Scavengers Ladder Cycles

First half of December is already over !

1st place is sleet dab xd '^' with 77 points, 2nd place is acetomic with 62 points and in 3rd place we have teutonic✠Padoru with 47 points!

1sleet dab xd '^'77
8toxic boosted23
10Santapler ❄20
15arcavee ˙͜˙14
17BubidaJeffery! ❄13
17Cold ❄ Staurage13
27yeet dab xd8
27An Ocean christmas8
27Soft Flex8
27Zipzapadam ˙︵˙8
27holiday alt8
40fainted torterra5
48A tidal Christmas4
57Prof. Snowing3
572soltg perlereino3
57hu tao sweat3
64Praise Bid o3o f2
64100 gecs fan2
64sIang 翔2
64tl the legend??2
64a damp pizza ❄˙︵˙❄2
83Thunder! Emerald?1
83but im stan lee1
83Ol'Saint Gwyntolas1
83Walmart Present1
83lilac flower1
831971 Baby Toes1
83meowy mascara1
83Pepsi Man 21
83Forest fyte1
83Tis i me1
115Completed (69)0

This cycle's twist is the Scavmas Carol: On the final 12 days of December, a new twist is introduced every day, stacking on top of all previous twists (see the room for more details n.n)

Also a big congrats to our own Tapler for their global voice status!
Scavmas Day 1: On the first day of Scavmas the scav hunt gave to me: A Christmas Roll full of fish.

QC by aQrator and WarriorGallade

1st place: Sabby60>!!> [02:22].
2nd place: acetomic [02:46].
3rd place: teutonic✠Padoru [03:50].
4th place: BubidaJeffery! ❄ [04:29].
5th place: Partoru [04:59].
Consolation Prize: sIang翔 [05:00], sleet dab xd '^' [21:47], jojja [53:57]

1) The main picture of this move's Bulbapedia article is a shiny Pidgeotto using said move against a Rattata. [mirror move]
2) In a certain event, a Pokemon Center in Japan will distribute this Pokemon who has original trainer Hikoboshi or Orihime depending the game version. [jirachi]
3) Ash's Totodile fallen in love to this trainer's pokemon. [trixie]

May the Pyuks be with you
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On the third day of Scavmas the Scav hunt gave to me: Points through Time (Time is Money)

Hosted the Scavmas Day 3 Official on Thursday, December 22nd, at 3:00 EST!

Thanks to aQrator for QCing, as well as computerwizard8800 for QCing and hosting it!

Also a huge shoutout to Pokemon Showdown for restarting in the middle of the official

1st place: blazeofvictory [49:28].
2nd place: teutonic✠Padoru [1:09:46].
3rd place: Devoxys [1:13:28].
4th place: sleet dab xd '^' [1:57:02].

Additionally, Devoxys completed the hunt without any incorrect guesses!

1) All questions pertain to the main series games, and list alphabetically when there is more than one answer. This non-unique trainer class does not keep any of their Pokemon in balls. [Ultra Forest Kartenvoy / Clan Leader]
2) Besides Ultra Forest Kartenvoy, these non-unique trainer classes only use one species of Pokemon. [A-List Actor, Celebrity, Chic Actress, Cute Trainer, Painter]
3) These characters only used male Pokemon in their first game appearances, but in the remakes of the same games, the characters only use female Pokemon. Exclude genderless Pokemon. [Bugsy, Janine]
On the fourth day of Scavmas the scav hunt gave to me...
Pages traversed!

Hosted day 4 at 6:30 PM UTC, 1:30 PM EST, on Friday, December 23rd

Thanks to aQrator and deftinwolf for QCing and computerwizard8800 for hosting

1) This anime character can apparently affect the weather, which their only main Pokémon takes advantage of with its ability. [Edmund]
2) This type not in the main series games resists every type except for Water and Electric. (Exclude the word "type") [Eleven-Plate]
3) Water Pokémon in this game include Smoochum and Ho-Oh, while Pichu and Marill can be Rock Pokémon. (Answer with the title of the Bulbapedia page, including any accents.) [Jo-Kén-Pokémon]

For this hunt's wikirace, use Bulbapedia (instead of Wikipedia) and only use links in full sentences (rather than e.g. table entries).

1st place: teutonic✠Padoru [14:38].
2nd place: BubidaJeffery! ❄ [19:32].
3rd place: sleet dab xd '^' [21:33].
4th place: blazeofvictory [49:38].
5th place: TurtalKatThing [02:24:58].
Consolation Prize: acetomic [05:27:54], tl the tinselgend [06:12:53]

For the wikirace: a reminder that it was on Bulbapedia and only links in full sentences were allowed. teutonic✠Padoru, sleet dab xd '^', BubidaJeffery! ❄, blazeofvictory, and acetomic all got from Q1 to Q3 in four clicks, using these paths:
Edmund -> Pokémon anime -> COVID-19 pandemic -> Pokémon in Brazil -> Jo-Kén-Pokémon
Edmund -> BW070 -> Breaking the fourth wall -> Pokémon in Brazil -> Jo-Kén-Pokémon
Edmund -> BW070 -> Dub -> Pokémon in Brazil -> Jo-Kén-Pokémon
Edmund -> Seismitoad -> JN081 -> Pokémon in Brazil -> Jo-Kén-Pokémon
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On the fifth day of Scavmas, the scav hunt gave to me... weekends with style!
...and a Part fish QCed by weebs! (Shoutouts weebs aQrator and turtalkatthing for QCs)

Hosting day 5 at 10:30 PM IST on Saturday, December 24th (5 PM GMT, 6 PM CET, 12 PM (noon) EDT), with the twists: On a Roll, Spam Filter, Time is Money, Wikirace, and Stylish (with a Blind Incognito on top!)

The regular scavenger hunt by Partoru was ended automatically.
1st place: BubidaJeffery! [04:49].
2nd place: Computerblizzard [07:24].3rd place: sleet dab xd '^' [09:56].
Consolation Prize: blazeofvictory [13:28], Devoxys [15:50], teutonic✠Padoru [17:23], dot Comfey [18:22]


1) Gholdengo wasn't the first! Name the character who tried to stick a golden statue on top of a Pokémon.

2) In the Pokémon anime, there exists a certain team of five evil Pokémon trainers who fight dirty in Pokémon battles, only two of which were named (both of these were recurring characters). Alphabetically list the names of the three unnamed characters (who were also characters of the day).
[Heel Beard, Heel Blue, Heel Green]

3) In the TCG, this card is 'Double' of another card - but is identical to the other card unless playing in a double battle.
[Double Full Heal]
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On the sixth day of Scavmas, the scav hunt gave to me... molds for a-breaking!

Hosted a Christmas Point Rally by myself and CWiz on Sunday, December 25th at 10PM EST, featuring On a Roll, Spam Filter, Time is Money, Wikirace, Stylish Weekends, and new for day 6, Mold Breaker, a previously unnamed twist that allows one non-poke q per hunt! QCs by Turtal, Teutal, and WGurtal. (yup, that's three!)

1st place: blazeofvictory (230 points)
2nd place: acetomic (219 points)
3rd place: BubidaJeffery (120 points)
4th place: sleet dab xd (115 points)
5th place: AndrewThePenguin (50 points)

1) In an officially animated short, Pikachu, Eevee and others break into a toy factory. During that short, a Kirlia dances to this song.
2) These pokemon are depicted on coins in the most recent TCG Advent Calendar.
3) This person signed the variant given to players on the 25th in Marvel Snap.
1) Waltz Of The Flowers
2) Delibird,Eiscue
3) Samuel L. Jackson

1) Besides Shedinja, this Pokemon has the lowest mixed bulk on PS.
2) In Scarlet and Violet, this Pokemon can learn a move it is not compatible with the TM for.
3) In a 2002 film, a certain character is taken to a reality in which they never existed, which infamously includes the twin towers still standing in the background. Besides that character and the character who transported them to that reality, the only character in the film who has seen both timelines is played by this person.
1) Missingno
2) Indeedee-F
3) Whoopi Goldberg

1) These characters have their names contained as a full word in 5 or more Pokemon forms. (Alpha for all qs.)
2) In a certain sidegame, the player is given their choice of one of five items: Three evolution stones, and two other items that each start with the same word as an evolution stone. List the words that those two items start with.
3) A song that’s peaked in the top 5 of Billboard’s Hot 100 in each of the past three years was recorded by somebody who originally sang it while voice acting for a 1960s TV special. That song and this song were planned to be sung by a different character in the film, but were swapped due to the singer’s popularity.
1) Blue & Red
2) Moon & Sun
3) Silver and Gold

1) This fully-evolved Pokemon debuted with one ability that could boost its speed, then gained a second in a later game.
2) Of all Fakemons from Restrictions that existed during the Restrictions Playtesting Tournament, this one had the biggest increase in use rate in the PMPL Playoffs compared to that tournament. (Answer with the Pokemon, then the increase in use rate rounded to the nearest percent.)
3) A certain event has been held on Galiano Island every January 1st since 2012, with the exception of 2021 when it was held online with no specific date due to the pandemic. This was that event’s original name (excluding the location where it took place).
1) Beartic
2) Polbearab 41%
3) Polar Burrrr Swim; Polar Burrr Swim

1) When bred, certain Pokemon can produce offspring that cannot evolve into either parent’s species. This unbreedable Pokemon learns a move previously exclusive to multiple such Pokemon.
2) While playing as Evonee, this Pokemon can appear in place of fruit.
3) A 2017 study on this annelid species found that its mitogenome was more different from other annelids than any other previously-sequenced annelid mitogenome. (answer with the common name used in the study)
1) Xurkitree
2) Pineco
3) Christmas Tree Worm

1) This character gives the player character an extra item if they are female.
2) This item was the first to evolve a formerly fully-evolved Pokemon that, in the generation it got an evolution, is both legal in LC and unranked on the LC VR.
3) The instant replay was first used in a sporting match between two military colleges from the same country. Besides iterations of the event it debuted in, this was the last match of that sport between military teams from that country to be broadcast on national TV there prior to the 2000s. (Format your answer with the year it took place after the name of the event.)
1) Lillie
2) Galarica Cuff
3) Poinsettia Bowl 1952
The Nutcracker -> Garfield and Friends -> Garfield -> Samuel L. Jackson (blazeofvictory)
The Nutcracker -> Disney -> The Avengers -> Samuel L. Jackson (acetomic)

MissingNo. -> Canon -> Uhura -> Whoopi Goldberg (acetomic)

List of Pokemon Characters -> List of Generation IV Pokemon -> Yeti -> Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (TV special) -> Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (soundtrack) (blazeofvictory)

List of Generation V Pokemon -> Polar bear -> Polar Bear (disambiguation) -> Polar Bear Plunge (acetomic)

List of Generation VII Pokemon -> Sardinops -> Indo-Pacific -> Coral Triangle -> Spirobranchus giganteus (blazeofvictory)

Lillie (Pokemon) -> Hepburn Romanization -> Douglas MacArthur -> United States Military Academy -> Army Black Knights football -> Navy Midshipmen football -> 2005 Poinsettia Bowl -> Poinsettia Bowl (acetomic)
[21:17:55] +sleet dab xd '^': spam filter wont matter bc no ones finishing this one :^
blazeofvictory has finished the hunt! (Final Time: 20:29 - 5 incorrect guesses)
[21:18:00] +sleet dab xd '^': lmfao timing
[21:18:00] +blazeofvictory: nice hunt ;;
[21:18:02] @Teutonic✠padoru: omg nice
[21:18:05] boredgort: that message didnt age well
[21:18:05] Dark▲Dex: lol
[21:18:18] (Santapler ❄ added a new quote: "[21:17:55] +sleet dab xd '^': spam filter wont matter bc no ones finishing this one :^ blazeofvictory has finished the hunt! (Final Time: 20:29 - 5 incorrect guesses)".)
[21:18:20] (WinterwindGallade added a new quote: "[10:47:59] +sleet dab xd '^': spam filter wont matter bc no ones finishing this one :^ blazeofvictory has finished the hunt! (Final Time: 20:29 - 5 incorrect guesses)".)
[21:18:22] @Santapler ❄: LOL
[21:18:23] @WinterwindGallade: ok tapler
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On the seventh day of Scavmas the scav hunt gave to me... extra hints awaiting!

Hosted the day 7 official on Monday, 26th December at 12 PM EST (5 pm UTC). Following the twist for the cycle, the hunt featured the 6 twists mentioned above and bonus round.

Thanks to Partman and Tapler for QCing the hunt!

1st place: blazeofvictory
2nd place: acetomic
3rd place: sleet dab xd '^'
4th place: Computerblizzard
5th place: TurtalKatThing (perfect)

Consolation prize: BubidaJeffery!, AndrewThePenguin, holiday alt

Names in bold successfully solved the bonus question!

1) One of the requisites to getting a certain Pokemon with this move was getting full points on a test published in a real life magazine. dragon rage
2) These Pokemon had mistakes in their shiny battle sprites in Pokemon DP which were fixed in Pokemon Platinum. (alpha order) Latias, Togepi
3) In New Pokemon Snap, this is the OS version of the game interface. 7.65
4) According to a Japanese tradition, feudal lords(daimyo) serving the Tokugawa shogunate were required to build a house with a gate when marrying into the Tokugawa family. Of all such gates, this is the only one still in existence. Answer with the name of its wikipedia article (You can skip this question if you want with /scavenge skip) Akamon(tokyo); skip

BubidaJeffery! found the fastest wikirace path from Dragon Rage on Bulbapedia to Akamon(tokyo) on Wikipedia, in 3 clicks Dragon Rage (move) -> GDZ06 -> University of Tokyo (wikipedia) -> Akamon (Tokyo)
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On the eighth day of Scavmas, the scav hunt gave to me... Points double dipping!

