is still active(refer to Q10), and having heard from TV broadcasts that Eterna city is home to a grass-type leader, Zeiol checks his Pokedex and chooses to encounter this Pokemon, that can learn Rock Smash via HM and hit a monotype grass Pokemon for super-effective damage using only moves known at the level it's encountered at. [Nidoran-M]
23) 23. With a Nidoran-M successfully caught and taught Rock Smash, Zeiol walks back into Jubilife city, heading north this time. He meets up with Prof. Rowan, who also congratulates him on the badge. However, both him and Dawn seem to be hassled by oddballs with green hair. He engages the two in battle with Dawn, who is using a Piplup. The opponents seem to be using an odd variety of moves, and Zeiol wonders what kind of Pokemon they want to defeat, with that kind of coverage. This is the Pokemon with the highest BST that is weak to all damaging non-normal moves used by the Galactic Grunts. [Celebi]
24) 24. A few Counters from Paleo and Pounds from Piplup, and the Grunts scurry away in retreat. When asked about the Magma Stone, Prof. Rowan says that he knows nothing, but that the champion of the Pokemon League might, and collecting all the badges would be a good way to find them. After parting ways with them, Zeiol heads north through Ravaged Path, glad he took the time to find a Rock Smash user as fragile rocks blocked the way. Before he knew it, he was at Floaroma town. The smell of the berries was captivating, so he stopped by the local flower shop, "Pick a Peck of Colors". Talking to one of the ladies there, he got a Sprayduck to water berries with. Another one in the shop exchanged accessories for berries, but some of the exchange rates seemed ridiculously high. "Tough luck, I might like berries but these are just too many to grow", he thought. In terms of how many berries are needed, these are the two most expensive accessories available to exchange for here. [cape mirrorball]
25) 25. Heading east to Route 205, a young girl pleads with Zeiol to rescue her father from the Windworks. With the rest of the route blocked off by Team Galactic, Zeiol proceeds there. For whatever reason, the air near the Windworks seems oddly electrified and this forcefully activates the Pokeradar. Zeiol is very confused by this, but rushes into the newly rustling grass. "Perhaps it's a rare Pokemon?", he thought. Zeiol decides to check his Pokedex. He's surprised to find a Mareep, which his lead Kirlia is able to whittle down and is easily captured. What nature is this Mareep most likely to have? [Quiet]
26) 26. As the capture is successful, Zeiol encounters a wild Pachirisu, which is quickly defeated. However, something feels very, very strange after that battle. Concerned, Zeiol checks the summary of his party. The newly caught Quiet Mareep seems fine, nothing to worry about there. He checks the other Pokemon, and eerily enough every other Pokemon has something strange visible on each of their summary screens, and looks to be a status condition of sorts despite Kirlia being the only one sent into battle for quite some time. What is this status? [pkrs / pokerus]
27) 27. Scared for his companions, Zeiol dashes to Floaroma's Pokemon Center, only to be told that the strange, extremely rare virus of sorts is beneficial to his Pokemon, and not to worry as they will recover naturally in a few days. "Is this a result of that current? Is it the Pokeradar? I hope getting the Magma Stone answers this for me. If the Pokeradar does turn out to be harmful for my team, I don't know what I'd do.", he wonders aloud. Just to be safe, he decides to wait at the Pokemon Center for a few more hours until he's sure his Pokemon are good to go. Heading back to the Windworks and steering clear of the grass, he battles the Galactic Grunt to gain entry, but the door is promptly locked shut from within upon the Grunt's defeat. This item is needed to unlock the door. [Works Key]
28) 28. Still uncertain, Zeiol heads to Floaroma Meadow and dispatches the grunts, obtaining the Works Key. The man rescued from the grunts offers to sell him some Honey in exchange, detailing some of the rare Pokemon only lured by Honey, such as Heracross, Aipom, and most elusive of all, Munchlax. This reminds Zeiol of the main reasons he started the hunt - Snorlax, and he asks for details. The man tells him to look out for shaking trees once honey is slathered onto them, as they have better odds of finding rare Pokemon. If a honey tree has Munchlax on it, what's the percentage chance that tree shakes thrice? [93%]
