Scavengers Ladder - March

Official Hunt by c.kilgannon : 2 May 7pm EST
QCed by Snaq + xfix!

1st place: Sebastian [01:08].
2nd place: Andrew [02:10].
3rd place: CryoGyro [02:35].
4th place: Meicoo [10:06].
5th place: SergioRules [14:30].
Consolation Prize: Cheese555 [21:48], 111ace111 [23:23], keeping it icy [28:56]

1) Blaine has a photo of himself and this NPC in his Gym in Gen III. [Mr Fuji]
2) In Gen VII this trainer class keeps their Pokemon in Premier Balls. [collector]
3) This trainer incorrectly has the overworld sprite of a Youngster (include trainer class). [bug catcher davis]
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too cheesy
an official by Andrew and me happened Wednesday May 8 8PM EDT GMT-4 (that's midnight GMT)
qc'd by mei and ckil :D

1st place: ayylmao42069 [01:50].
2nd place: Devoxys [01:51].
3rd place: scoobydoobydrew [02:02].
4th place: 111ace111 [02:20].
5th place: celesteeal [02:20].
Consolation Prize: p^_^okemonvortex. [02:34], CryoGyro [03:12], dangerdogs [03:29], UnderratedRacket [03:39], Prof. Spalding [03:58], Ibuki Miod [04:08], A Quail's Query [04:15], TheAura [19:34], forrce [26:52], AndrewThePenguin [40:10], Embar [44:27]

1) A mayor is a Gym Leader in the Pokemon games. Name the Gym Leader and the town they have their gym in, in that order. [Drayden Opelucid / Drayden Opelucid City]
2) This is the actual name of the only mayor to be a member of a villainous team in the Pokemon games. [evice]
3) These are the only Pokemon Drayden uses in the games that can be found as Shadow Pokemon in Orre. (alpha) [altaria salamence]
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Official Hunt on May 7th 2019 at 9 PM GMT
1st place: scoobydoobydrew [01:32].
2nd place: CryoGyro [02:16].
3rd place: dangerdogs [02:22].
4th place: p^_^okemonvortex. [03:49].
5th place: 111ace111 [04:02].
Consolation Prize: AndrewThePenguin [06:02], Sebastian [07:31], askdf [18:42], Soft Flex [23:36]

1) This in-game TV show tells you how to play the game such as basic type match ups, status conditions or TMs. [Poké Dude Show / Poke Dude Show]
2) This item contains writings using Pikachu's or Eevee's footprints. [Leaf Letter]
3) In Pokemon USUM, the player can battle this trainer class using 3 rental pokemon from battle agency outside battle agency itself to progress the story. [team rainbow rocket grunt]

Thanks to a.c combo for QC

May the Pyuks be with you
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Andy Snype

why pokemon shouldn't fight on their own
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Reserving an official with c.kilgannon for Thursday May 9 at 7 PM EDT (GMT -4)!

Thank you to Snaquaza & Elgino10 for QCing!

1st: Zipzapadam
2nd: Embar
3rd: Annika0
4th: 111ace111
5th: Ibuki Miod
6th: CryoGyro
Additional Finishers! ExTopaz7, Man(un)kind, UnderratedRacket, Alextron, Soft Flex, Prof. Spalding, Prof. Spalding, AndrewThePenguin
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Hosted an official for May 10th, 5:00 P.M. EDT (9:00 P.M. GMT)

Thanks to ashiemore and Meicoo for QC'ing (I wonder if they even remember QC'ing this lol)

Winner: c.kilgannon
2nd place: chupps
3rd place: terrapieseven
4th place: 111ace111
5th place: CryoGyro
Consolation Prize: dangerdogs, Andrew, gallant's pear, Dr. Atios

The "RAGON Pokémon" that is not a hybrid becomes this Pokémon when traded to Generation II.|Flaaffy
This is the name of the feature in the Generation VI games that allows for quick selection of Key Items with the Y Button.|Ready button
This NPC invented (or, at the very least, worked on) the Player Search System.|Clemont
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Hosted an official collab with Dylas on Friday, May 10th, at 7 PM EDT!

