Scavengers Ladder - December

Colab official by me and meicoo (30 August, 7 pm GMT, qc'ed by Devoxys and moo)

1st place: mgperson 幹 [03:18].
2nd place: Gui★Shark [04:35].
3rd place: HeroicTobias [05:29].
4th place: Emboar02 [06:49].
5th place: iturdyhksbc [07:53].
Consolation Prize: Lycanium Z [09:58], fear火fire火22 [11:50], harrybotter [23:34], A Phantom [26:58]

1) The sum of the national dex numbers of the pokemon with the shortest cry and the longest cry give the national dex number of this pokemon. [Kabuto]
2) In Littleroot Town, Zinnia tells the player that they should keep their first meeting "[blank] and [blank]." A certain main series route has the exact same description, "[blank] and [blank]." What wild Pokemon has the lowest encounter rate while fishing on this route, in the first main series games this route appears in? [Corsola]
3) Both this Pokemon's maximum and default Pokeathlon stats are exactly the same as that of Qwilfish. [Relicanth]
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Official by ckilgannon : Aug 31 at 5:00 PM EDT; QCed by Alex+Andrew<3 ; hosted by Andrew

1st place: p^_^okemonvortex. [04:52].
2nd place: Ilikebugs [09:22].
3rd place: Elgino10 ♫ [14:52].
4th place: gallant's pear [15:48].
5th place: mgperson 幹 [16:11].
Consolation Prize: Meicoo [16:16], Devoxys [17:22], Emboar02 [26:10], WeepingDevil±~± [26:23]

1) List, in alphabetical order, all signature moves as of Gen 7 that have a high critical-hit ratio. Exclude Z-moves. Disregard any moves acquired via events. [aeroblast attackorder spacial rend]
2) There's an Elite Four member that uses 3 separate members from an evolutionary line in one of their battles. Name the pokemon that did not debut in the same anime episode as the other two. [hitmontop]
3) There are three typings that have the same number of Pokemon that own it. These typings have one common weakness. Each of those typings also has a Mega-Evolution. Name each of the Mega Pokemon with those typings in alphabetical order and in PS format. [glaliemega pinsirmega venusaurmega]
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First official in ages on September 1st at 12AM EDT.
QCed and hosted by RossW, QCed by Stylus.

1st place: c.kilgannon [00:43 - BLITZ]
2nd place: Illusio [01:17]
3rd place: askdf [01:52]
4th place: Andrew [01:54]
5th place: sleep sleepm2 [02:22]
Consolation Prize: skiddo [02:27], Aeolia [02:36], Parcly Taxel [04:22], Sun☼GodVolcarona [08:27], AshIsVeryDumb[10:30], RBLT12R Sub [15:17]

1) In Gen VI, this Pokemon had the longest single word name (not counting formes).
2) These Pokemon will never change abilities upon Mega Evolution under normal battle conditions (alphabetic order).
3) In the anime, the flames that this Pokemon produces apparently change color depending on if the Pokemon is shiny or not.
1) Fletchinder
2) Latias Latios
3) Golurk
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Sprites official, 1 September 9pm SST (9am EDT/1pm GMT)!
QC by adiass and 3.14dgeot-Mega

1st place: LilyAC [02:31].
2nd place: HeroicTobias [02:37].
3rd place: Elgino10 ♫ [02:47].
4th place: SpecterReaper [08:30].
5th place: Pear McGore [08:52].
6th place: LustySalazzleMaid [11:34]. (gets 4 points for correctly predicting their finishing spot, per the twist)
Consolation Prize: Rory Mercury [12:12], Andrew [12:18], Emboar02 [12:28], Thank ♫ ed~ [12:53], c.kilgannon [13:02], Clouds [13:07], Devoxys [25:48]

