Sceptilian70's Thread for Bargain and Business

Hello! I'm Sceptilian70, an amateur Trainer and basically brand-new Shiny Hunter!
I have loved Pokemon for most of my life, although it was only recently that I became interested in competitiveness and Shiny Pokemon. This thread features basically all of my good Shinies that other people might actually want. This is currently only in Gen 7, so please don't request Pokemon for Sword or Shield. Compatibility with said games may be added in the future.
First, before I get into the Pokemon on the thread, here are rules and facts that you must know to request Pokemon from me:
  • This thread is a private thread. Whatever I say goes. I know that's a broad statement, it's meant to be that way.
  • I appreciate feedback, advice, and criticism. However, message me directly or on my profile, as I don't want to clog up my thread with such advice.
  • This thread is for everyone! You don't need a thread to post here, only a good attitude and competitive and/or Shiny Pokemon!
  • If you want one of my Pokemon for a competition, don't hesitate to ask!
  • If you won a competition with one of my Pokemon, great job! Don't hesitate to tell me about your achievement!
  • If you need one of my Pokemon as a reward for a competition, than I will gladly donate to your cause! I don't need anything in return in this case.
  • If you want to trade with me, post below and I will respond eventually. Please keep in mind that I am not always free to trade or able to contact you, so don't get angry if I don't message you within a few hours. With that in mind, I do check Smogon multiple times daily, so I should get back to you soon.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Wi-Fi Forum Rules before posting on this thread.
  • Everything you receive from me is a clone. If you don't like that, don't post.
  • PKSM is used to clone the Pokemon on this thread. Ice Cold Yee Haw AND BlizzardHero have helped me with this.
  • I do not accept hacked Pokemon.
  • Please do consult the Smogon Wi-Fi sub-forum's Tips for Simple Hack Checks thread in case you doubt the legitimacy of your Pokémon.
  • Please do consult TheMantyke's Gen 7 Pokéball Legality guide in case you doubt the legitimacy of a Pokéball that a Pokémon was bred in.
  • Please do consult shiny finder's Gen 8 Pokéball Legality guide in case you doubt the legitimacy of a Pokéball that a Pokémon was bred in.
  • Please do consult reddit's list of Hacked Events in Generation 6 and 7 in case you doubt the legitimacy of your event-exclusive Pokémon.
  • It is de facto your responsibility to ensure that the Pokémon you are offering are not hacked or manipulated in any way, shape, or form.
  • I do not trade with fraudulent users blacklisted on Smogon Wi-Fi, in the Pokémon Showdown! Wi-Fi chat room, or on r/pokemontrades.
  • Users that redeemed themselves by contributing positively to earn their second chance are by all means exempt from the foregoing rule.
  • All of my Pokemon are nicknamed. I refuse to edit the nicknames of my Pokemon. Do not alter the nicknames of Pokemon you get from me.
  • I use perfect Dittos for breeding, or at least I do for most of my Pokemon. The ones I don't use them for are Hyper Trained.
  • Every single one of my soft-reset shiny Pokémon was soft-reset manually, without the usage of glitches, PKMN-NTR bots, or Lua scripts.
  • I am working on making these Pokemon with competitive movesets and PP Maxing moves, et cetera, but they are all Level 100 and EV trained unless otherwise specified.
  • I generally don't breed for Hidden Power type, so I also don't have a particular interest in such Pokemon.
  • Though I do like Ribbon Master Pokemon and respect the people who work on them, I haven't been able to get any amazing Ribbons on my Pokemon, only the title of my favorite one that the Pokemon earned is listed.
  • I will be adding new stuff to this list every once in a while, so don't moan about it being so small.
The following OTs are my alter egos in Pokemon:
  • Quill (ID: 51917 - Pokemon Crystal VC),
  • Sceptilian (ID: 58805 - Y),
  • Sceptilian (ID: 54452 - Alpha Sapphire),
  • Asher (ID: 096961 - Ultra Sun - FILE RESTARTED),
  • Ashley (ID: ? - Ultra Sun)

I also do not use any sort of hacking devices or even RNG abuse or anything (aside from the previously mentioned use of PKSM for cloning). All of this is just me on my 3DS, being a total wacko.