29) 29. Unfortunately, the Pokeradar once again prevented the Honey from being used by launching a current at the newly-slathered bark, rendering it useless as a Pokemon lure. Annoyed, Zeiol convinces himself that it's only a matter of time till he finds the Magma Stone to deactivate it and gets his beloved Snorlax. Heading back to the Windworks, it seems he has to take down the commander Mars, to rescue the girl's father. A daunting prospect, seeing as how they took over the Windworks. However he needn't have worried, as Mars' Zubat fell in two ThunderShocks from Mareep, and two Counters from Paleo dealt with her Purugly, landing him a victory. With this, a new team member, Hoppip is captured. Since it knows no attacking moves, this TM matching one of its types is taught to it. [Bullet Seed]
30) 30. Deciding to head back to Jublife city to relax from all the Galactic Craziness, Zeiol also wants to train up his new team members. So far, Zeiol has chosen not to capture these three Pokemon that he had the chance to, without exploring any new areas. [Nidoran-F Ralts Sunkern]
31) 31. Zeiol was not prepared for what happened next. A trainer within Jubilife city challenged him to a battle and he thought nothing of it, but their sole Pokemon proved decisive, being at a level higher than anything he'd seen before, including Mars' Purugly. Its Fury Attack was the perfect counter to Paleo's Counter, as it only countered an individual hit of damage. Paleo seemed to be on the verge of fainting, so it's switched out into Stantler, who's successfully able to land a Hypnosis. From then on, Mareep makes quick work of it. What Pokemon was Zeiol battling? [Chatot]
32) 32. Exploring more of the Jubilife TV building, he came across a TV producer asking him for his opinions on TV. The strange nature of this question made him certain that correctly guessing a password would lead to a reward of some sort, and he was right! Upon a correct guess Zeiol was given a wallpaper for his PC boxes with some very powerful-looking Pokemon on it, almost as if they were legendary. Despite that, he felt there was more to this than the first glance revealed. If Zeiol mentioned some other custom phrases, he’d be able to obtain these wallpapers, containing a Pokemon on them. [Pikapika Torchic Trio]
33) 33. The TV building had many more things to do, including dress-up! This was very fun, and Zeiol had a blast playing dress-up with Hoppip. He finally decided on the look here (, with the photo of it being titled "Energetic". There's exactly one accessory that's used more than once in this image; assume no accessory has been obscured by another. What contest themes does this accessory score well at? [colorful flexible natural relaxed]
34) 34. Satisfied by his accomplishment, Zeiol figured it was as good a time as any to finish his relaxing tour around the city and go back to his main goal. He trekked to Floaroma Town and continued north, hoping to unravel more about the immaculate device stuck in his bag. Thanks for playing the first part of Pokeradar Pearl! Look forward to the next part, coming soon! As Zeiol continues his journey, he remembers something funny he saw on TV featuring Jubilife’s GTS. Of course, having read the sign outside, he knew that it stood for Global Trade Station. However, a personality on the program says that GTS stands for this phrase. [gross and terribly stunky]

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1) 35. Welcome back to Part 2 of Pokeradar Pearl! As a general note, use alphabetical order if a question has multiple answers and PS formatting for Pokemon names. Having spent a fun time at Jubilife TV, Zeiol heads back to Route 205 and makes quick work of the trainers, proceeding north to Eterna Forest and meeting up with a girl named Cheryl. They decided to team up and head through the forest together. Curiously, Zeiol noticed that the Pokeradar didn't function when he was with another person. "Odd, I'll check out what I can encounter here later", he thinks. Midway through the forest, the pair face off against two Psychics, both using Abra. Zeiol noticed that regardless of what Pokemon he used, some Pokemon could be hit super-effectively each turn! What type was the Abra's Hidden Power? [Fighting]
