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Rory Mercury

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2/1/16 5 PM GMT-5

Winner: DarkShinyGiratina
Second place: Chaque
Third place: deadfracture
Fourth place: GymLeaderThenin
Fifth place: ShadeOfElysia
Consolation prize to: Devoxys, Trade, TyrantrumIsBroken, GoodMorningEspeon

Solution: riot, carrie, alexmagikarp
1) This Pokemon movie antagonist is a ninja.
2) This in-game female trainer has the male main character's sprite in GS.
3) This trainer has a team of Pokemon which have names ending with "-king". To stay true to this concept, one of the Pokemon he had in the Japanese Version was replaced in the English version. Name the trainer and the Pokemon that was replaced. (Format answer as: [Trainer Name][Replaced Pokemon]

Thanks miuna-chan and ILRB for qc'ing this (back in november)
Congratulations to all finishers, hope you enjoyed this hunt!
And RIP no Blitz.
shoutout to Ambi for getting Scavengers Voice and let's hope he makes his first official soon :P
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01/03/2016 GMT-5

Winner: ShadeOfElysia (+5)
Second place: keeping it icy (+5)
Third place: chupps (+5)
Fourth place: Rory Mercury
Fifth place: DarkShinyGiratina
Conslation prize to: a random duck, Panza, Awesomepi, Ampharosinho, kierant3hz, SergioRules, TheWhoDoctor, Ninjadog13, BigPimpin12, eevee afk
Solution: barrage, riolu, evolutionexchangeexcitement

1) Of all moves blocked by Bulletproof, this one has the lowest Base Power.
2) This Pokemon that is neither a starter Pokemon nor an evolution of a starter Pokemon in any game appears on the boxart of Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon.
3) In this episode of the anime, two people traded Pokemon with the explicit intention of causing them to evolve.
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1/4/16 @ 11:00 PM GMT-5
Blitzes: ≤1 min = +10, ≤3 min = +5
(badly blitz)

Winner: Wan the Avatar (+5)
Second Place: gun16boy
Third Place: NinjaDog13
Fourth Place: awesomepi
Fifth Place: TheWhoDoctor
Consolation Prize to: Miss Ssnow
Solution: sootsack, unova10, meteorite.

Q1) What is the first item in Gen 6 whose index number does not correspond to any Pokémon’s National Pokédex Number?
Q2) What is the most recently introduced route in a Pokémon game to have been present in one game, but completely absent in the next game of its region? (format as regionnumber, e.g. sinnoh201)
Q3) What item in the Pokémon game progresses through different stages, and will change its sprite and description each time it does so?

Special thanks to Rory Mercury and ashiemore for quality check, ashie again for starting it while i had to leave for literally like 2 minutes, and congratulations to everyone who finished the hunt!
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Blitzes: Standard blitz timer (+10), 2minutes (+5)

Winner: Painter Espeon (+5)
Second place: ShadeOfElysia
Third place: Coronis
Fourth Place: Rory Mercury
Fifth Place: Someoneelse00
Consolation prize to: BigPimpin12, GymLeaderThenin, 1987 was a year, Wan the Avatar, Miss Ssnow
Solution: blastoise, strainsofanewbeginning, heartgoldsoulsilver

1) This pokemon’s field move in Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia shares its name with a technical machine found inside the Abandoned Ship on Route 108.
2) What song from the official soundtrack, composed and arranged by Shota Kageyama, is also known as the Theme of ORAS?
3) Which TCG expansion introduced changes to Basic Energy Cards by adding a shadowy design featuring a pokemon and/or landmark in the background?

Thanks to ashiemore and Cattail Prophet for the qc, and congratulations to all finishers!
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1/6/16 5:00 PM GMT -5
Blitzes: normal blitz (+10), < 3 Min (+5)

Winner: SergioRules
Second place: Awesomepi
Third place: ShadeOfElysia
Fourth place: TheWhoDoctor
Fifth place: Miss Ssnow
Consolation prize to: Shadecession, Mego, DarkShinyGiratina, Devoxys
Solution: green, quilladinswirlix, dawnquilava

1) This is the colour of the first ghosts in Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon
2) These two Gen 6 Pokemon have the longest german name (format: alphabetical order + english names)
3) Who is the only longtime traveling companion of Ash's with at least a full team of 6 to have only one Pokémon from a different generation than the one the character debuted in? [Format as characterpokemon]