I am currently looking for...
Pokemon in special Poke Balls such as Apricorn, Safari, Sport, and Dream Balls, as long as they (either the release animation or color scheme) match the color scheme of the Shiny form of the Pokemon, at my discretion. If you have a Pokemon in such a ball that is not Shiny, message me on my profile or DM/PM me the Pokemon and the Ball it's in. I reserve the right to turn down such requests. In return, I can give other Pokemon in special Poke Balls similar to this or Shinies listed in this thread if I have a particular interest in them.

The Spitback Policy:

If you do not have a trade thread or need some Pokemon to start one, I will be happy to provide a few Pokemon for you if you so desire. However, I do not offer infinite spitbacks. Overly frequent requests for valuable Pokemon will mean that you will no longer be able to receive spitbacks from me and must offer actually good Pokemon.
If you need some Pokemon to help jumpstart a thread, I can give you some, though I am not even close to being the best thread for such requests.
You must credit me on your thread if you add one of my Pokemon, otherwise...Well, unnamed bad things could happen

And finally, a big shout-out to Ice Cold Yee Haw and BlizzardHero once again for helping me with cloning, and here are the Pokemon!
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Trophy Case

These Shinies are special to me for one reason or another, specified in their description.
I hesitate to trade any Shinies from this thread and I'm likely to decline requests for anything from this list.

[#012: Asher's "Freefall"]
"The Great Friend"

Asher/096961 (Ultra Sun)
IVs: 31/31/31(HT)/31/31/31(HT) - Impish/Compound Eyes ( ♂ )
Moves: Bug Buzz, Tailwind, Air Slash, Quiver Dance
[252 Hp / 252 Def / 6 Spe]
Freefall the Great Friend was first obtained as a beautiful golden Caterpie from SOS Battling, and he is my first Shiny that I ever obtained (barring the Ultra Wormhole). Though he is not the most beautiful bug you've ever met, he holds a special place in my heart as a milestone in my Pokemon journey.

[#254: Asher's "Celestial"]
"The Great Friend"

OT: Asher/096961 (Ultra Sun)
IVs: 31 (HT)/31/31/31/31 - Modest/Overgrow ( ♂ )
EMs: Grassy Terrain
Moves: Leaf Storm, Giga Drain, Dragon Pulse, Protect

[252 SpA / 6 SpD / 252 Spe]
Hatched as a red-tailed Treecko, Celestial fulfilled my greatest dream in Pokemon, which started years back when I chose Treecko as my starter in Pokemon Ruby. After learning about Shinies, I attempted to hunt the beautiful lizard and quit after under 30 attempts (I was young and impatient back then). When I bought Pokemon Ultra Sun and (over half a year later) obtained the Shiny Charm, I started looking up competitive movesets and cool Poke Balls for Sceptile. After months of work and deliberation, as well as a few other Masuda Shinies, I hatched this beauty and named him Celestial to show my eternal bond with Sceptile as a friend and partner.

[#419: Asher's "Otter"]
"The Strutter"


OT: Asher/096961

IVs: 31/31/HT(16)/31/HT(22)/HT - Jolly/Swift Swim ( ♂ )
Moves: Waterfall, Brick Break, Facade, Protect
[6 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe]
Otter was my first Shiny ever, obtained in the Ultra Wormhole. I liked it a lot before getting its Shiny, but the golden glory of that star sparkle gave me a newfound love for this beautiful Pokemon.

[#685: Asher's "Watame"]
"The Once Well-Trained"


OT: Asher/096961
IVs: HT/HT/HT/HT/HT/31 - Modest/Sweet Veil ( ♂ )
Moves: Dazzling Gleam, Fake Tears, Toxic, Protect
[64 HP / 100 Def / 160 SpA / 96 SpD / 88 Spe]
After researching Masuda Breeding a bit, I picked up a few Slurpuff Eggs from the day care and stuck them on my party to hatch, with 2 hatched already. Later that day, I was showing my dad around Royal Avenue and other areas of Alola when the 3rd Egg started to hatch. The Swirlix that hatched was Shiny, off course. I screamed my head off and tried to explain Shinies to my dear old dad, though he was asleep by that point. Naming him Watame, the Japanese word for cotton candy, I began to train the beauty and put him in the Box of Glory: Shiny box.
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(#195 - Asher's "Ocean"
"The Strutter"


OT: Asher/096961 (Ultra Sun)
IVs: 31(HT)/31/31/19/31(HT)/31 - Sassy/Water Absorb
Moves: Rock Slide, Waterfall, Stomping Tantrum, Ice Punch
Ocean is not currently completely EV trained, will be updated when she is.