2) 36. A pair of wild Budew were encountered, and this was the first time Kirlia's ability, Synchronize, was noticed. When one of the Budew used Stun Spore, it was paralyzed as well. In this challenge, if a Paralyzed Pokemon successfully used this move against an opponent with Synchronize, it would briefly cure itself of paralysis, only to be paralyzed at the end of the turn even if the opponent did nothing. [Psycho Shift]
3) 37. Cheryl is intrigued by the assortment of Pokemon, and asks about Zeiol's team. Currently, Zeiol’s team consists of Paleo the Wobbuffet, Nidoran-M, Hoppip and Mareep, all Level 14, while Kirlia and Stantler are Level 13, with a Level 4 Sentret very recently placed in the box. As Cheryl begins talking about her team, both of them encounter another pair of wild Pokemon. Kirlia resists one Pokemon's attack, and is hit super-effectively by the other's. What Pokemon were just encountered? [Dustox misdreavus]
4) 38. As both of them reach the end of the forest, Cheryl thanks Zeiol for his company and leaves the forest. Zeiol decides now is a good time to check his Pokedex for nearby encounters. Without battling any additional trainers, Zeiol has access to these new Pokemon. [Nincada Slowpoke Tyrogue]
5) 39. Nincada and Slowpoke are captured, but Tyrogue is passed on for the time being. Zeiol spends some more time training the new captures east of Eterna. Hoppip is boxed, and Nincada takes its place. As Mareep reaches Level 15 and starts to evolve, he remembers what a passerby had told him, that Pokemon learn better moves sooner if they don't evolve. Choosing to take a gamble, Mareep is prevented from evolving until it can learn a damaging STAB move twice as strong as the one it presently knows. What level is this? [28]
6) 40. A bit overconfident from Roark's battle but believing his team can carry him through, Zeiol heads into the gym to challenge Gardenia. All of his team's levels range from 14 to 15. He leads with Hoppip, as Gardenia leads with Cherubi. A quick PoisonPowder later, Cherubi seems unable to make a dent in Hoppip. However, Gardenia makes a surprise swap into her ace, Roserade! This wasn't expected, but Hoppip knew Stun Spore to help soften it up, and switched out to Kirlia. This wasn't the right play, as Kirlia fainted in two hits, dealing minimal damage in return. Paleo was up next, and landed a crushing Mirror Coat to knock out the Roserade. With a switch back into Cherubi, Zeiol's sure that Hoppip can handle the rest, and it does, taking down Cherubi and the incoming Turtwig via PoisonPowder and Synthesis. The Forest badge now obtained, Zeiol chuckles and congratulates his team on a job well done. This move has a method of dealing damage identically to the one contained in the TM handed out by Gardenia. [Low Kick]
7) 41. Zeiol noticed that the rest of his team doesn't seem to be getting much room to shine. "All of my Pokemon were at a level disadvantage and I still won, only using a third of my team. I can't be that skilled a trainer, can I?", he wondered. Hopeful but yet uncertain, he walks back to the Pokemon Center only to realize that someone called Rad Rickshaw has been kidnapped by Team Galactic! Feeling concerned, he heads to the Galactic Building to find trees blocking the way. Unsure of how to get around them, he visits a house in town and obtains the Explorer Kit. "Perhaps I dig under the base to infiltrate it? Sounds like those movies about the International Police and Detective Looker, exciting!", he exclaims. Upon using the Explorer Kit, this is the first person Zeiol sees. [Roark]
8) 42. Surprised to see Zeiol there, Roark briefly gives him a run-down of the place and promptly departs. Now, Zeiol is even more confused. "How am I supposed to find the Galactic Building from here?", he wonders. He looked at the surrounding equipment, and saw a radar, which reacts to something nearby. Picking up a Picaxe, he gets to digging where the signal was strongest. On his first attempt, he obtained an Armor Fossil and one other item; the smallest possible item obtainable in the Underground in terms of covered area. What was it? [Heart Scale]
9) 43. Zeiol has more fun than he anticipated playing in the Underground, even though it had very few people at present. After unearthing more Spheres and Treasure, he finds a Hiker who offers to trade some of his goods in exchange for Zeiol's spheres. Zeiol seemed interested in the Wobbuffet Doll, as it reminded him a lot of Paleo. This is the sphere color and minimum size Zeiol would need to trade to get the doll. Answer as [color] [number] [Green 80]