Hosted the Day 8 fish on Tuesday, December 27th at 4 PM EST, with the Double Dip twist and all the previous ones on top of it.
Big thanks to Devoxys and turtalkatthing for the QCs, and to turtalkatthing again for the host.

1st place: blazeofvictory [1:07:25].
2nd place: teutonic✠Padoru [1:12:43].
3rd place: Menace02 [1:15:35].
4th place: Computerblizzard [01:45:39]*
5th place: acetomic [01:55:40]*
6th place: BubidaJeffery! [03:57:18].
Consolation prize:
holiday alt [04:53:49]

Names in bold completed the bonus question
*The Spam Filter twist did not apply properly. Had it, these two placements would be swapped.

1 It's the season of giving! This is the highest BST Pokemon that the player can give a Sky Gift. Snorlax
2 In HGSS, your Pokemon partner can give you these items as gifts in Kanto locations where legendary Pokemon are (always) found. (alphabetical order) Black Pebble, Mini Pebble, Poison Extract, Round Pebble, Shiny Leaf
3 In Pokemon White, a location is the first where a Heal Ball item can be picked up. List the location, then all of the priceless gifts (unsellable items) you are given outside of buildings in that location alphabetically. Nimbasa City, Bicycle, Vs. Recorder
4 The character that gifts you this Key Item remarks that it has "absolutely nothing" to do with the task he asks of you. Super Rod

For the wikirace, Bulbapedia was used, and only links within the articles body were allowed. blazeofvictory, teutonicPadoru, Menace02, acetomic, and BubidaJeffery all found Q1 to Q4 in 2 clicks.

Teut: Snorlax (Pokemon) ->PO03 -> Super Rod
Everyone else: Snorlax (Pokemon) -> Kanto Route 12 -> Super Rod
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We interrupt this Scavmas Carol to bring you the 2022 scav awards! Today, December 27th at 3pm UTC (7am PST, 10am EST, 16:00 CET, 20:30 IST), PartMan and I will be hosting the award show with an accompanying odyssey!

QCs by TurtalKatThing and TeutonicSquire. Thank you both!

Hope to see you there!

The official scavenger hunt by aQrator was ended automatically.
1st place: 111ace111 [02:25:09].
2nd place: sleet dab xd '^' [02:43:37].
3rd place: acetomic [02:43:38].
4th place: Chris ☭ tmas?? [02:51:45].
5th place: BubidaJeffery! ❄ [02:55:21].
Consolation Prize: Sabby60>!!> [03:10:49]

Hope you enjoyed the award show! Sadly, my recording seems to have borked so I won't have a replay for you guys. I do have the hunt itself though!

Welcome to the 2022 Scav Awards! With this odyssey, Partman and aQrator will be going through all categories one by one and provide the results of the 2022 Scav awards! Once the winner of a category has been revealed, the question of said category will be revealed as well (through a hint). At the end, a 'standard official' will be held to determine the winner. /scavenge ``start`` to start!start
This is the only Pokémon with a TCG card whose owner is the real world.Giratina
Alphabetically list the moves used by the Pokémon of Team rocket to battle against Cynthia's Garchomp.Dark Pulse, Slash
This location has reportedly been reached by a worker, who used only a shovel to dig downwardsDeep Colosseum
If Girls = Forest Stroll, Boys = ???Exciting Nimbasa
Thanks to specific items, these fully evolved Pokémon take no damage when using Explosion or Self-Destruct in Explorers of Sky, even though they don't learn either move. List alphabetically.Aggron, Castform, Rhyperior, Salamence
This is the name of the Pikachu with blue eyes.Puka
This item, exclusive to Conquest, has the same effect as the move Laser Focus.Sniper Lens
This item increases HP while it is in the bag, until the player blacks out.Survival Charm
These two field moves predate a mainline move that they share their name with. List alphabetically.Electrify, Soak
In a certain board game, you can teleport like this Pokémon, despite said Pokémon not even learning Teleport.Hoppip
Alphabetically list the items that can be sold to a Poké Mart for the highest price.Comet Shard, Relic Gold
In the german version of a spin-off game, a duplicate image of this character can be found. Lt. surge; Surge
The first time the Pokémon Pinchers are battled in Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs while the player is in control of the character, these two Pokémon have to be captured. List alphabetically.Buizel, Croagunk
All Pokémon of a certain type of SP card were owned by one character (as seen on the card), with the exception of one, who was owned by this character.Iris
When used as a specific G-max move, this move that does not have variable base power has the highest increase in base power.Water Shuriken
Whenever an Explorers of Time/Darkness location has this word in its name, it can only be accessed prior to beating a different dungeonPath
Chimecho's Stat School: ``Answer the character based on the given base stats!`` __85/86/76/7__Dosetsu; Dōsetsu
In Pokémon Tretta's search mode, these set names contiain three exclamation marks. List alphabetically.Chespin! Fennekin! Froakie!, Have you seen them?! The new powers!!, Search with Meowth! That Trio!!
This location, associated with 2 legendary Pokémon, is both a mainline location and a spinoff locationSouthern Island
During a special event in a certain spinoff game, these five trainers could be fought simultaneously, each using one Pokémon. List the trainers alphabetically.Cynthia, Green, Korrina, Leon, Raihan
This is the location where fully healing your Pokémon costs money in the core series games (other than by using items).Po; Po Town
These two stadium cards provide all Pokémon of a certain type a move. List them alphabetically, give just the name of the card.Holon Lake, Rocket's Tricky Gym
This is the protagonist of Pokéradar Pearl.Zeiol
Get ready for the final three questions... (the answer is 123 v vngscr23 v -- hinted)123 v vngscr23 v
In the BDSP battle tower's double battle format, these two opponents can be found on two teams with at least 3 legendary Pokémon. Also give the trainer class.Jogger Sherman, Waitress Kaila
In a certain (somewhat) official canon, Delia Ketchum used to be part of Team Rocket. She laments this in this song.I've got a secret
In a secret diary, shared among three characters, these five names are used to sign off. list alphabetically.Erma, Hastings, Hatagnits, Hatsting, Lamont

EDIT: I also have the Raw logs of the event if you want to read back. It's not much but it's better than nothing
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On the ninth day of scavmas, the scav hunt gave to me... Choices for Choosing.

I will be hosting the ninth day of scavmas fish on Wednesday, December 28th at 3pm UTC (7am PST, 10am EST, 16:00 CET, 20:30 IST).

QCs by TeutonicSquire and Devoxys, big thanks to both!

The official scavenger hunt by aQrator was ended automatically.
1st place: PartMan [06:38].
2nd place: BubidaJeffery! ❄ [07:08].
3rd place: acetomic [10:02].
4th place: Computerblizzard [23:00].
5th place: sleet dab xd '^' [37:23].

1) The name of this Pokémon TCG rule, is exclusive to a singular battle in "Here Comes Team GR", as described on the page of the deck used by your opponent. Said rule makes your discard pile work as the Lost Zone, meaning all cards in your discard pile are removed from play entirely. [Black Hole]
2) This tool card only has an effect on the cards of four different species of Pokémon, reducing the damage they take by 30. Give just the name of the card [Ancient Crystal]
3) This stadium card has an effect on only one Pokémon card, reducing the damage they receive by 40. Give just the name of the card. [Brock's Pewter City Gym]
4) The Pokémon trading card game is one of many examples of Japanese playing cards. The first ever playing cards of this type were reportedly invented in this town. // While the Pokémon Company is currently responsible for the creation of the Pokémon trading card games, this wasn't always the case. One of the companies responsible for releasing the PTCG cards was also responsible for various other Pokémon related releases, as well as other movies, anime and more. This one includes the characters with the first names Misaki and Kiri in both it and its sequel. (You may choose to skip this question using /scavenge skip.) [Miike / Miike district / Divergence Eve / You will have to use Wikipedia to wikirace!]
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On the tenth day of Scavsmas the Scav Hunt gave to me: Hard hunts rewarding.

Hosted Day 10 of Scavsmas on December 29th, 20:00 PM EST!

Final Results:
1st place: acetomic [06:46].
2nd place: BubidaJeffery! [10:01].
3rd place: blazeofvictory [10:42].
4th place: Computerblizzard [12:40].
5th place: teutonic❄Padoru [17:49].

All finishers completed the bonus question!

1) In a certain Pokemon album available on Spotify, one track differs from the rest - rather than being a song, the track is a skit featuring a Pokemon parody of a poem. Of all Pokemon moves mentioned in the parody, this one has the highest base power. [Hurricane]
2) According to dialogue in a Pokemon spin-off game and the Pokemon anime, it is revealed that a villainous team leader gifted a team member a Pokemon for Christmas. Name the leader and the Pokemon (in that order). [Giovanni Koffing]
3) A Pokemon trainer in the main-series games shares their name with a former Japanese emperor who passed away on Christmas. In alphabetical order, name the Pokemon said trainer used (list duplicate species once). [Gyarados Magikarp]
4) Across two Pikachu shorts, Santa Claus' sleigh is pulled by two different species of Pokemon, both of which can be caught on the same route in a main-series game. In said game, which Key Item can be obtained on that route? OR This item in ORAS was only made available through a Pokemon Global Link competition where all legal Pokemon were either Green, Red, or White. (You may choose to skip this question using /scavenge skip.) [Vs. Seeker / Relic Gold]

Huge thank you to Tapler and deftinwolf for QCing!
Thanks for hunting, and hope to see you next time!
On the eleventh day of Scavsmas the Scav Hunt gave to me: Potential Place Predicting~

Day 11 was hosted on December 30, 7:30 PM CST. Much thanks to deftinwolf and Tapler for their Quick Collation.
(of course, we can't forget everyone's favorite brother who returned just for this hunt)

The official scavenger hunt by WarriorGallade was ended automatically.
1st place: sleet dab xd '^' [27:40].
*2nd place: blazeofvictory [31:29].
*3rd place: BubidaJeffery! [35:56].
*4th place: Devoxys [46:27].
5th place: acetomic [49:18].
Consolation Prize: teutonic❄Padoru [58:07]

All finishers completed the bonus question!
* indicates finishers who correctly guessed their finishing position via Future Sight

1) An eventful hour! I had some free time and decided to visit my brother one day. In true sibling fashion, we decided to spend the short time we had playing Pokemon. I'd only got my Nintendo Switch with me and had forgotten the JoyCons, so he rummaged around to see if he had anything. As luck would have it, he found a countroller and passed it to me. "Yo, this one's a pretty neat controller, I couldn't buy it without the online membership thing, kinda odd but it's been worth it. On the bright side it wasn't all that pricy, I got it for about half the MSRP of the newest Pokemon game, so I suppose that's a deal? Anyhow, this should be fine for you." What controller did my brother give me? (answer with the official name, but exclude "controller". So, if the answer was "Magikarp Jump Controller", you'd answer "Magikarp Jump") [Super Nintendo Entertainment System / Start the wikirace from]
2) We decided to play some Pokemon games, connecting both of our switches to different TVs and began having fun times playing various Pokemon games - him using the JoyCons and me using the aforementioned SNES controller. However as we were doing so, I noticed that I was unable to use two moves in battle when using this controller, but my brother was! What were these two moves? (alpha) [pikapapow veeveevolley]
3) This revelation came as quite the surprise to both of us, but my brother proposed an interesting workaround. "Well, I don't have any spare controllers. Though if you did want to swap, I've a neat puzzle for you. Pokemon in the Let's Go games can become stronger through consuming candy. Of course, if I gave candies to my Pokemon, I could sweep the game, but it wasn't very fun when I got a taste of my own medicine. I was battling a trainer and it was an impossibly uphill battle; there was no way I was winning even though they used only a single Pokemon. I thought it over and realized that they probably fed their Pokemon a buffet of candy from dawn till dusk - I'm sure it consumed more candy than any other Pokemon in Kanto and I've lost to them more times than I can count. Perchance you've also battled this strange soul and have ideas on how to beat their Pokemon? Well, if you're to plan a strategy, you need to know more details. What Pokemon did this trainer use? " [porygon / haha spam filter go brr]
4) With that, the singular hour sped by eerily fast. I was very reluctant to leave, in memory of the eventful afternoon and evening we had so many months ago. However leaving was a necessity, and I wished him a sad farewell as I began packing up. Before I left, he gave me a piece of paper and said "Well, if you feel bored on the journey back, these two puzzles I thought of while playing Pokemon games on my Switch should keep you busy - each one taking place in different games. Or not, you're more busy than me these days, haha. Feel free to /scavenge skip these if you'd like, but I daresay solving even one of them would be quite entertaining. In any case, hope they tide you over till we next meet. Ciao!". With that, I bid a quick farewell and head out, but plan to return for a longer stay sometime in the distant future as I think about his suggestion. Q1: Sometimes, there's a tiny bit of flavor that makes regions come alive. I noticed that members of a certain organization were sponsored by some companies. What made this surprising is that each member that was sponsored used exactly one Pokemon - it just goes to show that there's more than party size or fanfare when it comes to determining strength. What companies might these be, you reckon? (alpha). /// Q2: I was playing another Pokemon game and noticed that some moves seemed to land as critical hits quite often, giving me clutch victories. As it turns out, I was right: this effect wasn't present in any prior or future games the moves appeared in! What are these two moves? (alpha) (You may choose to skip this question using /scavenge skip.) [macrocosmosair macrocosmosconstruction mcinsurance / dragonclaw xscissor / End the wikirace at EITHER OF THESE TWO PAGES OR]

That's a wrap - look forward to the grand finale of Scavmas heading your way tomorrow!
On the twelfth day of Scavmas the Scav Hunt gave to me: Twice the huntmaking

Hosted an official for Day 12 of Scavmas on December 31st, 1:00 P.M. EST (6:00 P.M. GMT).

Thanks to Tapler and turtalkatthing for QC'ing.