Winner: chupps
2nd: 111ace111
3rd: wofuw9efdvfw (UnitedMemesInc)
4th: dangerdogs
5th: Embar
6th: Man(un)kind
Consolation prize: c.kilgannon
(1) Magmar, (2) Electabuzz Sunflora, (3) Mienfoo
1) Dylas: When defeating a specific Trial Captain during Mina's Trial in USUM, you will immediately be sent into a battle with another trainer, who uses this Pokemon.
2) Meicoo: Magmar has been used by two double battle-only trainer classes in the main series games. In those battles, what other two Pokemon were battled against? List them alphabetically.
3) Meicoo: A certain double battle-only trainer class introduced in USUM only appears in one battle, and they only use a pair of one kind of Pokemon. What Pokemon?
Thanks to Dot Agumon and Steven Snype for quality checking!
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"E Pluribus Unum" official, 12 May 11pm SST (3pm UTC; 11am EDT)!
QC by gallant's pear and c.kilgannon

1st place: Level 51 [03:25].
2nd place: AbuBatata [04:12].
3rd place: Trade [04:19].
4th place: Discordual [04:45].
5th place: Prof. Spalding [05:00].
6th place: imsoapy [05:41].
Consolation Prize: A Quail's Query [07:04], 111ace111 [07:23], Man(un)kind [10:32], kingcamcam [12:15], alphayoshi [12:17], UnderratedRacket [13:31], FireghtBug [21:20], Andrew [22:22]

1. Out of the dragon-type Pokémon who have served as the mascot of some main series game, these ones can learn a grass-type move other than Hidden Power Grass. (alpha order) | Giratina Rayquaza Reshiram
2. Out of the fully evolved Pokémon with "armor" in their category names and ignoring formes, this one has the lowest defence stat. | Tyranitar
3. Out of the gen 7 Pokémon whose names end in A, excluding formes, these ones have exactly three vowels. (alpha order) | Kartana Komala Lunala Necrozma
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Official Tuesday May 14th 6pm EDT.

qced by meicoo+andrew

1st place: p^_^okemonvortex. [03:45].
2nd place: Gimm1ck [05:58].
3rd place: Snaquaza ◢ ◤ [06:32].
4th place: CryoGyro [06:55].
5th place: Embar [07:04].
Consolation Prize: UnderratedRacket [08:36], dangerdogs [11:05], Man(un)kind[14:28], scoobydoobydrew [16:55], 111ace111 [18:38], fearfire22 [28:35]

1) This is the only HP-draining move that can target multiple Pokemon. [parabolic charge]
2) The translated Japanese name for this Normal-type Move from Gen I is the same as the English name for an Electric-type Move from Gen III. [take down]
3) The only Pokemon able to learn this non-damaging, non-signature Electric-type Move who does not learn it via level up at level 1 learns it at this level (answer with: Pokemon,level#). [zapdos 92 / zapdos level 92]
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Official hunt on Tuesday, May 21 at 2:00pm EDT

Qcs by meicoo and devoxys

1st place: Snaquaza ◢ ◤ [01:22].
2nd place: AbuBatata [01:43].
3rd place: dangerdogs [02:19].
4th place: 3.14dgeot-Mega [03:04].
5th place: 111ace111 [03:08].
Consolation Prize: Discordual [18:52]

1) This Master Trainer owns a Pokemon with a move that the Pokemon cannot legitimately know in the games (answer with trainer class+name). [hiker jim]
2) This Master Trainer uses a Pokemon whose moveset includes an HM move they do not get STAB from (answer with trainer class+name). [ace trainer percy]
3) The Master Trainer who shares a name with a Frontier Brain uses this Pokemon and is found at this location (answer with: pokemon, location). [Seadra, Route 12]
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Reserving odyssey hunt on may 26th at 9 am utc
1st place: chupps [40:45].
2nd place: g!u"i#s$h%a&r/k [49:41].
3rd place: Cheese555 [57:26].
4th place: dangerdogs [01:02:35].
5th place: keeping it icy [01:32:56].
Consolation Prize: fear火fire火22 [02:05:23], 111ace111 [03:02:45], Meicoo [03:47:30], CryoGyro [03:52:17]

1) Puzzle Odyssey! Collect all the hidden image link in each answer! This is the only non Pokemon card in Sun&Moon era who is part of promotional insert card featured in CoroCoro Ichiban! issue. [rotom dex]
2) This is the move tutor move with the highest BP (as per current generation) in the main games. [explosion ]
3) This move is unused in PMD: Gates to Infinity and removed in PSMD. [v create]
4) This song performed by a Norwegian music duo is used as one of the ending song in a Pokemon movie. [don't say you love me]
5) One chapter of How I Became a Pokemon Card manga focused on a Gloom card with this attack. [poisonpowder]
6) The first Slowpoke card to have Whimsy Tackle was released in this english expansion. [heartgold soulsilver]
7) The Pokemon battle judges/referees were trained on this anime exclusive island. [bomba island]
8) This Grass Type Pokemon only needs one loop to capture in Pokemon Ranger. [seedot]
9) Team Rocket stole this pokemon to use it as a nutcracker for Giovanni. [trapinch]
10) Assemble the puzzle! Now, what is it? [weavile]

Each answer has a piece of puzzle (not documented bc annoying) and will form this picture: assembled puzzle

Congratulation to all finisher!