10) 44. After a long time spent digging and burying spheres later, a successful exchange is made. Immediately after, Zeiol realizes he has no idea where to put the doll! "Oh well, probably should have thought of that. Er, wasn't I supposed to be infiltrating the Galactic Building? Didn't think I'd get carried away but I'll see what to do with the doll later - covered enough ground that I should be ahead of the trees. Hopefully that Rad Rickshaw dude is safe", he confidently thinks, as he uses the Explorer Kit to resurface. He's shocked to see that he exits at the exact same spot he entered. Confused, he ponders for a while on how to proceed until a mysterious woman shows up, introducing herself as Cynthia, someone studying Sinnoh's Myths. As she departs, she gives Zeiol the HM for Cut, which makes him realize what must be done to progress, and teaches it to Nidoran. Now that he has access to Cut, Zeiol can find a TM for this move in Eterna city. [Thief]
11) 45. Carefully entering the building, Zeiol's ready for a series of intense battles..but security is strangely lax. Nobody even bats an eye as he enters through the front door, which confuses him even more. However as he reaches the staircase, he's ambushed by Grunts, which are easily dispatched. Throughout the building one trainer sticks out, as they aren't a Galactic Grunt or Commander. What Pokemon does this trainer use? [Kadabra]
12) 46. Climbing to the final floor, Zeiol can see a purple-haired woman holding two Pokemon hostage as a man is pleading with her to let them go. Zeiol makes sure his team is fully healed before proceeding.These are the two Pokemon that she is holding hostage. [Buneary Clefairy]
13) 47. The woman introduces herself as Commander Jupiter, and laughing at the notion of freeing the Pokemon challenges Zeiol to battle. Her Zubat leads off with Giga Drain, but deals little damage to Mareep, who, like with Mars' Zubat, dispatches it with two ThunderShocks. The second Pokemon Skuntank smells sinister at a Level 20, while Zeiol's team is all still Level 15 or lower. As Skuntank's Night Slash knocks Mareep out, Static activates, and it's paralyzed in the process. Nincada switches in, and lands a flurry of Sand Attacks to lower Skuntank's accuracy. Nidoran swaps in next, and uses Rock Smash, as Skuntank keeps using Screech. "Funny, just like Roark's Onix", Zeiol thought. By swapping back and forth from Nincada to Nidoran, stat drops are minimized. However Skuntank finally connects, bringing Nincada down to the red. But it's too late for Jupiter, as another swap is successful and Skuntank falls to Cut. As a result of this battle, this Pokemon of Zeiol's evolves. [Nidoran-M]
14) 48. With Jupiter defeated, the two Pokemon as well as Rad Rickshaw are free to go as Zeiol continues exploring the city. Upon obtaining an item somewhere in Eterna City, Zeiol realizes he can no longer leave the city from the west as a Bug Catcher there refuses to let him pass. What item is this? [Bicycle]
15) 49. Annoyed that he can't backtrack to collect some items, Zeiol decides to take a few minutes and rest at the Eterna Pokemon Center, the last few hours have been tiring. He decides to go to Hearthome city, which is a hub of many things. As he's passing over Cycling Road, the Pokeradar reacts once again.** Descending below Cycling Road, he approaches the shaking grass and encounters this Pokemon.** [Baltoy]
16) 50. Route 206 seems very vast, so Zeiol decides to explore it a bit later. As he walks up to Mt. Coronet, he encounters Dawn and is gifted a VS. Seeker which coincidentally needs twice as long as the Pokeradar to charge. Entering the vast mountain, he finally meets the blue-haired man he expected to see many questions ago. The man spouted some nonsense about the human spirit being weak and left, with Zeiol having no clue who he was. "If my spirit is weak as he says, then my Pokemon will be strong instead!", he confidently thinks. **If Zeiol wanted to evolve Nidorino immediately, then given his current badge count he would have to encounter this Pokemon in Mt. Coronet. ** [Cleffa]
17) 51. With the Thief TM seeming very valuable, Zeiol decides to hold off on getting a Moon Stone for now. Remember; he can't catch the wild Cleffa thanks to the Pokeradar's effect. Entering Route 208, the scenery is wonderful, with a waterfall in the distance, canyons below and craggy mountains surrounding. The trainers here aren't slouches either, surprising Zeiol with their movepools. Considering all trainers that Zeiol can presently battle, these trainer-owned Pokemon on this route know moves with variable base power. [Bonsly Geodude]