Scavengers Hunt:
1st place: BubidaJeffery! ❄
2nd place: teutonic❄Padoru
You know Knot Land and Boon Land and Kin Land and Floe Land, Chrono and Fortune and Quest Land and this not-a-Land.|Navel Rock
But do you recall, what's meant for Ramanas but not used at all?|Park Ball
Once called a red-nosed Pokémon, also hatched in this episode.|An Egg Scramble!
And if you try to make coffee, this 'mon might brew up a storm.|Hippopotas
This item's the base form of the, only non-glitch four-stage evo.|Poke Ball;Poké Ball
There're no Leaders or Masters, battling in this separated place!|Lagoon Colosseum
Then one foggy redless day, this Scanned 'mon came to play.|Leavanny
Rocket with your tank of might... I want to shoot a drill like that one tank that looks like a Bunicorn, but I don't have the tank. I think you can combine some items to get it, but I don't have all the recipes for them. The princess gave me one of them, but I'll have to trade for the remaining ones. I can buy most of the stuff they want in the shop, but one of the items I'll have to find by myself. Assuming the only items I ever picked up were dropped by enemies, the only sources of that item came from these characters (in alphabetical order). ...won't you guide my quest to fight?|Cactiball, Curedon Bleu, Jailcat, Startist
Oh how they loved the soundtrack, played before battling in VR.|Virtual
If this episode was like before, Sunflora wouldn't have been seen in Italy!|Right On, Rhydon!;L'inafferabile Rhydon
Alphabetical order if applicable. 1. The holidays are all about spending time with loved ones. Try making some pairs and see what they share, and maybe you'll find some other categories. Make sure it's an equal give and take. Actually, some other Pokémon are already placed in those categories, do you know what they are? One more thing: one of the pairs is by process of elimination, since you don't always get what you want for Christmas. That one goes first, and the pair that shares the most goes last. 2. The planning for giving gifts starts early, and I need some help. I think the song hides the answer. The original song is sometimes sung with additional quips after every verse. I've wrote some to use here. Also, I'm a bit disappointed we didn't use one the twists from last year, since I actually quite like the board game. Anyway, whatever result you arrive at, tell me how much it costs. Like Glitchy Charizard! / Like the innermost Galilean moon! / Like a Spike Ball! / Like an Arceus (literally)! / Like the human ReMix employee!|Electrode, Spidops, Stunfisk, Voltorb; 146,700
1. Take the common letters of the pairs of answers to arrive at TRAP BALL 2. Match the quips (u / Io / Togepi / Ransei / Leah) and use their scrabble score to index to get PIANO

Treasure Town Hunt:
1st place: teutonic❄Padoru
2nd place: blazeofvictory
3rd place: BubidaJeffery! ❄
Chestnuts roasting, loved by this Pokémon.|Mankey
Prof. Oak's data protected by this code.|REDGREEN
Sound-based moves, being the back-up for a choir, and winners dressed up like this Poké.|Jigglypuff
No Pokémon knows, raw turkey and a turkey blaster, help to give this effect the next day.|Thanksgot
This move can, make their Defense much more low, but only in Japan, in time.|Shadow Ball
This picross for Satella (as used prior elsewhere) won't win Zapdos by the way.|Parabolic Antenna
BDSP had this item programmed only in PLA.|Strange Ball
And every mother's child is gonna spy... and then James wrongly references this one guy.|James Bond
So I'm (no longer) offering this Pokémon's egg, but only to Germans with Ruby 0.0015% of the time.|Pikachu
Although it's been said, many times many ways, Meowth calls Bonnie this (in XY071).|Fun-sized twerpette; the fun-sized twerpette
1. Maybe this one's good, but my meta puzzles were never two great. Either something gets forgotten or it has no real weight on who wins. Nowadays all my creativity is gone, and it has been for the past five years. Anyway, thanks for putting up with my whininess, but you're going two end up with five missing letters. Soon after, it should be capitalized that you'll have to insert a few more letters in order, and you'll get a common rambling of this fictional character which happens to be a portmanteau. Oh, by the way, you might need to shift by one. (This isn't part of the question but don't look too hard for the answer; there might be some unsavory things the further you go.) 2. Nat King Cole's version of The Christmas Song was recently catalogued by the Library of Congress. Let's use its database entry to help shift our viewpoint forwards for every answer. Afterwards, we really only need the first words of each of the answers, but go ahead and include the first second word alphabetically as well (prior to whatever you just did). Let's try the obvious thing and go with the what you see first for each word. You might need some rearranging, but you should find the name of a digital currency that shares its name with a consumable in this MMO.|Osakabehime;DC Universe Online
1. Take the numbers hidden in the sentences to index the answers and then Caesar shift by one to get ldenrazzbe. Then take the missing letters gorry and insert the capital letters of the Meta Q to get gomenasorry. 2. Take the ID of the song and shift each answer by each digit in sequence. Take the first letter and rearrange to get VALOR CRYPTO -> Valor Token
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Happy New Years Everyone!
Here are the results of the final scavs ladder of 2022...

1st place is BubidaJeffery with 487 points, 2nd place is teutonic❄Padoru with 394 points and in 3rd place we have acetomic with 349 points!

1BubidaJeffery! ❄487
5sleet dab xd '^'331
10holiday alt39
15dot Comfey27
17Soft Flex26
20Chris ☭ tmas??22
23Dratios ☭ ˙͜˙16
25Santapler ❄12
31tl the tinselgend9
34Cold Staurage8
37toxic boosted7
37hu tao sweat7
37lilac flower7
44Jolly Fat MAsxier5
44blue ~ carrydigan5
44Against All Logic5
50Prof. Snowing4
50onsha no inu4
50Thunder! Emerald?4
59Zipzapadam ˙͜˙3
67coolingtundra! ❅2
67kvothe the red2
67Ace Trainer Rora2
67The Aura ˙͜~~~~˙2
67The Benz Mafia2
67applesaucething )2
90spidops moment1
90Big Oofsie1
90In a Pear Tree1
90a staff1
90negsn Ow〇1
90ViReindeer Pichu1

This month's twist will be Perfect Score (if you finish an official without making any incorrect guesses or using /leavehunt, you will receive bonus points based on your placing)!
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Welcoming the new year, we've got even more Pokeradar to make you think about even the most mundane things in Pokemon. We're almost there - only a bit more to go till this series is over. Enjoy it while it's still here!

Link to previous parts:

Part 10 was successfully hosted on Jan 6, at 07:00 CST
The official scavenger hunt by WarriorGallade was ended automatically.
1st place: blazeofvictory [03:21:47].
2nd place: yeet dab xd '^' [03:53:24].
3rd place: Qui-Gon the Flygon [05:31:45].