Thanks to pokemonvortex and ckilganno for qc

May the Pyuks be with you

note: I stole the puzzle idea from an escape room. shamelessly.
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(Made by me,Zipzapadam and Cheese, QCed by Andrew, QCed and hosted by Rory mercury )

The official scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: terrapieseven [02:53].
2nd place: CryoGyro [03:02].
3rd place: MeicooAFK [03:43].
4th place: chupps [05:30].
5th place: c.kilgannon [11:29].
Consolation Prize: Prof. Spalding [13:48], Devoxys-tteal [18:28], Aegii [27:39], TH im b [42:03]

1) The named pokemon trainer with teal hair that went to the Pokémon Summer Academy owns this Pokemon [Shinx]
2) A player can get multiple Pal Pads in Generation 4 by tweaking and interacting with this character again [TEALa]
3) This berry, which is part of a dish in a Generation VII restaurant, is not able to be obtained in said games. [Eggant / Eggant Berry]
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Every month, we introduce a new twist for our Official Scavengers Ladder that changes something about the points or the official hunts. For May, the monthly ladder was split into two separate sections: one from 5/1 - 5/14, and another from 5/15 - 5/28. During the 29th through the 31st, the top 5 placers from each ladder will duel for the overall monthly top 10 placing. See the opponents, results, and scheduled times below!

Check out more details and the May first-half leaderboard here!
3Snaquaza ◢ ◤159
6gallant's pear107
10Prof. Spalding72
13Parcly Taxel63
15Ibuki Miod54
23Level 5132
31Rory Mercury21
34Elgino ♫20
39Wan the Avatar17
42Bipedalist Llamas16
42keeping it icy16
42DOTA gum on16
42Lady Monita16
49shi nxt he 1714
51A Quail's Query13
57schaillop (11
64Universal Backup8
64Gwynt ^-^8
73Dan of Auxesia6
79Andy >_>5
79Made In Saudi5
79I/m S-o)a_p\y?5
79Annika0 ^_^5
89Soft Flex4
95TH im b3
95uuss WEEPer ±~±3
108Trivia Machine2
108Gold Donut2
108tidal otter2
108Dan of Ares2
124UUSS kii1
124uuss chupfey1
124not kii1
124Alex '◡'1
124Shadow Sirens1
124Julius Caesar I1
124Heracross TheGreek1
124Mr Geets1
124Incognito Style1
For First Place:
Congratulations to 111ace111 for winning against dangerdogs! Duel was held on May 30th, at 1:00 PM EDT!
(1) Petal Dance, (2) Onix, (3) Ninetales
1) What damage-dealing move that can be copied by the Dancer ability is learned by the most Pokemon?
2) This is the second Pokemon to have its name be in the English title of a Pokemon Pocket Monster manga chapter.
3) Excluding Bulbasaur, this is the earliest Pokemon by National Pokedex Number to debut in the same episode number as its Dex Number in the Japanese airing of the Pokemon anime.

For Third Place:
Congratulations to CryoGyro for winning via concession against Snaquaza! Duel was not held, as Snaquaza conceded, due to time zone scheduling difficulties between the two users.

For Fifth Place:
Congratulations to Derpeddeath for winning against c.kilgannon! Duel was held on May 30th, at 11:30 PM EDT!
(1) Combee, (2) Junichi Masuda / Masuda Junichi, (3) Gastly
(1) What Pokemon in the Trial Forest demo dungeon for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky has a recruit rate greater than 0?
(2) In Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, Rabuta berries can be obtained from an NPC named after this man's daughter.
(3) In the Pokewalker route that requires the most Watts to unlock, three types are advantageous. What little cup Pokemon is weak to all three types?

For Seventh Place:
Congratulations to Embar for winning via concession against Gallant Spear! Duel was not held, as gallant's pear conceded, due to being unable to participate within the three days.

For Ninth Place:
Congratulations to Steven Snype (Andrew) for winning against super_mii2 (smii)! Duel was held on May 31st, at 10:00 PM EDT!
(1) Fighting Grass, (2) Sky Uppercut, (3) Night Slash
1) In the Furious Fists Pokemon TCG Expansion, two special energy cards were released. Each could only be attached to one (different) type of Pokemon. List the two types alphabetically, and don't include the word "type" in your answer.
2) A Pokemon card was also released in the Furious Fists Expansion that is both Fighting and Grass type in the main series. What attack on that TCG card does that Pokemon learn by level-up in the Generation 7 main series games?
3) The only fully evolved Pokemon to learn Sky Uppercut by level-up that does not get STAB from it learns this move 18 levels earlier in the Generation 7 main series games.
Note that any points earned during the 29th through 31st will count towards the June ladder!
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2019 UEFA Champions League Final odyssey hunt, 1 June 11pm SST (3pm UTC; 11am EDT)!
QC by Meicoo and Rory Mercury; the hunt was timed to last exactly four hours, ending at kickoff time for the Final.