1. Counting base forms only, this Pokémon has the largest number of non-transparent pixels in its generation 7 menusprite, at 583. It is from generation 7 and shares its typing with a pseudo-legendary. | Guzzlord
2. The generation 6+ model for this Pokémon is not animated at all. | Ferroseed
3. This Pokémon's PS! April Fools' Day sprites (both front and back) are animated. | Celebi
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The August Ladder has now concluded. Congratulations to the top three placers: mgperson in first place with 310 points, and both Devoxys and Emboar02 in second place, tied with 125 points!
mgperson 310
Devoxys 125
Emboar02 125
Andrew 118
SunGodVolcarona 98
Aeolia 88
Rory Mercury 80
Ilikebugs 79
Elgino10 70
pokemonvortex 70
c.kilgannon 65
Bimp 60
skiddo 56
Wan the Avatar 56
moo 53
gallant's pear 51
harrybotter 50
Anno-nyme 48
Level 51 44
Meicoo 43
Cheese555 42
WhirlwindBulbasaur 42
Thimblebony 40
GuiShark 35
HeroicTobias 35
JoakesOnMe 35
Clouds 31
lovemathboy 31
Milkshook 26
applo 25
Darthikyu 25
Parcly Taxel 25
AnthemOfTheWorld 20
Dylas 20
Illusio 20
keeping it icy 20
Snecko 20
askdf 16
chupps 15
DarkShinyGiratina 15
Fairdunk 15
jumbowhales 15
thank-ed 13
WeepingDevil 13
lustysalazzlemaid 11
adiass 10
aegii 10
Efielle 10
sparkychild 10
hydreigonfan2k17 8
Lycanium Z 8
reely 8
shadowsirens 7
FakeTestName 6
selphina 6
Flametix 5
SergioRules 5
ooftatoEDM 4
A Phantom 2
ScorrchingTheaph 2
terrapieseven 2
AFuckNotBeingGiven 1
alex 1
Anot 1
hightideinkling 1
Hikanu 1
iturdyhksbc 1
magikingdra 1
specterreaper 1
The ladder twist for the month of September will be: If you can predict your place before the official begins, you will gain 4 extra points! Eligible for 1st-6th place, normal officials only.

Wait, 6th place?? Yeah, that's right, because...
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Having been a member of Scavengers for over four years and a room owner for a majority of this time, it is my great pleasure to announce some new and major changes to the workings of the ladder!

Throughout the history of Scavengers, ladder points have been earned solely through completion of official hunts; first in a 25-10-5-1-1 distribution, and later changing to a 20-15-10-5-1 distribution. Though certain ladder quirks and twists have changed these numbers at times, in general the ladder has operated only on officials.

However, from now on, we are glad to announce that regular hunts will award ladder points as well--both for creation and participation! For example, a user whose regular hunt is started will earn 4 ladder points, while the winner of a regular hunt will earn 5 points. That's not all; every user who places in a hunt, whether 7th or 21th place, will receive at least the minimum number of points for finishing (e.g. 1 point for a regular hunt, 3 for an official and so on)

For more information on point distributions, including those that have changed for certain styles of official hunts, please consult this doc:


In addition to hunt changes, we are pleased to introduce points for submitting potential ladder twists! From now on, all users will be able to submit twist ideas through the button in the roomintro and receive points for doing so.

You may submit an unlimited number of twists. For each one deemed viable by staff* that has not been used or submitted previously, you will receive 5 ladder points (up to a maximum of 20) though you are welcome to submit more in addition!

Moreover, each month's overall ladder winner will be granted the ability to select the twist for the following month. The submitter of the winning twist will receive an additional 30 ladder points for the following month, make sure your submission(s) count!

Some guidelines for what constitutes a good twist can be found at the bottom of this doc, along with much of the info stated above:

Note that these changes have been in consideration for many months, and as the room staff we will do our best to ensure a steady, fun, and interesting transition to the new point formats. Any formal complaints can be directed to a Room Owner (preferably ashiemore or Meicoo) in order to be dealt with as well as possible.

*Note that this is understandably subjective, and if you have any concerns about the decided validity of a submission, please contact a Room Owner for a brief rundown.
Hosted an official hunt on Sunday, September 2nd, at 4:00 PM EDT, on my one year anniversary of being appointed Scavengers RO!

