Sceptile (QC 0/2)

Second shot, again hit me if I'm doing anything wrong.

Staying swag since 3rd Gen.


  • I'm the fastest Grass-type in VGC
  • I have a decent base 105 Special Attack stat
  • Small special movepool, but enough to get the job done
  • Low Defense and HP means it can't take a lot hits from opponents
  • Grass = poor defensive type, so it won't probably won't stick around the entire match.
name: Special Attacker
move 1: Leaf Storm
move 2: Hidden Power Fire
move 3: Dragon Pulse / Focus Blast
move 4: Giga Drain / Detect
item: Life Orb / Focus Sash
ability: Overgrow
nature: Timid
evs: 12 HP / 248 SpA / 248 Spe

[Set Comments]

  • Leaf Storm deals a ton of damage if it's not resisted, capable of OHKOing the likes of Terrakion.
  • HP Fire for opposing Grass and Steel-types. Messes up Abomasnow.
  • Dragon Pulse has reliable power and and put a dent into Dragon-types who would otherwise laugh at this set. Focus Blast is also a powerful special attack, but gets redundant coverage with HP Fire.
  • Giga Drain if you don't feel like lowering your Special Attack and as a backup; Detect is like Protect except you don't have to worry about Imprison.
[Additional Comments]

  • EV Spread to maximize speed and power while compensating for the IV loss due to HP Fire.
  • Timid for speed, this guy outspeeds a majority of the VGC 2012 metagame.
  • Modest is chosen for extra power, as Sceptile will be stupidly fast with the Unburden boost.
  • Sceptile can't do much against Fire and Steel-types, so partners such as Terrakion are welcome.
  • Life Orb for better damage output. Focus Sash since Sceptile is quite frail; if Sash activates you get an Overgrow boost.
[Other Options]

  • Physical set—Base 85 Atk and access to many physical moves.
  • Unburden with Grass Gem, be warned that its incompatible with Dragon Pulse. Run Modest, as double speed Sceptile is stupid fast.
  • Leech Seed
  • HP Ice / HP Rock?
  • Endeavor?
[Checks and Counters]

  • Steel-types if no HP Fire, Metagross, Scizor, and Ferrothorn being prime examples. (Although neither would like a Focus blast to the face)
  • Chansey + Blissey
  • Fire-types, especially Chandelure. Can take every attack Sceptile throws, doesn't take much from an un-STAB'ed Dragon Pulse. Heatran must beware of Focus Blast, but otherwise walls the speedy gecko.
  • Trick Room
Focus Blast has redundant coverage with HP Fire. HP Fire will be more reliable in the long run for hitting Steel-types, because it doesn't miss 30% of the time. Unless Focus Blast gets X important OHKO or X important 2HKO, it should be put behind Dragon Pulse.


sorry, I may have misled you.

I ran a set of Giga Drain/Dragon Pulse/HP (ground or fire, can't recall)/Detect.

Don't run unburden; sceptile is fast enough and overgrow's boost can sometimes come in handy.
Changes Made:

  • Overgrow + Timid back on the main set
  • Moved Unburden to OO, be warned Unburden is incompatible with Dragon Pulse
Let me know if I'm missing anything else.

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