No blitz x_x

Congratulations to every finisher, hope you liked my first AMBIIFICIAL™!
Special thanks to Painter Espeon for quality checking and especially to Rory Mercury for quality checking, hosting and helping me with this official! n_n
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01/07/16 7:00 PM GMT-5
Standard Blitz (10 Points): 1 minute
Half Blitz (5 Points): 3 minutes

DarkShinyGiratina [+5]
Second place:
BachFlip (kierant3hz) [+5]
Third place:
Wan the Avatar [+5]
Fourth place:
Painter Espeon [+5]
Fifth place:
ShadeOfElysia [+5]
Conslation prize to:
Coronis, lotiasite, rubsomebacononit, Awesomepi, pokemonvortex, 1987 wa sa ye ar, CynicCyndaquil, Ambii

Solution: teamnyt, cometshard, unfezant

1) In the Finnish dub of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon anime special, Team ACT (Alakazam’s team) is referred to as what?
2) This is the item that sells for the most money that can be received from a fan after a contest in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
3) In the Pokémon Adventures manga, this is the only Pokémon that has been seen using a Power Herb.

Congratulations to all of the finishers and thanks to everyone for participating, and of course thanks to the quality checkers, ashiemore and Rory Mercury! :)
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01/09/2016 GMT-5

Winner: Manaphy286 [BLITZ]
Second place: blackbum009 (+5)
Third place: Wizardsofdra (+5)
Fourth place: Panza (+5)
Fifth place: ShadeOfElysia (+5)
Conslation prize to: DarkShinyGiratina, Illusio, SergioRules, TheWhoDoctor, Help Service, Barry000, Ninjadog13, eeveeattract, gun16boy, Awesomepi, Caterpiellar
Solution: mulch, watergun, rotom

1) What type of item introduced in Generation IV can alter the growth of berries?
2) This is the least powerful non-STAB move that Wigglytuff learns by TM in Gen 1.
3) When this Pokemon is in the player's party, the Silph Co. building will have no people in it.
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01/10/2016 3:00 PM GMT -5
Blitzes: normal blitz (+10), < 3 Min (+5)

Winner: Flerovium
Second place: DarkShinyGiratina
Third place: GymLeaderThenin
Fourth place: ShadeOfElysia
Fifth place: HeracrossTheGreek
Consolation prize to: Cyllage, SergioRules, Awesomepi, Tidal Otter, pokemonvortex
Solution: groudonkyogre, pinsir, narcissusmirrorshop

1) Costumes of these two Pokemon that weren't introduced in Gen 4 are worn by two colosseum leaders in Pokemon Battle Revolution (alphabetical order).
2) This Gen 1 Pokemon learns more fighting type moves than STAB moves without being fighting type or evolving to any.
3) This is the specific location you obtain the Reveal Glass in ORAS.

Are my hunts too hard for blitz ?_? Anyways, hoped you had fun and of course congratulations to all of the finishers!
Thanks to GoodMorningEspeon for quality checking and to Rory Mercury for qc'ing, as well as for hosting and this great q3! :]
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01/11/16 9:00 PM GMT-5
Standard Blitz (10 Points): 1 minute
Half Blitz (5 Points): 2 minutes

Painter Espeon [+5]
Second place:
GymLeaderThenin [+5]
Third place:
Hrodulf (Dylas) [+5]
Fourth place:
Awesomepi [+5]
Fifth place:
Conslation prize to:
Devoxys, Ninjadog13, TheWhoDoctor, keeping it icy, Zipzapadam, SergioRules, darzy7234, Broil

Solution: lapras, omny42, chocovine

1) The Pikachu’s Jukebox segment of the anime preempted the anime series by revealing Ash’s capture of this Pokémon.
2) What is Yellow’s current highest leveled Pokémon (excluding her synchronizing of spirits) and what level is it? [Format your answer as (Nickname)(Level)]
3) This anime-exclusive location sells Phione-themed merchandise (Do not include town/city/etc. in your answer).