18) 52. Descending the mountain, he comes across a quaint house, with a sign reading "Berry Master's House." Upon entering the house, he's greeted by an elderly man who thanks him for being there, and that he's deserving of a berry. Zeiol gets a berry that's twice as spicy as it is dry, and its strongest flavor is spiciness.** What berry did he get?** [Tamato / Tamato Berry]
19) 53. Entering Hearthome city, Zeiol's taken aback by the scale of the metropolis, bustling with activity. As he takes a look, a baby Buneary bumps into him, as a flustered woman catches up, thanking him for stopping her Buneary. She introduces herself as Keira, a contest judge and invites him to the Contest Hall. Not in much of a rush, Zeiol chooses to explore the city first. Inside the Pokemon Fan Club, a reporter asks for an interview, and about his thoughts on his Wobbuffet. Zeiol's unsure about how to describe Paleo in a single word, and asks the reporter for suggestions. He's handed a list of phrases titled "Group Mode", with multiple categories. From the "Trainer" category on the list, Zeiol chooses the first phrase alphabetically, feeling it describes Paleo reasonably well. **What phrase did he enter? ** [ace card]
20) 54. The Fan club seems to have more than meets the eye. Zeiol had a scintillating conversation with the chairman, who talked about Poffins, something he hadn't heard about before. The chairman explains how they enhance a Pokemon's qualities, and concludes by giving him a Poffin case. Zeiol's quite happy, as he'd seen contests quite a few times on TV, and wanted to take part in them. Zeiol also talked to another lady in the club, who welcomed him to the Fan Club, and asked to take a look at his Nincada. She said something about how it was warming up to him. Zeiol was glad to hear this, as Nincada was a relatively recent capture. What's the maximum happiness Nincada could have for this situation to be possible? [149]
21) 55. Zeiol leaves the Fan Club after more fun discussions about Pokemon, and bumps into a Fisherman who offers to show him around the city. He accepts, and is taken to the entrance of Amity Square, a popular tourist destination where people stroll with their Pokemon. Unfortunately, none of Zeiol's Pokemon qualify as cute enough and he leaves annoyed, sharing his sympathies with a Black Belt, whose Gyarados and Steelix were also denied entry for the same reason. He heads to the Poffin House next, remembering the Fan Club's suggestions, to try his hand at baking Poffins. He chooses an Oran Berry, and begins cooking. A bit overenthusiastic while stirring, he ends up spilling the mixture once but otherwise is able to successfully bake a poffin within 44 seconds. What level and smoothness did the newly baked Dry Poffin have? [11 19]
22) 56. Poffin making's a blast, but Zeiol only had so many berries to go around. He makes a note to come back here after growing more of them, and continues exploring the city. He next heads to the Foreign Building, a monument symbolic of Hearthome's place as a meeting point of different cultures. It was the first place he had been to with such a serious atmosphere, and the central stained glass display depicting Mt. Coronet left an impression on him. City exploration finished, he heads to the contest hall, passing by Fantina, the local gym leader. Zeiol is shocked to see his mother Johanna there, as an expert coordinator. He tries to recall what he remembers of watching her contests, but to no avail. What Pokemon does she use to participate in contests? [Kangaskhan / Jumpy]
23) 57. Zeiol decides to give Nidorino a spotlight, and feeds it a spicy poffin, which it happily eats. He tried giving it a bitter poffin as well, but it showed an intense dislike for the flavor. Nidorino seemed neutral to all other poffin flavors. What nature does Nidorino have? [Naughty]
24) 58. Upon both Johanna's and Keira's suggestion, and confident in his Pokemon's skills, Nidorino is signed up for the Normal rank Cool contest. He's matched up against Connor, Heather and Sara. What Pokemon do the three of them use? [Cherubi Starly Zubat / Batty Flappy Pit]
