Scavengers Ladder - September

Reserving for an Official Hunt on 26th June 2018, 3pm GMT!

1. rafooa11
2. Rory Mercury
3. Emboar02
4. Panda
5. gallant's spear
Consolation: Andrew*, Thank-ed*, c.kilgannon*, adiass*

*- 1 bonus point due to twist


1. In Platinum, these two Pokemon are the lowest levelled Pokemon that can be found in the wild (alphabetical order).
2. In certain main series games, you may receive up to 8 Fresh Waters from this NPC.
3. This item, when used, may have the same effect as using a Rare Candy.

1. Magikarp Regigigas
2. Clyde
3. Rare Soda

Q3: Okay as someone pointed out to me, Rare Soda does not have the full effect of Rare Candy which also increases Friendship. So I agree that this question isn't entirely correct. Also by this same logic Max Revive is wrong.

Thanks to RossW and ashiemore for qcing n_n
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Hosted an Official on June 28th @ 8:00 PM EDT // June 29th ^_^ @ 12:00 AM GMT

QC: Meicoo and ashiemore

1st place: coinboy [07:55]
2nd place: p^_^okemonvortex [08:13]
3rd place: mgperson 幹 [12:54]
4th place: Panda [12:57]
5th place: Dylas [14:06]
Consolation Prize: CloserToTheHeart [14:37], c.kilgannon [15:09], Andrew [15:35], WhirlwindBulbasaur [18:25], Rory Mercury [20:29], Gleeb [25:59]

Q1: This item is awarded to the player after showing an NPC of a main series game all forms of a specific bug-typed Pokemon or both genders of a different bug-typed Pokemon.
Q2: In FRLG, these tickets / passes are needed to access all islands of the Sevii Islands. Answer with the LEAST amount of items as possible (alphabetical order).
Q3: This character in Pokemon XY was tricked into using an invention that changes the appearance of the wearer and allows them to be manipulated by the inventor.

Q1: Macho Brace
Q2: AuroraTicket MysticTicket Rainbow Pass
Q3: Emma / Essentia

Congratulations to all finishers! ^^
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2018-06-29 7:00 PM UTC-4 (regular official)

First place: Illusio
Second place: Rory Mercury
Third place: Devoxys
Fourth place: 3.14dgeot-Mega
Fifth place: Gleeb
Consolation prize to: none

1) This trainer in HGSS may be called on Tuesday morning for a rematch. (include trainer class)
2) This is the only Gym Leader that has only appeared in the anime in a region other than that of their gym.
3) This is the damage dealing move that can lower the user’s stats by the most total stages.

1) Bug Catcher Arnie
2) Wallace
3) Spit Up
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Get ready folks - it's time for your annual long-awaited Gleebficial on Saturday, June 30th, 2018 at 3 PM EDT qc'd by ashiemore and qc'd and hosted by Milkshook!. These Gleebficials are (probably) only gonna be around for a limited time so get 'em while you still can!
Saturday, June 30th, 2018 @ 3 PM EDT

First Place: mgperson 幹
Second Place: Andrew
Third Place: Rory Mercury
Fourth Place: p^_^okemonvortex
Fifth Place: keeping it icy
Consolation prize to (got 1 pt from twist): gallant's pear
Consolation prize to (no points): none

Q1) This character, who owns a Ditto, is known as The Man of a Thousand Faces because of his ability to disguise himself as any person.
Q2) Even though Copycat claims the lost doll that the player returns to her is a Clefairy, in the games following Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, it is indicated that the doll was this Pokémon instead.
Q3) This Gym Leader mentions that they made the TM that they give away as a prize for defeating them.

1) brodie
2) mimejr
3) giovanni
Thanks to everyone who participated in this hunt, congrats to everyone who finished, and big thanks to ashiemore for qc’ing and Milkshook for qc’ing and hosting!
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30/6/18 22:00 GMT -4

Winner: 3.14dgeot-Mega (07:44)
Second Place: BigPimpin (13:55)
Third Place: Andrew (15:15)
Fourth Place: WhirlwindBulbasaur (17:39)
Fifth Place: Not Wan (30:37)

Q1) This trainer has the wrong overworld sprite. (Include trainer class)
Q2) A Grunt faced in this location claims to have been part of another villainous team prior to their current one.
Q3) This trainer in Black 2 and White 2 reveals that they had battled Hilbert/Hilda, despite the player never having battled anyone with this trainer’s name in Black and White. (Include trainer class)
Bug Catcher Davis, Plasma Frigate, Backpacker Mae