1) 380. Welcome back to Pokeradar Pearl. To recap, the team is here: Zeiol's dream has been achieved, with the capture of a Munchlax, nicknamed Priso after the Prism Sphere. There's plenty of time for leisure, and that's the goal! He flies back to Hearthome, to spend some time with Priso near the relaxing fountains. As he's passing by the Poffin House, it seems captivated by the smell, and heads inside. Given its tendency to eat a lot, Zeiol felt it'd be a good idea to make Priso a contest star! As Priso wandered around the building, Zeiol talked with the Poffin-bakers in charge, who taught him a bit more about berries and how full poffins made from them would make a Pokemon. He hears of this Berry, which could restore HP under certain circumstances, and poffins made from it would be the most filling. [enigma / enigmaberry]
2) 381. Zeiol takes stock of his Berries, and sees that he's got a sizable stash so gets to baking! After a gruelling half-hour with a few burnt poffins, he baked 10 successful ones from five different berries and fed them to Munchlax. Each of the poffins also seemed to have two flavors, which added a complex taste at the end. At the end of this tasty session, all of its contest stats had risen by the same non-zero amount and Munchlax had a smoothness of 190. What berries were used to make these poffins? (-berry) [pomeg kelpsy qualot hondew grepa / grepa hondew kelpsy pomeg qualot]
3) 382. However, while Zeiol primarily used those five berries to make poffins, he couldn't help but feel that there would be a more optimal solution at hand. If Munchlax (starting from 0) wanted to raise all of its contest stats by the same non-zero amount but have this be the maximum possible increase, it would have accumulated a smoothness of 195 among all combinations that could reach 195 smoothness. What berries could have been used to make these poffins? (-berry) [liechi ganlon petaya apicot salac / apicot ganlon liechi petaya salac]
4) 383. The stat-pinch berries are sadly unobtainable without events, they'd have made contest prep a whole lot easier. If, through some stroke of luck, Zeiol was able to obtain requisite events for them, what (distinct) Pokemon would arrive holding them at a 100% chance? [deoxys jirachi mew tangrowth]
5) 384. Unfortunately, no universes are going to be bent to let Zeiol have an easier time. Yet. In any case, Zeiol's goal was to get the master rank ribbon for all contest types onto Snorlax. However, even after feeding it the optimal build for an all-round gain; 2 Pomeg, 2 Kelpsy, 2 Qualot, 3 Hondew, 3 Grepa, 1 Figy and Jordan's Mild Poffin, the Scarf guy didn't see the merit in handing over a scarf. With this in mind, Zeiol was riled up. He'd get those scarves, no matter what. There was no way his darling was going to lose due to not having its optimal item. With that in mind, he digs deeper into his berry stash and decides to acquire the scarves by maxing out one condition for five of his other Pokemon. To do so of course, he only chose to feed poffins to those who'd get the corresponding conditions boosted by their natures. If multiple answers for a flavor exist, answer with only the highest level Pokemon for that flavor. What are the Pokemon corresponding to each flavor? Use the levels as of the progress check posted at the start of this hunt. [claydol primeape ruby smeargle torkoal / claydol dusclops primeape smeargle torkoal]
6) 385. Priso was completely unconcerned by this brainstorming - after all it got its fill of poffins to eat! It seemed Zeiol was more worried about how the contests would go. With a full stomach for the time being, Priso was ready to take on a few contests, and Zeiol felt it was alright to give it a chance at the normal rank contests, to see what it was comfortable with. With all the moves known by Munchlax when it was caught, Zeiol could have entered it into any of these contest types, with at least one of its moves matching that type. [cute tough]
7) 386. Before entering, Zeiol decides to check his Fashion Case and realizes that he doesn't own many accessories at all! He asks a nearby Picnicker for advice on what he should use, given the varying dress-up themes the contests could use. After a quick conversation, she realizes that she's almost late for her contest and dashes off, as Zeiol thanks her and returns to planning. Given her knowledge on accessory types, she might have been a formidable opponent in the appeal rounds if Priso's Poffins didn't work their magic. What Pokemon could this person have used, if that was the case? [baby mimi sprout / bonsly happiny mimejr]
8) 387. As he returns to his Fashion case with the recent discussion in mind, Zeiol realizes that he doesn't have the accessories that the Picnicker recommended; they were ones that could score highly in the most dress-up themes. What were they? [carpet colored parasol flag]
9) 388. Munchlax takes a gambit at the Tough contest, and since it's eaten so many poffins, is able to demolish the competition, acquiring its first Ribbon. However, this contest makes Zeiol realize that he really needs some more accessories! At this point, the only place he remembers that he could get more was Floaroma's flower shop, but they commanded ridiculous prices. Still, any lead was a good lead and Zeiol decided to take a trek to see where he could find and grow the requisite berries. He couldn't help but feel that in an alternate universe, the prices would be much cheaper. Of course, there's no rush to do everything so he lets Munchlax take the world at its own pace - something it's all too glad to do. However, as he changed back into his normal outfit, the receptionist at the contest hall gave him this accessory in commemoration for winning. [yellow barrette]
10) 389. With that, Zeiol flies over to the flower shop and asks about their accessories. A sad expression falls over the head Aroma Lady's face. "You're not the first person to come by asking, then angrily leaving when the prices are too much. But we've got to keep them that high, we need that many berries for a large art project - and our supply of accessories isn't coming in from Johto. These are all we've got! So...let's make a deal. I'll tell you where you can get some of these berries, and in return you buy some of our accessory stock after growing them. Sound good?", she asks hopefully. Zeiol was a bit concerned by this offer, but thought it through. The sight of the accessory looking like a Victreebel was quite out-of-place in comparison to everything else, captivating him, which instantly made him accept the offer. Seeing the sparkle in Zeiol's eyes, she recommended this place to find the relevant berry. [amity square]
11) 390. Bidding goodbye to her, Zeiol flew back to Hearthome and saw that he still didn't own any "cute" Pokemon to enter. That being said, given the Pokeradar's deactivation, he could feel free to catch the Pokemon as needed. All he'd have to do was stay away from the Spooky Plate at the North-East end and he'd be A-OK. With that in mind, he chats up the clerks and learns of where to find some of the Pokemon allowed inside, and hearing of how different Pokemon could find different items. If Zeiol had not obtained the National Pokedex, then this is the rarest thing from Amity Square that he'd be unable to obtain. [black beard]
12) 391. Zeiol takes a look at his Town Map and decides to head to three locations in quick succession. These were the destinations of choice because he could catch multiple Pokemon allowed in Amity Square in each location, needing no HM use once he had reached the requisite location. What were they? [greatmarsh trophygarden valleywindworks]
13) 392. After a few days of travelling and searching, Zeiol's obtained one of each Pokemon category allowed into Amity Square. However, as he takes each of them into the lush prairie he'd once hoped to explore, they seem more interested in lazing around rather than finding any items! As he's able to obtain one of each berry, he remembers his deal with the Pretty Petal Flower Shop. But first, he checks his Pokedex and sorts them by flavor. These Amity Square berries have a flavor that Priso both likes and dislikes. [durin magost rabuta watmel]
14) 393. With that done, Zeiol plants these berries and resumes baking Poffins for the rest of his team as planned earlier. After hours of backbreaking effort, Zeiol's maxed out the conditions for all five types and acquired the scarves! He decides to plunge headlong, Priso ready for victory. Great and Ultra ranks for Tough contests are easily dealt with, as the Master Rank is challenged. Here, he's surprised to find one of his competitors is Fantina! She's happy to see Zeiol here and waves back. He's more surprised to see a Pokemon Center nurse participating; a contest participation, that too in the master rank was out of the blue. What was this woman's name? [casey]
15) 394. Fantina's Loony seemed to have a very, very bizzare moveset. It almost seemed strange how Fantina was earning nearly 0 hearts every round; shouldn't a Gym Leader have more expertise? Thanks to this, despite the other competition being difficult, Zeiol takes his first Master Rank win in the Tough contest! The commemorative ribbon is positively a work of art, as the judge awards it to Priso. With the contest done, Zeiol talks with the head clerk and then decides to take a short walk around Hearthome, then returning to the contest hall when he was done. During this short walk, Zeiol could obtain two accessories as a reward for winning the contest mentioned in this question. What are they? [awardpodium toughcup]
16) 395. With this win, Zeiol learnt a lot about contest combinations and move synergy. He decided to take on the Cute Contests now since two of his moves matched that already. In the Great Rank, he came across one person who used only Blue Feathers to decorate their Pokemon. What Pokemon was it? [misdreavus]
17) 396. As he got to the Master Rank Cute Contest, Zeiol was quite surprised to see his mother Johanna as a fellow competitor! Resolved to win, he's quite surprised that in the acting round, her Kangaskhan uses this move - exactly the same tactic he's been using with Priso's Lick to gain voltage. What move is this? [dizzypunch]
18) 397. Johanna's Kangaskhan's combo of Dizzy Punch and Reversal is decisive, easily scoring her the victory with perfect timing. Zeiol realized that the master rank contests are no joke, despite how easily he'd won the lower ranks. With that, he gives it another try. Priso didn't seem very dejected by the loss, and was raring for more. Zeiol hesitated, but decided to enter it in the same contest again. This time around, it was another victory since Johanna was not a participant, acquiring the Master Rank Cute Ribbon. As he thinks of moving onto another type, Zeiol internally debates the showdown with Fantina. Was there a logic to the madness, perhaps? As it turned out, it was quite the devastating strategy if pulled off, leaving Zeiol in bewilderment as he pieced it together. If Zeiol was faced up against Fantina and some other competitors then this is the maximum number of hearts that Fantina could accumulate across all 4 appeals of an Appeal Round in an ideal situation for her. [82]
19) 398. As Zeiol worked his way up the other ranks, he was surprised by the large variety of opponents he saw; some of them even used tactics similar to Priso's Amnesia+Lick combo that had won him so many rounds; he didn't even need to activate voltages to win! That being said, he did have to jam in and lower voltages at the cost of his own score to retain the lead. Excluding Fantina's Loony, these two Pokemon fought as contest opponents knew a physical move with the highest non-variable base power of all contest opponents. [chimer stripe / chingling pachirisu]
20) 399. The Dance Round might have been something Priso got down pat, but Zeiol was able to figure out how the judges scored it to a tee. There really wasn't much room for error especially at the higher ranks, as the poffin advantage was slowly wearing thin. If Priso was competing in a Master Rank Contest, then in the entirety of the Dance Round, how many dance steps would be performed by all the participating Pokemon combined? [128 / 8(per pokemon) * 4 (pokemon) * 4 (rounds)]
21) 400. Finally, the intense time spent in acquiring Poffins had paid off. Despite that, the Master Rank opponents were consistently able to outclass Priso in the Visual Round, due to its all-round unspecialized nature. Having kept a close watch on the Poffins he fed to Priso (who of course had eaten till it could eat no more), Zeiol knew that its contests stats were 130 Cool, 92 Beauty, 90 Cute, 91 Smart and 91 Tough. If it was holding a Green Scarf and competing in a Tough Contest, what would its total score in points be for this round, assuming it used no accessories? [345.45 / 345]
22) 401. After what seems like forever, all 20 contest Ribbons adorn Priso, who's basking in the glory of its appeal. However, the taste of master rank contests has given it the drive to fight strong opponents, and Zeiol battles it with a few Pokemon to gauge its power. As it does so, it evolves into Snorlax! It hugs Zeiol in happiness, nearly crushing him, but he's also ecstatic! Wanting to let Priso learn battling through observation for the time being, he makes a plan to take it to this location, where only Smeargle, Jumpluff, Ninjask and some others obtained the ribbon they share. [pokemon league]
23) 402. However, before he leaves Hearthome, Zeiol comes across an eccentric man in the city, seeming to be questing for rarities. Upon noticing him, Zeiol was given five items, which seemed unique. As the man looked forward to giving him more items if the time was right, Zeiol wondered what this was all about. If Zeiol could obtain a BlueCrystal from this man, with a certain other condition being met, then he would be able to encounter this Pokemon in the wild. [spiritomb]
24) 403. Priso is given the Exp. Share as Zeiol decides to try his hand at the league yet again, using the same strategies as before. Only this time, he's got Froslass and Priso on his team. With bated breath, he enters the hallowed chambers again - this time happy that he can show his protege the power of the past. The Elite Four are delighted to have their star challenger back, and accept the battles. Their teams are exactly the same as before, so Zeiol doesn't worry. This time around, all he needs is Jumpluff, Slowbro and Ninjask to form a synergetic trio, annihilating the league with much less effort. With the second conquest finished, Zeiol reflects on his wonderful times with Priso, and all the ribbons it's obtained so far. This does remind Zeiol of something. "Wasn't there a place that turned me away for not having enough ribbons? Bet they'd like to see me now!", he smirks. With that in mind, he charts a course to this location. [ribbon syndicate]