25) 59. The theme being "Colorful" for the Visual round, Zeiol tries to replicate the design sense from when he played dress-up with Hoppip. This idea works, as Nidorino just barely takes the lead with five hearts, as Flappy follows behind with four, and the others with two. The Dance Round being up next, Nidorino is able to flawlessly copy the actions of the other dancers. However when it's Zeiol's turn, Nidorino gets the timing wrong and times most of its steps incorrectly. Despite the error, Zeiol is still leading in points at the end of this round. A small icon of this Pokemon is used to track the beat in the Dance round. [Jigglypuff]
26) 60. Up first in the appeal round, Zeiol tells Nidorino to go for this move, which will double the score earned on the next turn. Remember, Nidorino is still Level 16 and no TMs have been used on it. [Focus Energy]
27) 61. Zeiol notices that some of his opponents have considerable battle skill as well, demonstrated by Pit's use of SolarBeam, the strongest attack he's seen so far. He's glad he didn't have to face it in battle. Nidorino is the only one to perform for Dexter, while all of the opponents perform for Keira. With Keira at three voltage points, Zeiol decides to take a gamble. What are all the 3-heart appeal moves that Nidorino could use that would give Keira a voltage point? [Cut Peck]
28) 62. Uh oh! Zeiol mispredicted, and none of the previous contestants chose to perform for Keira, who's now at 4 voltage points. While the combination last turn worked out, earning Nidorino a total of 9 hearts, the big bonus is in jeopardy, as he's the last performer for this turn. Extremely nervous at this point, Nidorino is commanded to use Focus Energy for Keira again, in the hope that no other contestant chooses her. Sadly, this hope is dashed by Flappy being the first to move, claiming the 5 heart voltage bonus for itself. Funnily enough, it seems all the opponents caught onto this, as everyone in the round performed for Keira. Even though Flappy wasn't the lowest scorer in the previous round, it still guaranteed it moved first due to what it used the previous round. What moves could it have used? [Agility Quick Attack]
29) 63. The last appeal round now looming, Zeiol is very uncertain. He notices that one of Nidorino's moves provides a +2 heart bonus if it's the final performance. Despite it not being a Cool move, he commands Nidorino to use it for Jordan. However, Zeiol made a crucial mistake! The +2 heart bonus was for being the fourth to perform in a turn, not the fourth round of appeals! Despite that, the Focus Energy from the previous turn ended Nidorino with 7 hearts. With bated breath, he awaits the results. Zeiol needn't have worried, as his victory was by a landslide, outclassing all opponents by a huge margin. This earned him the Cool Ribbon, which he happily put onto a delighted Nidorino.What move did Nidorino use in the last round? [RockSmash]
30) 64. While Zeiol had half a mind to go back for more, the last contest was quite nerve-wracking and he sat down to rest for a while. He was pleasantly surprised to see a photo of his Nidorino framed and put in the Contest hall. He decides to sit by Hearthome's fountains, as they're heard to be a sight to behold at night. However, on the way, Tinston appears out of nowhere and challenges him to a battle! Tintston's Starly falls to two ThunderShocks from Mareep, as does his Buizel. Monferno up next quickly dispatches Mareep with a Flame Wheel, Stantler with Mach Punch, and Nidorino with Fury Swipes. However the chip damage from each allows Kirlia to dispatch it with Confusion. His final Pokemon, Roselia is able to take down Kirlia and Nincada with Mega Drain, leaving only Paleo. Poisoned by Poison Sting, the situation is dire as Zeiol keeps commanding a use of Mirror Coat, which works on the third try. The battle is won, but it's very close, with Paleo in the red. After healing up, Zeiol relaxes at the fountains for a while, and then heads east to Route 209.** He now has the chance to capture these two Pokemon on this route**. [Miltank Tauros]