Winner: Devoxys
2nd: moo
3rd: mgperson (+4 points, twist bonus)
4th: HeroicTobias
5th: skiddo
6th: Elgino10
Consolation prize: Milkshook, fearfire22, Ilikebugs, c.kilgannon, AnthemOfTheWorld, Stylus, Emboar02
(1) Staryu Magikarp, (2) Teleport, (3) Ula'ula Ferry Terminal
1) In the version of the PokeRap played at the end of the English episode "Tentacool & Tentacruel," of any two consecutive Pokemon mentioned, these are the two with the lowest combined Generation 7 BST. List them in the same order as the PokeRap.
2) This status field move that does not normally restore HP does restore HP when powered into a Z-move.
3) In Pokemon Sun and Moon, a vending machine selling only Soda Pop can be found within a city, in this specific building.
Thanks to Steven Snype and Pants for quality checking!
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Super Official Odyssey on September 3rd 2018 at 3 PM GMT.
1st place: mgperson 幹 [05:07].
2nd place: Andrew [05:12].
3rd place: Emboar02 [06:35].
4th place: Parcly Taxel [07:10].
5th place: Lycanium Z [07:57].
Consolation Prize: c.kilgannon [08:21], Panda [08:29], Ilikebugs [19:30], HeroicTobias [20:34], Elgino10 ♫ [20:57], skiddo [25:11], LustySalazzleMaid [27:08], 3.14dgeot-Mega [33:29], Gui★Shark [51:02]

1) According to its Pokedex entry, this Pokemon is a distant relative to Octillery. [omastar]
2) This TCG theme deck is focusing on Psychic and Grass Pokemon and finishes the opponents off using Deoxys' Link Blast Attack. [starcharge]
3) The Nugget Brothers resides inside this location. [chargestone cave]
4) In the anime, Clair caught a shiny Druddigon in this location. [cave island]
5) This character of the day is the son of the Poketch Co President. [landis]
6) This move's Japanese name is Temporary Binding. [disable]
7) This NPC has eyes that track objects with machinelike intensity and a hand that taps the A button with clockwork-like precision. [blend master]
8) Pokemon with this ability radiate a bursting aura when entering a battle. [teravolt]
9) In PokePark 2, this Pokemon claimed to be the bodyguard of Tech Area [voltorb]
10) Mario Scarabelli is the Italian voice actor of this Overwatch hero. [torbjorn]
11) This mail's design features the Pokemon who holding it. [portraitmail]

Thanks to Meicoomore combo for QC.

May Namakobushi be with you.
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OWR - Official Weekly Results!
(August 26th - September 1st EDT)

August 26th - Mini - (Meicoo) - top 5 finishers: SunGodVolcarona, Aeolia, Parcly Taxel, Wan the Avatar, and WhirlwindBulbasaur (QC: Stylus)
August 27th (4) - Official Jump Start - (Parcly Taxel)
Official Hunt - (WhirlwindBulbasaur)
Official Hunt - (Andrew + Stylus)
Mini - (c.kilgannon) - top 5 finishers: Aeolia, Wan the Avatar, WhirlwindBulbasaur, Cheese555, and SunGodVolcarona (QC / Host: Andrew)
August 28th (2) - Mini - (Devoxys) - top 5 finishers: lovemathboy, Elgino10, RBLT12R Toby, LustySalazzleMaid, and Level 51 (QC: Stylus)
Official Hunt - (gallant's pear)
August 29th - Mini - (Meicoo) - top 5 finishers: moo, BigPimpin12, skiddo, LustySalazzleMaid, and A Phantom (QC: Stylus)
August 30th (2) - Official Hunt - (Parcly Taxel)
Official Hunt - (Elgino10 + Meicoo)
August 31st (2) - Official Hunt - (c.kilgannon)
Mini - (Alex) - top 5 finishers: Rory Mercury, lovemathboy, LustySalazzleMaid, c.kilgannon, and Bimp! (QC: adiass)

New Point System!
September 1st (3) - Official Hunt - (A Phantom)
Official Hunt - (Parcly Taxel)
Mini - (Meicoo) - top 5 finishers: Andrew, SunGodVolcarona, mgperson, Aeolia, and moo (QC: 3.14dgeot-Mega)
Total = (15)

Congrats to our weekly tournament winner: Aeolia!

Feel free to join us for our next tournament on September 7th @ 10:00 AM EDT (Challenge Cup 1v1 [Round Robin]).

