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Hosting a Pokemon Colosseum / XD: Gale of Darkness Odyssey at 2:30 PM EDT on July 14

First Place: mgperson (32:36)
Second Place: terrapieseven (33:01)
Third Place: Zyg (34:18)
Fourth Place: Wan The Avatar (34:23)
Fifth Place: Ilikebugs (43:03)
Consolation Prize: Dark Dex (53:01)
1) This Shadow Move's Base Power changes between Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness [Shadow Rush]
2) There is an individual that holds a position similar to a Gym Leader who appears in both XD and Colosseum. His team in XD, while at least 10 levels fewer than his team in Colosseum and missing a few Pokemon, has one evolution. The evolved Pokemon also has one move difference. Name the new move this individual's Pokemon uses in XD: Gale of Darkness and the move it would have had instead in Colosseum in that order. [Slash Swift]
3) In XD: Gale of Darkness, Which trainer is the first Trainer that the player encounters to have a Pokemon that has the Shadow Move with the highest Base Power? (Name only) [Ardos]
4) What is the level difference between the last Shadow Pokemon in XD: Gale of Darkness and the last Shadow Pokemon in Colosseum? Do not take E-Reader Pokemon into account. Last is in respect to the storyline order. Answer in numeric form. [35]
5) A side effect of this Shadow Move changes the type of a non-Shadow move. Name the Shadow Move and the non-Shadow Move in that order. [Shadow Sky Weather Ball]
6) Depending on the Pokemon the player has snagged at this point in Pokemon Colosseum, the player can snag a certain amount of Shadow Pokemon that varies between 1 and 5 at this location. What is this location? [Deep Colosseum]
7) In XD: Gale of Darkness, there are two trainers with one snaggable Shadow Pokemon each that will spawn at the same location, but the second trainer will not spawn until after you successfully snag the first trainer's Shadow Pokemon, leave that location, and an alert pops up. What are these Pokemon in alphabetical order? [Dragonite Poochyena]
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OWR - Runaway CrazyTrain Official Weekly (July 8th - July 14th EDT) Results:
Another solid week of officials!
July 8th - • Pokemon Conquest Official Hunt - (Stylus + Dylas)
July 9th - • Competitive Pokemon Official Hunt - (Milkshook)
July 10th - • Pokemon Mobile Games Official Hunt - (Devoxys)
July 11th (3) - • Pokemon Events Official Hunt - (Stylus)
MINI~ Host: LegendaryMouse, top 5 finishers: adiass, Alex, c.kilgannon, Snow Forme Shaymin (lovemathboy), and Thanked! (QC: Gallant Spear)
Pokemon Events Official Hunt - (Devoxys)
July 12th - • Generation 1 Official Hunt - (ashiemore)
July 13th (2) - • Pokemon Adventures MINI~ Host: Alexender, top 5 finishers: Wan the Avatar, A Year in Advance, BigPimpin12, SunGodVolcarona, and spearit shackle (Gallant Spear)! (QC: adiass)
Pokemon Adventures Knockout Games - (3.14dgeot-Mega + Meicoo)
July 14th - • Pokemon Colosseum Odyssey - (Andrew)
Congratz to Ethereal Dusk, the winner of last week's Random Battle Tournament! Don't miss next week's [Gen 1] Random Battle Tournament this Friday, on July 20th, at 9 PM EDT!

Quick Links:
Monthly Ladder Archive | Previous Week's Results | Weekly Tournament Info/Leaderboard
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Official Hunt on 15th July, 2pm GMT [Characters]

1. pokemonvortex
2. Shadow Sirens
3. the big red dog (adiass)
4. WhirlwindBulbasaur
5. harrybotter
Consolation. KarlCreativeName, HeroicTobias


1. Despite intensive research, this character is unable to discover Cynthia's age.

2. In the main series games, depending on the circumstances, this character plays either the player's older sister or girlfriend.

3. This spin-off game character provides the player with an item (and its subsequent upgrades) that can catch one specific Pokemon, and they can also take care of the player's Pokemon after it evolves.