Gratz to all finishers! Thanks to everyone who participated and hopefully you all enjoyed the last official of June 2018! Extra thanks to ashiemore and Stylus for QCing the hunt!
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I could, but why?
Saturday, June 30th, 2018 @ 3 PM EDT

First Place: Panda
Second Place: chupps
Third Place: Aeolia
Fourth Place: Irokei
Fifth Place: Andrew
Consolation prize to: LilyAC

Q1) Despite not being a Secret Base, this location is referred to as "a Secret Base" by a particular person in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire when describing experiences the trainer has had with their Pokemon in that location.
Q2) According to an informational poster in a different region, the Kalos Power Plant uses this Pokémon to help them in space.
Q3) The player can be given a Dartrix from an NPC in this location, even though the player does not know it is a Dartrix until they give it to someone else.

1) mirage mountain
2) porygon
3) heahea city
Sorry if me being a little late and/or being on my phone while hosting cause anyone problems but I think it ended up working out okay. Thanks to Milkshook for qc’ing and Rory Mercury for qc’ing, hosting, and putting up with me...
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The June Ladder has now concluded. Congratulations to the top three placers: 3.14dgeot-Mega in first place with 253 points, Rory Mercury in second place with 186 points, and DarkShinyGiratina in third place with 133 points!
3.14dgeot-Mega 253
Rory Mercury 186
DarkShinyGiratina 133
chupps 127
pokemonvortex 111
milkshook 95
Panda 92
Andrew 90
mgperson 74
WhirlwindBulbasaur 69
wantheavatar 61
adiass 60
Devoxys 56
Gleeb 53
SunGodVolcarona 53
LordNwahs6 51
rafooa11 46
GuiShArk 44
Meicoo 42
BigPimpin12 39
gallant's pear 36
cloudynatu 36
sonofdaw13 31
aegii 28
moo 28
terrapieseven 21
SW 21
Perishing Song 20
coinboy 20
Illusio 20
Cheese555 20
shadowsirens 15
zyg 13
awesome96birdy 11
keeping it icy 11
JoakesVGC 11
Emboar02 10
TheWhoDoctor 10
SergioRules 9
Irokei 8
jetou 8
c.kilgannon 7
Dylas 6
LilyAC 6
Alex 5
arrested 5
ssbn640 5
fearfire22 5
hikanu 5
lovemathboy 5
goodmorningespeon 5
thimblebony 3
scorrchingtheaph 3
wyldzephyr 3
hadd 3
darthesis 3
sunmoonfx 3
reely 3
softflex 3
acetrainerluana 3
mickthespud 3
applo 3
weepingdevil 3
thanked 1
shayyminskyy 1
supermii2 1
Notice: Due to changes to the Scavengers Room intro, changing the mouse cursor icon in the intro is no longer offered to the highest finishing non-staff member of Scavengers monthly ladders.

The ladder twist for the month of July will be: A twist you may recognize from months in the past! Every day has a pre-specified theme that the officials of that day, including mini officials, will follow (there will be a few exceptions in the first week). A calendar with the dates for each topic is viewable below:
As an additional important change, mini official points will now be 10/8/5/3/1 for the top 5!

Make sure to mhave fun this month!
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2018-07-01 10:00 PM UTC-4 (regular official)
Theme: Moves

First place: SonofDaw13
Second place: Rory Mercury
Third place: Aeolia
Fourth place: Meicoo
Fifth place: Andrew
Consolation prize to: WhirlwindBulbasaur, chupps, Cheese555

1) This TM move can be taught to the least number of Pokemon.
2) This is the move that has had the greatest increase in accuracy since its introduction.
3) This is the Pokemon that has used the greatest number of moves in a single anime episode, as well as that number. (format: pokemon + number)

1) Softboiled
2) Disable
3) Dragonite + 10
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Results for PMD official at12 PM EDT, July 4th, qced by Clouds and Gallant Spear

1st place: mgperson [17:22]
2nd place: LCWYC2 [27:37]
3rd place: chupps [34:57]
4th place: Rb220 [35:41]
5th place: LilyAC [37:15]
Consolation prize: hynes [43:36]