Congratulations to all of the finishers and thanks to everyone what participated. Special thanks to ashiemore and Rory Mercury for quality checking :)
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1/17/16 @ 10:00 GMT-5
Blitzes: ≤1 min = 10 points, ≤2 min = 5 points
Winner: Whiscashmega
Second Place: Rory Mercury
Thid Place: VeryPinkPancakes
Fourth Place: DarkShinyGiratina
Fifth Place: adiass
Consolation Prize to: awesomepi, Elysian Shade
Solutions: n, flyingpress, gourgeistsuper

Q1) Which NPC in the main series has the lowest Trainer ID (among Trainers whose IDs are known)?
Q2) What Pokémon move in the TCG does nothing if the opponent isn’t a Pokémon-EX?
Q3) What is the most recent Pokémon to get an RU analysis on Smogon? (Last alphabetically if multiple)

Special thanks to GoodMorningEspeon and Infinite Lemurs Riding Bicycles for quality checks, and congratulations to everyone who completed the hunt! Also sorry about the 1000 billion alt answers for q2 n_n
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lol you thought we left knockout games in november? you were wrong ;)

1/20/16 @ 9 PM GMT-5
lol it was a ko games :P

Winner: CoolStoryGiratina
Second Place: awesomepi
Third place: adiass
Fourth Place: eeveeattract
Fifth Place: Illusio
Consolation Prize to: ShadeOfElysia, VerySaltyPancakes, Caterpiellar, darzy7234, others (i forgot to record finishers as i went, can't scroll up all the way ;;)

Super special thanks to Rory Mercury for making half the questions to these KO games and hosting them with m! Also thanks to Manaphy286 and ashiemore for quality checks, and congratulations to everyone who solved the hunt! except vpp. accept your seventh place smh

And also congratulations to +ShadeOfElysia and +Flerovium on their recent promotions n_n
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2016-01-22 @ 23:00 GMT-5
Blitzes: ≤1 min = 10 points, ≤3 min = 5 points
Winner: Painter Espeon [+5]
Second Place:
Wan the Avatar [+5]
Third Place:
Fourth Place: SergioRules
Fifth Place: Manaphy286
Consolation Prize to: Wizardsofdra, Illusio, Scavs, Panza, Gargoyle31
Solutions: misdreavus, spark, anabelespeonzapcannon

Hosted by Rory Mercury, QC by Ashiemore and Rory Mercury. Thanks for the help with my noobishness!

Hope everybody enjoyed my first official!
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01/23/2016 5:00 PM GMT -5
Blitzes: normal blitz (+10), <3 Min (+5)
Winner: Broil [+5]
Second place:
keeping it icy
Third place: VeryPinkPancakes
Fourth place: Awesomepi
Fifth place: /
Consolation prize to: /
Solution: bite, pikachu, pokemongoldandsilverofficialperfectguide

1) This is the only currently Dark-type move to be introduced in Gen 1.
2) A bed decoration with this Pokemon on it can be obtained in Gen 2.
3) This Pokemon strategy guide with 208 pages was published in January 2005. (Format any é in your answer as e)

Hue, sorry for that wrong q3 n_n
Congratz to every finisher! (only 4 though)
Also thanks to Painter Espeon for qc'ing and ashiemore for qc'ing and hosting.
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23rd January 2016
Blitzes: ≤1 min = 10 points, ≤3 mins = 5 points.

Winner: Cyllage [+5 Points]
Second place: Painter Espeon [+5 Points]
Third place: BigPimpin12 [+5 Points]
Fourth place: Scavs (Awesomepi)
Fifth place: ILRB
Consolation prize to: shite, Manaphy286
Solution: Rock Tomb, Mega Cuff, Munchlax

1) This is the only Rock-type move which is the Clever condition in Pokemon Contests.
2) What item is used by Brendan to induce Mega Evolution in Pokémon Contests?
3) This Pokémon appeared in three games before the Generation it was introduced.

Huge thanks to ashiemore for hosting and again to ashiemore and kevinrocks for QC'ing!

Hope you had fun.
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In my element.
24th January 2016

Winner: Painter Espeon
Second place: TheMightyRaven (Raven)
Third place: Scavs (Awesomepi)
Fourth place: keeping it icy
Fifth place: SergioRules
Consolation prize to: Broil, ShadeOfElysia
Solution: palkia, scyther, bagon

1) Which Pokémon has an IQ group all to itself in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness?
2) Which Pokémon has an x3 Field Move in the original Pokémon Ranger game despite said Pokémon's evolution being available in the game?
3) Which Pokémon's name is an African country's name but with two letters switched?