Ocean is a nickname my little sister came up with when I found this Shiny in the Ultra Wormhole.
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(#571 - Asher's "Neo" ♂
"The Strutter"


OT: Asher/096961 (Ultra Sun)
IVs: 31(HT)/31(HT)/31(HT)/31(HT)/31(HT)/31 - Modest/Illusion
Moves: Dark Pulse, Flamethrower, Shadow Ball, Protect
Neo is not currently EV trained, will be updated when he is.

Neo is the name of the protagonist of The Matrix, and is also similar to the word Neon, because of the luminous colors of Zorua and Zoroark.

(#618 - Asher's "Ivan" ♂
"The Great Friend"

OT: Asher/096961 (Ultra Sun)
IVs: 31/31/31/31/25(HT)/19 - Sassy/Static
Moves: Thunderbolt, Earth Power, Sludge Bomb, Surf
Ivan is not currently EV Trained, I'm working on it all right

Ivan is a cool name. No other comment.

(#625 - Asher's "Zan" ♀
"The Strutter"


OT: Asher/096961 (Ultra Sun)
IVs: 31(HT)/31(HT)/31/31/31/31 - Brave/Defiant
Moves: Iron Head, Knock Off, Low Sweep, Protect
[252 Atk / 18 Def / 240 SpD

The name comes from 斬 zan (to cut or slay).
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Will soon be adding some amazing new Pokemon, among which are a few Shiny Altarias and Barbaracles (one of which needs a nickname) and "SURPRISE!" the Shiny Blacephalon. I am also currently working on a Shiny Friend Ball Leafeon project and trying to juggle a few soft reset projects, including Shiny Partner Cap Pikachu, Shiny Poipole, and Beast Ball Bold Tapu Fini. Hoping I'll have some luck, and have a great day!

EDIT: I have added Timid Repeat Ball Tapu Koko, Love Ball Timid Tapu Lele, Luxury Ball Jolly Tapu Bulu, and the best/worst of all, Beast Ball Bold Tapu Fini (all fully tradeable), to my gang of beauties! Sadly they do not have the most amazing IVs, but the Ball combinations were chosen with care to maximize the aesthetics! They are named Uila (Hawaiian word for lightning), Mana'o (Hawaiian word for mind), Honua (Hawaiian word for earth), and Wai (Hawaiian word for water), respectively. These four are currently in training and also in need of Bottle Caps, and after the preparations are complete and they all receive the Alola Champion Ribbon, they will be added to this thread! I can't wait to add them soon! Have yourself an amazing day!
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I know I'm gonna sound idiotic, but what does CMT stand for? :facepalm: I'm really dumb on the subject of acronyms
No worries! It means Check My Thread - that is, is there anything in my thread you'd like for the Floatzel or a clone of it? I know it's one of your trophies, so it's absolutely no problem if you'd rather not trade it.
No worries! It means Check My Thread - that is, is there anything in my thread you'd like for the Floatzel or a clone of it? I know it's one of your trophies, so it's absolutely no problem if you'd rather not trade it.
I would love a clone of your Level Ball Mimikyu, if that's all right! I'm totally fine with trading Pokemon from the Trophy Case, most of them aren't that great anyway :psysly:

I'll contact my cloning guy and after that, I'll see if I can schedule a trade for ya

I apologize for the lack of new content for this thread, I haven't been playing much on my 3DS since I'm more focused on my new Switch currently. I will be adding the Island Guardians soon, don't worry! Anyway, have a great day friends!
Whoops! I made this comment so long ago, I forgot I even said this. I restarted the game twice since saying this, so it may take a little while to do this. I am honestly not focusing much on Smogon right now and don't feel like doing the Island Guardians yet, so this may take a while. Anyway, have a great day friends!
Hey there; just wanted to say that your thread is looking very nice. I look forward to seeing it grow in the future! :)

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