Q1) As of August 30, 2017, this PSMD facility can no longer be used.|Meowth Theater
Q2) In PMD2, there is a Seed that can be used in any dungeon except one, where it has no effect. Give the Seed (include Seed in your answer) followed by the dungeon.|Dough Seed Aegis Cave
Q3) In PMD1, there are only nine fully evolved Pokémon with pre-evolutions that can be recruited in dungeons. Of those nine, this is the only Pokémon that is not part of a known NPC rescue team.|Porygon2
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OWR - Battle of Adventurers Official Weekly (June 24th - June 30th EDT) Results:
Another fine week of officials!
June 24th - none
June 25th - • MINI~ Host: Stylus, top 5 finishers: Meicoo, Milkshook, Rory Mercury, Ace Trainer Luana, and MicktheSpud! (QC: WhirlwindBulbasaur)
June 26th - • Official Hunt - (Alex)
June 27th - • MINI~ Host: ashiemore, top 5 finishers: 3.14dgeot-Mega, WhirlwindBulbasaur, Wan The Avatar, applo, and adiass! (QC: Meicoo)
June 28th - • Official Hunt - (Stylus)
June 29th (2) - • Official Hunt - (ashiemore)
MINI~ Host: WhirlwindBulbasaur, top 5 finishers: Wan the Avatar, Devoxys, Milkshook, chupps, and gallant's pear! (QC: CloudyNatu)
June 30th (2) - • Official Hunt - (Gleeb)
Official Hunt - (Rory Mercury)
Congratulations to LilyAC, who submitted the winning hunt for week two of the Hunt of the Week Contest! Don't worry if you missed this one in the room, as our site will have a built-in site scavenger hunt for you to have the opportunity to complete this hunt! More information can be found by clicking the Hunt of The Week link in the Quick Links below. Make sure you submit your hunts between Monday, July 2nd and Thursday, July 5th to have a chance to submit this upcoming week's HOTW and receive 20 ladder points!

As well, congratz to c.kilgannon, the winner of last week's Challenge Cup 1v1 Round Robin! Swing by for next week's Doubles Hackmons Cup Tournament this Friday, on July 6th, at 10 AM EDT!

Quick Links:
Monthly Ladder Archive | Previous Week's Results | Hunt of the Week Contest | Weekly Tournament Info/Leaderboard
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Hosted a Generation 6* official on July 2nd @ 3:00 PM EDT.

QC: ashiemore and Rory Mercury

1st place: Shadow Sirens ☀ [03:53]
2nd place: Emboar02 ㅇㅂㅇ [04:10]
3rd place: gallant's pear [04:25]
4th place: HeroicTobias ♫ [04:47]
5th place: mgperson 幹 [04:51]
Consolation Prize: rafooa11 [07:05], MicktheSpud [07:43], Soft Flex [10:11], c.kilgannon [13:50], Dylas [15:28], murgemurge [16:58], WhirlwindBulbasaur [21:17], Gui♡Shark ><◕‿◕> [27:20]

Q1: The requirements to enter this Kalos location housing a legendary is nearly identical to accessing another location housing the same legendary Pokemon in Kanto.
Q2: This is the most expensive clothing item that can be purchased in Boutique Couture (XY). Exclude color.
Q3: Comparing Omega Ruby's version exclusive Pokemon to those of Ruby: these Pokemon (introduced in Generation 3 or before) are NEW version exclusives to Omega Ruby that were not exclusive to Ruby. Answer in alphabetical order.

Q1: Unknown Dungeon
Q2: Trench Coat Dress
Q3: Ho-Oh Kabuto Kabutops

* = as per the ladder twist
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Hosted a 10-Hunt Point Rally, collaborated with RossW on July 3rd @ 7:00 PM EDT.

QC: ashiemore and Meicoo

1st Place [30]: Andrew (357)
2nd Place [25]:
Sun☼GodVolcarona (237)
3rd Place [20]:
Cheese555 (217)
4th Place [15]:
c.kilgannon (212)
5th Place [10]:
SonofDaw13 (208)
6th Place [5]:
LilyAC (202)
7th Place [3]:
ptoad⚬ (175)
8th Place [1]:
Ace Trainer Luana (120)
mgperson 幹 (117), Naziel「♡」(60), Lucario•1582 (45), Auge (40), Andy >_> (35), Aperrentis (20), toxicflips (20), road blocks (15), blajuly03 (10)

Individual Hunt Points: 50 - 40 - 32 - 25 - 20 - 15 - 10 (for rest)

Congrats to all finishers!