Snaquaza [37:46]
Trade [44:14]
smii [55:55]
Elgino [1:03:09]
c.kilgannon [1:22:12]
dangerdogs [1:21:43]
askdf [1:32:02]
keeping it icy [1:50:22]
PartMan [2:15:30]
pokemonvortex [2:40:05]
Dan of Ares [2:49:19]
Prof. Spalding [3:10:55]
Cheese555 [3:26:18]
A Quail's Query [3:37:48]
derpeddeath [3:38:39]


(Karlheinz Stockhausen's Klang odyssey, 24 questions as Stockhausen intended it to be, 1 June 2019)
/startofficialhunt Parcly Taxel |
This is the kahuna of Poni Island. | Hapu |
Ultimately, this character in Pokémon RéBURST, who has more than one burst form, is turned into a statue. | Fraud |
(Natürliche Dauern)
Lunala can learn this move formerly exclusive to a two-stage evolutionary line. | Night Daze |
2 params (alpha order): Gyarados, Mewtwo, Noibat, Noivern, Shiftry, Smeargle, Tornadus, Yveltal | Hurricane Torment
This non-Pokémon game, one of whose stages is Route 26, was directed by Naganadel's designer. | HarmoKnight
This trainer can be battled in the Sun and Moon demo, giving out an item upon defeat that can be transferred to the full game. (just the name) | Sheri |
A commemorative Duel figure depicting this Pokémon was given to players after an April Fools' Day hoax. | Bibarel |
This gym leader shares their name with an anime-exclusive Kanto location. | Gardenia |
This OT name is associated with the trainer ID number 07245 in an event. | Hope |
Rumours once circulated around the Internet that part of this fully evolved Pokémon's design was based off Donald Trump's hair. | Gumshoos |
One of this Pokémon game technique's variations is called a zorch. | tweaking |
In Red, Green and Blue, this character's sprite suggested that they were dead and dressed for a funeral. | Erika |
(Cosmic Pulses)
Depending on the game, this statistic may or may not have a hard cap of 10000. (full name) | Combat Power |
A certain normal-type Pokémon's category name was rendered as this non-English word in the generation it debuted, despite having enough space to put the correctly spelt category name which was used in subsequent generations. | hibernant |
At one time, typing this song's name __but with a typo__ into an official Pokémon web page yielded a Darkrai wallpaper. (ignore diacritics) | Oracion
In its most recent anime appearance, this Pokémon and Talonflame knocked each other out. | Unfezant
This romantic ship's name comes from the Japanese word for "wish". | NegaiShipping
This character owns a guitar and a Venusaur. | Jeremy |
In an episode where this character fought Dawn, a ghost-type move affected a then-normal-type Pokémon. | Ursula |
At one time on PS!, using this move would cause the simulator to first say that an OHKO move was used. | Earthquake |
Seven key items in the main series games include this same word. A fighting-type Pokémon's name also starts with that word. | Pass |
(Licht, the other great cycle Stockhausen composed)
This is the category name of the Pokémon whose Japanese name contains "ryu" (dragon), but is not dragon-type in its base form and is dragon-type in an alternate form. | light |
(Time – Licht is about the days of the week, Klang the hours of the day)
This genderless Pokémon has been referred to as both male and female in Mystery Dungeon games. Where it was referred to as female, it was also shiny. | Celebi |