31) 65. Zeiol considers capturing both Tauros and Miltank, but feels Stantler is still strong enough, and that he doesn't need another Normal Type. However before he continues, he feels like he's forgotten something at Hearthome city, and he's right. He notices a small house near the Pokemon Center, home to Sinnoh's PC administrator, Bebe. She's happy to meet another end user, and upon noticing he has the National Pokedex mentions a neat fact about abilities having special effects if one's lead Pokemon had them. A lot of the discussion flies over Zeiol's head, but what he did catch was her mentioning Compoundeyes, the ability his Nincada had. As he thanked Bebe and headed back to Route 209, he decided to try this out. Sure enough, with Nincada in the lead he's soon able to encounter a Bibarel that restores its health with a Sitrus Berry, which surprises him, as that's quite the rare item.** What percentage chance does this Bibarel have to hold the Sitrus Berry with Nincada in the lead?** [20%]
32) 66. Zeiol wonders even more about what applications this might have. "The Pokeradar can make encounters of the same Pokemon more likely, and if I can get more of the same Pokemon appear, I have chances at getting rare items with Nincada!", he thought. Zeiol could obtain this held item from a Route 209 Pokemon, which could not be obtained in the overworld, or as a gift, or purchased anywhere else. [Lucky Egg]
33) 67. Before starting on the item expedition, He makes note of two factors: 1) encountering a Pokemon not found from the rustling grass will prevent it from rustling again and 2) if there's not enough grass surrounding him, the Pokeradar will simply fail, leading to no rustling. With both of these factors he can conclude: the more the grass surrounding him, the better odds of rustling. In preparation, a Pokemon on Zeiol's team is taught Thief, replacing this move that shares with it the types that can be hit for super-effective damage in this game. [Astonish]
34) 68. Now with a Pokemon knowing Thief, Zeiol goes to Mt. Coronet to find Cleffa. Fortunately, the first Cleffa yielded a Moon Stone which confirmed to Zeiol that this indeed was what Bebe was referring to. A short time later, besides the aforementioned Sitrus Berry and Moon Stone. Zeiol also obtained an item from Cleffa, Miltank and Starly. What were they? [Leppa Berry Moomoo Milk Yache Berry]
35) 69. Zeiol now resumes exploration of Route 209, but the trainers here give him more of a challenge than ever before. He frantically rushes to Solaceon town, which isn't too far off, avoiding as many trainers as he could. There, he spots a Pokemon Daycare and gets an idea. He consulted the couple running it, who recommended that out of his roster he leaves Mareep and Paleo with them, given what they know of movepools. A bit hesitant, Zeiol agrees, thinking that he should try to develop new strategies that don't fully rely on his ace. Wanting to fill the gaps in his team, Zeiol checks his Pokedex and dashes onto Route 215 to look for his next encounter. What Pokemon did Zeiol catch? [Houndoom]
36) 70. Zeiol struggled to defeat a Bronzor used by a Ruin Maniac but justified it to himself saying that Houndoom would make his team stronger when he got it. The journey was anything but; his team members too slow to run from Wild Ponyta or Kadabra as well as the ceaseless rain left them battered by the time a Houndoom appeared. A Dusk Ball did the trick, and Zeiol heads back to Solaceon. He's ambushed by another trainer on the way back, but this one is far easier to deal with. The battle also gave Zeiol the idea that he could train against them in the future using the VS Seeker, because they used one of the Pokemon with the highest base experience yields in this game. What Pokemon is this? [Happiny]
37) 71. Back at Solaceon with Houndoom now in his party, Zeiol was extremely excited to possibly reach Veilstone city and get one step closer to the Magma Stone, even though he hadn't explored many of the surrounding areas, and his team was struggling. He chose to make a quick decision, withdrawing Mareep and Paleo from the daycare and heading towards the Ace Trainer duo guarding the entrance to Veilstone, dodging every other trainer along the way. Their Monferno reminded Zeiol of the close fight with Tinston, and their Gyarados' size made him speechless. They even intelligently switched out the asleep Glameow into Kadabra, exerting fierce offensive pressure. It was the toughest battle Zeiol had yet, and if not for the luck with Stantler's Hypnosis, he'd long since have lost. The road to Veilstone is now open, but by now exhaustion has caught up to Zeiol. His team hasn't had a proper rest since Hearthome, a place quite far behind. Zeiol enters the Veilstone gate and looks back at his team, but doesn't see any smiles; they're