Thank you to ashiemore for hosting and to ashiemore and kevinrocks for QCing.
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01/28/2016 GMT-5

Winner: Rory Mercury
Second place: keeping it icy
Third place: awesomepi
Fourth place: Painter Oshawott
Fifth place: Gleeb
Conslation prize to: no-one
Solution: psywave, pichu, analytic

1) This move is known by all of Santa Claus's Jynx in the Pokemon anime.
2) This Electric-type Pokemon has a BST that is a multiple of 41.
3) Of the abilities only available as hidden abilities, this one has the most users.
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1/29/16 @ 11:00 GMT-5
Standard, ≤3 min = 5 pts

Winner: beat up pesp (awesomepi)
Second Place:: lovemathboy
Third Place: Gleeb (wb gleeb!!!)
Fourth Place: Pixystyx (Manaphy286)
Fifth Place: GoodMorningEspeon
Consolation Prize to: darzy7234, AstarA, not adiass (adiass), eeveeattract
Solution: medicham, gigalithsmackdown, stoutland

Q1) What Mega Pokémon lacks any base stat greater than 100? (Do not include “mega” in your answer)
Q2) “Thick Aging Wadmols” is an anagram of which Rock-type Pokémon and a move it can learn? (format pokemonmove)
Q3) Suppose a right triangle has one leg whose length equals Manaphy’s National Dex number, and a hypotenuse with a length equal to that of Goodra’s. What Pokémon’s National Dex number is closest to the length of the remaining leg?

Really sorry about q2, dropped an s on the anagram and it somehow made it through qcs :( I've been told that a certain anonymous fourth place finisher on this official (who will not be named) would've won if not for that, so sorry n_n But overall, not worse than beat up hunt!

Special thanks to ashiemore and Rory Mercury for quality checks, and congratulations to everyone who completed the hunt!
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01/30/2016 GMT-5

Winner: darzy7234 (+5)
Second place: awesomepi (+5)
Third place: Cyllage
Fourth place: Tunaface
Fifth place: ILRB
Conslation prize to: Wan the Avatar, Dylas, pokemonvortex, Rory Mercury, eeveeattract, Ast☆arA, Zipzapadam
Solution: exploud, 06845, unown

1) This Pokemon had a base stat changed from 63 to 73 in the transition from Gen 5 to Gen 6.
2) This is Brock's trainer ID number.
3) This non-legendary Pokemon is genderless and cannot breed.
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01/31/16 7:00 PM GMT-5
Standard Blitz (10 Points): 1 minute
Half Blitz (5 Points): 2 minutes

Wan the Avatar [+5]
Second place:
Zipzapadam [+5]
Third place:
Painter Espeon [+5]
Fourth place:
Fifth place:
Conslation prize to:
Manaphy286 ◕‿◕, awesomepi✈, GymLeaderThenin, Coronis♥, Tunaface, Whis$$, wizardsofdra, Gleeb

Solution: sneaselmetalclaw, stunfisk, burstheart

1) Even though this was Scizor’s signature move in Pokémon Gold/Silver, this Pokémon was able to learn it via level-up in Pokémon Crystal (format as pokémonmove).
2) This is the only PWT rental Pokémon to have an OHKO move.
3) In order for a human to combine with a Pokémon, this item is required.

I am bad and did not specify that the rental Pokémon were just from the Rental Tournament rather than the Rental Master Tournament. Even then, there were others with OHKO moves (I blame Bulbapedia for being bad =/).

Congratulations to the finishers and thanks to the quality checkers (Rory Mercury and ashiemore)!
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Congratulations to Painter Espeon on winning the January ladder with 140 points! Congratulations also to Awesomepi with 115 points and CoolStoryGiratina with 111 points for 2nd and 3rd.
Painter Espeon: 140 points
awesomepi: 115 points
CoolStoryGiratina: 111 points
Wan the Avatar: 96 points
ShadeOfElysia: 74 points
keeping it icy: 55 points
Rory Mercury: 45 points
Manaphy286: 36 points
Cyllage: 35 points
GymLeaderThenin: 35 points
SergioRules: 26 points
pokemonvortex: 25 points
adiass: 25 points
Broil: 25 points
darzy7234: 25 points
Tunaface: 25 points
kierant3hz: 20 points
blackburn009: 20 points
Flerovium: 20 points
Whis: 20 points
Zipzapadam: 20 points
Chauque: 15 points
chupps: 15 points
gun16boy: 15 points
Wizardsofdra: 15 points
Dylas: 15 points
BigPimpin12: 15 points
Raven: 15 points
lovemathboy: 15 points
Gleeb: 11 points
GoodMorningEspeon: 11 points
deadfracture: 10 points
NinjaDog13: 10 points
Coronis: 10 points
Panza: 10 points
VeryPinkPancakes: 10 points
TheWhoDoctor: 6 points
eeveeattract: 5 points
Painter Oshawott: 5 points
ILRB: 2 points
Someoneelse00: 1 point
Miss Ssnow: 1 point
HeracrossTheGreek: 1 point
Illusio: 1 point
Froslasss: 1 point
As for the February ladder twist, points will be distributed to twice the places as normal; first and second will both receive 20, fourth and fifth will receive 15, and so on. (Thanks to Zipzapadam for the idea)
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[02-01-16] 11pm EST