The initials of the first 21 answers are shared with the initials of the 21 parts of a musical cycle whose name is also that of a Pokémon. List the name of the entire cycle and its composer in that order. | Klang Karlheinz Stockhausen
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Mini Official Roundup! (May 1st - May 31st EDT):
1st place: RUSMS kiicy (keeping it icy) [01:40]. 2nd place: moo [01:40]. 3rd place: Devoxys [01:48]. Consolation Prize: Zipzapadam [02:12], Andrew [02:15], Prof. Spalding [02:21], p^_^okemonvortex. [02:23], chupps [02:58], Parcly Taxel ♦ [03:11], Waahhh Audino [03:38], Embar [03:51], Ibuki Miod [04:56], Key of Solomon [05:07], thimb☆ [05:16], 111ace111 [06:44], UnderratedRacket [08:19]
Quality Checker: Meicoo
1st place: p^_^okemonvortex. [01:23]. 2nd place: chupps [01:28]. 3rd place: Meicoo [02:21]. Consolation Prize: Embar [02:32], Forrce [03:24], CryoGyro [05:24], dangerdogs [07:41], Man(un)kind [11:55], Prof. Spalding [12:12], Ibuki Miod [13:05]
Quality Checker: Andrew
1st place: celesteeal [03:09]. 2nd place: Ibuki Miod [03:34]. 3rd place: dangerdogs [03:35]. Consolation Prize: t-l-o-u-k [04:00], A Quail's Query [04:14], Embar [04:30], FoRRCE [04:50], 111ace111 [04:52], Whimpering ±~± [05:09], Prof. Spalding [05:11], Man(un)kind [19:54], Andrew [37:16], killerASCII [38:05], boredcollegekid [01:04:15], chupps [01:07:58]
Quality Checker: pokemonvortex
1st place: p0ip0le [01:02]. 2nd place: smii☆彡 [01:17]. 3rd place: dangerdogs [01:26]. Consolation Prize: forrce [07:05], derpeddeath [10:14]
Quality Checker: Snaquaza
Last Month's Results
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cool quiz
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The May Ladder has now concluded. Congratulations to the top three placers: 111ace111 as first half and overall winner with 461 combined points, dangerdogs as second half winner and second overall placer with 421 combined points, and CryoGryo as first half runner-up and third overall placer with 263 combined points!
  1. 111ace111 461
  2. dangerdogs 421
  3. CryoGyro 263
  4. Snaquaza 240
  5. derpeddeath 183
  6. c.kilgannon 299
  7. Embar 218
  8. gallant's pear 243
  9. Andrew 201
  10. smii 155
For more information on the reasoning behind the specific rankings of the Overall Top 10, see here.
111ace111 291
CryoGyro 216
c.kilgannon 191
dangerdogs 181
Embar 172
Andrew 164
chupps 145
gallant's pear 136
pokemonvortex 109
Meicoo 99
Zipzapadam 96
Snaquaza 81
Prof. Spalding 76
Parcly Taxel 76
AbuBatata 73
scoobydoobydrew 72
Ibuki Miod 71
Soft Flex 68
smii 66
powergo 59
Sebastian 59
Annika0 53
Manunkind 52
Level 51 51
derpeddeath 49
fearfire22 49
Cheese555 45
p0ip0le 43
LittEleven 42
ayylmao42069 40
A Quail's Query 38
Devoxys 38
YveltalNL 37
celesteeal 37
Gimm1ck 33
Forrce 33
Discordual 32
hxlcyon 30
3.14dgeot-Mega 29
AndrewThePenguin 28
UnderratedRacket 28
Trade 27
terrapieseven 25
keepingiticy 22
Geene 20
alphayoshi 20
wofuw9efdvfw 20
phantomgenius 20
boredcollegekid 19
lovemathboy 19
Aegii 19
Trivia Machine 18
tlouk 17
killerASCII 16
moo 16
Benjgbro 15
SergioRules 15
askdf 14
kingcamcam 14
Elgino 14
FireghtBug 13
Dratios 13
MukUsedDrillPeck 13
Loljbass 12
pokemangoes 12
imjustgray 11
dragonmirror 11
GuiShark 10
Barnaba 9
Tushavi 9
LegendaryMouse 9
Alextron 9
thimb 9
Dan of Ares 9
shinxthe17 8
Bipedalist Llamas 8
TheAura 8
Barry000 8
Piplup48 8
Pratham02 7
Gwynt 7
schaillop 7