positively exhausted and can't go on much longer. Multiple battles through harsh weather in quick succession over the past hours have worn them down. Looking at their condition, he breaks out into tears and apologizes, hugging them all, promising to not push them so far again. He understands that he shouldn't be at Veilstone yet, and tells Kirlia to use Teleport, sending him back to Hearthome's Pokemon Center, and he spends a few days there as his team recovers, taking a well earned rest. One of Zeiol's Pokemon could have an ability which, when active, would not restrict the use of Rest. However, if this scenario was recreated in any game Gen 5 or later, Rest would fail. Assuming it wasn't at full HP in either case, which of Zeiol's Pokemon fits this criteria? [Hoppip]
38) 72. As he's napping, Zeiol dreams of his time trying to enter Amity Square. In the dream, he remembers why he was denied entry; the receptionist stating that his Pokemon lacked a certain quality. With this in mind, he was able to find certain berries having a flavor associated with this quality. All of these berries had exactly one other flavor in addition to the one Zeiol found them for, at exactly the same intensity. By giving Poffins made of these berries to his Pokemon, he finally gains entry to the unexplored paradise. Fun times are had as Zeiol relaxes with his Pokemon, across the craggy monoliths and lush prairie of Amity Square. Of course, to make that many Pokeblocks, Zeiol had to plant the berries. Thanks for playing through Part 2 of Pokeradar Pearl! Look forward to Part 3, the longest and hardest part so far, coming soon! Assuming Zeiol wanted to keep the maximum possible yield shared by the berries, answer with all the berries fitting this description (ignore -berry) and then the maximum time Zeiol could wait in minutes (as a whole number) before watering them for the first time, if nothing was applied to the soil. [bluk nanab 239]

Link to future parts:
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1000th Hunt

August 15th 2022 at 2 PM UTC

QC by a turtle and a wolf

1st place: Teutonic✠Squire [10:08].
2nd place: Menace02 [14:46].
3rd place: blazeofvictory [29:04].
4th place: Computerwizard8800 [37:18].
5th place: TheAura [50:04].
Consolation Prize: BubidaJeffery! [55:50], WarriorGallade [01:24:20], yeet dab xd [01:36:14], arcavee [01:45:48], LolLemonz [01:57:05], Pants [01:59:08], notbuddha [02:03:54], p^_^okemonvortex. [02:22:31], dot Comfey [02:22:43]

1) Despite being a fire type move, most non fire type pokemon who learn this move are flying types, it is supported by its japanese name which related to wind. [heat wave]
2) This character of the day has a shiny pokemon and 2 Princess Keys. [amelia]
3) In Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, Cobalion gives one of the Eight Treasure in this dungeon. [pledge hill]
4) Speaking of Cobalion, it also carved a rock in this main game location. [pledge grove]
5) This Pokemon TCG artist uses the photograph of pokemon model she sculpt and uses them as TCG artworks since Neo Discovery expansion. [yuka morii]
6) This location in Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs is guarded by multiple roaming Dusclops. [noir forest]
7) Ash's Tepig evolved in this anime exclusive location. [astilbe town]
8) In Pokemon Black/White, Minccino learned this move via TM while Cinccino can't. [thief]
9) If the player uses HM Fly to this location, they will not be dropped in front of the Pokemon Center despite it has one. [aspertia city]
10) This character of the day is a ghost residing in the scary house near Laverre City. [lon]
11) In Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, this trainer class belong to 1 person named Grace and can be battled in 3 different locations. [idol]
12) In this e-Reader application, Sudowoodo tries to steal Totodile's berry. [sneak and snatch]
13) Pokemon Shiritori (All terms are using Japanese name but written using English name)! Complete the shiritori ordered by appearance answer using English name: Electrike - ??? - Venusaur - ??? - Hydreigon [orbeetle oddish]
14) 910 is the uniform number of this trainer. [opal]
15) This is the writer of the pilot episode of Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon. [aya matsui]
16) Lastly, who is this Pokemon character: (name only, exclude title or honorary) [hilgreitz]

May the Pyuks be with you
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