25) 404. This time around thanks to Priso's Ribbons, the Ribbon Syndicate is more than happy to welcome Zeiol in as he's taken aback by the luxury. Everything about the place just seemed high-class, and he's happy that he could get access to it. Here, he learns that they've got even more ribbons on sale! Intrigued, he purchases the Gorgeous and Royal ribbons for Priso, as he had enough money for that. However, the Gorgeous Royal Ribbon at a jaw-dropping $999,999 was just a tiny bit out of his range. However, it did look as if that ribbon had real gemstones in it, so Zeiol decided to think of how he could quickly earn enough money to afford it. A noteworthy memory came to mind of a time before battling the Elite Four, where he'd defeated some trainer class and earnt a lot of money. So much so, it was very likely the most prize money he could obtain in one trainer battle at that point in the game. As such, he decided to try heading to where he had this battle. He vaguely recalled them battling him using a Pokemon that had evolved twice, as well as a different Pokemon, which he forgot. Unfortunately, the VS. Seeker couldn't be used to rematch who Zeiol had in mind, so he left disappointed. Who was Zeiol thinking of? Answer as [trainer class] [name]. [doubleteam alkay / doubleteam al&kay]
26) 405. In contrast to the maximum, Zeiol wondered what the minimum amount he could earn from a trainer battle would be. Since he's defeated Heatran, he's also very sure he's battled every trainer across Sinnoh's mainland, but has no memory of how many times he's used the VS. Seeker to re-battle any of them. What trainer would he have to rematch with the VS. Seeker to earn the least possible prize money from a battle? Answer as [trainer class] [name]. [lass natalie]
27) 406. Of course, Zeiol makes a logical conclusion about who to beat up for some cold hard cash. He remembers Mr. Backlot's opulent mansion and posited that surely that area would attract rich people, and his estimate was right. Flying over to the area, he realized who to battle to earn the most possible money per battle. Assume Zeiol started with $0, gave his lead Pokemon an Amulet Coin, and could battle trainers with their strongest party. If he battled the same trainer repeatedly till his wallet was full, how much money did Zeiol lose out on? [8001 / we were so so close to making an over 9000 joke u_u]
28) 407. A nifty 24 battles later, Zeiol's wallet is bursting at the seams, and he flies back the the Ribbon Syndicate to get the Gorgeous Royal Ribbon for Priso, who's pleased as punch to receive it. With that in mind, what other areas might have ribbons to earn? He remembers Julia, but Priso's already visited her once every day of the week ever since he caught it, and it has all seven of her ribbons anyhow. Finally, the battle tower comes to mind. He realizes that he's never really given it a thought outside of his first traumatizing encounter with opposing Shedinja. In any case, Priso was ready to battle, as were the rest of his team. Zeiol took a careful look at the movepools and stats of each of his Pokemon, and decided on a 3-man squad to take down the singles. Of course, Priso would be one of the members. One other had only one possible ability that affected the chance of wild encounters and had recently evolved, while another affected wild encounters more directly, not relying on wild grass, but even working on other types of encounters, like static encounters and honey trees. With neither ability favoring any particular types, what Pokemon did Zeiol pick? [emerald gardevoir]
29) 408. With the team members decided, Zeiol decided that each of them should have at least one move to hit Shedinja with, and it would be the strongest non-STAB move that would do so. Priso’s move would be physical, and Gardevoir’s special, as their other attacking stats were minimal, and every optimization counts as he's resolved to not suffer that kind of defeat again. In order, Priso, Emerald and Gardevoir are taught these moves. [crunch fireblast shadowball]
30) 409. Of course, more moves than one go into making a Pokemon ready. Priso was given a very surprising combination of two moves in addition to Crunch and its requisite STAB Body Slam; the first was its strongest non-STAB attack and the second was one which would almost always guarantee the first attack succeeded, as long as Priso was slower than the opponent in a 1v1 and hadn’t taken significant damage before. What were these two moves? [focuspunch substitute]
31) 410. Now, Emerald already has good moves to begin with in Dragon Claw and Draco Meteor. Similarly, Gardevoir also has 3 of its 4 moves set in stone, Psychic, Calm Mind, and Shadow Ball. One TM was used on each of them to get their final moves - both damaging. Zeiol remembered finding these TMs at Route 226 and Wayward Cave. What moves did they learn? [earthquake energyball]
32) 411. Lastly, there's the matter of their held items. Priso got the item that it was holding when caught as a Munchlax, Gardevoir got an item that Ruby was holding when caught, and Emerald got an item from Stark Mountain which had some non-zero effect when held and needed Rock Climb to obtain. In order of Pokemon mentioned, what were these items? [leftovers kasibberry lifeorb]
33) 412. Before heading to the Battle Tower, Zeiol decided to check his bag one last time for any other items he might have. As his hand brushed over the Pokeradar, he had a sense of deja vu. Given that it had deactivated at this point, was there a need to use it anymore? Seeing as he had a stock of 23 Pokemon, it felt fitting to have his last true capture also be by means of the Pokeradar. But who would it be? Zeiol had already staked out most of the Pokeradar Pokemon, and the ones that he hadn't didn't strike his fancy. As he was doing so, he remembered his last talk with Dawn and flew over to Sandgem to ask for advice. Happy to see Zeiol again, she mentioned hearing of a Pokemon being available in an area that it normally wasn't, and that this might be the perfect target for Zeiol. Before Zeiol headed off, she mentioned a last detail about how he should prepare more than twenty times over; it wouldn't be feasible to keep catching it like other Pokemon species. This was quite the surprising revelation. What Pokemon was Dawn talking about? [beldum]
34) 413. Zeiol was concerned, and decided to ask Prof. Rowan as well if he'd any ideas how to catch such a hard-to-get Pokemon. Of course, he's delighted to meet with Zeiol and hear about the resolution to the Pokeradar. As he hears of what had just been discussed, an idea springs to mind, as he narrated. "Of course, I'm glad you came to me for advice. A colleague of mine was researching something similar, and her findings might be useful. You might be aware that once a Pokemon has exhausted its Power Points, it's forced to struggle. As you gather, that's a bad idea if you wanted to catch it, a fainted Pokemon can't be caught after all. Of course, there's no way to infinitely regenerate them, unless you use this move in battle." [recycle]
35) 414. Rowan continues, "Perhaps you see where this is going? In any case, even if your own Pokemon is able to get an infinite supply of Leppa Berries, it can't exactly give them to the opponent. So, how would you get around the HP loss due to struggle?", he concludingly asks. Zeiol is very, very intrigued by this idea. He gives it a good thought. "If only there was a move that could heal the opponent, but I'm very sure I haven't come across something like that.", as he admits ignorance. Rowan continues, "I don't blame you, I had barely known of this move's application recently myself! It just goes to show how vast this world is, and why I keep studying Pokemon." What move was Rowan talking about? [painsplit]
36) 415. "Indubitably so! If you're able to combine the two moves we just discussed with a Leppa Berry and a way to consistently recover your own Pokemon's HP, I dare say you could catch all the Beldum you came across. Of course, even my colleague only caught a few with this method before running out of supplies, so like Dawn said, I'd advise you to stock up on possibly fifty times the supplies you think you'd need, even if you don't intend on catching more than a few." Rowan concludes. Zeiol takes this advice to heart, and profusely thanks the two, who are all too happy to see him again, as he flies back to the Resort Area. Wanting to increase passive recovery, he digs into his Heart Scale stash, to give Smeargle three more Sketches for Ingrain, Aqua Ring, and Baton Pass. Finally, as for his Pain Split user, Zeiol is unsure who to train up. In indecision, he visits the Union Room for the first time and sees a mysterious trainer waiting for him, who somehow knows his dilemma. They offer to trade Zeiol a Pokemon with the two moves he was looking for; especially notable because one of them wouldn't be learnable normally. Not only that, but it would take less damage from Beldum's attacks due to its typing. The only catch was that it didn't seem to have that much HP, but that was a worthwhile tradeoff. Zeiol accepts the offer, and trades over one of his many Bagon from earlier in exchange for the Pokemon, as the mysterious trainer waves goodbye with a smile, hoping that Zeiol stays strong no matter what happens, warping away soon after. With that, Zeiol wonders who his mysterious benefactor was, but overthinking wouldn't do much. With that done, he was almost entirely prepped. thanks to the stroke of good luck, saving him the time in having to train up another Pokemon. What are all possible Pokemon that Zeiol could have been traded? [lunatone solrock]
37) 416. With the new Solrock in his party, Zeiol restocks on everything and soon heads back to Route 226. He decided to first scout the area for Pokeradar exclusives, and was pleasantly surprised to see Vibrava. "Hmm, if only I could use this Pokemon earlier on my journey, it seems I'd have liked it.", he wistfully thought. He still caught it, and decided a short detour was in order. After hatching a few Trapinch eggs with a Ditto and training it a bit, it was clear that Trapinch had an atrocious movepool for quite a long time, and it'd really be a good idea if that could be remedied. As he was pondering, he remembered something else about recent events. Since Dawn had mentioned a swarm happening at Lake Verity soon after the Beldum discussion, he flew over and caught a male Surskit, since it seemed anatomically similar to Trapinch. After evolving this Surskit at the earliest possible level, having its latest 4 level up moves, and replacing one of them with the weakest TM move that it could 4x resist (excluding Hidden Power), it was put into the daycare with Vibrava. The resulting Trapinch was quite a surprise to Zeiol, as its moves had impressive variety. If the newly hatched Trapinch knew 4 moves, what were they? (alpha) [bite gigadrain gust quickattack]
38) 417. Zeiol felt something else was in order, and so before this expedition, decided to obtain another egg from the daycare, and headed to the one place he'd never been to: the Global Trade Station. It gave off a surreal atmosphere, as if thought to connect distant universes. He felt generous, and decided to offer up the Trapinch Egg as a reward that anyone visiting it could claim, no matter who they were. As the employees there were unsure about such an arrangement, the head clerk stepped up to deal with this. She was an elderly lady who didn't take any quarter, but recognized Zeiol as Sinnoh's champion and decided to negotiate a deal. After introductions, she narrated a tale to Zeiol that was quite strange. "An egg in the GTS? My dear child, I would say preposterous, but you'd do well to hear me out. Even a network as large as ours isn't perfect, and while errors do happen, we try our best to minimize them. This egg here, would be one such error. However, and I do say however, you should hear me out...", she continues, as Zeiol's ready to interrupt, "...if some Pokemon have a certain Ribbon, we don't allow them to be traded here, as that Ribbon is a symbol that proclaims love for Pokemon. However, if an unruly one sneaks such a Pokemon into our system, the recipient is quite confused. One such child was one who had never connected wirelessly before. She received one such Pokemon in her first trade, and was very confused when she asked us to explain the description on the ribbon. I don't suppose you'd happen to know this, given how much you seem to have traveled? Tell me what description this ribbon had when the child obtained it, and I'll allow this egg through." [A commemorative Ribbon obtained in a Mystery Zone.]
39) 418. The head clerk is quite bemused by this reply. "Oh ho. Well, I can hardly say it's surprising you know that. I must say, I wish my son was half as knowledgeable as you were. You do know the world well enough to deserve your title as Champion. In any case, I'll let that egg through. You can include an item as a gift to the lucky trainer who gets to claim it if you wanted to. Why, for the promptness you answered with, you can even put in a piece of mail too, if you're the sentimental type. And with that, I shall head off to make your request possible; in the interim speak with the other workers and they'll handle the paperwork", she concluded, heading deeper into the GTS. Zeiol thinks this through, and feels that this would be a great idea. Mail would be a fun way to communicate with someone, even if it was only one-way. A way to give back, similar to how the mysterious trainer had helped him a while ago. He decided to fly around Sinnoh’s Pokemarts to see what Mail they sold, and decided on a mysterious Space Mail to go with a Moon Stone, as they seemed to make an endearing combination. However, he noticed that two types of Mail weren’t available for sale anywhere, despite hearing of them in the GTS. What were they? [brickmail mosaicmail]
40) 419. With the GTS mini-adventure dealt with, Zeiol flew back to the Resort Area and headed northward. The route was intensely difficult to navigate; just as it was the first time through. Chaining here would truly be a true test of endurance, and that's what it was. Of course, even though Zeiol had more than over-prepped supplies, the ever-recurring time loop occurred again, bringing him to before he started, conserving what little he had. It didn't take a few days like the other Shiny Pokemon. No, this one took nearly a month of real time (!!!), being battered and barely able to see. Despite this, he had no hope of giving up. This was the Pokeradar's final outing, and one with which he'd be happy to put it to rest for good. Finally, Zeiol comes across a shiny variant, and its contrasting colors dazzle him. Thanks to having prepped and practiced the strategy before on a non-shiny Beldum, Zeiol was prepared - there was no way he was failing this. Surely enough, the long battle was long but effectively endless. Finally, a Repeat Ball seals the deal, as his last capture is finally acquired. Despite its seemingly Lax nature, it caught Zeiol off guard and sneaked a Rare Candy from his bag, evolving into Metang! This came as quite the surprise but a welcome one nonetheless, as training a Pokemon with only Take Down would be painful. Of course, this would also be the sixth Pokemon that Zeiol nicknamed. As he flies to the Move Relearner and checks his TM case to see what Metang can be taught, he thinks back to the nomenclature of his earlier names. Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Paleo, Priso. The latter two were notable, personalities shining as a pearl and brilliant as a diamond. The first three formed a trio of their own, and he felt it only right to name his newest capture after this word to complete the trifecta. [platinum / caveat: platine was in fact hunted much later during the events of the next part with this exact setup (as was the trapinch thing), but i'm introducing it here to provide exposition, which is why it's notably absent for a while / i hated this hunt so so much AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA sandstorm is such bullshit AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA]