Aeolia 7
Midnightsecrets 7
ExTopaz7 6
danno 6
queez 5
Hanes 5
Wan the Avatar 5
Jucebox 5
imsoapy 5
Whimpering 5
SergioTests 4
TheStarmanLord 4
TheJ3estPenguin 4
broil 4
man's not hoot 4
Zepic 4
rafooa11 4
stormfirelucario 3
Hanzomain7 3
86l 3
Blue YM 3
ScorrchingTheaph 3
NPDL Doggo 2
Swanna 2
Chickenpie2 2
Tidal Otter 2
Awesome96Birdy 2
Beedrill-Mega 2
skiddo 2
Waahhh Audino 2
AzumaD 2
DCSyntro 2
TheWhoDoctor 2
Pondambo 2
BulbasaurBuddy 1
lets go ou test 1
adorador de pulga 1
not a mafia alt 1
The Doom1 1
Luana 1
KawaiiiiPotato 1
MGenius 1
owy9ewvwe 1
PrincessPika102 1
Failure999 1
gman0307 1
DanDaMan99 1
harrybotter 1
cgyc 1
Tigermatt03 1
Dylas 1
helpimslowlydying 1
purse owners 1
McLemore 1
pxl123 1
unfunnyholidayalt 1
Aeonic 1
EeveeLutionArmy 1
AzuDad 1
Dc11111 1
DarkDex 1
Kiwigamer0039 1
powerlessly 1
heroictobias 1
Emboar02 1
megumatt 1
Dazelel 1
TimeToTestThisTeam 1
Bronzecrank 1
LustySalazzleMaid 1
Julie(deerling) 1
VigilanteVigoroth 1
WzK 1
Magikingdra 1
UnitedMemesInc 1
Ibuki Is Studying 1
jumbowhales 1
Christmas 1
za 1
dangerdogs 240
111ace111 170
Snaquaza 159
derpeddeath 134
c.kilgannon 108
gallant's pear 107
smii 89
Man(un)kind 77
AbuBatata 74
Cheese555 73
Prof. Spalding 72
LittEleven 64
Parcly Taxel 63
3.14dgeot-Mega 63
Ibuki Miod 54
p0ip0le 53
chupps 51
Meicoo 48
CryoGyro 47
Embar 46
GuiShark 39
Andrew 37
Level 51 32
Whimpering 32
Aeolia 30
Zipzapadam 30
fearfire22 30
scoobydoobydrew 29
Discordual 26
YveltalNL 26
Rory Mercury 22
phantomgenius 21
FireghtBug 21
AndrewThePenguin 20
Elgino 20
PartMan 19
forrce 19
Tushavi 18
keeping it icy 18
Wan the Avatar 17
celesteeal 17
hxlcyon 17
playfulpie2 16
Bipedalist Llamas 16
DOTA gum on 16
Benjgbro 16
pokemonvortex 15
shinxthe17 14
Pratham02 14
loljbass 13
A Quail's Query 13
alphayoshi 13
powergo 13
tlouk 13
Dylas 12
schaillop 11
Barnaba 11
askdf 11
pokemangoes 11
broil 10
EnderTorterra548 9
Geene 9
qwexpeon 8
Gwynt 8
Dan of Ares 8
Aegii 7
Gimm1ck 7
boredcollegekid 7
ExTopaz7 7
stormfire-lucario 7
terrapieseven 7
heroictobias 6
jumbowhales 6
TheStarmanLord 6
Stylus 6
Dragonmirror 6
TheRegiWarrior 5
Piplup48 5
Andy 5
Made In Saudi 5
KawaiiiiPotato 5
Im Soapy 5
SergioRules 5
ScorrchingTheaph 5
Annika0 5
s@kshambhatt 5
Soft Flex 4
Astion 4
rafooa11 4
gargoyle31 4
kingcamcam 4
lovemathboy 3
Midnightsecrets 3
PrincessPika102 3
Alextron 3
Pondambo 3
Beedrill-Mega 3
cgyc 3
RiverToaster290 3
Zepic 3
Thimb 3
Dratios 3
Trade 3
Trivia Machine 2
killerASCII 2
Hanzomain7 2
MukUsedDrillPeck 2
Gold Donut 2
Emboar02 2
McLemore 2
lets go ou test 2
theleprechaun 2
CooperHair 2
MoonlitMoogle 2
moo 2
tidal otter 2
BulbasaurBuddy 2
Failure999 2
HoeenHero 1
LustySalazzleMaid 1
spud5747 1
EeveeLutionArmy 1
DanDaMan99 1
Jayyke 1
LilNeko 1
WzK 1
AnthemOfTheWorld 1
shadowman333 1
Barry000 1
ayylmao42069 1
Tigermatt03 1
Alex 1
KingRion 1
o5v3 1
Shadow Sirens 1
Ilikebugs 1
Awesome96Birdy 1
Snecko 1
Julius Caesar I 1
rxdb 1
Heracross TheGreek 1
LottTwelve 1
Schiavetto 1
TheAura 1
Onaga3442 1
Spiderz 1
MeliorisAevi 1
queez 1
Bandstand 1
ESCisaCirclejerk 1
Julie(deerling) 1
UnderratedRacket 1
Mr Geets 1
texting 1
Incognito Style 1
Aziziller 1
SW 1
Zack02 1
The ladder twist for the month of June will be: Snowball: Each week of the month, the top three places on an official will be worth 5 more points than the previous week. This twist does not apply to mini-officials.