Quick Links:
Previous Week's Results | Previous Ladders | Weekly Tournament Information & Leaderboard
Laverre City official, 4 September 12pm SST (12am EDT/4am UTC)!
QC by Alex and Rory Mercury

1st place: moo [02:08].
2nd place: supermii2 [04:00].
3rd place: skiddo [04:01]. (+4 per monthly twist)
4th place: askdf [04:19].
5th place: mgperson [04:38].
6th place: Aeolia [05:07].
Consolation Prize: fear火fire火22 [07:08], c.kilgannon [08:51], A Phantom [38:34]

1. Two trainers in the Laverre Gym cannot be avoided before battling Valerie; by default they pay out this much money in total. | 5544
2. Where Valerie was first seen taking on a challenger in the anime, this move had no effect on its target. | Dragon Breath
3. Of the most expensive female clothing available at the Laverre Boutique, this item is available on the most days of the week. (format as "colour item") | Purple Tassel Purse
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Results of official for 5 September QC by Alexender and adiass, host was adiass
1st place: HeroicTobias [07:15].
2nd place: aegii [09:07].
3rd place: gallant's pear [17:58].
4th place: Geene [41:16].
5th place: Emboar02 [48:56].

1) This is the first episode a Pokemon of a main character had a design change from its original appearance. Answer with the name of the episode. [The Thief That Keeps on Thieving]
2) A certain Pokemon is the only Psychic-type Pokemon owned by a main protagonist in the anime. Name all the Pokemon that share the same first four letters in their category as that Pokemon. (Alphabetical order) [Flygon Xatu]
3) This Pokemon had a unique typing the generation it was introduced and can only be found in one location in that generation. It had an unique typing for three generations. [Girafarig]
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Reserving a Jump Start official for Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at 8:30 pm EDT! QC'd by Meicoo and Stylus.

1st place: andrew [00:55].
2nd place: RBLT13L pi [00:59].
3rd place: Ilikebugs [03:49].
Consolation Prize: Aeolia [04:01], mgperson 幹 [05:37], Emboar02 [09:20], Sun☼GodVolcarona [09:47], Gwynt [10:20]

1st place: andrew [02:29].
2nd place: AnthemOfTheWorld [07:43].
3rd place: Aeolia [17:17].
Consolation Prize: RBLT13L pi [18:00], Ilikebugs [19:33], mgperson 幹 [21:41]

Hunt 1:
1) The Japanese name of this town in the main series Pokémon games refers to a particular type of lattice, named after a Japanese bamboo weaving pattern. [Lacunosa Town / Lacunosa]
2) In a Pokémon book, after seeing a Pokémon movie, 3 moviegoers find themselves transformed into Pokémon. Who is the illustrator of this book? (full name) [Toshinao Aoki]
3) This trainer alludes to the existence of the player's rival from HGSS, in FRLG. (do not include Trainer Class) [Gideon]

Hunt 2:
1) If you call Steven Stone in Pokémon Emerald after defeating this trainer, he will say he is involved in some trouble in the next place you meet him. (do not include Trainer Class) [Matt]
2) In Pokémon Super Contests, these are the only moves that can be part of a combo that do not share their condition with any other moves that can be part of a combo. (alphabetical order) [DefenseCurl Rollout]
3) This item from the Pokémon anime is said to have been used as an artificial sun in ancient times. [Meteonite]

Grats to all finishers! Thanks to Meicoo and Stylus for QCing!
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Results of the collab official with Alexender for 6 September 1pm GMT, QC by WhirlwindBulbasaur and Gallant Spear

1st place: Level 51 [13:03].
2nd place: A Phantom [14:12].
3rd place: aegii [14:33].
4th place: ju>mbowhales [16:12].
5th place: adiass [23:10].

1) This item eliminates all changes to the ally's stats [Reset Urge]
2) Ignoring abilities, this is the only Pokemon that is immune to its own offensive signature move in a certain generation. [Nuzleaf]
3) In Rumble World, players can earn diamonds when a StreetPass hit milestone is reached, as well as when visitors visit the player in any manner. If there are 1000 hits (1 visit = 1 hit) , this is the number of diamonds received. [240]
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Japanese romanisations official, 7 September 12pm SST (12am EDT/4am UTC)!
QC by A Phantom and Moo

1st place: Milkshook [05:16].
2nd place: supermii2 [05:30].
3rd place: askdf [06:04].
4th place: Level 51 [06:15].
5th place: Meicoo [07:52].
6th place: c.kilgannon [08:40].
Consolation Prize: gallant's pear [10:09], Aeolia [12:40], Gwynt [13:46], Bimp! [26:44]

1. Changing R to L in the romanisation of this psychic-type Pokémon's Japanese name gives the demonym for some South American country. | Chimecho (Chirean -> Chilean)
2. Swapping two adjacent letters in the romanisation of this dark-type Pokémon's Japanese name gives the company distributing League of Legends in Singapore. | Mightyena (Graena -> Garena)
3. The romanisation of the Japanese name of this fairy-type Pokémon forms the last half of the English name of another fairy-type Pokémon. | Snubbull (Bulu -> Tapu Bulu)
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Results for official, Monday September 10, 12 PM EST, qced by Andrew and A Phantom

1st place: 3.14dgeot-Mega [04:36].
2nd place: HeroicTobias [05:38].
3rd place: Meicoo [05:47].
4th place: gallant's pear [05:49].
5th place: SpecterReaper [23:55].