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Our twist is Perfect Score still. Will anyone be able to complete a fish without making a mistake? Only time will tell, join us for some fish to take a stab at the bonus points.
Character limits are a mood, so I've got to make another post just for this part. The next post you see from me here will be the thrilling finale to this series, so don't miss it!

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1st place: blazeofvictory [03:22:12].

1) 420. Welcome back (yet again) to Pokeradar Pearl. To recap, the team is here: The events of the last part ended with Battle Tower prep and Zeiol capturing his 24th and last Pokemon, a shiny Beldum (now Metang) nicknamed Platine. With his team ready, Zeiol finally takes on the Battle Tower. While the opponents this early on don't pose much of a threat, some things stand out. While the trainers early on still use mostly unevolved Pokemon, they don't necessarily go down without a fight! One such trainer owned an unevolved Pokemon that didn't faint to Emerald's Draco Meteor - which was quite strange, as its highest stat was neither HP or Sp. Def. Through the Pokemon’s use of Toxic, Double Team, Protect and Iron Defense, the opponent drew out the battle quite a while - they wore spectacles and were constantly looking in their large bag, Pokeballs spilling out as they did so. Who could Zeiol have been battling? Answer as [trainer class] [name]. [collector davis collector jamison]
2) 421. Zeiol kept on climbing the ranks, defeating trainer after trainer. However, despite being undefeated he only had 6 BP. He was puzzled and wondered, "If I don't have BP, how can I buy better items to make my team stronger? And circularly, if my team isn't strong, how do I get BP at all?" That being said, it seemed as if a particular Trainer class was giving him some trouble - with their power to levitate Pokeballs in mid-air, they could give precise instructions to their Pokemon. Considering all trainers of this trainer class that Zeiol can battle in his current state, what's the most commonly held item on their Pokemon? [leftovers]
3) 422. It's not too long a journey until Zeiol makes his way to battle #21. As he waits for his next challenger, the giant blond man from earlier enters the battle room, introducing himself as Palmer. He congratulates Zeiol for reaching him, and accepts the battle with no delay. He led Milotic as Zeiol lead Emerald. Sensing danger from an incoming Ice move, he pivots to Priso who takes the Dragon Pulse very well. Trusting its special bulk, it's commanded to Substitute, taking low damage from Hydro Pump. With this in mind, Zeiol did a few mental calculations to estimate how likely Hydro Pump would be to break Substitute; after all Milotic was no slouch when it came to attacking. Of course, it'd be extremely likely that Milotic's raw stats were as high as could be, further boosted through Palmer’s training, given his status as Tower Tycoon. If Priso's max HP and Sp. Def were 239 and 139 respectively, what is the percentage chance that Milotic's Hydro Pump could break its Substitute, without critical hits, assuming it didn't miss? (answer to 2 decimal places) [93.75]
4) 423. Zeiol realizes that he's just barely gotten lucky that the Substitute was unbroken. In a bid to immobilize it, Priso lands a Body Slam and paralyzes Milotic, as it launches Hypnosis to no avail. Zeiol didn't know this was an error; as Milotic's Marvel Scale activated, reducing the damage of successive hits. If Priso's Attack stat was 150, what is the lowest and highest amount of HP it could do to Milotic in its current state within a single turn, given its current moveset? [23 104]
5) 424. Thankfully, paralysis and accuracy luck combine to let Priso fell Milotic with a substitute still up, but at low health. Palmer sends out Rhyperior, destroying the substitute with Thunderbolt and taking moderate damage from Focus Punch. and felling Priso with Rock Wrecker on the following turn. Gardevoir swoops in, and uses Energy Ball to avenge the fallen comrade, leaving Palmer with only Dragonite. Gardevoir moved first, landing a Psychic for small damage and falling to Dragon Rush. Emerald takes to the field, and Zeiol debates the situation, gambling on Dragon Claw. It hits, felling the orange dragon, giving Zeiol a victory! Palmer congratulates him on his victory, and awards him 20 BP instead of the normal 3 to celebrate, telling him to keep climbing and have a rematch. With that in mind, Zeiol's happy to have played this challenge so far. His 3 Pokemon were given this ribbon for the victory. [ability / ability ribbon]
6) 425. Zeiol decided to try advancing further in the tower, as the trio were still raring to go. In one of these streaks, he notices something quite surprising. Priso's Thick Fat did not reduce the Ice-type damage from this move, regardless of what ability the foe had. [sheercold]
7) 426. The Shedinja experience reliving itself, Zeiol flies into a rage again at these inconsistent tactics, vowing to claim victory and assert dominance. Unfortunately, there was more where that came from as Zeiol effectively played Russian Roulette with the tactics of opposing trainers, most notably the PI's and their propensity to gamble on OHKO moves. As Zeiol crosses the 40 trainer mark, battles are now increasingly fierce and he's getting bailed out by luck a lot of times. However, something breaks the monotony. Most notably, he comes across a trainer whose name is 1 letter off from the name of a berry; but this berry didn't seem to be found anywhere in Sinnoh, no matter what one did. Who were they? Answer as [trainer class] [name] [idol maranda]
8) 427. Finally, Zeiol is back at battle #49 to face Palmer, who is delighted to see his favorite challenger, proclaiming that he's going all out. He leads Cresselia as Zeiol leads Emerald. This Pokemon is unfamiliar, but radiates power, so he swaps to Gardevoir, who easily tanks the incoming Psychic. Both sides then calm their minds for a while, which worries Zeiol as Gardevoir falling would spell defeat. Thankfully, the Kasib Berry let Gardevoir take minimal damage as it proceeds to analyze a weak point landing a critical hit and OHKO'ing the foe. Palmer's Heatran is up next, as Zeiol grows more intimidated. "What kind of a person is Palmer, to have this legendary Pokemon with him?", he wondered. Heatran used its signature move, and soon after took a decently strong Psychic, taking off about 45%. Immediately after Heatran attacked, a special message was displayed after it used its move. What message was displayed? [gardevoir became trapped by swirling magma]
9) 428. As Gardevoir falls, Emerald takes to the field and dispatches the flame menace with Earthquake. As the 2v1 looms nearer, Palmer sends out his last Pokemon, Regigigas; a towering behemoth that eclipsed the battlefield. Zeiol was in awe, and even Emerald's Draco Meteor only did around 50% as it fell to a critical Ice Punch. Priso's up next, as Zeiol believes in its power. Regigigas unleashes a strong Crush Grip, taking off 35% of Priso's HP as it substitutes. The next turn, it's hit with a fearless Focus Punch, but eats its Chople Berry to survive the hit at low HP. Tensions are high as the substitute falls, leaving Priso at half health. It takes another Brick Break and is notably hurt, brought to the red as its Body Slam fells the Continental Pokemon. Victory is Zeiol's! A very close one at that. Palmer's thoroughly impressed, and mentions how he can deal with losing to a trainer as magnificent as Zeiol. After the battle ends, Palmer describes a memory shared with Zeiol's father many years ago, and how they very barely fended off a wild Pokemon back then. As he departs with a smile, he mentions how that experience was his first step as a trainer, and that the world and his future holds infinite promise for Zeiol. At what location did this incident happen? [lake verity]
10) 429. With that, Zeiol's now got the Great Ability Ribbon as well as a fat stack of BP. However, he's intrigued to see how far his team can go. He decides to keep battling, but as he slowly climbs higher and higher, his team is notably feeling outclassed. Opposing Snorlax, Bronzong and Skarmory are proving to be extremely difficult to defeat, especially if Emerald has gone down. It's not just one trainer, many trainers from different classes all seem to be using some of this trio of Pokemon! What are all the trainer classes that have all of these Pokemon usable by at least one of their members? [collector jogger scientist waiter waitress]
11) 430. Finally, Zeiol takes his loss at battle #59 thanks to an untimely Draco Meteor miss. It was a generally fair run, and while he hoped to get to 100, this was a fine place to quit. He decided to take a look at the other modes on offer. He didn't have a team for double battles, so he decided to pass on that for the time being. Though the Multi battles seemed appealing, Zeiol didn't think he knew anyone that could pair up with him. He decided to check it out anyway. As Zeiol's guided to the waiting room, he sees all five of the trainers that tagged along with him, all of which greet him with a smile. They spend a while catching up on how times have changed since Zeiol last saw them, and Riley was particularly proud that Zeiol stuck true to his convictions and got to the Battle Zone after their last talk at Iron Island. Marley mentioned that she was still investigating the stone tablet on Route 224, while Mira said she was training at the Battle Tower to be braver, and had decided to tag along with Cheryl as she was exploring Sinnoh. As for Buck, he retained the same standoffish attitude and told Zeiol not to hold him back. With that out of the way, Zeiol asks what Pokemon each of them used, as that'll determine what he'll choose to battle with. He's blown away by the range of Pokemon they have, ranging from hard to train to exceedingly rare! A few hours are spent discussing team compositions as Zeiol thinks of the perfect synergy. Some Pokemon used by these 5 trainers are shared. Excluding legendaries, what are all these Pokemon? [espeon porygonz rhyperior umbreon / espeon porygonz umbreon / latios and cresselia are the other shared mons]
12) 431. Fun times were had by all as Zeiol enjoyed the contrasting battle styles that supported him. After a while, he felt it was time to continue, and bid farewell to them. Marley and Buck headed back, while the others continued battling for the time being. Given the fun times he's had, it probably feels time to conclude this Pokeradar business once and for all. He heads back to Amity Square, and collects the Spooky Plate. Immediately, along with the other plates, it reacts to the Red Chain and turns it a glittering Azure. However, nothing seems to happen yet. Confused, he decided to fly over to Canalave and give the books a read, perhaps something there has info on the plates or this Azure Chain? As he does so, he notices some commotion near Sailor Eldritch's house. Apparently, his son has fallen into an inescapable nightmare, and he needs a Lunar Wing to cure him. With most of the Gym's trainers on an expedition to Iron Island, Zeiol took this task upon himself, heading to Newmoon Island but not before swapping out his party, this time for possibly the last time. Of course, Priso would be a part. As for the other five, one had never learnt a new move by level-up ever since Zeiol got it, the second had learnt the same move by level-up multiple times, the third knew Fly, the fourth was used to weaken Tyrogue when he was chaining them, and the fifth was one who, while he'd captured early on, had never really used that much in battle. In order, what are these five Pokemon? [paleo smeargle swellow shedinja furret]
13) 432. The atmosphere of Fullmoon Island was calming, just like Eterna Forest's. Smeargle wanted to sketch the miniature wilderness forever, as it seemed to exude a sense of mystery, and Shedinja felt this was a place to let its spirit rest, but they pulled themselves together and followed Zeiol into the clearing. Upon doing so, Zeiol's entire party was entranced. Here was a regal, yet calming being - Cresselia. It heard Zeiol explain why he needed a Lunar Wing, and as it was about to give it up, noticed the Red Chain on Zeiol's Pokeradar. Its calm look now turned to one of rage, as it flew off somewhere. Zeiol was quite puzzled by this reaction, and decided to follow it on the Marking Map, as the Poketch had locked onto its signal. Having just recently battled Cresselia, Zeiol was instantly prepared to do battle with a strong foe. As such, he wanted to use this move on it if things went sour, to conclude the battle as soon as possible. [horndrill]
14) 433. The first two times Zeiol encountered Cresselia, it simply dodged Horn Drill calmly and fled, not wanting conflict. However, as Zeiol kept journeying around Sinnoh to find it, this changed on the third time. Cresselia's calm aura was replaced by one of intense malice, it seemed to ready a powerful attack at the Pokeradar, and Zeiol pleaded with it to tell him what the problem was. Seeing no way out but to fight, he sends out his highest levelled Pokemon, Smeargle, and its Horn Drill is able to deflect the incoming Aurora Beam, piercing through Cresscelia's scales to deliver the finishing blow. As it drops a few feathers - looking exactly like the Lunar Wing's picture that Eldritch showed him, it looks at Zeiol with a sorrowful expression, is enveloped in a bright light and teleports away. As this happens, Zeiol notices that his team's HP and PP seem to be restored! "Was Cresselia trying to warn me of something? Anyhow, I should deliver the Lunar Wing I've collected here to Canalave, the young boy probably needs it.", Zeiol thinks. With that, the deed is done and Eldritch's son is as lively as he was earlier. With that, Zeiol reminisces over the past few hours. He's seen Heatran and Cresselia from the battle with Palmer, but not Regigigas. It felt like a decent idea to ask Tinston if he knows anything about it, given his attempts at the Battle Tower. He flew over to the Fight Area, but didn't see him anywhere in sight. Where was Tinston? [starkmountain]
15) 434. Tinston didn’t seem to know about this, so Zeiol decided to put that idea to rest. Finally, Zeiol feels calm, like he's never relaxed before. He has an exhilarating time playing with his party, and they're all delighted to spend some quality time with their trainer. Each and every one of the 24. Something feels different, as if he wouldn't get another moment like this. He travels around Sinnoh, visiting each of the locales where he caught his team members, asking them if they wanted to return to the wild. Some were determined to stay by Zeiol's side, and others seemed to look back with a sad glance, and vanished into the grass. After waiting for a while, he prepared to bid a tearful farewell, but realized that they came bounding back! He burst into tears, but these were of happiness. They simply wanted to greet their former friends and family one last time, and stay with Zeiol to the bitter end, no matter what. This reminded him of the time Stantler got its footprint ribbon - similar sentiments were shared by all of his Pokemon. They trusted in Zeiol, and he'd do his best to repay that trust. He reminisced over his journey, some battles were hard, some were easy, and others were in the middle. So far, the only people he's seen use a full party of six Pokemon to battle him were Tinston and Cynthia. As he's wondering why more trainers didn't do that, he suddenly realizes that he forgot someone. There was in fact a trainer that Zeiol had battled fitting this description. Who were they? Answer as [trainer class] [name] [fisherman andrew]
16) 435. As Zeiol continues contemplating the various battles he's had, many memorable ones come to mind, mostly the Cyrus battle where he could easily have lost had Weavile gone for Ice Punch against his Nidoking. He thought to himself, "If only I was more experienced then...experience! Didn't I have that one battle with a trainer that gave me a lot of experience? I think it was the most I got from a trainer battle, ever! It might be a neat idea to rematch them." If the person Zeiol was thinking about was not part of the Pokemon League or his rival Tinston, who was it? Answer as [trainer class] [name] [acetrainer ariana]
17) 436. The next day rolls around, and Tinston returns to the Fight Area. With the Azure Chain reacting far more strongly, Zeiol knew that it was only a matter of time until something major happened. As possibly his last battle with a trainer whom he'd known the longest and respected, he challenged Tinston to a battle, holding back his tears. Of course he couldn't involve his dear friend in an event this major. He chose a squad of Paleo, Priso, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Torkoal. Tinston sent out Staraptor, a level only one higher than Torkoal. Its physical attacks did little to Torkoal, who kept boosting with Iron Defense, and dispatched it easily. Tinston's Floatzel was up next, and even it could not break Torkoal's impenetrable wall thanks to the boosts, using Aqua Jet to bring it to about half its health. At this point, Torkoal recovered some health from an item, but the amount recovered would vary depending on the Pokemon holding it and it could never have any negative effect on its holder. What could Torkoal have been holding? [enigmaberry leftovers sitrusberry]
18) 437. With Torkoal at low health. Tinston's Snorlax revenges with Earthquake, but not before taking a critical Heat Wave. Zeiol goes into Emerald, who despite the 10 level difference brings Snorlax to a third of its health, as it goes for Rest. Successive Dragon Claws batter the sleeping beast as it falls- not knowing Sleep Talk or Snore. The opposing Heracross takes to the field, but it's cleanly knocked out by a critical Fire Blast from the initiative Emerald. Next up is Tinston's Roserade, who is ALSO outsped, and brought to low HP, but it can't do anything with its weak Giga Drain. Finally, Tinston's last Pokemon, his Infernape is ready for battle with a flare in its eyes, It outsped, taking out Emerald with Aerial Ace, Sapphire swapped in next, bringing the foe to around half with Sky Uppercut before fainting to Focus Blast. Ruby takes to the field next, bringing Infernape to the red with two Shadow Sneaks, as it falls to a double Shadow Claw. Up next is Priso, who takes pitiful damage from Aerial Ace to seize the KO with Body Slam. Victory is Zeiol's, yet again! However as the battle subsides, he realizes Tinston doesn't fly into a panic as always, but rather remains more calm about his defeat. He smiles, aiming to be tougher to match Zeiol's strength, and they part on this resolution. That being said, Zeiol does wonder how Tinston's entire team had great type balance. If he were to have a rematch later, it'd surely be down to the wire. If Zeiol returned to rematch Tinston after defeating the Pokemon League over 30 times, then these are the Pokemon he shouldn't bring, because they can be hit super-effectively by the most number of moves that Tinston's team would use. [abomasnow cacturne nuzleaf shiftry snover / Bug(2) Dark(3) Fighting(5) Fire(2) Flying(2) Ghost(1) Grass(1) Ground(1) Ice(1) Normal(1)_ Poison(1) Rock(1) Water (1) - no mon is weak to both dark and fighting, so i combod the next best.]
19) 438. Finally, with that part handled, Zeiol sees the Azure Chain reacting quite strongly to something, and feels it's time to put an end to this once and for all. He flies over to Jubilife city, and notices the large GTS and his prior visit. Perhaps, just in case, it was a good idea to deposit a Pokemon in there for safekeeping. As Zeiol discussed this with his Pokemon, Ruby volunteered, snagging an item that it particularly liked from Zeiol's bag and indicated its determination to be back as soon as possible, as Zeiol promised that he'd be back for it as soon as this issue was resolved. To make sure that no random person got his beloved Ruby, Zeiol set a seemingly impossible demand for a Pokemon - he was sure that a random passerby would never be able to obtain it, at the very least. He made sure to request a Pokeradar-exclusive Pokemon, at a level exactly one below what it normally evolved at. However, Zeiol himself would be able to obtain this Pokemon at a far lower level. Answer with the Pokemon and level Zeiol chose, and then the item that Ruby grabbed, in that order. [kirlia 19 reapercloth]
20) 439. Soon after Ruby was put in the GTS, Zeiol headed to the Jubilife Condos where he felt a disturbance, as the Pokeradar's display lit up, with icons of an arrow and a number. It seemed almost as if Zeiol was compelled to follow these instructions to the T, and was left speechless. As he weaved in and around a lamppost and headed north, what he saw was not the resplendent Poketch Co. but a dark, infinite void. Inertia carried him forth as he wordlessly kept following the instructions on screen. Not even phasing through the door of the building could faze him now. From this place, he went 1 South, 17 West, 18 South, 33 North, 415 West... the instructions just kept on going as Zeiol saw all kinds of strange things, all of which indescribable. He didn't even know what was going on anymore as a sense of dread loomed over him. As much as he tried to escape, his body was bound. Throughout this entire route, what is the most number of steps that Zeiol would have to walk in a single direction without turning, and in what direction? Answer as [number] [direction] [1279 South / 1280 North]
21) 440. Zeiol finished the semi-final instruction of 76 West, but something unforeseen happened. As the Pokeradar display showed 3 South, he tripped and walked 2 South instead, and a strange white flag fell out of his bag, one he didn't know he'd got with him. As he does this, the atmosphere intensely charges, yet nothing's visible in the pitch black darkness. The Pokeradar crackles, and the display falls dim. Fearing, he sends out Furret to scout the area, but it's instantly fainted with a powerful attack. Zeiol recognizes the sound, but can't quite identify the attack and is very wary. Next up, he sends out Nidoking, who can somehow identify the foe, launching a Poison Jab, which poisons it. However on the next turn, a green light shines the surroundings, dispelling the affliction! Nidoking too falls to the same attack, unable to retaliate very much. Terrified, Zeiol swaps into Shedinja, hoping Wonder Guard bails him out. Through Confuse Ray, he's able to get lucky and bring it to around half health. As he does so, he can see a pair of red eyes gleaming in the distance, surrounding themselves with mysterious energy and restoring its health! Zeiol realized that outside the reach of his Pokemon a few feet away, he couldn't see anything! Mysteriously a few turns later, Shedinja seems to be struck by a strange energy and falls, but it didn't seem super-effective at all. Zeiol's on the verge of defeat, but decides to take a gamble, commanding Stantler to put the enigma to sleep with Hypnosis, but a two-turn wakeup renders Stantler fainted from a searingly strong attack. Feeling intense fear, he commands Paleo to use Destiny Bond, as the foe seemed to be recharging. The next turn, a the same searing attack strikes it, and it looks back to Zeiol, who's trying to hold back tears at this point, all the while Paleo tried its best to muster up a smile for Zeiol, being brave, as it fainted. However this tactic worked, and the power of Destiny Bond rendered this foe defeated. Its eyes sparkle a brilliant green, resonating with the Azure Chain. From the darkness, Zeiol heard a loud voice booming ominously. "...Human. You are the progenitor that shall travel through worlds. Your spirit is unique. If you seek to free your Pokemon from the shackles I have placed upon them, use these artefacts to conquer Darkrai and Shaymin, refine your spirit even more, then return to me correctly. Opposing my edict is not an option...", as it fades. Zeiol was still petrified from the encounter. What moves did the mysterious opponent know? [futuresight hyperbeam recover refresh]