1. Shauntal/ Elite Four Shauntal

2. Karla

3. Mayor Karp

QCed by Milkshook and ashiemore n_n
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Hosted a Pokemon Ranger (themed twist) Official on July 16th @ 3:00 AM EDT / 7:00 AM UTC

QC: Alexender and Pants

1st place: Wan the Avatar [01:33]
2nd place: Elgino10 ♫ [06:24]
3rd place: RossW [09:51]
4th place: BigPimpin12 [11:48]
5th place: Aeolia [12:35]
Consolation Prize: c.kilgannon [12:44]

Q1: This location in Pokemon Ranger is used for a certain group's band rehearsals.
Q2: The first character that Solana references by name [in Pokemon Ranger] owns only a single Pokemon. Name both locations that this Pokemon can be found in Ranger (alphabetical).
Q3: This is the only location (excluding settlements) that has no wild Pokemon.

Q1: Dusk Factory
Q2: East Road, Lyra Forest
Q3: North Road

Note: This official was exclusively from Pokemon Ranger (1), no questions were from Shadows of Almia or Guardian Signs.
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Hosted a Pokemon Ranger (themed twist) Official on July 16th @ 2:00 PM EDT / 6:00 PM UTC

QC: Clouds and ashiemore

1st place: Sun☼GodVolcarona [01:35]
2nd place: JoakesVGC [02:20]
3rd place: gallant's pear [05:05]
4th place: mgperson 幹 [06:59]
5th place: sedertz [07:00]
Consolation Prize: c.kilgannon [07:00], Shadow Sirens ☀ [09:32], Merlee [12:11], RossW [18:24]

Q1: This is the only Partner Pokemon in Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia that does not have any further evolutions.
Q2: The player cannot save at a Save Machine in certain areas when taking extra missions (events) in Shadows of Almia. This message is displayed on the Save Machine if a player does try to save.
Q3: The Gigaremo Machine was first shown on a certain issue of The Almia Times. Name the main (top) heading of said issue.

Q1: Pachirisu
Q2: Undergoing Adjustments
Q3: Vien Forest Fire!

Note: This official was exclusively from Shadows of Almia, no questions were from Pokemon Ranger (1) or Guardian Signs.
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Hosted a Pokemon Ranger (themed twist) Official on July 16th @ 9:00 PM EDT / July 17th 1:00 AM UTC

QC: RossW and 3.14dgeot-Mega

1st place: p^_^okemonvortex [05:04]
2nd place: Andrew [06:04]
3rd place: Rory Mercury [06:09]
4th place: c.kilgannon [07:36]
5th place: Sun☼GodVolcarona [09:16]
Consolation Prize: askdf [10:28], Devoxys [10:30], Emboar02 [11:27], Aeolia [11:28], mgperson 幹 [13:17], WhirlwindBulbasaur [16:17]

Q1: One of the missions exclusive to temples in Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs requires the player to capture all Pokemon found in a specific temple. This is the name of that mission.
Q2: Another mission found in a different temple requires the player to capture only one of this Pokemon.
Q3: Excluding Pokemon found in Sky Fortress, these are the only legendary Pokemon in Guardian Signs that do not have their own Ranger Sign / Involiths (alphabetical, exclude forms).

Q1: At Last, Arceus and the Light
Q2: Mareep
Q3: Heatran, Shaymin

Note: This official was exclusively from Guardian Signs, no questions were from Pokemon Ranger (1) or Shadows of Almia.
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Results for the the Locations Official at 10 AM EDT on Saturday, July 21, QC by RossW and ashiemore

1st place: Regretfulness [18:33].
2nd place: Cheese555 [20:28].
3rd place: Fairdunk [21:43].
4th place: gallant's pear [22:43].
5th place: c.kilgannon [23:20].
Consolation Prize: Andrew [23:56]

1. When a Pokémon hatched at this building in Kanto is transferred to Emerald, the Pokémon is said to have been encountered at a "SPECIAL AREA." - Celadon Department Store
2. In certain games, a body of water in this main series city can have different wild Pokémon depending on if the player is closer to the city or the adjacent route. (Include City in your answer) - Cherrygrove City
3. There is a certain location with a Legendary Pokémon with an NPC that will repeatedly give you Ultra Balls to catch the Legendary if the player has no Balls left. The process is repeated until the Pokémon is caught. This is the name given to the very top of the location. - Dragonhark Altar
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Game Mechanics official, 9pm UTC+8 (1pm UTC; 9am EDT), 18 July
Hosting by Alex, QC by Alex and Gallant Spear