1) This Trainer in the Pokemon World Tournament always leads with Muk. [Castor]
2) A Pokemon under the effect of this move is the only way to see an animation of Cherrim-Sunshine coming out of a Poke Ball in Gen 4. [Transform]
3) Pokémon that were owned by this Trainer will always have a Fighting type base 70 power Hidden Power when taught after being caught in the wild. [N]
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Official on Sunday, September 9th at 12:00AM EST (sorry for being bad and missing the original time)
QCed by Meicoo and Alexender

1st place: Andrew [02:23].
2nd place: Dylas [03:21].
3rd place: Bimp [05:03].
4th place: Level 51 [05:26].
5th place: c.kilgannon [05:52].
Consolation Prize: Aeolia [11:03]
1. In the anime, this is the first starter Pokemon that was Ash's first new Pokemon of the region.
2. Name all moves that Wobbuffet could damage an opponent with before the opponent attacks under normal battle conditions, not counting struggle (alphabetical order).
3. In the first anime episode in which both Wobbuffet and Froakie appear, Pikachu gets hit by this super-effective move.
1. Froakie
2. All-Out Pummeling, Shattered Psyche
3. Dig
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OWR - Reunion Official Weekly (September 2nd - September 8th EDT) Results:
Seven super days down of officials!
September 2nd (2) - Official Hunt - (Meicoo)
Odyssey - (Moo)
September 3rd (2) - Odyssey - (gallant's pear)
• MINI~ Host: Stylus, 11 finishers: mgperson, Andrew, pokemonvortex, Bimp, Ilikebugs, Devoxys, c.kilgannon, Cheese555, Cantius, HeroicTobias, and AnthemOfTheWorld! (QC: Meicoo)
September 4th (2) - Official Hunt - (Parcly Taxel)
Official Hunt - (Alex)
September 5th (2) - Official Hunt - (Elgino10)
Jump Start - (Devoxys)
September 6th - Official Hunt - (Elgino10 + Alex)
September 7th (2) - Official Hunt - (Parcly Taxel)
• MINI~ Host: Steven Snype (Andrew) + c.kilgannon, 6 finishers: mgperson, Aeolia, Cheese555, SunGodVolcarona, A Phantom, and WeepingDevil! (QC: Devoxys)
September 8th (2) - MINI~ Host: Parcly Taxel, 7 finishers: A Phantom, Aeolia, c.kilgannon, Meicoo, Bronzecrank, Milkshook, and skiddo! (QC: Alex)
• MINI~ Host: Alexender, 10 finishers: mgperson, harrybotter, SpecterReaper, Emboar02, c.kilgannon, Andrew, Thank-ed, Zyg, gallant's pear, and HeroicTobias! (QC: WhirlwindBulbasaur)
Congratz to Alex, the winner of last week's Challenge Cup 1v1 Round Robin! Don't miss next week's Doubles Hackmons Cup Tournament this Friday, on August 24th, at 4 PM EDT!

Quick Links:
Monthly Ladder Archive | Previous Week's Results | Weekly Tournament Info/Leaderboard
Sequences official, 14 September 9pm SST (9am EDT/1pm UTC)!
QC by Rory Mercury and gallant's pear

1st place: Andrew [13:19].
2nd place: c.kilgannon [13:36].
3rd place: Elgino10 [17:33].
4th place: Thank ♫ ed~ [29:18].
5th place: HeroicTobias [38:01].
6th place: LustySalazzleMaid [39:30].

1. The name of this Pokémon is also given to the sequence of numbers beginning 11, 13, 17, 19, 31, 33, 37, 39, 51… | Oddish
2. Define a sequence of Pokémon starting from Bulbasaur where the previous Pokémon's BST is the next one's national dex number. This is the first repeated Pokémon. | Lairon
3. In USUM, the trials of these two locations involve battling, possibly among others, three Pokémon forming an evolutionary sequence. (alpha order, name as seen on map) | Thrifty Megamart Vast Poni Canyon
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Hosting an official on Sunday September 16th at 12:00am EDT (GMT -4)
QCers: Pants+Andrew <3 ; Hosted by Pants!