Hunt 1 - RossW
In the R/B beta, this was Growlithe's English name.
Q2: In the anime, instead of using Growlithes, Officers in the Kalos region mainly use this Pokemon.
Q3: This is the only "local specialty" item that you can't obtain in its home region.

Hunt 2 - Stylus
This is the only badge introduced prior to Gen V that doesn't allow the player to use an HM outside of battle in any of the main series games it appears in (don't include "badge")
Q2: In any generation prior to Gen V, these are the only badges that can allow the player to use different HMs, based on the game (i.e. one badge = two HMs, answer alphabetically / don't include "badge").
Q3: This "badge" can be received in a location in Alola named after the Kanto Region (don't include "badge").

Hunt 3 - RossW
[Pokemon Manga] This human child was adopted by a Kangaskhan.
Q2: [Adventures] This is the only Pokedex holder to receive two Starter Pokemon from a professor.
Q3: [Adventures] Agatha used a Pokemon to gain control over this E4 member.

Hunt 4 - Stylus
This is the only Gummi in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon that is named after the specific type it is for (i.e. not a color or adjective, include "Gummi").
Q2: This is the only dungeon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity that includes the name of a Pokemon in the dungeon name.
Q3: Excluding Magnagate Dungeons and Glacier Palace Dungeons, these are the only dungeons in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity that have 4 or more words in the dungeon name (alphabetical).

Hunt 5 - RossW
In the anime, a fossil of Mew was originally found in this location by Team Rocket.
Q2: In Pokemon Yellow, when you fight Jessie & James, this is the name they have.
Q3: [PMD:Red/Blue rescue team] When you escort Gengar through Mt. Freeze, this is the only move it knows that it can also learn in a main series game.

Hunt 6 - Stylus
As of Generation VII, these three moves have their own unique priority level (alphabetical).
Q2: This damaging move with a priority greater than 0 debuts in "Rocking Clawmark Hill!" (anime).
Q3: Name all of the damaging moves with a priority greater than 0 used by at least one of May's Pokemon in the anime (alphabetical).

Hunt 7 - RossW
This Pokedex holder has the most pokemon that have or can be evolved through trades.
Q2: [Adventures] Two professor assistants were sent to this location to spy on a villanous team's leader.
Q3: The application for the first Pokemon trademark ever applied for was on this date. (Format: MMDDYYYY)

Hunt 8 - Stylus
This item can be purchased for 1500PC in a specific sidegame.
Q2: TM32 can be purchased at this location, which is also the only place to receive this item based on your current time.
Q3: The gym leader of Anistar City awards a badge with the same name as the leader's specialty type. Name all other gym leaders to share this trait (alphabetical).

Hunt 9 - RossW
[Pokemon Adventures] Surskit used Psybeam to open a Luxury Ball that was attempting to capture this Pokemon.
Q2: In FRLG, this is the only Pokemon that Agatha owns that doesn't know at least one move in common with its type.
Q3: Please name the only Athlete in Pokemon Colosseum's Battle Mode to own a Pikachu. Don't include the trainer class.

Hunt 10 - Stylus
This person designed the Honedge line.
Q2: Hitoshi Ariga designed a single Mega Pokemon. This character in Pokemon Adventures is the only one revealed to obtain that Pokemon's mega stone.
Q3: Giovanni's birthday, in Adventures, is in a specific month. Name all other known main characters in Pokemon Adventures to share a birthday in the same month as Giovanni (alphabetical).

Hunt 1:
1-2: Manectric
1-3: Shalour Sable

Hunt 2:
2-2: Fen Relic Zephyr
2-3: Surge

Hunt 3:
Tommy // Tomo
3-2: X
3-3: Bruno

Hunt 4:
Grass Gummi
4-2: Kecleon Bazaar
4-3: Cape at the Edge, Jaws of the Abyss, Path of No Return

Hunt 5:
Guyana // Co-operative Republic of Guyana
5-2: Rocket
5-3: Taunt

Hunt 6:
Helping Hand, Trick Room, Vital Throw
6-2: Accelerock
6-3: Extreme Speed, Ice Shard, Quick Attack