1st place: CloserToTheHeart [01:05].
2nd place: mgperson 幹 [01:17].
3rd place: c.kilgannon [01:58].
4th place: adiass [02:05].
5th place: BroncoBeast579 [04:23].
Consolation Prize: JoakesVGC [05:25], LordNwahs6 [13:27], Ilikebugs [22:33]

1. This is the only Pokémon after Generation V that can have no origin marking.
2. All of the Pokémon that cannot be fed Poké Beans are of a particular type, except for this one.
3. The candelabra in the Pokémon Dream World's Blow Out Candles can initially hold at most this many candles.

1. Sylveon
2. Cosmoem
3. 10
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Hosted an official Generation 2-themed hunt on Tuesday, July 17th, at 7:00 PM EDT!

Winner: pokemonvortex
2nd: mgperson
3rd: Andrew
4th: Devoxys
5th: Darthikyu
Consolation prize: Ilikebugs, c.kilgannon
(1) Metal, (2) Full Restore 2400, (3) Rapidash
1) In the Pokemon Gold and Silver Spaceworld 1997 playable Demo, the Steel type was named this instead. Don't include the word "type" in your answer.
2) Name the item that has dropped the most in cost in the Pokemon Crystal Goldenrod Department Store rooftop sale from its default cost, and how much cheaper it is, in that order. Format: "item, number" e.g. "Master Ball, 100"
3) From the teams of the rematch-able trainers in Generation 2 who are battled in Kanto, this is the Pokemon at the highest level in the initial battle.
Thanks to ashiemore and WhirlwindBulbasaur for quality checking!
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Steven Snype

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Reserving an official Game Mechanics hunt for Wednesday July 18th at 7 PM EDT (GMT -4)!

QC'd by: Stylus and WhirlwindBulbasaur (host)

Of the moves that can be boosted and learned by Pokemon that can legally have Sheer Force, name the move with the lowest base Power and the Pokemon that get Sheer Force that learn it. Name the move first. Then name the Pokemon learn it in alphabetical order.Poison Sting Nidoking Nidoqueen

With the exception of this move, every attacking move that has a numeric base power in the English versions of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow have an extra multiplicative 0.390625% chance to miss. Name the exempt move.Swift

A Thick Club-holding level 100 Marowak with a 15 DV in Attack and max Stat Experience used Swords Dance in Pokemon Gold and Silver. Its Attack Stat is modulo divided to become a smaller number. What is this smaller number? Answer in numeric form.8

1st: chupps (4:30)
2nd: SunGodVolcarona (5:50)
3rd: moo (9:02)
4th: Devoxys (12:19)
5th: pokemonvortex(15:14)
Consolation: IlikeBugz (15:17), mgperson (15:24), DonaldoTrumpinez (16:22), ard bet (52:23)
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Anime official, 9am EDT/9pm UTC+8, 19 July
QC by adiass (host) and 3.14dgeot-Mega

1st place: Panda [14:07].
2nd place: Fairdunk [18:56].
3rd place: mgperson [26:37].
4th place: Elgino10 ♫ [30:02].
5th place: BroncoBeast579 [35:49].
Consolation Prize: Emboar02 [36:59], gallant's pear [38:40]

1. When episode 1 of the Pokémon anime first aired in France, this was the most recent episode aired in the United States.
2. Unown of these two letters have used Psychic in the anime. (alpha order)
3. In one episode, this Pokémon was recalled and sent out on the same turn to cure its confusion.

1. The Breeding Center Secret
2. BC
3. Corphish
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Official Hunt on 19th July, Thursday at 9pm GMT-4! Theme: Anime


1. mgperson
2. Devoxys
3. WhirlwindBulbasaur
4. Andrew
5. pokemonvortex


1. This herb was used by Ash and friends to cure their Pokemon from Foongus' poison.

2. This is the first episode that Brock is dragged away from a lady by May (English title).

3. With the exclusion of Pikachu, this is the first anime episode in which the entirety of Ash's team is fully evolved (English title).