22) 441. With only Swellow left non-fainted, Zeiol looked back to the Pokeradar, whose display had come alive again. He picked up the two items that had materialized in front of him, which seemed to be Oak's Letter and the Member Card. Wordlessly, he followed the directions, to leave the void. Before he left, he simply shouted a question. "Why me? Why not take over the world yourself?!". Surprisingly, the voice replied. "Human, you are inexperienced, and you will realize your destiny. In the face of a Pokemon vessel as leader, civilizations rebel, treating you as a villain. A mortal such as yourself in control, their demeanor differs, and you are immortalized as a hero. The spirit you possess is unique, capable of travelling worlds, and you will usher in the dawn of a new era as I command. This is my edict." This reply stunned Zeiol, as he felt it was best not to press the issue given his injured team, and finally exited. As he looked out onto Sinnoh's skies, it seemed as if he was back in the real world - no voids attached, but the Pokeradar gleamed again with a vivid blue - was something suppressing it before? Ignoring that, something just felt right when he returned. However, as he was flying back to Celestic Town, he noticed a bright light shining from atop Mt. Coronet, barely obscured by the clouds. It seemed to be in five colors all at once; two shades of red, two of green, and one of blue, spreading to various places around Sinnoh. As he landed, Zeiol headed eastward, as the light seemed particularly strong. What surprised him was the presence of two never-seen Pokemon having a vicious fight in the grass - as if they were sworn rivals! What were these Pokemon? [seviper zangoose]
23) 442. Zeiol wanted to do his best to forget about what he'd just heard in the void; "I'm far too young to deal with issues of this scale, My whole life is ahead of me!", he thought, forcing himself into his normally jovial state. That being said, as the duo keep fighting, Zeiol sees no better way to solve the altercation than to catch the duo, and a pair of Quick Balls do the trick. A quick look in his Pokedex surprised him quite a bit, especially growth rates, with Zangoose seeming to be more experienced than Seviper despite the duo being at the same level. With that in mind, he theorized a few ideas. Remembering the martial artist near Pal Park who demanded to see Pokemon of certain levels, Zeiol wanted a way to claim those fancy Focus Sashes, as the Battle Tower experiences proved their utility. He was also curious on whether the duo could eventually get along if they lived alongside each other and Zeiol's other Pokemon. He felt it might be a good idea to train up both so that he had one of every level Pokemon. However, checking his Pokedex revealed that there was a more efficient stop-gap between the levels. Between this level range, the Fast experience group needs the least total experience out of all groups. [30 70 / 30 71]
24) 443. With that in mind, Zeiol decides to pick up this Pokemon in the fast experience group in the wild, which has the most immunities out of all of them, but is also one whose family had not been obtained by Zeiol prior. [misdreavus]
25) 444. Of course, he'd need someone reliable to train up this huge army. Ideally, he'd be wanting a move with a lot of base power and a lot of PP, so a lot of opponents could be defeated without the need to heal. Exclude STAB, items and abilities for this question. The product of this move's base power and PP are the highest out of all moves with a non-negative priority. [extrasensory]
26) 445. Zeiol thought this through, and decided that if he'd be getting these many items, he'd better get a team that can utilize them. The battle tower doubles are his next goal, and to that extent he spends days researching the optimal composition. Finally, he theorizes a marvellous and original quartet - all of them fully evolved. The first member has redirection is weak to the least amount of spread moves and has the highest Defense and Sp. Def out of all Pokemon that do so, while the second can set up four field conditions, only two of which can be prolonged by an item, being able to faint and lower the foe's offenses when it's finished. The third has the highest effective special attack stat out of all Pokemon when its ability is active, without the effect of items or stat boosts, while the fourth is the strongest user of one of the most powerful STAB moves in that type that Zeiol can obtain legally, though out of all Pokemon it's the third strongest, and it has synergy with the third member. In order described, if no Pokemon is Smeargle, what are these four members? Remember, all of these Pokemon’s movesets must be obtainable with the provided data, without the use of any other games, however trading for evolution purposes is allowed if the pre-evolution can be obtained. [clefable dusknoir sunflora camerupt]
27) 446. As Zeiol made these plans, he had almost blissfully forgotten about his traumatic experience in the void. As he thought of training Pokemon, the memory of the shackles came to mind and he felt dizzy - it didn't feel like just a dream. He looked carefully at all the Pokemon he had. A strange black mist seemed to have shackled all of Zeiol's original 23 Pokemon, preventing them from being sent out at all! This concerns him greatly, as he makes up his mind to abandon these plans of grandeur and focus on using the two items he's got to battle Darkrai and Shaymin. However, while he could borrow Bebe's Vaporeon yet again for HM purposes, there was only one soul unaffected by this purge, possibly because of its recency as a capture. The one left standing that could stand up to the corrupt powers was Platine, for whatever reason. Zeiol decided that this would be his last stand; he'd get his Pokemon back or die trying. Still trying to distract himself from the situation, Zeiol thought a bit more about the 4-man team he'd theorymonned. Redirection was good only as long as it prevented the ally from taking damage at all. However, some moves could inflict damage despite the use of Follow Me, being able to inflict damage not on Clefable, but Clefable's partner on the first turn of battle. Answer with the 3 strongest moves that can do so, in terms of base power. (alpha) [blizzard heatwave muddywater]
28) 447. Platine seemed to be strong enough at Level 54, so there wasn't a need to train it for now. Despite that, Zeiol carefully navigates to Route 224 with a stash of Pokedolls to escape from the persistent wild Pokemon, because it wasn't too fast. Just in case, it was given a Sitrus Berry to hold as well. Soon after, the all too familiar coastal archipelago greets him with its vivid sun and fresh air, but now's no time for fun. He feels a tinge of sorrow, remembering his time spent catching Ruby here, and how he may never be able to spend time with it. Regardless, as he trudged forth, he came across both Marley and Prof. Oak investigating the tablet. As Zeiol produced the letter, Prof. Oak suggested giving thanks to someone or something to commemorate the good fortune in delivering this letter to him. It didn't seem as if either trainer would know how to remedy a situation such as this, and Zeiol felt that involving them would only endanger them. He remembered the previous times he's been put on the spot like this; there's no list of phrases to save him. He thinks back to his journey and enters a single Pokemon's name; one that had been with him the longest, supporting him through thick and thin; and one who was possibly forever sealed away. [paleo]
29) 448. With that entry complete, the shining rock resonates in a flash of light, illuminating the route with colorful and vivid flowers, with a path seeming to appear northward. As Prof. Oak wanted to investigate, Zeiol hopped on his Bicycle and dashed ahead. It was quite a long ride, but eventually he arrived at the Flower Paradise, with Shamyin waiting for him. As it saw Zeiol's anguish, it tried to dispel his concern with a relaxing scent, but to no avail, assuming a battle stance soon after. For some reason, it didn't seem as if Shaymin was anywhere near as strong as Platine, which made Zeiol second guess himself briefly, but he continued all the same. Its Magical Leaf was elusive yet enchanting, striking for minimal damage as Flash Cannon took off half its health. Not wanting to take his chances and prove to Arceus that he shouldn't be messed with, Zeiol commands Hyper Beam. The devastating attack strikes Shaymin, as it's defeated. It glows in a bright light, healing itself up a bit with Synthesis, then sorrowfully looked at Zeiol yet again, seeing how much he was hurting but realized that he couldn't be stopped now. Like the other Pokemon so far, it launched a strange red orb at the Pokeradar, which seemed to remove all of the impurities that the Azure Chain had accumulated up to this point. In doing so, it fled into the depths of Flower Paradise, never to be seen again. Zeiol contemplates the consequences of his actions, but justifies it saying that he'd do anything to get his team back. As he begins the trek to Canalave, he realizes how long Seabreak Path is; it's even longer than Cycling Road! What's the minimum number of steps Zeiol needs to take to get from Flower Paradise to Route 224? [257 / 257 steps]
30) 449. Zeiol misses the infinite conveniences of Fly, but is in no mood to catch yet another Pokemon and end up unable to spend time with it. After a gruelling journey, he finally makes it back to Canalave city, having not forgotten Arceus' words in the void. "Surely, this would be it. Surely, everything would go back to normal when it was all over..right?", he thought. As he was looking around the city to see where to use the Member's Card, a certain building in the north seemed notably visible. While before, the sign outside was too faded to read, it was somehow perfectly legible, describing it as the Harbor Inn. What does this sign describe the Harbor Inn as? [a roost for restless sailors]
31) 450. Zeiol uses the Member Card and enters the forbidden lodge. He's greeted by a shady proprietor who insists that Zeiol had a reservation there for a very long time, and that he'd have a great rest here, cackling ominously. Having no better leads, Zeiol throws caution to the winds and takes a nap. However, he seems enveloped in pain; fearing that he'll lose even Platine too, being unable to bond with Pokemon again! As the visions of Pokemon vanish from his eyes, he wakes up from the nightmare to see himself nowhere in the inn, but rather on a strange island. It didn't seem very large, so Zeiol decided to carefully explore. As he notices the only clearing within, he heads deeper. All he sees is a strange being, ethereal of red and black. Assuming this to be the Darkrai he was looking for, Zeiol sends out Platine with no warning. Darkrai seems a bit disappointed at Zeiol's demeanor. Rather than trying to battle Zeiol, it tried to convince him that living within a dream forever would be a better choice; even showing him visions of having fun with his own Pokemon! However, Zeiol's grief from earlier was unshaken as he broke free from the hypnosis in tears, commanding Platine to attack with Flash Cannon. Darkrai was disappointed yet again, using a combination of Hypnosis and Nightmare to immobilize Platine, as it continually inflicted residual damage from the shadows. Assume Darkrai used Hypnosis, put Platine to sleep, and then used Nightmare. In this case, if Platine stayed asleep for 4 turns in total, how much HP would it have at the end of the 4th turn given its held item, assuming Darkrai didn't attack at all? (express this as a % of max hp) [0]
32) 451. The Hypnosis and Nightmare combo is devastatingly effective, and shockingly Platine faints despite the level advantage! Zeiol is stupefied as he didn't expect this to happen; the old him would have paid strict attention to the HP bars, but his mind was elsewhere, not focussing on strategy at this point. Reluctantly, he sent out Vaporeon as his only other Pokemon, who cowered at the sight of Darkrai. Zeiol felt terribly guilty in forcing it to battle, as it too fell to Pursuit, while Platine was brought back to battle with a Max Revive. This second wind is all Zeiol needs, as Platine is able to dodge successive Hypnosis attacks and land a KO with Flash Cannon and Hyper Beam. Darkrai readied its arm at Zeiol as if for a final attack, but launched the same familiar red orb at him, then disappeared into the murky darkness soon after. Immediately after this, Zeiol fell faint and collapsed, waking up soon after back in the Harbor Inn. The recent experience was terrifying; if Platine hadn't equipped its Sitrus Berry earlier, then it would have lost, leaving Zeiol eternally stuck in the nightmare. If this had happened earlier with less negativity, the nightmare would be easier to escape. Perhaps nightmares were truly less potent in times long past? In a beta version of Gold and Silver, Nightmare did this much damage per turn that was not 1/4th of the user’s max HP. Express this as a fraction in the lowest possible form (if you have 2/6 then answer 1/3, etc) [1/8]
33) 452. Finally, as Zeiol's done with both Darkrai and Shaymin, he exits the Harbor Inn. Before Zeiol can plan his next destination, the sixteen plates begin resonating with the Pokeradar yet again, and emit a strange white light, enveloping the device. As he slowly backs away in shock, the Pokeradar had fallen to the ground, seeming to be reverted to an earlier state - a small red blob affixed to the scarlet-tinted device. However, alongside it, a small bluish-purple artefact falls to the ground as well. The old Zeiol would have been clueless, but since his visits to other worlds, he knew where to go for the final showdown - Mt. Coronet, where the newly acquired item would play a crucial role. What was this item? [azureflute]
34) 453. With the possibility of battling Arceus yet again, possibly never to return, Zeiol makes sure to say his goodbyes, to everyone he knew, as well as his remaining Pokemon - all of whom were very puzzled at the strange situation but promised that it was all ok, reassuring him. Platine in particular was missing the friends it had spent just a short time with, and was equally geared to getting them back, no matter what, evolving into Metagross. With determination, he ascends the hallowed peak, reaching Spear Pillar in no time. It almost seemed nostalgic the last time he was here, the intense battles with Cyrus and Palkia, and the Pokeradar's supposed inactivation all coming full circle now. Spear Pillar didn't seem any different though, so Zeiol took out the Azure Flute, and played it. Despite no musical expertise, a haunting melody left the flute's mouth, compelling him to keep playing. From that point on, even Zeiol couldn't keep track of time anymore and had no clue when it was interrupted by a flash of light, and a transparent staircase appearing. Wordlessly, he ascended it, and was breathtaken by the sights he saw; the higher he climbed, the more the realm looked divine, and the less it looked like Sinnoh. The ethereal feeling was almost as if he was going into another dimension. As he reaches the top, he finally sees the true form of the creature he'd met in the void so long ago, Arceus. Wordlessly, both got into a battle stance. Because Zeiol rushed to the Spear Pillar with minimal training, he had to expend a substantial amount of supplies to ensure Platine didn't faint. Eventually, Arceus was captured in a Timer Ball, but Zeiol noticed the faintest of smiles on its face; an ominous feeling. Despite seeming to be omnipotent, why did it feel as if there were some things that it could not do? Arceus cannot learn these moves by TM, which can raise a stat when used. [bulkup rockpolish steelwing]
35) 454. Even as he looks back to Arceus' Pokeball, reality seems to be substantially warping. The malicious deity had lied; the shackles of the black mist on the original 23 were as strong as ever, now even spreading to Platine's Pokeball and sealing it as well. It seemed risky to send them out into battle, let alone withdraw them from the PC, as something felt wrong. Perhaps it was the wrong choice to try and tame the origin of everything. Zeiol anticipated that this might all be part of the Alpha Pokemon's plan to turn him into this "progenitor", no matter what he did. He sensed that he still had a few hours left until the zero epoch, and quickly debated what he could do. Remembering that Arceus was not perfect gave him a quick idea. In the interim, he reluctantly decided to try out Arceus' power in battle to better gauge its tendencies and weaknesses. It was somehow astonishing how it drew power from its held item and changed types, making it a truly adaptable opponent. Holding any of these items would give Arceus a boost to its STAB attacks when it held them with no drawbacks, whilst it had only one weakness. [silkscarf zapplate]
36) 455. Finally, the distortions around Arceus' Pokeball were growing larger and larger, Zeiol even noticed he was falling back in time, ever so slighty, with the world remaining stable for a short time after the time loop. He noticed his past self climbing Mt. Coronet just a few hours ago, catching Priso on a honey tree, and battling the hordes of Galactic grunts; it all seemed too surreal as he begged Arceus to turn things back to normal, but to no avail. As the world seemed to stabilize for a moment, Zeiol didn't have any idea of how far back he'd gotten. It was only a matter of time until the next distortion took him to a time and place far before the age of anyone he knew - to an era when even Sinnoh might not have existed! He was truly distraught; there was absolutely no plan he could think of that'd let him get out of this predicament. Before any further disruptions occurred, Zeiol looked up at the entrance of the building he'd just warped to - it was a place he'd visited only once and obtained a HM from. What locations could Zeiol have been sent to? [great marsh lost tower]
37) 456. Still wearing his haggard look, Zeiol carefully looked around Pastoria to see if anyone was watching him. As his attention was diverted for a split second, he was caught up in another distortion created by Arceus. This one was particularly fierce, teleporting Zeiol to a place that didn't even seem to be Sinnoh! It seemed to be a catastrophically tall mountain - with the bottom nowhere to be seen. As he was about to recoil in fear and descend, Zeiol noticed a majestic, red-winged Pokemon looking down at him from the sky, approaching him rapidly. With only Arceus in his party, running away wasn't an option. After an arduous battle, the Mysterious Pokemon is caught with an Ultra Ball. With that, Arceus opens up another distortion, hurling Zeiol through it. This sequence of events repeats time and time again, teleporting him to the same location each time, with Zeiol's senses and supplies wearing thin. After the event's repeated six times, Arceus decides to change tune and teleport Zeiol back to his home world. As he landed, he realized he was back at Pal Park - the orange roof was distinctive. Each of the mysterious Pokemon he'd spent hours catching were in his possession, but it didn't seem like they were in his party. Still, Zeiol broke into tears from the terrifying experience, barely holding himself together to enter Pal Park, the weight of the world upon his shoulders. He barely had time to process this as Arceus' telepathy took control of him, sending him into Pal Park and requesting these Pokeballs to be used in a catching show. As the starting shot fired and the show commenced, Zeiol took one last look at the world he'd grown to know and love, but only for a split second. With Arceus directing Zeiol to proceed to a specific area of Pal Park, it followed slowly behind, gathering its powers into creating a larger distortion. Answer with the location that Zeiol was teleported to by Arceus, and then the area of Pal Park that he travelled to. [navelrock mountain]
38) 457. As Zeiol was stepped into the mountainous grass with a Ho-oh drawing near, Arceus' eyes glew a brilliant green, as it smiled, threw up a portal in front of Zeiol, and commanded him to enter the portal, as it followed behind. The world seemed to freeze all of a sudden, binding Zeiol. As his feet were dragged along, the new world he saw looked terribly hostile, with two menacing horse-like Pokemon staring back from the abyss, and he wished there was a way out of this, hoping that someone, anyone would save him. As he reached the portal's entrance and looked back at his world one last time, a powerful surge of electricity emanated from the Pokeradar, briefly stunning the nearby Arceus and knocking Zeiol backwards, out of its control. In turn, this damaged the portal, altering its intended destination. Arceus was quicker to recover than Zeiol, but did not rush to fix this. It was somehow recoiling in surprise from looking at him - was it perhaps seeing a mirage? Zeiol still was clueless on what to do, as the Pokeradar affixed itself back to his bag and dragged him into the portal, with Arceus barely managing to follow the two. As it did so, the last thing Zeiol remembered seeing was an odd red object striking Arceus with a stronger electric flare, as the pressure rendered him unconscious. Before his thoughts faded to nothingness, he reminisced about his adventures one last time. Truly, his team gave meaning to his journey, and all of them made for lovely companions. Paleo's jolly nature and tendency to be easily entertained left a final happy memory, as Zeiol wondered what would happen to him now, accepting his fate. What was Paleo's characteristic? [good perseverance / something you have if you got this far :)]
In 2022, no one blitzed a single official. This Friday at 8 PM EST I'll be hosting a Fast Friday Fish in an attempt to ensure that doesn't happen this year.
QCs by deftinwolf and turtalkatthing