1st: bimp [00:50]
2nd: Wan The Avatar [02:00]
3rd: Parcly Taxel [03:14]
4th: Alex [04:35]
5th: Emboar02 [08:15]
6th: fearfire22 [9:06]
7th: Magicana79 [20:59]

Q1: This Pokemon, despite not being from Gen IV, is attracted by the Sinnoh Sound. meditite
Q2: During early development, this main-series game location was going to be a stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee, but was scrapped. sprout tower
Q3: A certain pokemon owned by one of Ash’s rivals in the anime is confirmed female, yet lacks the noticeable gender difference marking. Name the character and their pokemon, in that order. tierno raichu
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Goldenrod City official of 17 September 9pm SST (9am EDT/1pm UTC)!
QC by adiass and Andrew

1st place: Level 51 [17:29].
2nd place: aegii [22:34]. (+4 for correctly predicting place, per twist)
3rd place: Elgino10 ♫ [31:42]. (+4)
4th place: gallant's pear [38:33].
5th place: PrincessPika102 [49:37].
6th place: LustySalazzleMaid [54:33].
Consolation Prize: Thank ♫ ed~ [54:44]

1. A guard in this location says that stress should fall on O when pronouncing the location's name. | Goldenrod City
2. Obtaining this item in Crystal, as compared to the other Johto games, additionally requires speaking to someone on Route 36. | SquirtBottle
3. This is the cheapest item purchasable at the Goldenrod Department Store in gen 2. | Flower Mail
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Reserving an official for September 18th, 5:00 P.M. EDT (9:00 P.M. GMT)

Thanks to Devoxys and Stylus for QC'ing

Winner: HeroicTobias
2nd place: Wan the Avatar
3rd place: c.kilgannon
4th place: Meicoo
5th place: A Phantom
Consolation Prize: fear火fire火22, Cheese555

These two Pokemon mini games are top two for having the most text out of all Pokemon mini games. (Format é as e; alphabetical order)|Pokemon Breeder mini Pokemon Zany Cards
The Pokemon with the highest chance (that is not guaranteed) of being Shiny in any release/version of a Pokemon game all know this move (when obtained with the higher-than-normal Shiny chance).|Dizzy Punch
This option, if it was enabled internationally (in this case for the English releases), would have allowed players to download data of timed mobile battles from Pokemon Crystal to Pokemon Stadium 2.|Mobile Studium
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Results of the official on September 19th, 1 PM GMT
QC by Alexender and Steven Snype , host was also Alex

1st place: Milkshook [01:52].
2nd place: mgperson 幹 [02:43].
3rd place: aegii [04:49].
4th place: llcorice [05:08].
5th place: SpecterReaper [06:00].
Consolation Prize: Thank ♫ ed~ [06:40], WhirlwindBulbasaur[17:48]

1) This is the only Pokemon that can be either gender that needs to be a specific gender for an in-game trade [Dragonair]
2) This recurring trainer in the anime owns a fully-evolved Grass-type starter Pokemon, a Normal/Flying-type Pokemon, an LC Pokemon with a signature typing, a Pokemon with a typing that was signature when the Pokemon was introduced, an Ice-type Pokemon and a Fighting type Pokemon on their current team. [Trip]
3) The Dutch word for earthquake was used to refer to this other move in the dubbed anime. [Seismic Toss]
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is a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus
2018-09-20 5:00 PM UTC-4 (regular official)

First place: moo
Second place: p^_^okemonvortex
Third place: WeepingDevil
Fourth place: mgperson
Fifth place: reely
Sixth place: gozogo123(umbreon)
Consolation prize to: Andrew, HeroicTobias, Magikingdra

1) By taking the average of the national dex numbers of all the Pokemon currently obtainable from 10km eggs in Pokemon Go and rounding up, this Pokemon's national dex number is obtained.
2) In gen I, this is the sum of the levels of the trainer Pokemon of trainers on the floor of Silph Co. with the most warp panels.
3) This is the only GSC location where wild Pokemon encounters are more or less frequent depending on the time of day.

1) Grovyle
2) 142
3) Diglett's Cave
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