1. Remeyo Weed

2. Take This House and Shuppet

3. An Electrifying Rage

Qced by ashiemore and Pants
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formerly TerraWard19
Breeding/Trading themed official on Monday, July 23rd at 12 PM PDT/3 PM EDT.

Quality Checked by Stylus and Alexender.

1st place: mgperson 幹 [03:26].
2nd place: chupps [03:57].
3rd place: p^_^okemonvortex [05:59].
4th place: c.kilgannon [12:30].
5th place: Wan the Avatar [15:37]
1) Please name the latest ribbon released that prevents a Pokemon from being traded on the GTS.
2) [Gen 6] You pre-hatch an egg down to 1 step away from hatching and you trade it to another person so they can hatch it, that person then accepts a new egg from the Day Care immediately after the trade. How many steps do they have to walk now before the pre-hatched egg will hatch? Not counting abilities or other modifiers.
3) [US/UM, S/M] Assuming both parents are from the same save file, this item determines whether a Pokemon bred from them will turn out shiny, regardless of soft resetting.

1. [Birthday Ribbon / Birthday]

2. [256 / two hundred and fifty-six / two hundred fifty-six]

3. [Shiny charm]
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Glitches/Beta official at July 20th @ 2PM GMT!


1st - mgperson [6:17]
2nd - Thank-ed [8:33]
3rd - bartimaeusjr [8:58]
4th - jumbowhales [10:01]
5th - beej [12:57]

Consolation prize to:
Emboar02 [14:56], Fairdunk [15:50], LordNwahs6 [16:27], Magikingdra [24:52], joakesvgc [32:39]

Q1 - This glitched Pokemon move has the lowest base power of all moves which have a base power greater than 0.
Q2 - In the Pokemon Gold/Silver Demo, this Pokemon move dealt more damage the richer the owner was.
Q3 -
In USUM, before it was fixed in an update, this move always failed when it was used.

Q1 - TM54
Q2 - Coin Hurl
Q3 - Ion Deluge

Thanks for taking part and a big thanks to Alexender and LegendaryMouse for QCing :)
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Gen 3 Official Hunt on July 22nd, 2018 at 1 AM PM UTC
1st place: jumbowhales [02:57].
2nd place: adiass [05:29].
3rd place: WhirlwindBulbasaur [10:52].
4th place: Yeedo2 [20:57].
5th place: harrybotter [28:53].
Consolation Prize: p^_^okemonvortex [46:52]

1) In the updated English version of Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire, this Pokémon's Pokédex entry was changed so it mentions its typing correctly. [Paras]
2) In Hoenn, this NPC has a Zigzagoon named Handsome . [Contest Lady]
3) In Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen, these are the two final non ticket/pass items needed to unlock Cerulean Cave. (list them alphabetically) [Ruby Sapphire]

Thanks to Ashie Mercury combo for QC

May Namakobushi be with you. (probably the time is later for EDT)
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starlight heart
is a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus
2018-07-20 7:00 PM UTC-4 (regular official)
Theme: Gen 1

First place: Sun☼GodVolcarona
Second place: chupps
Third place: Andrew
Fourth place: c.kilgannon
Fifth place: thimblebony
Consolation prize to: mgperson, Devoxys, 6j

1) This unobtainable item in Gen II has the same effect as a menu option.
2) This unreleased GBC Pokemon game shares its name with another one later released on 3DS.
3) This Emerald location contains a square that cannot be traversed despite lacking any obstacle.

1) Cancel
2) Pokemon Picross | Pokémon Picross
3) Mirage Tower
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Steven Snype

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reservin a bitchin glitchen official for Friday July 20 2018 at 10 PM EDT (GMT -4), hosted by Alexender and qc'd by Alexender and 3.14dgeot-Mega

1. 6j (9:13)
2. Meicoo (11:43)
3. BigPimpin12 (12:15)
4. SunGodVolcarona ( 13:27)
5. jumbowhales (14:22)
Consolation Prize: frozenfrosslass (15:27), supermii2 (16:09), Aeolia (17:09), Letting~Go (26:34), ILikeBugs (29:42)