First place:
GymLeaderThenin, keeping it icy
Second place: ShadeOfElysia, Painter Espeon
Third place: Gleeb, Wizardsofdra
Fourth place: eeveeattract, swagmoneyumbreon
Fifth place: Rory Mercury, Ast☆arA
Consolation prize to: GreenHamster
Solution: manaphyphione, redscarf, deepseaswirl

1) These two pokemon are the only ones to share the same Egg Groups as Azumarill and Marill. (alphabetical)
2) The first american In-life Manaphy distribution held what item?
3) Of all Manaphy cards ever printed for the TCG, more copies of the card have this attack than any other.

Thanks to Wan the Avatar and xfix for qc!
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Feb. 6th, 2016

First Place:
eeveeattract, ILRB
Second Place: SisterOfTheDevil, Wizardsofdra
Third Place: Gleeb, Cynthia~612
Fourth Place: kierant3hz, Dylas
Fifth Place: snackismybae, MajesticSwablu

bloomingvale, lucian, tackle


Q1) What is the name of the anime location where trainers show off their Sunflora hoping to win instant noodles?
Q2) What is the name of the only trainer who specializes in Psychic type Pokemon that is never mentioned to have any psychic abilities?
Q3) In the Pokemon anime, a transformed Ditto has used this move while being transformed into a Pokemon that cannot legally learn the move. (

Congrats to all finishers of this official hunt! Special thanks goes to: Rory Mercury for QCing and Hosting. Normal thanks to Painter Espeon for QCing.
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First Place: awesomepi, GymLeaderThenin
SecondPlace: chupps, Wizardsofdra
Third Place: DYlas, eeveeattract
Fourth Place: Blawado, Wan the Avatar
Fifth Place: nobody, nobody
Solutions: milotic, pikachu, jshrubbery

Q1) In an official guide, this Pokémon’s ability was mistakenly listed as Torrent.
Q2) This is the only pokemon to have had a catch rate of 163.
Q3) In order to clear the fog and catch Celebi, Pokémon must be caught in a timely manner in this location.

Thanks to Rory Mercury and Gleeb for making this official with me, and apologies to Gleeb for doing this without you :( I'll make it up to you geeb, you deserve better than this
And thanks to ashiemore and Manaphy286 for quality checks, and congratulations to everyone who solved the hunt!
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5 February 2016 (6:00PM GMT)

First Places:
ShadeOfElysia, SisterOfTheDevil
Second Places: Cynthia~612, Fenrir Aesir
Third Places: Rory Mercury, Gargoyle31
Fourth Places: DiamondSentinel, eeveeattract
Fifth Places: TraceofLife, duch n_n

Solution: astonish, gust, route15
(no blitz)

1) Which ability in Pokemon Shuffle is also a name of a move in the main games?
2) Which signature move was the first to be shown in the Pokemon anime?
3) Where can a trainer using a Gabite be found in Kalos?
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In my element.
First Places: Dylas, Cynthia612.
Second Places: a wanderer (Wan the Avatar), beat up ashie (awesomepi).
Third Places: VeryPinkPancakes, SergioRules.
Fourth Place: FIREEEEE.

Question 1:
According to an anime dex entry, a part of this Pokémon's body is harder than steel, despite it not being a Steel-type.

Question 2: To progress in the main storyline of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness, three of this type of object must be made into the colour representing Azelf.

Question 3: Which NPC in the main-series games has utilised Pokémon in powering their aircraft?

Q1 Answer:

Q2 Answer: Crystal

Q3 Answer: Lt. Surge

Thanks to ashiemore and Rory Mercury for QCing and hosting.

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