1st place: WarriorGallade [01:16].
2nd place: blazeofvictory [01:18].
3rd place: Teutonic✠Squire! [01:22].
4th place: yeet dab xd [01:53].
5th place: bert122 [04:03].
Consolation Prize: EpicCreeper9002 [05:56], TokenSnack [13:34], sIang翔 [18:10], AceTrainerAlex7166 [42:50], toxic boosted [46:09], Stakaattacker [50:13], Menace02 [01:47:15], Jojosefixu [01:51:22], SirMerpalot [01:53:52], notbuddha [01:55:28], bro._.torterra ✦ [03:26:44]
1) In Pokken Tournament, this pokemon can throw iron balls before a match. [Machamp]
2) This champion of one of the Ferrum Leagues uses a Machamp. [Glenn]
3) Of all the moves used by pokemon used by the anime character named Glenn, Machamp could learn this one before Pokemon Legends Arceus. [Protect]
yeet dab xd, EpicCreeper9002, TokenSnack, AceTrainerAlex7166, toxic boosted, Stakaattacker, Menace02, and notbuddha have completed the hunt without a single wrong answer!

mission failed, we'll get em next time.
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January is over so its time for the short month. Cycles will last 14 days next month. Moving on the top 3 we have Teutonic✠Squire! in 1st with 119 points, blazeofvictory in 2nd with 113 and Computerwizard8800 in 3rd with 90. Everyone else can be found below.
5yeet dab xd71
8bubi da jeffery45
9Annaoceancat ✦40
13dot Comfey25
16Soft Flex23
18toxic boosted19
18Acura RL19
22gallant's pear16
24bro._.torterra ✦15
28aerial gundam11
38Parcly Taxel7
40a staff6
47canele & wolf5
55lilac flower4
67Didi feel2
67tl the legend??2
67Qui-Gon the Flygon2
67BlueFins ˙︵˙ )2
67Tan pi/22
82onsha no inu1
82Gwynt ^-^1
82Against All Logic1
82join qw! join qw!1
82Purple Gummi1
82applesaucething ˙1
82ShinyTurtlez ツ1
82Chris ☭ tmas??1
82Pepsi Man 21
82neg's an1
82Wan the Avatar1
82Snow Forme Shaymin1
82Meteor Beam1
133kvothe the red0

A hearty congratulations to yeet dab xd on getting global voice.

February's twist is Lucky money: Each player will be given 10 additional points that they may choose to bet before a fish begins. The top 5 players will receive 50/25/12/8/5% of the pot, rounded down (the pot will start with 10 points in it no matter what). If you do not bet your points you will be given them after finishing the fish.
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Squiring up
Hosted an official on Sunday, 5th February at 12 PM EST (5 pm UTC).

Thanks to tkt and dc for QCing the hunt!

1st place: fearfire22 [22:36].
2nd place: Computerwizard8800 [24:56].
3rd place: Devoxys [25:58].
4th place: blazeofvictory [31:00].
5th place: qwfwq [32:07].
Consolation Prize: EpicCreeper9002 [50:41], BubidaJeffery! [01:21:09], yeet dab xd '^' [01:32:45]

1) A certain Nintendo console was only released in these three colors that contained the names of 3 different Pokemon. (alpha order for all qs) [Chikorita Green, Smoochum Purple, Wooper Blue]
2) A spin off game has the player clear 3 towers, all of which feature Charizard as the final boss. These Gen 2 Pokemon are featured in said game. [Donphan, Marill, Pichu, Togepi]
3) Across all main series games, this Pokemon appears in the wild in the most number of locations featured as courses in Pokemon Race Mini. [Chansey]
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Hosted a Point Rally for the Lunar New Year event on February 4th, 10:00 A.M. EST (3:00 P.M. GMT).

Thanks to computerwizard8800, Devoxys, and TeutonicSquire (and myself, I guess) for writing the questions!

1st place: blazeofvictory
2nd place: BubidaJeffery!
3rd place: Sabby60>!!>
4th place: sIang翔
5th place: gregoris4
Consolation prize: Gargoyle31, doc1203

Hunt 1
The English dub gave Gary's Umbreon this move that it is unable to learn in the games.|Agility
Other than Gary, these Project Mew Chasers use Rabbit-themed Pokemon. (alphabetical order)|Danika Goh
In Pokemon Journeys, the only episode, including specials, that Dawn's Buneary appears is also the only one in which these other of Dawn's Pokemon appear in. (alphabetical order)|Pachirisu Quilava

Hunt 2
This NPC in the Battle Maison has 4 possible Latias sets but does not use Latios. Answer in the format Trainer class Name|Ace Trainer Bunny
A certain nintendo application features a mascot whose name contains the word Bunny. A special holiday Pokemon set featuring this fully evolved Pokemon was released in said application in March 2016.|Azumarill
The Japanese voice actor for Bunny in the anime Tiger and Bunny voiced a character in the main series Pokemon anime. These are the non-STAB moves used by said character's Pokemon.|Dig SolarBeam

Hunt 3
Transferring this Pokémon from Pokémon GO used to make it learn Feint, which it could not learn normally.|Meowth-Galar;Galarian Meowth
While Psyduck sleeps on the job, this Pokémon acts as a correspondent.|Meowth
A Pokemon TCG archetype played on the 7th day of the Lunar New Year in Vietnam.|Caturday

Hunt 4
This is the name of the Buneary that you can compete in contests against in Generation IV|Floppy
Monotype Mega Lopunny shares its category name with this Pokémon.|Alomomola
If Galarian Mr. Rime is the Hatter and Polteageist is the tea, then who are the March Hare and the Dormouse of the Party, in that order?|Bunnelby Dedenne

Hunt 5
These unevolved Pokemon's shiny forms were first made available in an event celebrating the Lunar New Year in Pokemon GO, and they also either had increased spawn rates in the wild or had their base form first made available as part of the event.|Litleo Minccino Poochyena Spoink
These stages are present in both Jazz Jackrabbit 1 and 2.|Diamondus Medivo Tubelectric
An ending of the Pokémon anime references many Japanese folk songs, including this song composed by Shinpei Nakayama. (Don't include "the")|Rabbit Dance;Usagi no Dance;Usagi no Dansu

Hunt 6
This item used to be more effective on Pokémon that evolved using a Burn Heal.|Moon Ball
In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, bringing up the QR code for this Pokémon would actually display the QR code for one of its other formes, of which there are more than two. (PS! formatting)|Floette-Eternal
A certain Pokemon had a different category name in the English demo version of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Answer with its category name in the demo version (minus the word Pokemon).|Quarter Moon
I hosted a 4-question official at 12.02.2023, 8:00 PM GMT +3/noon EST/5:00 PM GMT. Thanks to WarriorGallade for staff-hosting, and p^_^okemonvortex & TeutonicSquire for QCs.

Official Hunt Results:

1st place: sIang翔 [34:20].
2nd place: Menace02 [46:00].
3rd place: BubidaJeffery! [55:59].
4th place: terrapieseven [01:02:23].
5th place: whah [01:45:47].
6th place: blazeofvictory [04:14:02].

1) In main series games, the Move Deleter cannot make a Pokémon forget the last move it knows. Ignoring that restriction, name the only move the Move Deleter sometimes cannot delete in one or more main series games. [Surf]
2) What is the total weight of 5 little Maushold mouses and 3 big Maushold mouses? Give your answer in both kg and lbs, in that order. Include the units in the answer. [5.2 kg, 11.5 lbs]
3) According to Bulbapedia or the Pokédex, some Pokémon species are parasites. Amongst the parasites with named prey Pokémon species, these are the only ones who share neither a type nor a weakness with any of their preys. List the answers in the order of ascending height. [LeCHONK, Hypno]
4) According to two NPCs in identical uniforms, there are two cities with accents in their names. First, name the city whose accent is on the "o", then name the city whose accent is on the "a". [Goldenrod Saffron / Goldenrod City Saffron City]

Please forgive the grammatical error in Question 2. "Mouses" is wrong, the correct plural is "mice."
1) A Move Deleter's only restrictions are that they cannot make a Pokémon forget the last move it knows and, in Pokémon Emerald, they cannot make a Pokémon forget Surf if that Pokémon is the only one in the player's party or PC that knows the move.
Maushold-Three consists of two big mice and one little mouse. It weighs 2.3 kg (5.1 lbs) according to the Pokédex.
Maushold-Four consists of two big mice and two little mouse. It weighs 2.8 kg (6.2 lbs) according to the Pokédex.

Maushold-Four - Maushold-Three = One little mouse = 0.5 kg = 1.1 lbs
Maushold-Four - 2 * One little mouse = Two big mice = 1.8 kg = 4.0 lbs ( = Tandemaus)
Two big mice / 2 = One big mouse = 0.9 kg = 2.0 lbs

The rest is simple arithmetic.
3) Pokémon parasitically feeding off other Pokémon
4) Google "accent is on the a" pokemon city and do a little digging to find Saffron City. Google "accent is on the o" pokemon city and do more digging than Saffron to find Goldenrod City.

(Goldenrod and Saffron are connected by the Magnet Train in HeartGold and SoulSilver. The guards at the train stations of these cities are the NPCs mentioned in the question, and they utter the quotes that can be found in the following screenshots:)

the accent is on the o.PNG

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My ideal Valentine's Day is clearly spent resetting the ladder. In first place is Computerwizard8800 with 93 points. In second is Bubidajeffery with 87 points and in third is blazeofvictory with 85 points. To see everyone else's score look about one line below.
12yeet dab xd(>'-')>19
16Soft Flex16
19toxic boosted13
21gallant"s pear12
32Acura RL7
34String Shoot6
40canele & wolf4
45Birthday Bert3
52The Benz Mafia2
52dot Comfey2
52tl the legend??2
52arch of life2
67Gwynt ^-^1
67Qui-Gon the Flygon1
67gabite of 871
67CCGeek ✿1
67lilac flower1
67stack of nacl ◼_◼1
67100 gecs fan1
67Nadia ☆ Rayne1
67Hades' Child1
67Water Hoe1
67Tis I Me1
The twist is, believe it or not, still Lucky Money. Time is short, so do your best on the next ladder.

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