1) This move in Generation I did the opposite of what its move description said it would do due to a bug. [Focus Energy]
2) In battles involving certain generation IV games, a specific move can trigger a glitch under the right circumstance. One of the effects of this glitch is that a message may appear several times that a Pokemon has taken damage from its ability. What is the name of this glitch and what move triggers it? Name the glitch (do not use the word 'glitch' in your answer) and then name the move. [Acid rain Pursuit]
3) In a particular generation, if a Pokemon was asleep and either of two moves was used consecutively in the turns leading up to a wake but the player switched the sleeping Pokemon out on the turn it would have woken up, the sleep counter is reset to whatever it was when the Pokemon fell asleep or switched in, whichever happened later. What moves have this interaction and which generation was it in? Answer with the moves first in alphabetical order and then the generation number. [sleep talk snore 3]
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Hosted the first ever Incognito Mode Official on July 21st @ 5:00 PM EDT / 9:00 PM UTC!

QC: Meicoo and Gallant Spear

1st place: Dylas [01:07]
2nd place: Ilikebugs [01:16]
3rd place: Devoxys [01:17]
4th place: c.kilgannon [01:29]
5th place: mgperson 幹 [01:39]
Consolation Prize: Gui ><◕‿◕> Shark [01:50], Andrew [02:04], SunMoonFX [02:17], chupps [02:20], Panda [02:51], Zyg <_< [03:00], rafooa11 [04:01], spud5747 [07:50], WeepingDe-vil±~± [08:09], Ouija Board [08:41], RemnantEclipse [09:48]

Q1: This Hoenn-exclusive cave was the only trainerless cave where the player could find only one (non-Legendary) Pokemon species (include "Cave").
Q2: Of all the locations that the player can receive a type of watering can in the main series games, this location has the longest name.
Q3: Children from a specific Johto city are said to be sent to this location for misbehaving.

Q1: Artisan Cave
Q2: Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop
Q3: Whirl Islands

Note: This is a new special-styled official! In this style finishing times are hidden until the end of the hunt, so you'll have to stick to the end to see your placement!
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Reserving a Rumble Official for July 24th, 2018, at 8:30 PM EDT. QC'd by GoodMorningEspeon and ashiemore.

1st place: p^_^okemonvortex [03:09].
2nd place: Clouds [03:19].
3rd place: c.kilgannon [04:29].
4th place: mgperson 幹 [05:32].
5th place: Andrew [06:07].
Consolation Prize: WhirlwindBulbasaur [08:19], Ilikebugs [11:53]

1) Out of the Pokémon in the Pokémon Rumble/Melee! Pokémon Scramble TCG cards, this Pokémon has the most HP out of the Pokémon that do the least non-variable damage with their damaging moves (name the Pokémon and the move, in that order). [EeveeTackle]
2) This Special Trait attracts Toy Pokémon and puts the player in the spotlight. [Superstar]
3) Only 200 people have a specific figure of this Pokémon Rumble Pokémon. [Lucario]

Grats to all finishers! Thanks to GoodMorningEspeon and ashiemore for QCing!
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Official Hunt (Locations) on 21st July Saturday at 10pm GMT-4


1. 6j
2. adiass
3. Andrew
4. Terrapieseven
5. ckilgannon
Consolation: Ilikebugs


1. A stone from Kalos is displayed in this Hoenn location.

2. Doing a certain activity at this location in Hoenn will introduce four new television shows that previously were inaccessible.

3. Name the towns or cities found in Sinnoh and Unova that are not connected to any route, but rather to another location or landmark (alphabetical)

1. Rustboro Gym

2. Union Room

3. Lentimas Town, Snowpoint City

Grats to all finishers

QCed by ashiemore and RossW owo
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Pokemon Rumble hunt for the 24th July @ 2PM GMT :o


1st - Ilikebugs [1:41]
2nd - Emboar02 [2:04]
3rd - Snow Forme Shaymin [2:32]
4th - JoakesVGC [3:45]
5th - gallant's pear [4:29]

Consolation prize to:
mgperson [5:48], c.kilgannon [10:49], LegendaryMouse [16:59]

Q1 - In Pokemon Rumble World, you need to clear this challenge to unlock what you need to use to clean Rusty Pokemon.
Q2 - This is how much it costs to swap moves between the A slot and B slot in Pokemon Rumble Blast.
Q3 - In Pokemon Rumble Blast, this is what causes Pokemon to become Rusty.