Due to a one-time change to the selection process of the twist, the winning twist will not be worth points, but 5 points are still earned on the June ladder for each non-winning valid twist submitted. For the full list of users who earned head-start points for submitting valid twists:
Tushavi 15
derpeddeath 5
Partman 5
For more details on how to get these points, see the last page here: Scavengers Update: September 2018, and feel free to ask me any questions!

Give it your best on the June Ladder!
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Official Hunt by Andrew and dangerdogs: 2019/06/03 6:30 PM GMT -4 (EDT)
QCed by Elgino + c.kilgannon

1st: Cheese555 (01:58)
2nd: ceLesteeaL (02:30)
3rd: Meicoo (02:36)
4th: Embar (03:27)
5th: keeping it icy (03:28)
Consolation Prize: p^_^okemonvortex. (03:29), 111ace111 (03:46), Fraux (04:14), Aegii (05:15), Soft Flex (09:08), Prof. Spalding (09:27), Pear Experience (26:59), Schiavetto (29:12), Ibuki Miod (35:34)

1: Name the Pokemon with a unique typing that was incorrectly listed in Pokemon Ultimate Handbook (original print) as a "Legendary" [Rotom]
2: These Pokemon can be found in shaking trash cans in Pokemon X & Y only on certain days of the week (alpha order) [Banette Rotom]
3: Only one TM given by the Seven Sages in BW raises only one stat one stage. Of those who learn this move by level up at a set level, this Pokemon learns it last [Greninja]
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Official Incognito Hunt by c.kilgannon...reserving for Tuesday, June 4th at 12pm EST
qcs: Snaq + Andrew; thank you both <3

1st place: Prof. Spalding [02:10].
2nd place: unfunnyholidayalt [07:45].
3rd place: Level 51 [10:18].
4th place: askdf [14:18].
5th place: 111ace111 [18:39].
Consolation Prize: dangerdogs [18:48], Man(un)kind [19:04], derpeddeath [21:56], Litt♥Eleven [22:02], Elgino ♫ [33:42]

1) Not including those in a battle facility, the only trainer to use a Shiny Pokemon in the games uses this Pokemon. [exeggcute]
2) Alphabetically list all Signature/Unique Abilities with no effect in a single battle. [battery,powerofalchemy,receiver]
3) This second stage Pokemon is the only one able to learn moves via level up in its three-stage evolutionary line. [eelektrik]
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Andy Snype

why pokemon shouldn't fight on their own
is a Battle Simulator Driveris a Top Tutor Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus
Reserving an Official for Friday June 7th at 9 PM EDT (GMT -4)

Thank you to Rory Mercury & Devoxys for QCing!

1st: Celesteeal (1:32)
2nd: Meicoo (1:36)
3rd: Ilikepinkbunnies (2:12)
4th: Aegii (2:38)
5th: Aeolia (2:40)
6th: Cheese555 (2:59)
Additional Finishers: 111ace111 (4:05), p0ip0le (6:27), c.kilgannon (10:48), askdf (18:30), Loljbass (53:55), Uh oh 2 Hours (54:58)

These are the protagonists of the Pokemon Generations Episode titled "The Scoop" (alpha order) | Gabby Ty
In Generation III, these are the Pokemon that Gabby and Ty will use the first time when they're encountered (alpha order). | Magnemite Whismur
Gabby and Ty can be rematched along multiple routes in Hoenn. In Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, their Pokemon will peak at a certain level. On some of those routes, certain trainers can battle the player with Pokemon that have an even higher level! Name those trainer's first names. (alpha order). | Brooke Wilton
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Reserving official hunt on June 12th at 4 PM UTC
1st place: 111ace111 [03:17].
2nd place: AbuBatata [07:49].
3rd place: cel es teeal [24:38].
4th place: Skiddo [38:38].

1) Shortly after entering this building, the player will be transported to an island to catch or defeat a pokemon. [harbor inn]
2) The official artwork of this key item is labeled the date December 1st 1958. [member card]
3) This is the last non-reprint TCG attack with ? power. [false swipe]

Thanks to x.fixgannon combo for QC

may the Pyuks be with you
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Pokémaths official, 13 June 11:30pm SST (3pm UTC)!
QC by 111ace111 and Andrew

1st place: celesteeal [06:33].
2nd place: Snaquaza ◢ ◤ [09:38].
3rd place: Man(un)kind [14:13].
4th place: p0ip0le ∆ [17:11].
5th place: AbuBatata [24:16].
Consolation Prize: Ilikepinkbunnies [37:50], Prof. Spalding [01:04:51], dangerdogs [01:09:59], Skiddo [01:26:01], Ibuki Miod [01:29:20], derpeddeath [01:29:51], EnderTorterra548 [01:33:38]