Hunt 7:
7-2: Lysandre Café; Lysandre Cafe
7-3: 05-09-1990

Hunt 8:
8-2: Anistar City
8-3: Valerie, Viola

Hunt 9:
9-2: Haunter
9-3: Varian

Hunt 10:
Hitoshi Ariga
10-2: Giovanni
10-3: Red, Sun

Note: This official was NOT part of July's Ladder Twist!
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2018-07-03 10:00 PM UTC-4 (regular official)
Theme: TCG

First place: Andrew
Second place: mgperson
Third place: Meicoo
Fourth place: askdf
Fifth place: keeping it icy
Consolation prize to: no one

1) This is the first TCG expansion in which Pokemon Powers were separated into Poke-Powers and Poke-Bodies.
2) This is the most recent Rare (star rarity) English language Stadium card to be released.
3) A TCG card of this Pokemon is incorrectly printed with its height 4 inches higher than normal.

1) Expedition Base Set
2) Apricorn Forest
3) Maractus
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Hosted an official non-Adventures Pokemon manga-themed hunt on Thursday, July 5th, at 7:00 PM EDT!

Winner: Illusio
2nd: LilyAC
3rd: c.kilgannon
4th: WhirlwindBulbasaur
5th: mathwizard77
Consolation prize: Andrew
(1) Swallow Drifblim, (2) Oshawott, (3) Fire Wind
1) A certain move, capable of healing up to 80 HP in the Mystery Dungeon series, is first used by a certain Pokemon in the Phantom Thief Pokemon 7 manga, in the 6th chapter. Name the move and the Pokemon, in that order.
2) 5 Pokemon feature on the front cover of a boxed set released by VIZ, which includes a pair of volumes of 4Koma-style Pokemon manga. Which of the Pokemon's names begins with a vowel?
3) A certain Pokemon TCG manga's only volume has a cover featuring a character holding 3 cards from the TCG. The card featuring a Pokemon that's name ends with a vowel has 2 attacks. What is the English name of the attack which mentions choosing 1 of your opponent's Benched Pokemon?
Thanks to ashiemore and Alexender for quality checking!
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Hosted an Items (themed twist) Knockout Games on Friday, July 6th @ 4:00 PM EDT (8:00 PM UTC)

Winner [30]: Awesome96Birdy
2nd Place [20]: Devoxys
3rd Place [15]: keeping it icy
4th Place [10]: Rory Mercury
5th Place [8]: Panda
6th Place [5]: SunGodVolcarona
7th Place [3]: adiass
8th Place [1]: Clouds

Consolation Prize: Hydreigon Fan 2k17, LilyAC, WhirlwindBulbasaur, Shadow Sirens

QC: ashiemore and RossW

Hunt 1:
This mail features a Magnemite-print (include "Mail").
1-2: These two mail are exclusive to Crystal (include "Mail", alphabetical order).
1-3: A specific flute is the only flute to be found on a PokéWalker location. Name the PokéWalker location.

Hunt 2:
This mail was introduced in Generation IV but was unobtainable (include "Mail").
2-2: In Generation I, this item could be used to entirely skip Rocket Hideout.
2-3: This key item held a TM inside.

Hunt 3:
This is the last item Professor Kukui gives the player after completing the only trial in Pokemon Sun and Moon: Demo Edition.
3-2: [Gen III] This is the only desk (decoration item) that cannot be purchased with money but rather with a different currency (include "Desk".
3-3: A Generation VI mulch requires one of two specific, non replaceable berries (along with two random others) to be made. Name both of the specific berries that can be used to create this mulch (include "Berry", alphabetical order).

Hunt 4:
This is the only Key Item available for purchase in a main series game.
4-2: This is the only mail exclusive to being a held item of an event Pokemon (include "Mail").
4-3: This type of Poffin can be created if the player burns the Poffin too many times while creating it (include "Poffin").

Hunt 5:
This item causes the holder the same effects of the move Swagger.
5-2: This is the only berry with its own unique smoothness when used in PokeBlocks (include "Berry").
5-3: These types of Poffin can raise all five contest categories (include "Poffin", alphabetical order).

Hunt 6:
In Generation I, coins are individual items and have this index number.
6-2: An NPC in Shopping Mall Nine requests for the player to purchase this item for her.
6-3: Name all dolls (decoration) not modeled after baby Pokemon that can be bought in Veilstone Department Store (include "Doll", alphabetical order).