Q1 - Dragon Marshal Advance
Q2 - 15000
Q3 - Dark Rust

Thanks for joining and a big thanks to GME and Alex for QCing <3
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OWR - Official Weekly Results!
(July 15th - July 21st EDT)

July 15th (2) - MINI~ Host: Parcly Taxel, top 5 finishers: Awesome96Birdy, Alex, Elgino10, Gui Shark, and c.kilgannon (QC / Host: gallant's pear)
Characters Official Hunt - (Alex)
July 16th (3) - Pokemon Ranger Official Hunt - (Stylus)
Pokemon Ranger: SoA Official Hunt - (Stylus)
Pokemon Ranger: GS Official Hunt - (Stylus)
July 17th - Generation 2 Official Hunt - (Meicoo)
July 18th (2) - Game Mechanics Official Hunt - (Parcly Taxel)
Game Mechanics Official Hunt - (Andrew)
July 19th (2) - Pokemon Anime Official Hunt - (Parcly Taxel)
Pokemon Anime Official Hunt - (Alex)
July 20th (3) - Glitches / Beta Official Hunt - (adiass)
Glitches / Beta Official Hunt - (ashiemore)
Glitches / Beta Official Hunt - (Andrew)
July 21st (3) - Locations Official Hunt - (WhirlwindBulbasaur)
Locations Incognito Mode Official Hunt - (Stylus)
Locations Official Hunt - (Alex)
Total = (16)

Congrats to our weekly tournament winner: ptoad!

Feel free to join us for the last weekly tournament of July on July 27th @ 10:00 AM EDT (BSS Factory - Single Elimination).

Congratulations to Steven Snype (Andrew) on room driver! :psyglad:

Quick Links:
Previous Week's Results | Previous Ladders | Weekly Tournament Information & Leaderboard
Results for the Gen 4 official on Thursday, July 26, 2:0 PM EST, qced by Stylus and Gallant Spear

1st place: chupps [01:55].
2nd place: mgperson 幹 [04:50].
3rd place: Ilikebugs [06:12].
4th place: Merlee [41:43].
5th place: Emboar02 [45:44].
Consolation Prize: c.kilgannon [46:46], JoakesOnMe [48:40], 6j [51:10]

1) Take the first location by game release in which Gym Leaders gather so the player can rematch them. Only one Trainer in that location uses Pokémon exclusively from Gen 4. Name the Trainer as well as their highest level Pokémon in that order. [Candice Glaceon]
2) This Pokémon has three frames of animation in Gen 4. (PS format) [Pichu Spiky-Eared]
3) In HGSS, this character's only known Pokemon are a Sneasel and a Shuckle; it is possible for this NPC to not have either Pokemon on them. [Kirk]
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Hosted an Abilities Official on July 25th @ 3:00 PM EDT

QC: Steven Snype (Andrew) and Alexender (Alex)

1st place: mgperson 幹 [02:14]
2nd place: Emboar02 [02:19]
3rd place: Cheese555 [02:54]
4th place: Zyg <_< [03:13]
5th place: Ilikebugs [03:33]
Consolation Prize: rafooa11 [04:46], JoakesVGC [04:57], p^_^okemonvortex[08:45], WhirlwindBulbasaur [27:43]

Q1: This is the only Pokemon that has Light Metal that is unaffected by the new weight changes when hit by Low Kick or Grass Knot.
Q2: This hidden-exclusive ability is available to the most number of different types.
Q3: This is the first ability by index number to have its index number moved in Generation IV.

Q1: Metagross
Q2: Rattled
Q3: Air Lock
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Reserving a Smogon and PS official for July 27th, 2:00 P.M. EDT (6:00 P.M. GMT)

Thanks to Dylas and Meicoo for QC'ing

Winner: mgperson 幹
2nd place: Awesome96Birdy
3rd place: Cheese555
4th place: Emboar02
5th place: Hawaiian✿Girl
Consolation Prize: JoakesOnMe

The user just some chick drew the winning picture for a contest posted in this Smogon thread.|birthday koffing request
This user ripped the animated shiny and normal front sprites for USUM Pokemon.|Maxalexanderpi
In a screenshot showcasing Showdown's mobile user interface (that is somewhere in the Pokemon Showdown website, but not the simulator), aeo is battling this user.|Guest 7
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