1. The German name of this gen 1 poison-type Pokémon is contained in, and exactly half as long as, the English name of the same Pokémon. | Venomoth
2. Let x = 0 initially. Starting from Bulbasaur and working upwards in national dex order (excluding forms), add 1 to x if the Pokémon is at most 1 metre tall and subtract 1 otherwise. x first reaches 7 at this Pokémon. | Spearow
3. There is a sequence of 21 consecutive prime numbers that are each a base stat of either an Ultra Beast or a member of Cosmog's evolutionary line. Let x be the prime number immediately before this sequence. There is a Pokemon that has X as a base stat and no other Pokemon has X for that stat. list the Pokemon and that stat (use the full name for the stat) | Stunky Special Attack
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cool quiz
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From June 1st to 14th, Scavengers hosted our second Community Odyssey event: Community Odyssey 2: Community Harder, with many users each submitting a question to form an odyssey hosted in Treasure Town (Scavs' subroom.) To see all the information, look here, and results are here!

Shoutout to pokemonvortex and c.kilgannon for being the primary organizers this time around, and again to pv and ckil for being part of the QC and hint team, along with Andrew, Level 51, Rory Mercury, Parcly Taxel, Elgino and myself.

(Results from the first Community Odyssey can be seen here.)

Andy Snype

why pokemon shouldn't fight on their own
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Hosted an Official for Saturday June 15 at 12:00 PM EDT (GMT -4) QC'd by the lovely Meicoo and ashiemore

1st: dangerdogs (4:11)
2nd: AbuBatata (4:45)
3rd: chupps (6:55)
4th: Snaquaza (7:50)
5th: Elgino (7:53)
6th: powergo (8:41)
Additional Finishers: Dan of Ares (10:41), Man(un)kind (11:53), Zipzapadam (15:19), gallant's spear (19:41), 111ace111 (19:47), Ilikepinkbunnies (25:03), c.kilgannon (32:10), scorrchingtheaph (38:43), FireghtBug (47:33), celesteeal (55:16), wet kisser (57:36)

1) This is the only known Pokemon that Alain's Charizard has lost to in a one-on-one as a Mega Charizard. Answer in the format: [Trainer]'s [Pokemon] [Siebold's Blastoise]
2) Blastoise can learn one STAB move only by chain breeding. Name the move and all the Pokemon that initially learn this move by level-up in order for it to be chain bred onto a Squirtle. Answer with the move first, and then the Pokemon in alphabetical order. [Water Spout Wailmer Wailord]
3) The Wailmer line can learn one move only by chain breeding. In alphabetical order, name the LC Pokemon that could learn this move by level-up in order for it to be eventually bred to a Wailmer. [Koffing Slugma]
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cool quiz
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Hosted a pair of officials!

One on on Wednesday, the 19th at 6 PM EDT!

...and one on Thursday, the 20th at 6 PM EDT!

Wed. the 19th Official:
Winner: moo (+10 from twist)
2nd: dangerdogs (+10 from twist)
3rd: PartMan (+10 from twist)
4th: Prof. Spalding
5th: Man(un)kind
6th: Devoxys
Consolation prize: aegii, celesteeal, AndrewThePenguin, A Quail's Query, c.kilgannon, Bandstand, askdf, Ibuki Miod
(1) Search2Catch, (2) Round, (3) Electric Princess
1) This Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire TV Mauville program has a digit [0-9] in its title.
2) In the Pokemon X and Y Battle Maison, a certain purchaseable TM's TM number is three times the amount of Battle Points it costs. What move does the TM contain?
3) An unnamed character in the Pokemon anime is shown to be part of a certain team, and this individual competed in both the Charjabug race Koko Cup and the Vikavolt race Fini Cup. What is the name of the team they belonged to? Don't include "team" in your answer.
Thurs. the 20th Official:
Winner: Ilikepinkbunnies (+10 from twist)
2nd: celesteeal (+10 from twist)
3rd: Illusio (+10 from twist)
4th: fearfire22
5th: Cheese555
6th: dangerdogs
Consolation prize: Partman, theaph alt 1 (ScorrchingTheAph), Prof. Spalding
(1) Juggler, (2) Exeggcute, (3) Kangaskhan
1) A Supporter Card in the Pokemon TCG Aquapolis expansion has the same English name as this trainer class from the main series games.
2) Name the earliest (by generation) Pokemon that has always been dual-typed that can be battled against as part of an opposing main series Juggler's team.
3) That FRLG Juggler's Exeggcute is holding a certain item. What Pokemon fought in the same location and battle mode is holding the same item?
Thanks to Rory Mercury and Steven Snype for each quality checking both of these officials!
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