Hunt 7:
This e-Reader berry from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire is mentioned in Pokemon Sun and Moon (include "Berry").
7-2: These two evolutionary stones are tied with the lowest number of Pokemon it can evolve (include "Stone", alphabetical order).
7-3: A certain vitamin is exclusive to a single PokéMilage Club attraction. Name the location where the vitamin can be found in Emerald.

Hunt 8:
This item smells "a bit like grass" (use CURRENT name).
8-2: This is the only Apricorn [color] that was not found on a route in GSC (include "Apricorn" and use CURRENT name).
8-3: These two items (which both contain trophies) can only be received if a Pokemon was transferred over from a sidegame after clearing a specific location in it (alphabetical order).

Hunt 9:
These types of items can be found in the Underground (Gen. IV) and Underwater (Gen. III), where they are held by wild Pokemon (plural form).
9-2: These two evolutionary stones are tied with the highest number of Pokemon it can evolve (include "Stone", alphabetical order).
9-3: This item summons Celebi in a certain game, but not in order to battle it.

Hunt 10:
This was the first item held by an event Pokemon in XY.
10-2: This was the only item available as a PokeMileage Club special that didn't require you to compete online.
10-3: In ORAS, these are the only berries that are guaranteed to create a PokeBlock of their color (include "Berry", alphabetical order).

Final Hunt:
In the anime, Sophocles was inspired to make Malasada scented after this Pokemon.
11-2: This legendary artifact can be sold for 2 PokéDollars.
11-3: These two Pokemon are the only ones to be summoned by more than one legendary artifact in the main series games (alphabetical).

Hunt 1:
Mech Mail
1-2: Bluesky Mail, Mirage Mail
1-3: Rally

Hunt 2:
Mosaic Mail
2-2: PokeDoll / PokéDoll
2-3: Lock Capsule

Hunt 3:
Ride Pager
3-2: Pretty Desk
3-3: Kee Berry, Maranga Berry

Hunt 4:
Rage Candy Bar
4-2: Brick Mail
4-3: Foul Poffin

Hunt 5:
Berserk Gene
5-2: Enigma Berry
5-3: Mild Poffin, Overripe Poffin

Hunt 6:
59 / 059
6-2: Hyper Potion
6-3: Buizel Doll, Chatot Doll

Hunt 7:
Eggant Berry
7-2: Dawn Stone, Ice Stone
7-3: Magma Hideout / Team Magma Hideout

Hunt 8:
Blue Apricorn
8-2: White Apricorn
8-3: Gorgeous Box, Normal Box

Hunt 9:
9-2: Moon Stone, Water Stone
9-3: Time Flute

Hunt 10:
10-2: Discount Coupon
10-3: Lansat Berry, Starf Berry

Final Hunt:
11-2: Wish Stone
11-3: Ho-Oh, Lugia
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Hosted an Items (themed twist) Official on Friday, July 6th @ 9:00 PM EDT

QC: ashiemore and RossW

1st Place: WhirlwindBulbasaur
2nd Place: Devoxys
3rd Place: Milkshook
4th Place: mgperson
5th Place: Rory Mercury
Consolation Prize: Emboar02, Meicoo, aegii, SonofDaw13 ケロ, Darkdex, Andrew, WeepingD-evil±~±

Q1: This location in Alola only offers one type of flavored Malasada (exclude Mythic Malasada).
Q2: This item received in Hau'oli City can only be received depending on the player's gender.
Q3: The type of this plate which can be purchased at Antiquities of the Ages is super effective to the most types of other plates which can be purchased at the same location (include "Plate").

Q1: Hau'oli City
Q2: Makeup Bag
Q3: Fist Plate
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Hosted a Gen 7 themed official on Saturday the 7th of July at 11:30am EDT as part of July's twist.
Made by me and Alexender , QCd by ashiemore and Gallant Spear

Hydreigon Fan 2k17 has finished the hunt in 1st place! (02:39)
Ilikebugs has finished the hunt in 2nd place! (04:09)
rafooa11 has finished the hunt in 3rd place! (08:56)
Sun☼GodVolcarona has finished the hunt in 4th place! (09:09)
LilyAC has finished the hunt in 5th place! (09:29)
mgperson 幹 has finished the hunt in 6th place! (11:20)
WhirlwindBulbasaur has finished the hunt in 7th place! (14:32)
Fairdunk has finished the hunt in 8th place! (18:58)
hynes has finished the hunt in 9th place! (20:14)
Emboar02 has finished the hunt in 10th place! (26:27)

1. This ability utilises the light of Necrozma.
2. In USUM, this trainer class will use the Trainer battle music from the original Sun and Moon.
3. The player can technically receive 4 Heart Scales from this character daily in Alola.

1. Beast Boost
2. Captain / Trial Captain
3. Nanu / Island Kahuna Nanu
Reserving a Pokémon Events official for Wednesday, June 11th at 8:30 pm EDT. QC'd by Meicoo and ashiemore.

1st place: Stylus [02:16].
2nd place: chupps [02:21].
3rd place: Wan the Avatar [02:44].
4th place: Andrew [03:26].
5th place: c.kilgannon [05:08].
Consolation Prize: mgperson 幹 [05:10], Ilikebugs [11:35]

1) This main series event-only item’s use is for saving money. [DiscountCoupon]
2) In an event from 2003, Aggron, Exploud, Wailord, and Crawdaunt were called this Type of Pokémon. [Monster]
3) This event was restricted to Pokémon Daisuki Club members after threats were sent to PTCG officials. (format é as e). [PokemonFesta2008]

Grats to all finishers! Thanks to Meicoo and ashiemore for QCing!
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Reserving a Mobile Games official for Tuesday, June 10th, at 8:30 pm EDT. QC'd by ashiemore and Meicoo.

1st place: Rory Mercury [02:17].
2nd place: Illusio [03:03].
3rd place: TheWhoDoctor [04:12].
4th place: Stylus [05:24].
5th place: Ilikebugs [05:57].
Consolation Prize: mgperson 幹 [07:39]

1) Barring discounts, you would need to spend $5.99 USD 4 times and enter 2 passcodes in order to unlock this entire Pokemon related app. (format é as e) [PokedexforiOS]
2) If you text 516036 to 94649, you will get a thing featuring this Pokémon. [Grovyle]
3) This is the only Pokemon with a Winking variant to have a Mega Effect (that of the Winking variant) that is the same as another Pokémon's Mega Effect. (format name as on PS) [Glalie]

Grats to all finishers! Thanks to ashiemore and Meicoo for QCing. Be here for my official same time tomorrow!
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Hosted a Conquest (themed twist) Official, collaborated with Dylas, on July 8th @ 5:00 PM EDT

QC: RossW and WhirlwindBulbasaur

1st place: mgperson 幹 [05:16]
2nd place: p^_^okemonvortex [05:44]
3rd place: Meicoo [06:13]
4th place: chupps [11:31]
5th place: Sun☼GodVolcarona [21:27]

Q1 [Dylas]: The activation of one of Jigglypuff's abilities, can trigger this ability that self-cures the Pokemon of the effect.
Q2 [Stylus]: This Warlord possesses a skill that shares its name with a Pokemon berry.
Q3 [Stylus]: This Warlord is a relative of another Warlord that has a Perfect Link with a Legendary Pokémon and only uses one default Pokémon across all of the game's stories.

Q1: Shed Skin
Q2: Yoshihiro
Q3: Gracia
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OWR - Official Weekly Results!
(July 1st - July 7th EDT)

July 1st (2) - MINI~ Host: RossW, top 5 finishers: Gleeb, LordNwahs6, Andrew, WeepingDevil, and gallant's pear (QC: Alex)
Abilities Official Hunt - (ashiemore)
July 2nd (3) - MINI~ Host: LegendaryMouse, top 5 finishers: rafooa11, mgperson, c.kilgannon, LilyAC, and Ace Trainer Luana (QC: gallant's pear)
Generation 6 Official Hunt - (Stylus)
MINI~ Host: Steven Snype (Andrew), top 5 finishers: ShayyminSkyy, Wan the Avatar, Illusio, Ace Trainer Luana, and mgperson (QC/Host: Rory Mercury)
July 3rd (2) - TCG Official Hunt - (ashiemore)
Official Point Rally - (Stylus + RossW)
July 4th - PMD Official Hunt - (WhirlwindBulbasaur)
July 5th (2) - MINI~ Host: Meicoo, top 5 finishers: TheWhoDoctor, Rory Mercury, MicktheSpud, Emboar02, and mgperson (QC: ashiemore)
Non-Adventures Manga Official Hunt - (Meicoo)
July 6th (2) - Items Knockout Games - (Stylus)
Items Official Hunt - (Stylus)
July 7th - Generation 7 Official Hunt - (Milkshook)
Total (13)

Congrats to our weekly tournament winner: Ilikebugs!

Feel free to join us for our next weekly tournament on July 13th @ 4:00 PM EDT (Random Battle - Single Elimination).

Finally, congratulations to Parcly Taxel, our winner of our HOTW! Don't worry if you missed this one in the room, as our site will have a built-in site scavenger hunt for you to have the opportunity to complete this hunt! More information can be found by clicking HOTW in the Quick Links below. Please note that the HOTW is on hold currently and may resume in the future. Thanks for participating!

Quick Links:
Previous Week's Results | HOTW | Weekly Tournament Information & Leaderboard
Hosted a Competitive themed official on Monday the 9th of July at 8am EST as part of July's twist
QCd by Gallant Spear and Level 51
sorry for any problems with the wording in questions 2 and 3 :s

mgperson 幹 has finished the hunt in 1st place! (07:20)
jumbowha\les has finished the hunt in 2nd place! (08:48)
Parcly Taxel has finished the hunt in 3rd place! (09:29)
DanDeMew ◕‿◕ has finished the hunt in 4th place! (12:45)
skyfigueroa has finished the hunt in 5th place! (16:34)
supermii2 has finished the hunt in 6th place! (25:14)
Elgino10 ♫ has finished the hunt in 7th place! (27:10)

1. This Pokemon was UU in gens 1,2,3,4,and 5.
2. Find Blastoise's 4 most commonly used moves on the gen 7 OU ladder, and name the last Pokemon by dex order (excluding Smeargle) to learn all of them.
3. Of all the Pokemon that have the same viability rank as Kabutops in its tier (ignoring sub-ranks), name the Pokemon with the highest BST and the Pokemon with the lowest BST in that order.

1. Blastoise
2. Kabutops
3. Articuno Sableye
Hosted a Pokemon Events (themed-twist) Official on July 11th @ 3:00 AM EDT

QC: Rory Mercury and Alexender

1st place: Wan the Avatar [00:52 - BLITZ]
2nd place: LJB14 [03:23]
3rd place: Spearit Shackle [04:03]
4th place: Aeolia [04:07]
5th place: LCWCY2 [05:23]
Consolation Prize: RossW [05:32], Snow Forme Shaymin [07:20], BigPimpin12 [07:48], ooftato✿EDM [08:02], c.kilgannon [08:58]

Q1: This event Pokemon can be obtained by transferring nearly a thousand Pokemon to a certain sidegame.
Q2: This event-exclusive item shares the same first word as the event-exclusive location it gives access to.
Q3: These two event-exclusive items give the player access to fight the same Legendary duo, depending on the game (alphabetical order).

Q1: Mew
Q2: Liberty Pass
Q3: Enigma Stone, Eon Ticket

Congrats to all finishers! I hope this time was better for our non-US scavengers! I'll make sure to host more officials around this time, even if it means that I need to stay up until 2 AM owo
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starlight heart
is a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus
2018-07-12 11:00 AM UTC-4 (regular official)
Theme: Gen 1

First place: Thank-ed
Second place: adiass
Third place: HeroicTobias
Fourth place: keeping it icy
Fifth place: Emboar02
Consolation prize to: Darthikyu, gallant's pear

1) This is the only Pokemon fought at the Pokemon League in a Gen I game that does not have four moves.
2) Unused data in the Gen I games exists for a trainer of this class using three evolved starter Pokemon.
3) This Pokemon was able to learn exactly three HM moves in Pokemon Yellow, but not in Red and Blue.

1) Exeggutor
2) Cooltrainer
3) Charizard
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Hosted a Pokemon Adventures-themed KO games with Meicoo at 10:30 PM EST on July 13th, 2018.
First Place: mgperson
Second Place: Beedrill-Mega
Third Place: SonofDaw13
Fourth Place: Alex (much disappoint)
Fifth Place: chupps
Consolation Prize: keeping it icy, ooftatoedm, Wan the Avatar, BigPimpin12, Lucario1582, JetOU, WhalemanCheng, xDabLordx
Congratulations to everyone who participated (except for Alex), thanks for participating!
Qced by stylus and ashie.
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